Index of Death Notices
in the Vineyard Gazette
1850 - 1875

(Compiled by C. Baer, 1992)

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This is an index to 2059 death notices in the Vineyard Gazette between Jan. 4, 1850 and Dec. 31, 1875. The notices fall into two categories: I) Deaths listed in the weekly "Deaths" section of the paper, and II) Obituaries, reports of fatal accidents, and other deaths not reported in the former section. I included every death in this first category of notices, but I excluded off-Islander deaths (e.g. Abraham Lincoln) from the second category. I can guarantee that I have made a few unintended omissions, particularly in the second category; however, until the time is found to carefully double-check these entries, this will have to serve as a working index. Hence my warning: If a name is not listed in the index, I suggest that you look in the Gazette anyway.


  1. If the death of a person is reported in more than one issue, I only list the first issue the death appeared in, although I may include information from subsequent issues. Always check the next few issues; sometimes an obituary, poem, funeral notice, or follow-up article will appear later. However, I included duplicate entries whenever the issue dates were far apart, or when a single identity couldn't be conclusively established.
  2. Dates are given in the format mm/dd/yy, where the century is assumed to be 1800.
  3. I only list the first numbered time unit for an age. That is, a notice reporting age "15 years, 3 months, and 2 days" I index as "15y." A listing given as "6 months and 20 days" I index as "6m". My abbreviations: y = years, m = months, w = weeks, d = days, a = "about".
  4. "OF or FROM" is a broad category including the places from which people were "of", "from", "formerly of", "native of", or having family or in-laws from.
  5. Parentheses enclose maiden names. Brackets indicate that the information given within was not explicitly stated, but can be inferred from other information given in the issue. A "[?]" means that the information is vague or illegible.
  6. The issues from which this index was compiled were from the microfilm series found at the town libraries. It is almost complete, but there are some missing and damaged copies from which I could extract no information.
  7. Many of these deaths are listed in more detail in Deaths in Tisbury, 1850- 1875. Even if a death does not seem to be associated with the Town of Tisbury, it is worth checking in both places.

        NAME                       DATE      PLACE OF DEATH    AGE  OF or FROM

-----, "A Portuguese"          01/22/69   Ship John Myre          
-----, "The Portuguese"        11/24/65   Holmes Hole       25-30y  
-----, "Two or three colored   06/21/72   Christaintown           
-----, -----                   11/22/72   Ship Splendid [1871]
-----, Body washed ashore      11/17/65   Chilmark                
-----, Male body found         12/10/75   Naushon Island          
-----, Male body found         08/02/50   Lambert's Cove 
-----, Unnamed smallpox victim 06/21/72   Vineyard Haven

Adams, Capt. David L           12/17/69   Chilmark          69y   
Adams, Delia                   09/28/55   Holmes Hole       14y   
Adams, Edward R                05/29/74   Pernambuco, S. A. 32y  Chilmark 
Adams, Elbridge L              03/03/71   Gay Head          34y   
Adams, Miss Eliza Ann          06/17/53   Chilmark          a25y  
Adams, Capt. Joseph S          08/07/74   Vineyard Haven    70y   
Adams, Mrs. Lydia A            12/15/71   Gay Head Light    58y   
Adams, Mrs. Lydia C (Clark)    02/13/63   Boston            63y  Chilmark 
Adams, Moses Esq.              02/20/74   West Tisbury      a73y  
Adams, Mrs. Phebe              03/28/62   Chilmark          55y   
Adams, Capt. Reuben            06/27/56   Schooner Golden   a47y Tisbury 
Adams, Reuben                  07/30/58   Holmes Hole       2y    
Adams, Mrs. Thankful           04/15/59   Chilmark          84y   
Adams, Capt. Washington        05/15/68   Chilmark                
Adlington, Francis             08/31/66   this town         69y   
Adlington, Francis Jr.         11/28/62   Sea               a29y this town 
Allen, Mrs. Abigail            03/12/58   West Tisbury      85y   
Allen, Alden S                 03/17/71   Beaufort, SC      74y  Falmouth 
Allen,  Ann Maria (Sibley)12/07/66   Brooklyn, NY           Pawtucket 
Allen, Capt. Bartlett          05/29/74   Brooklyn, NY      68y  Edgartown 
Allen, Bartlett Esq.           02/02/72   Vineyard Haven    91y   
Allen, Hon. Benjamin           05/06/59   West Tisbury      91y   
Allen, Benjamin                06/14/67   Chilmark          65y   
Allen, Charles                 07/05/61   Sea                    Tisbury 
Allen, Charles E               10/06/54   Chilmark          32y   
Allen, Chas. L                 09/29/54   East Chilmark     a28y  
Allen, Mrs. Cordelia A (Coffin)12/21/66   Brooklyn, NY      65y  this town 
Allen, David                   08/31/66                     79y  Dukes Co. 
Allen, Mrs. Dency              11/25/70   North Tisbury     a46y  
Allen, Ephraim                 03/06/74   Chilmark          89y   
Allen, Dr. Fred                 03/26/58   Hallowell, Me.     46y The Vineyard
Allen, Frederick Esq.          11/10/65   Gardiner          84y  Chilmark 
Allen, Henry                   12/25/74   Harris, Ohio      98y  Chilmark 
Allen, Ida Elizabeth           09/05/73   Vineyard Camp     15y   
Allen, James Esq.              02/03/65   Bangor, Me.       a65y  
Allen, Joseph                  04/23/52   West Tisbury      a80y  
Allen, Miss Julia              05/12/54   Berkley           63y   
Allen, Lewis F                 12/30/70   North Tisbury     20y   
Allen, Martha Chase            09/20/67   Chilmark          3y    
Allen, Mrs. Naomi D            12/26/56   Augusta, Me.      52y   
Allen, Phebe Sophia            07/18/51   West Tisbury      3y    
Allen,  Priscilla         03/29/67   Holmes Hole       a70y  
Allen, Mrs. Prudence           01/05/72   West Tisbury      95y   
Allen, Mrs. Rebecca P          02/20/63   Chilmark          80y   
Allen, Mrs. Rebecca R          07/05/72   Falmouth          75y   
Allen, Mrs. Sophia             03/12/52   Akron, OH         a70y Chilmark 
Allen, Miss Susan              10/14/53   this town         76y   
Allen, Sylvanus                10/14/53   West Tisbury      a82y  
Allen, Mrs. Temperance         03/21/56   West Tisbury      75y   
Allen, Tristram                06/24/64   Chilmark          a60y  
Allen, Tristram Esq.           12/31/52   Chilmark          83y   
Allen, William                 07/25/73   Norridgwock, Me[?] 93y  Tisbury
Allen, William                 11/20/74   this town         89y  Falmouth 
Allen, William H                 08/18/54   New Bedford       24y  Holmes Hole 
Allen, William H               08/03/60   Minneapolis, MN   27y  Bangor 
Allen, William H. M.D.         02/06/63   Orono, Me.        56y   
Alley, John                    04/26/50   this town     20y East Thomaston
Amos, Rev. Joseph              04/23/69   Chappaquiddick    a63y Marshpee 
Anderson, Louisa L             06/14/72   this town         21y   
Anderson, May                  08/13/75   this town         3m    
Andrews, Mrs. Jane (Bradley)   04/21/65   Holmes Hole       44y   
Andrews, Rev. Luman            08/29/51   White Plains      73y   
Andrews, Dr. Thomas            09/03/52   Slatersville, RI  28y   
Angell, Capt. Jerry            09/10/69   Providence        49y   
Anthony, John                  03/24/71   Gay Head          56y   
Arcautt, Capt. -----           10/09/57   Holmes Hole       a40y Rockport,Me
Arey, Benjamin                 10/22/52   Navy Bay          36y   
Arey, Edward Augustus          10/31/51   this town         10y   
Arey, Henry                    06/10/70   Amelia, Ohio      72y  Edgartown 
Arey, Martin                   10/22/52   Navy Bay          33y  this town 
Arey, Martin Jr.               05/30/51   this town         2y    
Arey, Mrs. Polly               11/11/53   this town         74y   
Arey, Sarah Jane               02/18/53   Fairhaven         6y    
Armstrong, Thomas              09/12/73   this town         2y    
Ashley, Mrs. Cora H            03/06/74   Cotuit Port       32y   
Ashmead, Mrs. Belinda (Farring)09/19/51   Philadelphia      45y  Edgartown 
Athearn, Avis Josiphene        11/08/67   West Tisbury      13y   
Athearn, Belcher Esq.          08/08/56   Assyria, Barry    45y  Martha's
                                            Co., MI
Athearn, Mrs. Caroline E       09/02/70   West Tisbury      65y   
Athearn, Chas. G               10/12/55   Kanzas, Hampden   54y  Martha's
Athearn, Cyrus                 09/15/54   Charlestown       a63y The Vineyard 
Athearn, Cyrus                 02/12/69   West Tisbury      a30y  
Athearn, Mrs. Eliza            07/01/59   West Tisbury      58y   
Athearn, Mrs. Eliza            03/18/64   North Tisbury     66y   
Athearn, Frederick W           10/29/58   Lockland, Ohio    72y  West Tisbury 
Athearn, Isaac M               05/08/57   Cincinatti        18y   
Athearn, James Esq.            07/02/52   Boston            67y  Tisbury 
Athearn, John W                04/27/66   West Tisbury      a40y  
Athearn, Jonathan              12/14/60   West Tisbury      a48y  
Athearn, Joseph                06/07/67                     60y   
Athearn, Joseph B              08/13/58   this town         18y   
Athearn, Mrs. Keziah           05/10/61   this town         80y   
Athearn, Mrs. Martha W         09/11/68   West Tisbury      48y   
Athearn, Mrs. Nancy            09/03/52   Holmes Hole       73y   
Athearn, Mrs. Nancy            01/21/59   West Tisbury      87y   
Athearn, Prince                08/30/50   The mines              West Tisbury 
Athearn, Mrs. Sarah            09/06/50   West Tisbury      71y   
Athearn, Miss Temperance       05/26/54   Holmes Hole       67y   
Athearn, William               05/27/64   West Tisbury      48y   
Athearn, William D             01/07/59   this town         17y   
Atwood, Fannie May             03/13/74   Malden            1y    
Babcock, Mrs. Sarah A (Butler) 07/01/53   Waukisha, Wis.    30y   
Baker, Charles A               02/14/73   Lowell            40y   
Baker, Mrs. Charlotte          01/01/64   this town         40y   
Baker, Osmon C                 11/10/54   this town         3m    
Banning, Mrs. Abigail          09/08/54   Goshen, Ind.      50y  this town 
Barney,  Sarah Joy        10/16/68   this town         19y   
