Returns of the Deaf and Dumb

[The following was extracted from original documents stored at the Massachusetts State Archives in Boston.]

Chilmark 1817:

"in this town there are in one family
five persons who are deaf + dumb three of
whom are males + two are female, the
age of the youngest is about fourteen
years the oldest about thirty two years,
in another family there are two female
children of that description the age
of one of them is about seven years
that of the other about twelve years,
the families from the practice of economy,
prudence and industry have obtained
a comfortable support."

Chilmark December 31st 1817

Matthew Mayhew
John Hancock } Selectmen

Chilmark 1827:

  1 male 42

1 female 28

of these have
been, or now
are at the

  1 male 37

1 female 25

  1 male 22

1 female 21

  1 male 6

1 female 16

  1 male 5

1 female 9

  1 male 3

Tisbury 1827:


[Note that in the 1855 census, there were 17 categorized as "Deaf & Dumb" in Chilmark, 4 in Tisbury, and none in Edgartown.]

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