Proper Location and Name Assignment
for "Crossways" and "Company Place"

by Walter H. Renear.

From: History of Martha's Vineyard, Mass.; Charles Edward Banks, M.D.
Volume II, Annals of Tisbury, p. 71:

"Crossways. - This 'acre' contains the oldest interments in the town, beginning with the year 1717, the date of the earliest remaining stone, but it is probable that it was in use some years before that, although Dr. Thomas West who died here in 1706, and his wife (d. 1724) are buried in West Tisbury. It was located on the West property, and probably was given to the town for a public burial place. ..."


From: Sketches of Old Homes From Our Village, by Mrs. Howes Norris, p. 1:

"The first seven houses built in the village were: two at the crossway-- now demolished..."
(A similar entry is made by Martha D. (Mrs. Howes) Norris in her original paper dated 16 July 1901.)


From:  12 April 1915 deed from Adelaide H. Butler to Walter H. Renear:

"...from the NW corner of what was the Bartlett Allen lot on Beach St. thence Southerly by said Allen lot (now owned by Sarah Luce) nine rods three and one half feet to the land of the heirs of Levitt T. Norton and formerly known as Company Place...."

This Bartlett Allen property was located on Beach Street on the site of the Mansion House Motor Inn. (re: Sketches of Old Homes in Our Village by Mrs. Howes Norris.)

Other earlier deeds (originals) for this same property, in the possession of W. H. Renear, make reference to "Company Place" in the same location.


It appears that "Crossways Cemetery," located on Mount Aldworth Heights, may have been used as early as 1701. In any event the area was already known as "Crossways" well before 1700 and by 1725 the name "Crossways Cemetery" was in use. The cemetery was originally a private one for the family of Abraham Chase; later his descendants gave it to the town. In recent times it has also been known as the "South End Cemetery," a handy label apparently invoked by some non-resident map-maker.

"Company Place," located south of Beach Street, wasn't called that until militia paraded there during the Revolutionary War - about 75 years after the existence of "Crossways Cemetery." There is no connection between this place and the Crossways Cemetery; a half mile separates the two sites.

The name "Company Place Cemetery" is erroneous; the correct name is "Crossways Cemetery."

Map Showing the Location of Company Place:

company.jpg (29023 bytes)

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