Barney, Capt. William          12/18/68   Nantucket         66y   
Barrett, Mrs. Sally            04/08/53   Eastville         50y  Rockland, ME 
Barrows, David P               02/17/71   Chicago           a31y this town 
Barrows, John L                05/02/73   Chicago, Illinois a26y this town 
Barrows, Mrs. Sarah W (Coffin) 05/13/70   this town         22y   
Barrows, Mrs. Sybil Lavinia    11/22/72   Brattleboro, Vt.  46y  Vineyard
Barrows, Mrs. Tamson           06/17/59   Holmes Hole       49y   
Barrows, Thomas Esq.           05/25/60   Boston            56y  Holmes Hole 
Barrows, Winnie                05/05/71   this town         10m   
Basset, Capt. Nathan           01/08/69   Chilmark          72y   
Bassett, Carasa                04/22/53   Pennsylvania      82y  Chilmark 
Bassett, Catharine             09/29/71   Cincinnati, Ohio  77y  Chilmark 
Bassett, Miss Catherine        05/21/69   this town         74y   
Bassett, Mrs. Fanny            12/10/75   Chilmark          74y   
Bassett, Ichabod N             04/16/52   Chilmark          18y   
Bassett, Norton                04/22/53   Pennsylvania      84y  Chilmark 
Bassett, Norton                06/09/65   Chilmark          21y   
Bateman, Orlando Davis         12/17/75   Eastville         9y    
Baxter, Capt. John             07/30/58   West Tisbury      a78y  
Baxter, Miss Lydia G           03/23/60   West Tisbury      16y   
Baxter, Valentine N            06/25/58   West Tisbury      23y   
Baylies, Barzillai N           10/21/70   this town         22y   
Baylies, Daniel                03/12/75   Clinton, NY       85y  this town
Baylies, Daniel W Jr.          04/09/69   Truckee, Cal.     29y  this town 
Baylies, Gustavus A            04/17/74   this town         78y   
Baylies, Mrs. Harriette M      05/28/52   this town         27y   
Baylies, Julia E               12/23/59   Bristol                New Bedford 
Baylies, Mrs. Sarah            03/29/67   this town         93y   
Baylies, Mrs. Sarah M          10/21/70   this town         72y   
Baylies, Thomas F              09/03/52   this town         a2y   
Baylies, Thomas L              10/08/75   this town         39y   
Baylies, Mrs. Velina           11/30/55   this town         56y   
Beaman, Mrs. Mary Ann          03/05/75   Cambridge              this town 
Beckwith, Daniel W             05/06/70   George's Bank     36y  this town 
Beecher, Mrs. Jane             02/03/54   this town         78y   
Beetle, Mrs. Betsey            12/07/66   Eastville         73y   
Beetle, Daniel C               08/29/73   Providence, RI    79y  this town 
Beetle, Mrs. Eliza A           07/26/72   Vineyard Haven    53y   
Beetle,  Elizabeth        07/28/54   Providence, RI    a65y  
Beetle, George Holley          12/30/59   Janesville, Wis.  3y    
Beetle, Mrs. Joanna W          07/28/65   Portland, Maine   a26y this town 
Beetle, John                   07/12/50   Eastville         a67y  
Beetle, Mrs. Keziah O          01/10/51   Milwaukee, Wis.   56y  this town 
Beetle, Lizzie Swain           02/28/68   Richmond, Ind.    1y    
Beetle, Rowland J              05/24/50   Milwaukee         24y  Edgartown 
Beetle, Sarah                  08/03/55   Lawrence, Mass.   16y  this town 
Beetle, Thomas                 10/05/55   Boston            45y  this place 
Belain, Edward                 08/21/57   Chappaquiddic     3m    
Belain, Harriet N              10/18/50   this town         5y    
Belain, Isaiah                 07/09/52   this town         11y   
Belain,  Laura            09/11/74   this town         a57y  
Belain, Male child of Isaiah   09/24/52   this town         3w    
          and Laura 
Belain, Matilda                05/19/71   this town         18y   
Belain, Philian P              03/19/52   Chappaquiddic     18y   
Bennet, Dorra Maria            12/30/53   Honolulu               New Bedford 
Benson, Mrs. Catharine         06/23/65   Middletown        a35y  
Benson, Mrs. Julia J           01/19/66   Waldohoro, Maine  50y   
Bishop, Irene Kimball          12/01/65   Brooklyn          10m   
Blackwell, Mrs. Martha         03/09/55   Chilmark          73y   
Blackwell, Capt. Samuel        03/12/52   Chilmark          80y  Sandwich 
Blaisdell, Alonzo              10/04/50   Sch. Bengal       19y  Rockland, Me.
Blake, Jessie May              06/28/72   Paris, Canada     10m   
Blake, Dr. Thomas Dawes        01/18/50   Farmington, Me.   81y  Holmes Hole 
Blanchard, Florence            09/10/58   this town         1y    
Blanchard, Rev. Nathaniel B    08/15/62   Concord, NH       35y   
Bliss, Elias                   05/21/75   Brooklyn, NY      48y   
Bliss, Robert                  06/09/65   Holmes Hole       a32y Vermont 
Booth, Rev. Chauncy            06/06/51   Coventry, Ct.     68y   
Bounds, Devid B                06/24/59   Sea               38y  Gay Head 
Bowles, Mrs. Priscilla         12/15/71   this town         37y   
Boyer, Mrs. Mehitable          01/23/63   Gay Head          a60y  
Brackett, Annie Leonard        10/29/58   this town         9m 
Brackett,  Nancie M       07/07/71   this town         40y   
Brackett, William T. S. M.D.   10/24/62   Olneyville        38y  Edgartown 
Bradley, Capt. Edmund          03/12/69   this town         83y   
Bradley, Gyp  [12/20 paper     12/13/72   Vineyard Haven    3y    
                notes: dog] 
Bradley, Mrs. Hannah           03/11/64   Holmes Hole       72y   
Bradley, Henry                 10/18/50   Holmes Hole       27m   
Bradley, Nellie Frank          05/23/62   Holmes Hole       5m    
Bradley, Oscar D               10/11/50   Holmes Hole       4y    
Bradley, Hon. Thomas           08/08/73   Vineyard Haven[?] 86y  Vineyard
Branscomb, O.P.                02/23/55   Holmes Hole             
Bridge, Rev. George W          11/01/67   this town         49y   
Briggs, Hebron V[?]            08/19/70   this town              New Bedford 
Briggs, Lillian                12/25/68   Brooklyn          8y    
Briggs,  Rebecca C        10/18/72   New Bedford       33y  this town 
Brown, Abraham                 08/04/65   Chappaquiddic     a76y  
Brown, Alexander               05/20/64   Gay Head          106y  
Brown, Amanda W                12/31/58   Holmes Hole       10y   
Brown, Capt. Charles R         08/01/56   Holmes Hole       35y  Bangor 
Brown, Mrs. Charlotte S        10/15/75   San Francisco     50y   
Brown, Francis G               07/18/51   Holmes Hole       20y  Boston 
Brown, H. H.                   09/26/73   Vineyard Highlands 68y 
Brown, John "Pinky"            01/12/72   this town         a30y  
Brown, John W                  12/02/53   Holmes Hole       a32y New York 
Brown, Miss Lucretia           03/02/66   Holmes Hole       a23y  
Brown, Mrs. Lucy W             11/25/70   Chabbaquiddick    72y   
Brown, Mrs. Mary (Mayhew)      07/12/61   Springfield, Ill. 74y  Chilmark 
Brown, Mrs. Mary S (Smith)     03/14/62   West Henniken, NH      Chilmark 
Brown,  Sophia            10/25/72   Nantucket         67y   
Brown, Sophronia D             05/06/64   Holmes Hole       23y   
Brown, Hon. Stephen            01/26/55   Kensington, NH    76y this town 
Brown, Susan Ellen             03/31/54   Holmes Hole       7y    
Brown, Mrs. Susan M            02/21/68   Holmes Hole       47y   
Brown, Capt. Thos              10/12/55   New Orleans            this town 
Brown, William                 10/15/58   Chappaquidic      21m   
Brown, Wm                      06/11/58   Pacific Ocean     a24y New Hampshire 
Brush, Lavina                  09/28/55   Holmes Hole       17m   
Buckley, Henry                 08/01/56   Holmes Hole       36y   
Buckley, John                  10/18/61   Holmes Hole       84y   
Buckley, Sarah                 08/27/52   Holmes Hole       11m   
Bullen, Anna A                 02/22/61   New Sharon, Me.   4y    
Bunker,  Hariet H         08/13/75   South Boston      37y  this town 
Bunker, Mrs. Hepsabah          04/28/54   New Bedford       80y   
Bunker, Minnie C. B.           09/28/66   this town         4y    
Bunting, Alexander A           10/02/63   Swampscot         60y 
Bunting, Charles E             09/28/55   this town         1y    
Bunting, James H               08/18/71   Methuen           41y  this town 
Bunting, Mary Abby             07/10/57   this town         8m    
Bunting, Mrs. Mary F           07/02/75   Methuen           41y  this town 
Burke, Albert                  08/04/65   Mutton Shoals          Providence,
Burroughs, William L           01/15/58   Brooklyn, NY           New Bedford 
Burton, Dr. E. W.              01/12/72   Mobile, Al.       37y  Wilmington,
Bushnell, Miss Henrietta       03/15/61                          Pittsburgh,
Butler,  Abby P           01/31/62   Sea               28y  Holmes Hole 
Butler, Mrs. Abiah             07/23/75   this town         78y   
Butler, Abner                  01/06/71   Pierce, Clermont  80y   
                                            Co, Ohio 
Butler, Mrs. Adeline (Marchant)02/08/67   Croton Falls, NY  a58y this town 
Butler, Arnold                 09/01/54   this town         84y   
Butler, Benjamin H             08/04/65   Mutton Shoals     24y  this town 
Butler, Benjamin H             09/15/65   Nantucket              this town 
Butler, Capt. Charles          04/12/67   San Francisco, CA 42y  this town
Butler, Capt. Charles W        05/19/65   Hong Kong         40y  Tisbury 
Butler, Cornelia Claggett      12/10/52   Boston            8m    
Butler, Daniel                 04/18/56   this town         60y   
Butler, Daughter of Chas. D.   03/18/53   Holmes Hole       1m    
Butler, Mrs. Dinah             12/03/69   this town               
Butler, Elias                  04/30/52   Bark Wyman        23y  Martha's
Butler, Freeman                10/11/61   this town         76y   
Butler, Mrs. Harriet H         01/22/58   Falmouth          77y   
Butler, Mrs. Henrietta (Jones) 09/05/51   Falmouth                
Butler, Capt. Lorenzo          02/12/58   this town         38y   
Butler, Mrs. Lovey             10/18/67   Elliot Depot, NH  76y  this town 
Butler, Mrs. Lucy              09/10/53   Nantucket         a65y this town 
Butler, Mrs. Martha H (Chase)  12/30/59   Boston            35y  Chilmark 
Butler,  Mary Ann         09/13/50   this town         29y   
Butler, Mary E                 10/12/55   this town         23m   
Butler,  Prudence         08/29/62   this town         83y   
Butman, Anna C                 07/18/62   Plymouth, Me.     3y    
Cady, Rev. Lawton              06/23/71   North Tisbury     74y  Providence[?]
