Columbian Centinel Death Notices 1800-1840
for Selected Martha's Vineyard Families:


Transcribed from Index of Deaths in Massachusetts Centinel and Columbian Centinel 1784 - 1840. Compiled by the American Antiquarian Society, 1952. (Photocopy found at NEHGS Library in Boston.)

Except where noted these are the entries under the given surnames that explicitly refer to a Martha's Vineyard location.

ATHEARN (every Athearn listed.)

Athern, Abia, (Mrs.), d. in Boston. (CC. Oct. 9, 1816.)
Athearn, Abiah,(Mrs.) wife of Frederick W. Athearn, d. aged 24. (CC. Oct. 2, 1816)
Athearn, Daniel S., d. in Hindostan, Indiana, aged 26. (CC. Nov. 27, 1822)
Athearn, George, of Bath, mate of sch. Nile, d. in Aux Cayes. (CC. Sept.15, 1819)
Athearn, George, Hon., Judge of Probate for County, d. at Tisbury, age 83. (CC. May. 6, 1837)
Athearn, James, d. in Tisbury, aged 89. (CC. Nov. 23, 1814)
Athearn, Lydia, (Mrs.) wife of Joseph Athearn, d. in Tisbury, aged 82. (CC. Dec. 9, 1829 )
Athearn, Nathan, d. in Newport, aged 26. (CC. Jan. 10, 1810.)
Athearn, Rebecca, (Mrs.) wife of James Athearn, d. in Tisbury, aged 85. (CC. Feb. 17, 1813)
Athearn, Susan (Mrs.), wife of Joseph Athearn, d. in Edgartown, aged 26. (CC. July 25, 1835)
Athearn, Timothy, Dea., d. in Tisbury, aged 59. (CC. Feb.16, 1828)
Athearn, William, Inspector of the Customs, d. in Holmes Hole. (CC. Dec. 5, 1810.)
Athearn, William, Capt., d. in Santa Martha, aged 26. (CC. Mar. 2, 1822.)


Cleveland, Abiah (Mrs.), widow of late Ezra Cleveland, d. in Edgartown, aged 84. (CC. Jan. 4, 1834)
Cleveland, Polly, d. in Edgartown, aged 52. (CC. Dec. 1, 1830)
Cleveland, Sally (Mrs.), widow of Ichabod Cleveland, d. in Edgartown, aged 70 yrs. (CC. Apr. 7, 1830)


Cottle, Thomas, Capt., formerly of Martha's Vineyard, d. in Freetown, Mass., aged 72. (CC. Apr. 26, 1826)
Cottle, William, d. at Holmes Hole, aged 55. (CC. Nov. 10, 1830)

CROWELL -- No Vineyard references


Daggett, Henry, of Martha's Vineyard, d. at sea. (CC. July 14, 1810)
Daggett, Jethro, Hon., former Senator and late of Edgartown, Mass., d. in Rye, NY 21st inst., aged 70. (CC. Feb. 11, 1832)
Daggett, Peter, Capt., of Holmes Hole, d. in Boston, aged 27 yrs. (CC. May 26, 1827)
Daggett, Rebecca (Mrs.), wife of Capt. Samuel Daggett, d. in Holmes Hole, d. at age of 59. (CC. Sept. 29, 1832)
Daggett, Sally (Mrs.), wife of Capt. Timothy Daggett, d. in Edgartown, aged 50. (CC. Jan. 31, 1827)
Daggett, Silas, Capt., d. in Vineyard Sound, drowned, aged 72. (CC. Nov. 19, 1825)
Daggett, William, Capt., d. in Holmes Hole, aged 87 yrs. (CC. June 14, 1834)


Dunham, Ann (Mrs.) d. in Edgartown, Dec. 20th, aged 92 yrs. (CC. Jan. 8, 1820)
Dunham, Elisha, d. in Edgartown, aged 45. (CC. Jan. 5, 1831)
Dunham, Ephraim, d. in Tisbury, aged 80. (CC. Jan. 19, 1828)
Dunham, Hepzy (Mrs.), wife of Thos. Dunham, d. in Martha's Vineyard. (CC. Feb. 9, 1820)
Dunham, Maria, d. in Edgartown, aged 6 yrs. (CC. Apr. 2, 1834)
Dunham, Patience, d. in Edgartown, aged 84. (CC. Sept. 14, 1825)
Dunham, Uriah, Capt., d. in Edgartown, aged 82. (CC. Mar. 18, 1835)


