Men of Tisbury, aged 18-45, in 1862


The following list appeared on page two of the Sept. 12, 1862 issue of the Vineyard Gazette. I have indexed this list by surname - the original list is unindexed.

'Enrollment of citizens of the town of Tisbury, between the ages of 18 and 45 years, pursuant to an order of the President of the United States, dated August 4, 1862.'

Joseph S. Adams, Jr., at sea
Samuel W. Adams
Charles F. Alden
Charles D. Allen, since gone to sea
Ephraim S. Allen
Jeremiah H. Andrews
Samuel Andrews
Alpheus Athearn
Benjamin Athearn
Charles Athearn, at sea
Cyrus Athearn, at sea
Elbridge G. Athearn
Eliashib Athearn, volunteer, 1862
Freeman A. Athearn
George F. Athearn, at sea
Holmes M. Athearn, 45 in few days
Horace L. Athearn
John W. Athearn
Zadock Athearn
Peleg Barrows
Dennis Baxter, at sea
George F. Baxter
William Baxter, at sea
William H. Beetle, at sea
William Berry
Frank Blish
West Blish
William P. Bodfish
Henry Bradley, volunteer, 1862
Leander Bradley, attached to ship
John A. Branscomb
Moses Brown, near sightedness
John Buckley, attached to a vessel
Charles W. Butler, at sea
Simeon G. Calhoun
John C. Cannon
Loring Cannon, in navy
James Casey
Charles Chadwick
Matthew Chadwick, attached to ship
Alpheus Chase
Benjamin Chase
Charles Chase
Henry B. Chase, at sea
John G. Chase
Joseph Chase, at sea
William Chase, Jr.
Daniel F. Chesman
Peter D. Claghorn
William B. Claghorn
Cornelius Clark
William Clark
Charles E. Cleveland, attached to ship
Charles F. Cleveland
Daniel A. Cleveland, physician and surgeon
Jacob L. Cleveland, at sea
James F. Cleveland, at sea
Josiah Cleveland, attached to vessel
Sylvanus Cleveland, at sea
Warren V. Cleveland
William Cleveland, at sea
Vinal Clifford
Benjamin Clough
Richard W. Coffin
Rodney J. Conway, at sea
Edward Cottle
James Cottle, Jr., at sea
Jethro C. Cottle
John Cottle
William Cottle
William M. Cottle
George Couch, in navy
Richard B. Crocker
Wendall Crocker
Benjamin C. Cromwell, master steamboat
Samuel H. Cromwell, gone to Pike's Peak
Barzillai Crowell, volunteer, 1861
Benjamin D. Crowell, in armory at Springfield
Hebron Crowell, Jr.
Jared W. Crowell, enlisted, Aug 22, 1862
Joseph M. Crowell, Jr., in the navy
Grafton L. Daggett, attached to vessel
Henry Daggett, Jr., at sea
Isaac C. Daggett, at sea
John T. Daggett, Jr.
Peleg B. Davenport, in the navy
Benjamin Dexter, at sea
Dennis Dexter, Jr.
Rodolphus W. Dexter, at sea
Joseph Dias
Charles Dillingham
Edward Dillingham
Samuel N. Dow, volunteer, 1862
William C. Downs, Jr., at sea
Charles Dunham, at sea
George Dunham, 2d, attached to ship
George W. Dunham
John Dunham
Joseph A. Dunham, at sea
Shubael Dunham, Jr.
William Dunham, at sea
William F. Durgin
William M. Edgerton, at sea
Alpha A. Forbush, at sea
Henry D. Foster, in the navy
Thomas Foster, attached to ship
James Fuller, pastor Universalist church
Job H. Gorham
Arthur Gosse
James Hancock, at sea
Charles Hardenburg, attached to ship
Charles H. Harding, at sea
Edward L. Harding
George Harding, at sea
Thomas C. Harding, attached to ship
William Harding, at sea
George W. Hatch, at sea
James W. Hatch, at sea
Benjamin Hillman, at sea
Elijah Hillman
John Hillman, attached to ship
Albert Hobart
Charles Holmes
John Holmes, Jr.
Joseph W. Holmes
George T. Hough, U. S. hospital physician
William M. Howe
Willis Howes
James N. Howland, enlisted Aug. 1862
Richard L. Hursel
Joseph T. James
Foster H. Jenkins
Charles A. Jenny
John E. Johnson
Caleb Lambert, at sea
Charles Lambert
John H. Lambert