Cady, Mrs. Lizzie B            07/16/69   Shelburne, Vt.    26y   
Calhoon, Capt. Asa H           07/23/58   New Orleans       38y  Holmes Hole 
Calhoun, Herbert               06/02/71   Tisbury           a13y  
Camp, Miss Ruby                01/10/68   this town         85y   
Cannon, Nellie Stanhope        04/18/63   New Bedford       23y   
Cathcart, Thomas               08/07/68   West Tisbury      86y   
Chace, Mrs. Susan Gould        01/15/64   Tisbury           24y   
Chadwick, -----                08/24/60   Sea                    Edgartown 
Chadwick, Capt. Albert         01/18/67   Nantucket         a61y  
Chadwick,  Bessie L       03/17/71   this town         24y
Chadwick, Harry Thompson       03/05/75   Vineyard Haven    3m    
Chadwick, Myra T               08/23/72   Camp Ground       5m    
Chadwick, Sidney F             08/13/75   Camp Ground       2m    
Chambers, Miss Eunice R        10/20/71   this town         28y   
Chase, Abraham                 11/29/50   Holmes Hole       a40y  
Chase, Mrs. Almira             08/07/68   Holmes Hole       65y   
Chase, Andrew S                09/15/54   Wood's Hole       3y    
Chase, Mrs. Celia              01/23/63   Chilmark          a31y  
Chase, Mrs. Charlotte          03/03/71   Boston            82y  Vineyard
Chase, Mrs. Deborah P          05/28/75   Vineyard Grove    83y   
Chase, Rev. Ebenezer           05/25/66   Chilmark          81y   
Chase, Elimela M               06/26/57   West Tisbury      4y    
Chase, Geo.                    11/18/70   North Tisbury     47y   
Chase, Miss Harriet N          08/08/62   Tisbury           24y   
Chase, Hiram                   06/29/66   Tisbury           79y   
Chase, Ida Francis             03/09/60   Boston            3y    
Chase, Infant dau. of          02/02/55   this town         5d    
         Henry and Reliance 
Chase, Mrs. Reliance           11/24/65   Holmes Hole       37y   
Chase, Mrs. Rhua L (Cottle)    09/11/57   Waverly, Mass.    36y  Tisbury 
Chase, Mrs. Temperance         05/23/73   North Tisbury     a70y  
Chase, Tristram L              09/13/50   Sea               40y  Martha's
Chase, Capt. William T         12/26/62   Off Chatham       45y  Harrington,
Chesborough, Henry             02/22/61   Chilmark          65y   
Chipman, William E             10/04/50   Holmes Hole       20y  Bucksport,
Chisholm, Calvin               12/10/69   Holmes Hole             
Claghorn, Charles T            05/10/67   Edgartown         21y   
Claghorn, Miss Jane            06/28/72   this town         79y   
Claghorn, Mrs. Sarah           09/30/59   Holmes Hole       93y   
Clark, Abby Moore              04/15/64   Mattapoisett      6y    
Clark, Ann Maria               12/02/53   Nantucket         17y   
Clark, Hattie Elizabeth        04/15/64   Mattapoisett      8y    
Clark, Marshall J              10/03/62   this town         86y   
Clark, Mary Meigs              04/15/64   Mattapoisett      11y   
Clarke, Mrs. Jerusha           07/13/66   Nantucket         82y  Edgartown 
Clayton, Charles W             10/09/68   Sea               25y  Scranton, Pa.
Cleaveland, Mrs. Emily         07/31/68   Holmes Hole       49y   
Cleaveland, Henry Warren       10/07/64   West Tisbury      10m   
Cleaveland, Miss Nancy         08/13/69   this town         a80y  
Cleaveland, Mrs. Prudence      12/12/73   West Tisbury      92y   
Cleaveland,  Puella       01/18/67   this town         72y   
Cleaveland, Ralph              10/24/56   this town         65y   
Cleaveland, Mrs. Rebecca       05/04/66   this town         75y   
Cleaveland, Thomas D           05/12/65
Cleaveland, Thomas D           06/02/71   In the Wilderness [186_?]
Cleaveland, Capt. Warren       03/27/63   Holmes Hole       74y   
Cleaveland, William            09/26/73   this town         64y   
Cleavland, John                10/20/71   this town         84y   
Cleavland, Mary Elizabeth      04/10/68   Holmes Hole       9y    
Cleveland, Abisha S            05/31/50   San Francisco [?]      this town
Cleveland, Benjamin            05/11/60   Holmes Hole       73y   
Cleveland, Mrs. Clarissa L     11/07/56   Talcahuano        35y   
Cleveland, Mrs. Deborah        01/11/56   this town         78y   
Cleveland, Ezra                08/14/57   this town         81y   
Cleveland, Florence Bracket    10/26/55   this town         8m    
Cleveland, Gardiner Allen      09/13/72   West Tisbury      17m   
Cleveland, George W            02/14/51   Ship Splendid     a43y Tisbury 
Cleveland, Mrs. Hannah         01/17/62   Holmes Hole       71y   
Cleveland, Capt. Jacob L       09/30/70   Barque Adeline    49y   
Cleveland, James M             06/05/57   Holmes Hole       1y    
Cleveland, John F              12/05/62   Near Newfoundland 24y   
Cleveland, Joseph S            08/06/75   Taunton           57y  Edgartown 
Cleveland, Lydia G             03/22/61   Holmes Hole       7y    
Cleveland, Mary                11/14/73   this town         54y   
Cleveland,  Melvina       05/02/51   Pocasset, Mass.   26y  this town 
Cleveland, Susie T             06/22/66   New Bedford       34y   
Cleveland, William R           06/04/58   Sea               a22y West Tisbury 
Cleveland, Willis Stephens     09/12/73   Taunton           7m    
Clifford, Mrs. Abigal          11/28/56   Holmes Hole       70y   
Clifford, Anna Williams        03/11/64   West Tisbury      1y    
Clifford,  Dency          06/15/60   Holmes Hole       73y   
Clifford, Mrs. Emily S         02/28/73   Vineyard Haven    53y   
Clifford, Capt. Jacob          12/09/59   Holmes Hole       35y   
Clifford, Nathan               06/03/53   Chilmark          94y   
Clifford, Mrs. Philander P     04/16/75   North Shore,      45y   
Clough, Isaac H                10/18/67   this town         16y  Camden, Maine
Coady, Capt. Richard           07/30/58   Sea                    Massachusetts
Cobb, Almedia                  03/23/66   Fall River        32y   
Coffin, Aaron                  05/22/57   Boston            59y  Edgartown 
Coffin, Mrs. Abigail           06/09/65   this town         a83y  
Coffin, Allan                  11/17/65   this town         a77y  
Coffin,  Allie M (Blunt)  02/14/62   Brooklyn, NY            
Coffin, Amelia Ruanna          09/09/64   this town         1y    
Coffin,  Anna P (Vinson)  07/01/59   this town         26y   
Coffin, Augustus               06/29/66   Boston            41y  this town [?]