Hillman, Owen, Capt., d. in Chilmark, aged 70. (CC. Apr. 25, 1835)
Hillman, Phebe (Mrs.), d. in Chilmark, aged 100 yrs. (CC. July 29, 1829)
Hillman, Samuel, Chilmark blacksmith, d. at sea, on board whaleship Richmond of New Bedford. (CC. May 28, 1836)
Hillman, Susan (Mrs.), wife of Silas Hillman, d. in Chilmark, age about 60 yrs. (CC. Sept. 3, 1834)

LOOK -- No Vineyard references. (Two references total: Allen, d. in Springfield, a. 37 (1827), and Peter, d. in Conway (1832).)


Luce, Bartimus, of Chilmark, d. in Tisbury, aged 40. (CC. Dec. 24, 1834)
Luce, Elizabeth (Mrs.), widow of Sylvanus Luce, late of Tisbury, d. in Chilmark, aged 71. (CC. Aug. 21, 1824)
Luce, Hannah (Mrs.), widow of Ezekiel Luce, d. in Tisbury, aged 82. (CC. Mar. 21, 1832)
Luce, Isaac, d. in Tisbury, aged 74. (CC Aug. 30, 1834)
Luce, Jacob, of this town, d. on board schr. Mary & Martha, June 12th. (CC. Aug. 4, 1819)
Luce, Lemuel, d. in Edgartown, aged 75. (CC. July 21, 1832)
Luce, Lot, Capt., d. in Tisbury, aged 64. (CC. Aug. 21, 1824)
Luce, Peggy (Mrs.), widow of the late Capt. Lot Luce, d. in Holmes' Hole. (CC. May 21, 1834)
Luce, Ruth (Mrs.), widow of Jason Luce, d. in Edgartown, aged 62. (CC. Mar. 24, 1827.)
Luce, Timothy, Dea., d. in Tisbury, aged 93. (CC. Nov. 11, 1835)

MANTER -- No Vineyard references.


Mayhew, _____ (Mrs.), wife of Seth Mayhew, d. in Chilmark, aged 58. (CC. Oct. 1, 1800)
Mayhew, _____ (Mrs.), d. in Edgartown. (CC. Oct. 30, 1816)
Mayhew, Abner, d. in Chilmark, aged 80. (CC. Nov. 6, 1830)
Mayhew, Allen Dr., d. in Chilmark, aged 59. (CC. Dec. 16, 1826)
Mayhew, Benjamin, d. in Chilmark, aged 82. (CC. Aug. 16, 1826)
Mayhew, Clarissa (Mrs.), wife of George Mayhew, d. in Chilmark, aged 34. (CC. Nov. 14, 1829)
Mayhew, Eleanor, d. in Chilmark, aged 77. (CC. Oct. 9, 1824)
Mayhew, Elizabeth L., daughter of Capt. Matthew Mayhew Jr., d. in Chilmark, aged 11. (CC. July 14, 1830)
Mayhew, Hilliard, d. in Chilmark, aged 26. (CC. Aug. 20, 1817)
Mayhew, Jane (Mrs.), widow of late Oliver Mayhew, d. in Chilmark, aged 70. (CC. Jan. 30, 1833)
Mayhew, John, d. in Chilmark, aged 75. (CC. May 12, 1827)
Mayhew, Jonathan Rev., d. in Chilmark, aged 29. (CC. Aug. 16, 1826)
Mayhew, Matthew, Light House Keeper at Cape Poge, d. in Edgartown, aged 69. (CC. Dec. 24, 1834)
Mayhew, Matthew, Hon., d. at Edgartown, aged 72. (CC. July 11, 1838)
Mayhew, Nathan, Capt., d. in Chilmark, aged 35. (CC. Aug. 9, 1800)
Mayhew, Oliver, Dea., d. in Chilmark, aged 68. (CC. Sept. 3, 1838)
Mayhew, Rachel, d. in Chilmark, aged 94. (CC. July 4, 1828)
Mayhew, Rebecca (Mrs.), wife of Hon. Matthew Mayhew, d. in Chilmark, aged 68. (CC. Dec. 29, 1824)
Mayhew, Ruth (Mrs.), widow of Timothy Mayhew, d. in Chilmark, aged 82. (CC. July 28, 1827)
Mayhew, Sophronia, d. in Chilmark, aged 13. (CC. Aug. 16, 1828)
Mayhew, Susan, d. in Chilmark, aged 24. (CC. April 19, 1834)
Mayhew, Theopholis, d. in Chilmark, aged 80. (CC Aug. 15, 1829)
Mayhew, Zachariah, Rev., millionaire, d. in Chilmark, aged 88. (CC. May 14, 1806)
Mayhew, Zachariah, Dea., native of Martha's Vineyard, d. in Williamsburgh, 29th ult., aged 73. (CC. June 5, 1830)