William M. Lambert 2d, at sea
William Leach
Charles H. Lewis
Edwin Lewis
George W. Lewis, at sea
Henry Lewis
John Lewis, Jr.
Obed L. Lewis
Valentine Lewis, attached to ship
Albert O. Look
Alfred Look
Allen Look
Charles C. Look
Daniel M. Look
David W. Look
Edwin A. Look, at sea
Gilbert D. Look
Heman A. Look, at sea
Henry Look
Jesse P. Look, invalid
John Look
Mayhew Look, Jr.
Samuel Look
Arvin Luce
Asa R. Luce, volunteer, 1862
Barnard Luce, at sea
Bartimas Luce
Bartlett P. Luce
Benjamin N. Luce, volunteer, 1861
Charles H. Luce
Charles M. Luce, at sea
Constant D. Luce
Edwin A. Luce
Ellsworth A. Luce, at sea
Franklin Luce, attached to ship
Franklin W. Luce, volunteer, 1862
George W. Luce, at sea
Henry H. Luce
Henry H. Luce
Hervey E. Luce, at sea
Hiram Luce, at sea
J. Presbury Luce
James F. Luce, at sea
James L. Luce
Jason Luce
John A. Luce, attached to ship
John J. Luce, at sea
Joseph Luce, 2d, at sea
Joseph P. Luce
Josiah Luce, at sea
Josias P. Luce, at sea
Leonard A. Luce
Lewis P. Luce, volunteer, 1862
Presbury Luce, attached to ship
Samuel A. Luce
Samuel C. Luce
Thaddeus Luce
Timothy Luce, Jr., at sea
Warren Luce, at sea
Wendall Luce
West Luce
William H. Luce
Heman Manchester
Frederick Manter
Leonard Marcy
Augustus F. Mason, pastor of a church
Benjamin F. Mayhew
David Mayhew
William L. Mayhew
John R. Merry, attached to a ship
Seth Morse
Joseph B. Nickerson, postmaster
Alfred Norton, Jr.
Caleb Norton
Charles Norton
Clement Norton, at sea
Elijah Norton, at sea
Horatio G. Norton
James Norton
Leavitt T. Norton
Richard L. Norton
Thomas Norton
William Norton, gone to Pike's Peak
Leander Owen
Charles H. Peakes
George N. Peakes, assistant postmaster
William R. Peakes, attached to ship
Peter M. Pease
Samuel N. Pease
William E. Pease, at sea
William W. Pease
Andrew J. Poole
James B. Robinson
John F. Robinson
Joseph E. Robinson
Orlando E. Robinson, at sea
Thomas M. Robinson, at sea
George Rogers
Gilbert H. Rogers
James L. Skiff, at sea
Alexander Smith
Alexander W. Smith, packet master
Charles F. Smith
Charles G. Smith, in the navy
Cornelius H. Smith
David P. Smith, at sea
Dennis Smith, at sea
Edwin T. T. Smith
George F. Smith, at sea
George H. Smith, at sea
Gilbert L. Smith
Gustavus D. Smith, Jr.
Hariph Smith, volunteer, 1861
James Smith
Matthew L. Smith, at sea
Presbury L. Smith, at sea
Thomas Smith
William M. Smith, at sea
John W. Summerhays, volunteer, 1861
Charles L. Swain, at sea
Matthew L. Swain
William Swain
Charles Swift, 45 17th August
Sylvanus F. Swift
James M. Taber
Richard Thompson
Stephen A. Thomas, pastor of a church
Calvin Tilton, 45 in September
James Tilton, at sea
Shadrach Tilton, at sea
Hiram Tobey, at sea
Marcellus Tobey, at sea
William A. P. Totten
Clement Vincent
James Vincent
Josiah H. Vincent
Shubael Vincent
William H. Vincent
Henry C. Wade, in the navy
William R. Waggoner, at sea
Joseph B. Waldron
Sylvanus Waldron, at sea
Thomas Waldron
William Waldron, at sea
Charles Weeks, Jr., at sea
Hervey Weeks
James Weeks, at sea
William S. Weeks, at sea
Albert Wescott, at sea
Benjamin P. West, at sea
Charles P. West
Ebenezer West
Francis M. West
Gustavus L. West
Leander E. West, at sea
Philander West, at sea
Thomas A. West
William L. West, in navy
William T. West
Henry L. Whiting, in U. S. coast survey
James Wilbur, volunteer, 1861, in the navy
George Winslow, Jr.
James Winslow, 2d
Timothy M. Winslow
William W. Winslow
Daniel F. Worth, attached to ship
Thomas Worth, at sea

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