Coffin, Mrs. Carrie Martin     06/04/69   this town         23y   
Coffin, Miss Clarissa          09/13/72   this town         80y   
Coffin, David                  10/29/52   this town         76y 
Coffin, Mrs. Deborah G         04/12/61   this town         72y   
Coffin, Edward Irving          02/17/65   Boston            21y   
Coffin, Capt. Edwin            10/23/74   Middletown        66y  this town 
Coffin, Florence Butler        08/25/71   this town         13m   
Coffin, Freeman                05/12/71   Edgartown         70y   
Coffin, George Wilson          04/22/64   this town         16y   
Coffin, Mrs. Harriet           10/03/65   this town         63y   
Coffin, Jared                  04/24/74   this town         83y   
Coffin, John                   02/27/63   this town         80y   
Coffin, Lizzie Cleveland       03/05/58   Cambridgeport, MA  9y
Coffin, Mrs. Lydia             05/05/65   this town         83y   
Coffin, Mrs. Lydia H           08/05/59   this town         38y  Nantucket 
Coffin, Mary Adelia            11/28/56   this town         3y    
Coffin, Miss Mary Hubbard      10/17/51   this town         24y   
Coffin, Matthew                11/19/75   West Tisbury      74y   
Coffin, Mrs. Melvina (Fisher)  05/01/68   this town         43y   
Coffin, Richard A              08/15/56   Holmes Hole       2y    
Coffin, Mrs. Ruann P           12/28/55   this town         58y   
Coffin, Mrs. Sally             04/07/71   this town         72y   
Coffin, Capt. Samuel           10/30/57   this town         77y   
Coffin, Mrs. Susan             07/10/74   Brooklyn          73y  Edgartown 
Coffin, Thomas M               08/28/68   this town         88y   
Coffin, Capt. Uriah            08/08/56   this town         79y   
Coffin, Mrs. Velina P          04/21/71                     67y  this town [?]
Coffin, Miss Velina P          09/08/71   this town         85y   
Coffin, William                11/15/50   Utica, NY         52y  this place 
Coffin, Wm H                   09/13/50   Ship Walter Scott a27y this town 
Colby, Hon. H.G.O.             02/25/53   New Bedford             
Coleman, Araminta D            10/10/56   Merton, Wis.      5m    
Coleman, Mrs. Araminta D       06/06/56   Waukisha, Wis.    34y  this place 
Collins, Benjamin W            05/10/50   this town         23y   
Collins,  Dorcas          11/22/50   this town         55y   
Collins, Palfrey               03/20/57   this town         69y   
Colt, Mrs. Harriet T           11/15/67   this town         48y   
Colt, Mrs. Susan               11/15/67   this town         89y   
Conary,  Mary             07/23/75   Schooner J. E.    36y   
Congdon, Joseph Esq            10/30/57   New Bedford       57y   
Cook, Adelade Louise           06/14/72   Providence        1y    
Cook, Ansel                    06/10/53   Holmes Hole       29m   
Cook, Mrs. Caroline S          09/08/65                     31y  Nantucket 
Cook, Mrs. Clementine (Allen)  10/28/53   Lewiston Falls, ME 53y  Martha's
Cook, Capt. Enoch              10/24/56   New Orleans       28y  Holmes Hole 
Cook, Lewis                    10/19/55   Gay Head          a40y  
Cook, Thomas                   12/24/52   Dan Pedro's Bar   31y  Gay Head 
Cooke, Mrs. Elizabeth          12/01/54   this town         83y   
Cooke, Miss Hannah             05/23/56   this town         66y
Cooke, Thomas Esq.             12/10/52   this town         84y        Coombs,  Charlotte        12/05/73   Middleboro        31y 
           Elizabeth (Marchant) 
Coombs, Elizabeth O            04/11/56   this town         20m   
Coombs, James                  03/01/61   this town         32y  Cheltenham,
Coombs, James M                04/24/68   Lakeville, Mass.  a59y  
Coombs, Mary Fuller            11/11/64                     5y    
Coon, George M                 04/19/50   this town         4y    
Coon, Grace Ann                08/17/55   Ship Barnstable   20m   
Coon, Capt. Roswell M          08/02/67   this town         51y   
Cooper, Remember               05/27/53   Gay Head          100y  
Cooper, Mrs. Rhoda             07/31/63   Lanesboro         77y   
Cooper, Mrs. Sarah             01/31/62   Gay Head                
Cornell, George W              08/15/62   Somerset, Mass.   3y    
Cornell, Mrs. Mary             11/10/65   this town         75y   
Cornell, Willie Hurbert        02/29/56   Somerset          7m    
Cottle, Mrs. -----             12/19/73                           
Cottle, Miss Amy N             07/13/60   Tisbury           22y   
Cottle, Mrs. Anne B            11/28/51   Near Cincinnati        Chilmark 
Cottle, Catharine              10/24/51   Syracuse, NY      20m   
Cottle, Dea. D. Eliot          12/19/73                           
Cottle, Davis                  10/28/70   North Tisbury     a60y  
Cottle, Capt. Geo. B           04/23/58   West Tisbury      28y   
Cottle, Mrs. Georgie O (Luce)  02/07/68   Holmes Hole       22y   
Cottle, James                  10/23/63   Holmes Hole       79y   
Cottle, Mrs. Jemima            11/07/51   Chilmark          a87y  
Cottle, Jeremiah W             02/16/72   Woburn            17y  North Tisbury
Cottle, John                   08/17/60   North San Juan, CA 41y Chilmark
Cottle, Mrs. Margaret          12/18/63   this town         37y   
Cottle, Mrs. Mary              08/22/51   Chilmark          73y   
Cottle, Capt. Mayhew           02/18/70   West Tisbury      91y   
Cottle, Mrs. Sophronia         11/13/63   Tisbury                 
Cottle, William                01/11/67   Delhi, Hamilton   83y  Martha's
                                            Co., Ohio
Courtney, Charles Leonard      03/21/62   Boston            1y    
Courtney, Dennis               04/16/75   this town         68y   
Courtney, Leonard              10/15/58   this town         9y    
Courtney, Mrs. Martha          08/28/57   West Tisbury      49y  this town 
Crandall, Mrs. Abby (Dexter)   01/06/60   Holmes Hole       22y   
Crane, Adoniram Esq.           06/23/54   Berkley           74y   
Crane, Mrs. Sarah M Allen      09/18/74   this town         77y   
Crawford, Hon. Samuel          03/15/61   Mineral Point,    41y   
Crocker, Mrs. Elizabeth        03/18/53   Holmes Hole       24y   
Crocker, Mrs. Elizabeth        03/27/57   Holmes Hole       34y   
Crocker,  Jerusha Hillman 10/04/61   Brewster, Mass    82y   
Crocker, Leroy Yale            10/19/55   Holmes Hole       10m   
Crocker, Rodolphus W           11/19/75   Vineyard Haven    a55y
Crocker, Capt. Rowland R       01/16/52   New Bedford       82y   
Crocker, Mrs. Sally            05/30/73   this town         83y   
Crocker, Capt. Sylvanus        04/01/53   this town         75y   
Crocker, Wendell Ellis         12/04/74   Vineyard Haven    23y   
Cromwell, Infant son of        01/27/60   Holmes Hole      [Infant]  
            Benjamin + Abbie
Cromwell, Isaac Stackhouse     05/04/60   Holmes Hole       a35y  
Cromwell, Mrs. Jedidah         01/24/62   Holmes Hole       a80y  
Cromwell, John                 07/01/53   Holmes Hole       a2y   
Cromwell, Capt. Moses T        01/17/62   Holmes Hole       78y   
Cromwell, Capt. Peter          01/01/58   Off Cape Horn           
Crosby, Mrs. Abigail           01/10/68   this town         89y   
Crosby, Harlow                 09/19/56   this town         87y   
Crosby, Lizzie Wilson          12/14/55   this town         5m    
Crosby, Miss Philura           01/21/59   this town         61y   
Crosby, Capt. Shipley Wilson   08/23/72   this town         50y   
Cross, Mrs. Catherine L        05/22/57   Milwaukee, Wis.   35y  this place 
Crowby, Shipley W              08/27/52   this town         5 1/2 m
Crowell, Alonzo                05/22/57   Ship Jane Daggett 20y  Holmes Hole 
Crowell, Byron                 02/26/69   this town         14m   
Crowell, Edmund                09/20/50                     75y   
Crowell, Hebron                04/20/66   Tisbury           73y   
Crowell, Capt. Hiram           07/14/65   this town         a47y  
Crowell, Infant s. of          11/02/66   this town         13m   
           William H + Mary 
Crowell, Jeremiah              04/17/74   Vineyard Haven    87y   
Crowell, John                  06/16/65   Tisbury           67y   
Crowell, Mrs. Olive            01/15/64   Holmes Hole       74y   
Crowell, Mrs. Sally            11/25/70   Holmes Hole       a75y  
Crowell, Mrs. Sarah            10/03/56   this town         31y   
Crowell, Sarah Bradley         11/03/54   this town               
Crowell, Capt. William B       02/22/61   Liverpool, England 34y Tisbury
Crowell, Wyman                 01/12/55   this town         4y    
Crowla, Mrs. Elizabeth         09/27/50                     21y   
Crowley, Cornelius             08/03/55   Brig Maine              
Crowley, Mrs. Love H           11/01/72   Camp Ground       21y   
Cummings, Ann Maria            06/02/54   this town         22y   
Cummings, John H               12/17/58   Ochotsk Sea       16y  this town 