Norton, Aaron, d. in Edgartown, aged 44. (CC. Mar. 24, 1830)
Norton, Abishai, d. in Edgartown, aged 68. (CC. July 21, 1827)
Norton, Aliakim, formerly of Martha's Vineyard, d. in Norridgewock, Me., aged 86. (CC. Jan. 14, 1835)
Norton, Ann Frances (Mrs.), widow of Col. Beriah Norton, d. in Edgartown, aged 83. (CC. Jan. 8, 1820)
Norton, Ariel, d. in Edgartown, aged 39. (CC. Jan. 1, 1840.)
Norton, Benjamin, d. in Edgartown, aged 82. (CC. Aug. 21, 1833)
Norton, Clarissa, d. in Edgartown, aged 41. (CC. Mar. 2, 1836)
Norton, Cordelia (Mrs.), wife of Ansel Norton, d. in Edgartown, aged 29. (CC. Oct. 8, 1834)
Norton, Cornelius, d. in Martha's Vineyard, 28th ult., aged 80. (CC. Apr. 19, 1809)
Norton, Deborah (Mrs.), d. in Edgartown, aged 72. (CC. Nov. 1, 1828.)
Norton, Edmund, d. in Edgartown, aged 15. (CC. Feb. 4, 1829)
Norton, Elizabeth, widow, d. in New Vineyard (Maine), aged 57. (CC. Jan. 22, 1825)
Norton, Elizabeth (Mrs.), wife of Peter Norton, d. in Tisbury, aged 64. (CC. Aug. 16, 1828)
Norton, Francis, d. in Tisbury, aged 80. (CC. May 24, 1828)
Norton, Henry, d. in Edgartown, aged 57. (CC. July 22, 1835)
Norton, Jane (Mrs.), wife of Tristram Norton, d. in Edgartown, aged 62. (CC. May 10, 1828)
Norton, Love (Mrs.), widow of Nicholas, d. in Edgartown, aged 74. (CC. Nov. 13, 1830)
Norton, Lucinda (Mrs.), widow of David Norton, d. in Edgartown, aged 82. (CC. Aug. 14, 1830)
Norton, Lydia, daughter of Peter Norton, of Tuckernuck, d. in Edgartown, aged 16. (CC. Oct. 6, 1827)
Norton, Matthew, of Tilsbury, d. on board schr. Mary & Martha, aged 21. (CC. Aug. 4, 1819)
Norton, Olive (Mrs.), wife of Benjamin B. Norton, of Edgartown, d. in Tilsbury, aged 44 yrs. (CC. Aug. 15, 1827)
Norton, Polly (Mrs.), widow of Andrew Norton, late of Bath, Me., d. in Edgartown, aged 73. (CC. Mar. 3, 1830)
Norton, Samuel, d. in Chilmark. (CC. May 30, 1804)
Norton, Valentine, of Edgartown, cooper, d. at sea, lost from ship Margaret of Newport, Jan. 12. (CC Apr. 15, 1840)


Vincent, Catherine, (Mrs.), widow of Jonathan Vincent, d. in Edgartown, aged 85. (CC. Nov. 8, 1826)
Vincent, Jonathon, d. at Edgartown, aged 72. (CC. July 25, 1838)
Vincent, Lydia, (Mrs.), widow of Late Reuben, V. in Edgartown, aged 72. (CC. Apr. 16, 1831)
Vincent, Molly, (Mrs.), d. in Edgartown, aged 76. (CC. Jan. 14, 1829)
Vincent, Nathaniel, d. in Edgartown, May 30 1822, aged 97. (CC. June 12, 1822)
Vincent, Reuben, d. in Edgartown, aged 66. (CC. Mar. 28, 1829)


Winslow, Isaac, do. of the Vineyard, d. at sea. (CC. Mar. 26, 1817) (short obituary notice)

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