West Chop  Cemetery

Located on Main Street, Vineyard Haven, Mass.,
between Hatch Road and Grove Avenue.

Photographs and notes compiled by C. Baer, 1997.

This is an incomplete collection of photographs and transcripts of gravestones at West Chop Cemetery in Vineyard Haven. Supplemental text is mostly from Vital Records of Tisbury Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (NEHGS, 1910) and The History of Martha's Vineyard, Mass., Vol. III, by Dr. Charles E. Banks. The photos were taken with a digital camera in the fall of 1997.

Alphabetical List of Gravestones:

Adeliza Armsby (1932)
George F. Armsby (1912)

John Behaps (1910)
Mary Behaps (1898?)
Capt. Samuel N. Brush (1855)

Elizabeth A. Cleveland (1903)
Mary E. Cleveland (1868)
William H. Cleveland (1893)

Capt. Benjamin Dexter (1889)
Dennis Dexter (1884)
Mary D. Dexter (1895)
Betsey Dias (1864)
John H. Dias (1876)
Joseph Dias (1859)
Capt. Clifford Dunham (1854)
Clifford Dunham (1861)

Mrs. Deborah Dunham (1820)
Deborah (Norton) Dunham (1820)
Eveline Dunham (1811)
Lydia C. Dunham (1837)
Paulina (Hodgdon) Dunham (1864)
Polly Dunham (1805)
Polly (Holmes) Dunham (1800)
Thomas Dunham (1841)

Helena Gulliver (1905)
Madeline W. Gulliver (1894)
Miriam Gulliver (1903)

Abby Holmes (1887)
Charles Holmes (1891)
Elizabeth Holmes (1791)
John Holmes (1873)
John Holmes (1812)
John Holmes Jr. (1795)

Maria A. Holmes (1897)
Mary Holmes (1824)
Philenia Holmes (1821)
Philenia Holmes (1825)
Sarah Maria Holmes (1849)
Sarah West Holmes (1824)
William Holmes (1850)

Joseph E. Robinson (1874)
Sophia D. Robinson (1891)

George J. Winslow (1889)
Madeline C. Legg Winslow (1902)
Mary E. Winslow (1876)   



West Chop Cemetery.

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