Cushing,  Nettie A        10/25/72   New Bedford       23y   
Dabney, John L                 03/11/53   Fayal, Azores     52y   
Daggett, Mrs. Amelia Whitfield 02/26/69   this town         78y   
Daggett, Mrs. Betsey           01/06/71   Holmes Haven      62y   
Daggett, Charles Nye           11/27/57   Holmes Hole       45y   
Daggett, Mrs. Chloe            04/04/56   this town         51y   
Daggett, Miss Clarissa         06/01/55   Noman's Land      a55y Tisbury 
Daggett, Mrs. Eliza            01/09/74   this town         a75y
Daggett, Mrs. Hannah           04/15/64   Rye, Winchester Co.84y
Daggett, Mrs. Hope             06/13/62   this town         89y   
Daggett, Capt. Isaac           03/30/66                          Edgartown 
Daggett, Mrs. Jane             11/05/52   Holmes Hole       53y   
Daggett, Loyd                  11/26/69   this town         a70y  
Daggett, Mrs. Martha           08/21/57   Holmes Hole       78y   
Daggett, Mrs. Matty            07/03/57   Holmes Hole       78y   
Daggett, Michael               10/01/52   Holmes Hole       82y   
Daggett, Mrs. Pamelia          04/04/62   St. Francisville,      this town 
Daggett, Capt. Peter           05/12/54   Holmes Hole       74y   
Daggett, Philander             04/23/75   Boulogne-Sur-Mer, 64y  Martha's
Daggett, Mrs. Polly            01/11/50   Holmes Hole             
Daggett,  Polly           11/18/59   Bristol, RI       72y  Holmes Hole 
Daggett, Mrs. Rebecca          02/02/55   Holmes Hole       58y   
Daggett, Mrs. Rebecca          03/01/67   this town         80y   
Daggett, Mrs. Rhoda            09/27/50   Holmes Hole       a70y  
Daggett, Capt. Samuel          09/28/60   Holmes Hole       96y   
Daggett, Miss Sarah            06/06/51   Roxbury           27y   
Daggett, Sarah                 03/15/67   this town         68y   
Daggett, Capt. Seth            10/25/67   Holmes Hole       89y   
Daggett, Sylvanus              08/17/55   Holmes Hole       a20y  
Daggett, Walter S              10/18/50   this town         4m   Nantucket 
Daggett, William F             06/27/62   Stockton, Cal.    56y  this town 
Danforth, Miss Elizabeth       07/30/53   this town         a17y  
Danforth,  Lucy           04/21/54   this town               
Darke, James                   10/04/61   this town         41y  Taunton 
Darrow, Mrs. Abigail F (Pease) 06/10/64   Boston            a60y  
Darrow, Capt. Charles S        06/28/72   Boston            65y[?] this town 
Darrow, Capt. Ira              09/08/71   this town         72y  Waterford,
Darrow, William                02/14/68   Boston            39y  this town 
Davenport, Capt. P.W.          01/09/63   Fredericksburg    26y  Tisbury 
Davis, Addie May               09/19/73   Camp Ground       7w    
Davis, Amelia                  04/02/58   Falmouth          20y   
Davis, Mrs. Betsey             07/03/68   East Strong, Me.  82y  Tisbury
Davis, Mrs. Betsey (Bassett)   07/25/73   Hamilton Co., OH  93y  Chilmark
Davis, Catharine L             09/10/58   this town         7d    
Davis, Hon. David              11/13/68   this town         a66y  
Davis, Miss Hannah M           01/16/52                     21y  this town 
Davis, Harrison Allen          05/12/54   this town         19y   
Davis, Dea. Henry              11/06/74   Strong, Me.       95y  Edgartown 
Davis, James                   08/31/55   Holmes Hole       82y   
Davis, John Esq.               01/10/62   Chilmark                
Davis, Leroy                   06/26/57   this town         18y   
Davis, Mrs. Mary H.            10/18/50   West Tisbury      a42y
Davis, Mrs. Matilda S (Johnson)09/28/66   West Tisbury      47y   
Davis, Nancy                   07/25/51   this town         9y    
Davis, Mrs. Nancy              12/21/55   Eastville         66y   
Davis, Nancy J                 08/01/51   this town         9y    
Davis, Orlando E               09/18/63   Eastville         49y   
Davis, Mrs. Polly              04/16/52   this town         77y   
Davis, Rufus                   08/06/53   Eastville         87y   
Davis, Son of Jeff             05/13/64                           
Davis, William Esq.            02/15/61   West Tisbury      80y   
DeSusan, Mrs. Ann A            11/19/75   this town         66y   
DeSusan, Emanuel               05/22/63   this town         53y   
Dean, Carrie Elizabeth         09/04/74   Washington Park        Pawtucket, RI
Dexter, Mrs. Almira            02/07/62   Holmes Hole       28y   
Dexter, Miss Angeline          05/13/53   this town         16y   
Dexter, Mrs. Anna              03/20/57   this town         77y   
Dexter, Mrs. Betsey            12/08/65   Holmes Hole       a77y  
Dexter, Charlotte A            10/27/71   Williamstown, VT  19y  Vineyard
Dexter, Miss Cordelia          11/18/59   New Hampshire     23y  Holmes Hole 
Dexter, Ebenzer                08/01/56   this town         82y   
Dexter, Capt. Elisha           06/02/71   Vineyard Haven    72y   
Dexter, Mrs. Eliza             01/23/74   Vineyard Haven    71y   
Dexter, Mrs. Eliza D           10/28/59   this town         32y   
Dexter, Infant dau. of Henry   04/17/74   this town        [Infant]  
          and Ida
Dexter, Ira                    04/21/54   Holmes Hole       60y   
Dexter, Mrs. Lucy              02/17/65   West Tisbury      a52y  
Dexter,  Sarah            07/23/52   this town         54y   
Dexter,  Sarah            09/30/70   Holmes Hole       85y   
Dias, Mrs. Betsey Holmes       12/30/64   Holmes Hole       75y   
Dias,  Clara L (Adams)    09/06/61   Holmes Hole       25y   
Dias, Mrs. Clarissa            08/30/61   Holmes Hole       a30y  
Dias, John                     09/06/61   Holmes Hole       4m    
Dias, Capt. Joseph             02/25/59   Holmes Hole       a79y  
Dillingham, Mrs. Betsey L      08/25/54   Holmes Hole       70y   
Dillingham, Mrs. Caroline P    07/14/71   Vineyard Haven    43y   
Dillingham, Charles            10/23/63   Holmes Hole       42y   
Dillingham, Eddy P             04/25/56   Holmes Hole       4y    
Dillingham, Hepsey B           02/02/55   this town         2y    
Dillingham, John Leavitt       11/05/58   this town         1y    
Dillingham, Peter J            02/03/54   Sea               35y  Holmes Hole 
Dillingham, Mrs. Rebecca       11/13/63   Holmes Hole             
Dillingham, Thomas B           02/10/60   Schr. Trade Wind  22y  Holmes Hole 
Dillingham, Capt. Zenas        11/26/52   Holmes Hole       42y   
Dillingham, Zenas              02/11/53   Holmes Hole       78y   
Dillingham, Zenas              04/23/69   this town         28y   
Donahue, James                 03/23/66   Hampden, Me       a13y  
Donaldson, George W Esq.       12/25/68   Falmouth          71y   
Dornin,  Elizabeth Ann    07/21/54   Brooklyn, NY      31y  
Dornin, Capt. John B           12/19/73   North Rochester, a70y this town 
Dornin, Oscar                  07/21/54   New York City     48y   
Dow, -----                     02/28/68   West Tisbury      a6y   
Downs, George A                10/11/50   Holmes Hole       7y    
Drew, Rufus W                  04/28/54   Steamer S.W. Downs 31y  Plymouth
Duat, Mary                     03/21/73   Vineyard Grove    22y   
Duatt, Lenura                  08/08/73   Edgartown         6m    
Duncan, Capt. George           02/17/71   New Bedford       54y   
Duncan, Little Saida           01/19/66   this town         4y    
Dunham, Capt. Clifford         08/04/54   Havana            28y  Holmes Hole 
Dunham, Clifford               07/19/61   Holmes Hole       9y    
Dunham, Eben                   09/13/67   Tuckernuck        77y   
Dunham, Edward                 12/20/61   Tisbury           a70y  
Dunham, Mrs. Eliza             02/06/63   this town         42y   
Dunham, Florence Chesten       11/21/56   this town         10w   
Dunham, George Esq.            03/22/72   Vineyard Haven    69y   
Dunham, George L               12/12/56   Chilmark          5y    
Dunham, Grace                  01/13/60   this town        [Infant]
Dunham, Mrs. Jerusha           06/30/54   this town         71y   
Dunham, John T                 12/12/56   Chilmark          12y   
Dunham, Joseph                 11/26/75   Taunton           65y   
Dunham, Josiah Esq.            05/08/57   Boston            82y  this town 
Dunham, Mrs. Love C (Robinson) 10/19/55   Holmes Hole       24y   
Dunham, Mrs. Mahala (Pease)    09/10/53   Clermont Co., OH       this town 
Dunham, Miss Maria             12/03/52   Tisbury           37y   
Dunham,  Mary             11/18/53   Tisbury           61y   
Dunham, Mrs. Mercy             06/09/54   West Tisbury      a55y  
Dunham, Nathan                 10/18/50   Provincetown      51y  Martha's
Dunham, Mrs. Paulina (Hodgdon) 03/04/64   Edgartown               
Dunham, Ralph R                07/12/50   Worcester         45y  Edgartown 
Dunham, Mrs. Rebecca P (Allen) 12/16/59   Tisbury           41y   
Dunham, Sanders                10/01/52   Holmes Hole       a55y  
Dunham, Capt. Thomas           03/06/68   New York City     62y  Holmes Hole 
Dunham, Valentine              03/29/72   Chilmark          21y   
Dunham, William Bradford       05/25/55   this town         2m    
Dunham, Capt. William C        01/22/75   Vineyard Haven    56y   
Durgin,  Laura W          08/08/62   West Tisbury      23y   
Dyer, Jesse W                  05/08/74   this town         55y  New Bedford 
Eagleston, Ellen Veazie        01/17/51   Salem, MA         3y    
Eagleston,  Mary C.       02/27/52   Salem             27y   
Earle,  Mary H           04/02/69   this town         26y   
Easton, Isaac                  02/16/66   Deep Bottom [Edg] 80y
Easton, Mrs. Jemima            07/31/68   New Bedford       76y   
Elder, Mollie A                11/25/70   New York          5y
Ellingsworth, -----            04/06/60   Holmes Hole Harbor     Milton,
Ellis, George Duncan           11/08/67   South Abington, MA
Enas, Dau. of Joseph + Mary    03/19/75   this town         15m   
Enas, Magga                    08/01/73   this town         10m   
Enos, Mary S                   12/11/74   this town         33y   
Etheridge, Stephen             12/12/62   this harbor       18y  Rockland 
Eveleth, Mrs. Judith (Meader)  01/16/52   Lawrence          a60y  
Evenec, Michael                09/01/65   this town         84y  France 
Everett, Atkins                11/14/51   this town         5y    
Everett, Wyman                 02/20/57   this town         1y    
Ewer, Thos B                   08/20/58   Grass Valley, CA  17y
Fairbanks, Capt. Joseph        01/27/71   Farmington, Me.   71y   
Fearing,  Deborah Norton  04/11/73   Farmington, Me.   72y   
Fearing, William               04/11/73   Farmington, Me.   76y   
Fellows, Daniel Esq.           04/25/56   this town         77y   
Fellows, Frederick P           12/26/73   Palmer, Mass.     67y  Edgartown 
Fellows, Mrs. Susan            05/07/58   this town         36y   
Felt, Mrs. Sarah G             09/20/61   Morrisania, NY    65y   
Ferguson,  Desire         09/28/55   West Tisbury      74y   
Ferguson, Mrs. Eliza A         09/15/54   Wood's Hole       54y   
Ferguson, Ellsworth Reed       08/25/54   Wood's Hole       20y   
Ferguson, Grafton N            08/25/54   Wood's Hole       23y   
Ferguson, Capt. John           02/15/61   Chilmark          a65y  
Ferguson, Mrs. Mary            04/25/51   Chilmark          94y  this town 
Ferguson, William              03/31/54   West Tisbury      84y   
Ferguson, Capt. William        10/26/66   Chilmark          67y   
Fifield, Sarah                 01/25/56   Patterson, NJ     12y   
Finley, James                  03/06/63   Near                   Goshen, IN 
                                            Murfreesboro, TN 
Fish, Albina Daggett (Yale)    07/03/74   Montclair, NJ           
Fisher, Aaron                  04/11/56   this town         72y   
Fisher, Abbot Irving           09/24/69   Brighton          2m   this town 
Fisher, Abner                  10/22/58   this town         59y   
Fisher, Capt. Abraham          02/18/59   this town         92y   
Fisher, Abraham                08/02/67   this town         63y   
Fisher, Agustus C              12/31/69   Off St. Helena    a23y New Bedford
Fisher, Capt. Alfred K         03/19/69   Panama                 this town 
Fisher, Andrew                 08/23/67   this town         75y   
Fisher, Mrs. Betsey O          03/18/70   this town         84y   
Fisher, Carrie G               10/22/58   this town         4m    
Fisher, Mrs. Catherine         01/22/58   this town         73y   
Fisher, Charles F              03/31/65   Salisbury Prison  25y  this town 
Fisher, Cora Clinton           04/01/64   this town         2y    
Fisher, Capt. Cyrus            09/16/64                     41y  Edgartown 
Fisher, Daniel Jr.             07/19/67   this town         37y   
Fisher, Mrs. Deborah           03/25/64   Gay Head          77y   
Fisher, Francis                01/03/51   Maui              21y  this town 
Fisher, Francis Elliot         06/30/65   this town         17y   
Fisher, Frankie M              11/20/74   this town         3y    
Fisher, Freddie Ernest         09/16/70   New Bedford       6m    
Fisher, Frederick              02/22/56   Talcahuano        40y  this town 
Fisher, Mrs. Grace Coffin      12/02/70   this town         58y   
Fisher, Hiram Nuns             04/27/60   Southboro         5y    
Fisher, Capt. Jared            12/26/73   this town         79y   
Fisher, Capt. John             05/16/56   Island of the          this town 
                                            Three Kings 
Fisher, John A                 08/11/65   Edgartown [in     5y    
                                            Aug., 1855] 
Fisher, Katie W                09/22/65   this town         2y    
Fisher, Leavitt                05/30/73   this town         63y   
Fisher, Louis Albert           01/21/59   Nantucket         11y   
Fisher, Mrs. Lurana            03/01/61   this town         84y   
Fisher, Mary Elizabeth         07/30/58   this town         22m   
Fisher, Mrs. Mary P            08/10/66   Providence        76y   
Fisher, Miss Matilda           07/15/59   Chilmark          82y  Edgartown 
Fisher, Matthew                10/09/68   this town         a70y  
Fisher, Nehemiah C             12/29/54   New Orleans       24y   
Fisher, Capt. Obed             08/29/56   this town         76y   
Fisher, Mrs. Phebe Ann         10/12/66                           
Fisher, Mrs. Phebe Ann         09/21/66   this town         38y   
Fisher, Mrs. Rhoda             02/12/69   this town         a75y  
Fisher, Robert                 03/04/64   Edgartown         69y   
Fisher, Rozilla P              08/17/55   this town         18y   
Fisher, Sarah J                12/14/66   this town         7y    
Fisher, Mrs. Sarah             10/03/73   this town         51y   
Fisher, Sophronia C            10/31/56   this town         6w    
Fisher, Mrs. Sophronia P       01/16/57                           
Fisher, Mrs. Sophronia P       09/26/56   this town         40y   
Fisher, Stephen B              09/30/59   Malta             19y  this town 
Fisher, Dea Sylvester H        04/30/58   Boston            36y  this town 
Fisher, Mrs. Thankful          01/10/51   this town         91y   
Fisher, Thomas A               06/02/71   ----- [186_?]           
Fisher, Thomas L               03/09/66   New Bedford       25y   
Fisher, Thomas P               11/02/55   Manardo, Isl. of  33y  this town 
Fisher, Tristram P             12/03/52   Mass. General     a45y Edgartown 
Fisher, Uriah C                05/13/64   this town         14y   
Fisher, Warren                 10/26/55   this town         3m    
Fisher, Capt. William B        04/28/71   this town         77y   
Flanders, Alvin                07/21/54   Chilmark          a60y  
Flanders, Mrs. Hannah          07/22/70   Chilmark          100y  
Flanders, Mrs. Mary            03/23/66   Dartmouth         65y  Chilmark 
Flanders,  Olivia F      10/31/62   Chilmark          20y   
Flanders, Richard W            05/29/68   Sea               a30y  
Flanders, Capt. William        05/19/54   Chilmark          a42y 
Folgambe, A.                   10/17/51   Holmes Hole            Ravenna, OH 
Folger, Edmund                 06/07/50   Rio Janeiro       18y  Nantucket 
Folger, Wm. C                  06/07/50   Rio Janeiro       28y  Nantucket 
Fordham, Thomas Arey           09/28/60   this town         4m    
Forman, Mrs. Margaret E. O.    04/11/73   Pulaski, Oswego   74y   
                                            Co., NY 
Foster,  Jane Beaves      11/29/67   Washington DC     23y   
Foster, Lottie West            09/14/66   Washington City,  5m    
Foster, Mrs. Margaret Ann      04/02/69   Holmes Hole       38y  Holmes Hole 
Foster, Capt. Thomas           09/03/58   Holmes Hole       55y   
Francis, Charles               10/24/56   this town         46y   
Francis, Jonathan              03/06/74   Gay Head          74y   
Francis, Mrs. Mary S (Dunham)  10/25/72   this town         65y   
Francis, Rosa                  08/01/73   this town         14y   
Frazier, Mrs. Lydia            10/14/53   West Tisbury      a56y  
Freeman, Frank H               09/01/71   Deep Bottom, West 14y   
Fuller, Henry                  07/08/70   Taunton           13m   
Fuller, Mrs. Mary              06/12/57   this town         38y   
Fuller, Mrs. Rebecca J         04/05/72   Taunton           33y  this town 
Furlong, Mrs. Bethania         09/13/72   this town         68y   
Furlong, Ellen                 12/04/57   Chappaquiddic     18y   
Furlong, James                 12/26/51   this town         8y    
Furlong, Matthew               10/17/51   this town         a37y Ireland 
Furman, Wm.                    12/31/75   US Marine         30y 
Kennebunkport, Me. 
                                           Hospital, V.H.
Fussell, Jonathan F            08/06/52   Roxbury           20m   
Fussell, Jonathan F            10/31/62   East Medway            New Bedford 
Fussell, Mrs. Sarah P (Fisher) 10/04/72   Boston Highlands  52y   
Gage, Dr. J. T. E.             05/31/50   San Francisco          this town 
Gage, Mrs. Jane E              03/24/54   this town         42y   
Galbraith, James               03/11/53   East Greenwich, RI a55y
Gamage, Mrs. -----             07/09/53   Holmes Hole             
Gardner, Mrs. Mary J           09/30/64   this town         43y   
Geils, John Henry              04/15/64   Holmes Hole       a3y   
Gibbs, Mrs. Andrew             12/26/51   this town         71y   
Gibbs, Andrew                  01/22/64   this town         78y   
Gifford, Miss Emily F          06/10/53   this town         16y  Falmouth 
Gifford, Samuel S              01/03/68   this town         40y  Westport 
Gifford, Miss Sylvina N        12/23/59   Falmouth          18y   
Gill, Alpheus                  02/06/74   Vineyard Haven    a23y  
Gilligan, Freddy               10/22/69   Holmes Hole       9m    
Gilligan, William              10/22/69   Sea               24y  Holmes Hole 
Gilman, Mrs. Elizabeth (Field) 11/15/72   Newton            31y   
Gilman, Lucy Field             10/05/66   Newton Corner     1y    
Godfrey, Albert                07/01/64   this town         56y   
Godfrey, Mrs. Belinda          06/14/61   this town         73y 
Goff, Robert                   07/25/51   New Bedford       7y    
Gold, Meriba                   03/18/53   Holmes Hole       55y   
Goodenow, Sarah                01/09/52   Newark, NJ             this town 
Goodrich, Francis              05/23/62   Chappaquiddic     58y   
Goodspeed, Obed Esq.           10/28/64   Falmouth                
Goodwin, Mrs. Lydia            04/22/64   Holmes Hole       a70y  
Gorham, Job                    07/10/68   Tisbury           74y   
Gorham, Josiah                 03/10/71   Nantucket         78y   
Gorham, Mrs. Sarah             11/06/74   Nantucket         77y   
Gow, Joseph B                  03/29/61   this town         48y   
Gower, Mrs. Love               09/21/60   New Haven, Ct.    69y  Farmington,
Grant, Charles                 06/16/54   Honolulu          18y  Martha's
Gray, David                    04/17/68   this town         83y   
Gray, Mrs. Eliza               04/20/66   Long Island       77y   
Gray, Frank Emory              09/28/66   West Tisbury      19m   
Gray, Franklin                 11/25/70   North Tisbury     64y   
Gray, Harrison                 08/20/52   Evans, NY         a50y West Tisbury 
Gray, Hattie Hazleton          09/20/61   West Tisbury      11m   
Gray, Henry                    01/27/71   this town         a80y  
Gray, Mrs. Margaret            11/15/50   this town         70y   
Gray, Miss Margaret            05/06/64   this town         83y   
Gray, Mrs. Thankfull D         10/25/50   West Tisbury      38y   
Gray, Willie F                 07/15/59   West Tisbury      4m    
Griffin, Mr. -----             05/11/66   New York Harbor        Edgartown 
Griffin, William               06/01/66                     45y   
Gromer, Mrs. Abbie             07/12/67   Edgartown         19y   
Gromer, Henry                  02/26/69   West Tisbury            
Halsey, Benjamin W             02/17/54   Neveda, Cal.      30y  this town 
Halsey, Nicholas               07/25/51   Bridgehampton, LI.56y  New York
Hamlin,  Mary (Carr)      12/02/70   Newport, RI             
Hammett, Abijah                05/22/57   Chilmark          a89y  
Hammett, Miss Caroline C       12/11/57   Hartford, Ct.     16y  Chilmark 
Hammett, Mrs. Hannah           08/07/57   Marion            69y  Holmes Hole 
Hammett, Miss Lizzie F         12/10/75   Chilmark          17y   
Hammett,  Mary Ann        08/10/55   Chilmark          30y   
Hammett, Mrs. Mary Olive       04/25/51   Chilmark          a90y  
Hammett, Osiander Gilbert      02/06/52   Chilmark          2y    
Hammett, Mrs. Sarah            10/30/68   Chilmark          a60y  
Hancock,  -----           05/06/59   Chilmark          a84y  
Hancock, Cyrus Esq.            08/26/59   Chilmark          54y   
Hancock, Mrs. Mary             01/30/52   Chilmark          a73y  
Hancock, Mrs. Mary             09/12/56   West Tisbury      47y  Chilmark 
Hancock, Miss Moriah           02/05/69   West Tisbury      88y   
Hancock, Samuel T Esq.         02/16/66   Chilmark          63y   
Hardenbergh, Capt. Charles B   09/14/66   New Orleans       36y  Holmes Hole 
Hardenbergh, Mrs. Charlotte E  03/26/69   Holmes Hole       53y   
Harding,  Caroline A      12/23/70   Brooklyn, NY      56y  Holmes Hole 
Harding, Eliza                 10/09/57   Holmes Hole       6m    
Harding, Capt. Ephraim         02/26/58   Off Long Island        Holmes Hole 
Harding, Eudora Williams       02/16/55   Holmes Hole       2y    
Harding, Henry                 07/03/57   Schooner Charlotte
Harding, Mrs. Jane             04/16/52   Holmes Hole       39y   
Harding, Miss Louisa           11/07/51   Holmes Hole       22y   
Harding, Rodney D              09/09/70   Sea               21y  this place 
Harding, Rudolphus             02/26/58   Off Long Island        Holmes Hole 
Harding, Thomas C Jr.          03/12/58   Holmes Hole       15m   
Harper, David                  11/22/67   Nantucket         46y   
Harrington, William H          12/05/62                          this place 
Harrington, William H          08/21/68                           
Harrington, William H          06/02/71   Minor's Hill, VA [1862]
Hart, Prince                   09/21/66   California             Edgartown 
Hart, Prince S                 09/28/66   San Francisco Bay 57y  this town 
Hartford, Capt. Hiram          06/08/66   Schooner Cicero         
Haskell, Mrs. Lavina           04/08/59   Marshall, MI      79y  Martha's
Hatch, Rev. C.G.               10/27/65   Holmes Hole       66y  Gay Head 
Hatch, Caroline A              03/29/72   Leominster             West Tisbury 
Hatch, James W                 06/07/61   Holmes Hole             
Hatch, Rev. Nymphas            08/30/50   Leominster        79y  West Tisbury 
Hawes, George E                12/26/62   Fortress Munroe   20y  this place 
Hawes, Mrs. Nancy B (Smith)    02/26/75   Chicago           72y  Edgartown 
Hazell, Lucretia               05/30/51   this town         5m    
Heald, Mary L                  04/27/55   Bridgewater       21y   
Hedden, Rev. B. F.             03/08/72   Camden, NJ        67y   
Hedden, Eva M                  06/14/72   Camden, NJ        21y   
Heft, Mrs. Nancy               08/16/72   North Tisbury     55y   
Henderson, Miss Jane N         07/30/58   Somerville        a30y West Tisbury 
Henderson, Mitchell            08/15/51   Cape Poge Gut     a28y  
Hewlett,  Ellen M (Powers)09/10/75   Stockton, Cal.    36y  this town 
Hickey, James                  07/08/59   this port         33y  Limerick,
Higgins, Ann Maria             10/01/58   this town         4y    
Higgins, William Henry         01/20/54   this town         4w    
Highland, James R              10/31/62   Holmes Hole       3m    
Hillman, Mrs. Adeline          05/15/68   Tisbury           66y   
Hillman, Benjamin              07/30/53   Chilmark          a60y  
Hillman, Mrs. Betsey           04/16/58   Farmington, Me.   83y  Chilmark 
Hillman, Francis B. T.         11/12/58   Chilmark          20y   
Hillman, Capt. Jireh           02/11/53   Chilmark          a60y  
Hillman, John S                03/17/54   Livermore, Me.    25y  Chilmark 
Hillman, Capt. Jonathan        02/15/61   Brooklyn, NY      77y  Chilmark 
Hillman, Jonathan              07/19/61   Chilmark          80y   
Hillman, Mrs. Margaret         11/19/69   North Tisbury           
Hillman, Mrs. Mary             05/17/72   Chilmark          82y   
Hillman, Capt. Owen            10/17/73   Chilmark          a70y  
Hillman,  Sarah           04/02/75   Chilmark          77y
Hillman, Silas                 01/30/52   Chilmark          82y   
Hillman, Thomas Jr.            09/20/50   Holmes Hole       9y    
Hillman, Tristram              07/16/75   Livermore, Me.    a83y Chilmark 
Hillman, Uriel                 02/15/61   Farmington, Me.   a86y Chilmark 
Hillman, Zachariah             08/07/68   Chilmark          23y   
Hobart, Mrs. Charlotte M       03/10/54   Braintree         25y  this town 
Hobbs, Capt. George            11/16/55   Holmes Hole       30y  Eastport,
Hodgdon, Mrs. Hannah           08/28/57   Salem             43y   
Hodges, Preston                10/05/55   Bristol RI        71y   
Holley, Daniel T               01/10/51   China Sea         24y  this town 
                                            Diggings, CA 
Holley, Capt. Joseph           02/27/63   this town         58y   
Holley, Mrs. Lucy N            01/06/71   this town         65y   
Holley, Miss Mary Eliza        08/06/53   Providence        18y  Nantucket 
Holley, Nannie R               04/10/57   Nantucket         17y   
Holley, Capt. William          03/04/64   Cohoes, NY        53y   
Holmes, Miss Ann Amelia        01/30/63   Nantucket         17y   
Holmes, John Esq.              12/05/73   Vineyard Haven    82y   
Holmes, Lydia King             03/03/54   this town         4y    
Holmes, William                05/17/50   Rio Janeiro       19y  Holmes Hole 
Horton, Perez                  11/24/65   No Man's Land     55y  Holmes Hole 
Hough,  Maria P (Smith)   04/10/63   Holmes Hole       23y   
Houston,  Jane Ann        11/10/71   St. Charles, Ill. 45y  Edgartown 
Howard, Edwin B                10/17/62   this town         8m    
Howard, Joseph                 03/18/64   this town         24y   
Howe, Mrs. Deborah T (Manter)  11/11/59   Holmes Hole       29y   
Howland, Capt. Cornelius Sen.  05/19/65   New Bedford       62y   
Howland, Cyrus                 06/17/53   Chilmark          8y    
Howland, Mrs. Jane H (Mayhew)  03/14/62   West Tisbury            
Howland, William               06/17/53   Chilmark          11y   
Howwaswee, Zacheus             07/04/73   Gay Head          81y   
Hunt, Rev. Joseph K            12/14/60   Marston's Mills        North Tisbury
Huril, Frances Matilda         11/16/60   New Bedford       4y    
Hursel, Miss Christina         09/28/60   Holmes Hole       a24y New Bedford 
Hursel, Philena                02/15/61   Holmes Hole       4m    
Hursel, Richard                05/22/57   Holmes Hole       4y    
Huse, Dr. S. P.                08/05/64   this town         a65y Methuen,
Hussey, Obed                   07/30/58   Lahaina                Nantucket 
Huxford, Allen Tefft           09/13/61   this town         4m    
Huxford, Miss Betsey           07/03/57   this town         70y   
Huxford, Bradford A            07/19/72   this town         23y   
Huxford, Cornelius             08/15/51   this town         100y  
Huxford, Miss Eliza B          11/07/51   this town         41y   
Huxford, Henry A               09/17/52   Chabbaquiddic     5y    
Huxford, Henry Everett         01/28/59   this town         13m   
Huxford, Henry L               10/31/56   this town         17m
Huxford, Hervey                10/09/57   Baltimore         101y Martha's
Huxford, John                  05/02/62   this town         84y   
Huxford,  Martha S.       07/06/60   Nantucket         29y   
Huxford, Mary A                04/17/74   this town         34y   
Huxford, Miss Nancy            02/10/65   Chappaquiddic     a36y  
Huxford, Samuel                05/15/63   this town         80y   
Huxford, Mrs. Susan            05/06/64   this town         a84y  
Huxford, Thomas A              09/06/72   Chabbaquiddick    83y   
Huxford, William H             09/24/52   this town         6m    
Huxford, Wm. B                 09/17/52   Chabbaquidic      5y    
Hyde, Jane Ann                 01/11/61   Edgartown         23y   
Hyde, Jennie A                 11/23/60   this town         23y   
Hyland, Capt. James            10/06/71   Vineyard Haven    39y   
Ingerton, Mrs. Sophronia       07/20/66   Woburn            45y  Tisbury 
Jackson, Cara De Peyster       01/12/66   Sandusky, NY      2y    
James, Mrs. Mary F             01/14/53   Christaintown     33y   
Jared, Mrs. Olive              05/29/74   Gay Head          73y   
Jeffers, Basheba               05/27/53   Gay Head          a60y  
Jeffers, Laura                 06/25/58   Gay Head          45y   
Jenkins, Mrs. Harriet          12/04/63   Holmes Hole       35y   
Jenks, Mrs. Elizabeth P        02/14/51   this town         26y   
Jernegan, Miss Almira          01/27/60   this town         57y   
Jernegan, Mrs. Anna M          06/21/72   Michigan City,    56y  this town 
Jernegan, Charles H            11/27/68   Earlsville, Iowa  22y  this town 
Jernegan, Cyrus P              06/17/53   this town         6m    
Jernegan, Frank Pierce         04/08/64   this town         12y   
Jernegan, George Anderson      07/12/61   this town         12d   
Jernegan, Capt. Henry          12/16/53   Ochotsk Sea       33y  this town 
Jernegan, Jared                03/31/71   this town         77y   
Jernegan, Josephine B          10/31/51   this town         7m    
Jernegan, Mrs. Mary            06/27/51   Williamsburgh     68y   
Jernegan, N. Mayhew            08/07/74   New Bedford            this village 
Jernegan, Nathan               09/05/51   this town         60y   
Jernegan, Mrs. Phebe           01/08/75   Westfield, NY     64y  this town 
Jernegan, Mrs. Prudence        02/20/52   this town         53y   
Jernegan, Mrs. Rebecca         02/05/58   this town         33y   
Jernegan, Mrs. Rebecca         09/24/75   this town         83y   
Jernegan, Rebecca Josephine    09/17/58   this town         8m    
Jernegan, Richard Wellen       10/22/69   Edgartown         74y   
Jernegan, Thomas Dunham        08/27/53   Holmes Hole       4m    
Jernegan, William              05/20/64   this town         78y   
Jerret, Joel G                 01/11/61   Gay Head          35y   
Johnson, Asa                   06/07/67   Taunton, Mass.    79y  West Tisbury 
Johnson, Isaac                 08/25/54   Sconticut Neck,       Gay Head 
Johnson, John S                02/12/75   West Tisbury      82y  Litchfield, 
Johnson, Mrs. Lydia (Cuffie)   10/10/56   Gay Head          71y
Johnson, Martha                02/06/57   Chappaquiddic     56y   
Johnson, Mrs. Philura          05/14/75   West Tisbury      78y   
Johnson, Prince                08/08/62   Bridgewater            Chilmark 
Johnson, Miss Sarah            11/27/57   West Tisbury      30y   
Johnson, Simon                 01/15/75   Gay Head          80y   
Johnson, William "Blind Bill"  07/13/60   this town         76y   
Jones, Mrs. Avis               06/28/50   West Tisbury      56y   
Jones, Infant dau. of Dr. and  11/16/60   Bangor            2m   Holmes Hole 
         Mrs. R. K. 
Jones, James                   04/24/63   Norridgewock, Me. 32y   
Jones, James A Esq.            07/14/54   Brooklyn, NY      a58y Tisbury 
Jones, Miss Mary               08/13/52   Chilmark          a60y  
Jonvette, Mrs. Lavina B (Hart) 09/13/67   New Bedford       20y  this town 
Joseph, Emanuel                01/22/64   Holmes Hole       a90y  
Joseph, Joseph                 04/03/74   this town         3w    
Joseph, Mrs. Mahitable         04/27/55   Tisbury           a85y  
Joseph, N l     [sic]          11/17/65   Chappaquiddic     90y   
Kalt,  Miriam Holton      05/02/62   East New York     19y   
Keen, John                     08/22/62   Holmes Hole       28y  Bridgetown,
Kellen, Sgt. Charles H         01/16/63   Washington             Edgartown 
Kelley, Mrs. Eliza             11/30/66   this town         63y   
Kelly, Capt. Samuel            04/10/68   Holmes Hole       a60y  
Kempton, Silas S               03/14/62   ----, California  a51y  
Keniston, Samuel Esq.          09/15/71   this town         66y   
Kennedy, Adeline S             04/23/58   Holmes Hole       36y   
Kennedy, Edwinia B             02/15/50   Holmes Hole       3y
Kidder, Benjamin               11/11/53   this town         84y   
Kidder, Benjamin               06/06/73   Vineyard Haven    65y  Edgartown 
Kidder, Mrs. Charlotte         11/10/71   Key West, Florida 24y  this town 
Kidder, Mrs. Mary              06/27/56   this town         84y   
Kidder, Stephen                09/08/71   this town         66y   
King, Manuel J                 08/06/75   this town         3d    
King, Mrs. Permely             10/06/65   this town         76y   
Knolton, John W                03/19/69   California             this town 
Knowlton, Howard Atwood        08/17/55   East Boston       15m   
Lambert, Caleb R               05/01/68   Sea               38y  Holmes Hole 
Lambert, Frederick M Jr.       12/04/74   Liverpool,        34y  Vineyard
Lambert, Hayden                11/26/69   Near Quick's Hole 28y   
Lambert,  Polly           12/09/59   Holmes Hole       90y   
Lambert, Capt. Thomas F        11/26/69   Near Quick's Hole       
Larkings, Charles              10/04/61   Holmes Hole       a30y  
Lawrence, Capt. George         06/10/70   Waukesha, Wis.    87y  this town 
Lawrence, Mrs. Mary            01/10/68   Waukesha, Wis.    80y  this town 
Lawrence, Mary W               04/07/54   Waukesha, Wis.    2y    
Lawrence, Mrs. Rhoda           09/13/61   Holmes Hole       72y   
Leach, Capt. -----             01/26/66   Hawes Shoal, near       
                                           Cape Poge
Leach, Arthur                  01/18/61   Holmes Hole      [Infant]
Leach, Elizabeth Alice         01/25/61   Holmes Hole       6y    
Leach, Freddy                  04/19/61   Holmes Hole       8y    
Leach, Mrs. Lydia              01/22/64   Holmes Hole       29y   
Lewis, Mrs. Catharine A        03/08/72   Camp Ground       58y   
Lewis, Crosby                  07/18/56   Tisbury           51y   
Lewis, Edmund                  09/27/50   The mines, CA     38y  this town 
Lewis, Freeman                 04/14/54   Tisbury           a85y  
Lewis, Freeman Jr.             03/18/53   Holmes Hole       45y   
Lewis, George Henry            05/05/71   this town         31y  Vineyard
Lewis, Jabez                   01/09/63   Holmes Hole       66y   
Lewis, John                    12/19/62   Holmes Hole       75y   
Lewis, Mrs. Julia Ann          05/06/53   Holmes Hole       39y   
Lewis, Mrs. Lovey              02/09/55   this town         79y   
Lewis, Mrs. Prudence           06/03/59   Holmes Hole       55y   
Lewis,  Sally N (Pease)   01/11/56   Providence        53y  this place 
Lewis, Shubael                 05/06/70   West Tisbury      a67y  
Lewis, Washington              12/23/53   Tisbury           a45y  
Lindsey, Rev. John             03/08/50   Schenectady, NY   61y  this town [?]
Lintoln, Mrs. Sophronia J      04/17/74   this town         67y   
Linton, Miss Sarah E           06/15/66   Boston            32y  Edgartown 
Littlefield, Elida B           08/03/66   Eastville         3y    
Littlefield, Johnnie           06/30/71   this town         6w    
Livesey, Rev. William          09/10/75   Vineyard Highlands 74y
Livsey, Mrs. Jane Maria        03/01/50   Bristol, RI       32y  Lowell, Ms. 
Look, Elijah                   10/22/52   Stockton, NY      95y  Martha's
Look, George                   01/03/51   San Francisco          Tisbury 
Look, Mrs. Irena W (Cottle)    06/01/55   Chilmark          41y  
Look, James                    10/12/60   West Tisbury      a64y  
Look, Jerry C                  04/10/63   Gardiner, Maine   a70y  
Look, Jesse P                  01/30/63   Tisbury           31y   
Look, Job                      07/23/57   Edgartown         94y   
Look, John                     10/24/73   West Tisbury      75y   
Look, Mrs. Marietta            03/28/51   West Tisbury      25y   
Look, Marietta                 03/11/53   Holmes Hole       22m   
Look, Mayhew                   06/30/71   West Tisbury      86y   
Look, Minnie B                 10/17/73   Vineyard Haven    11y   
Look, Molly                    01/30/63   Tisbury           91y   
Look, Mrs. Nancy               01/07/59   Georgetown, Me.   78y  The Vineyard 
Look, Mrs. Persis              07/06/55   Chilmark          80y   
Look, Richard L                05/13/53   West Tisbury      7y    
Look, Ruth                     01/30/63   Tisbury           89y   
Look, Samuel                   01/07/59   Georgetown, Me.   78y  The Vineyard 
Look, Mrs. Susan               03/18/59   West Tisbury      91y
Look, William                  07/22/70   Chilmark          a50y  
Look, Wm                       08/13/58   West Tisbury      71y   
Loper, Richard                 01/16/74   New York City     39y  this town 
Lord, Frederick Augustus       12/24/52   Pawtucket, RI     7y    
Loring, Dea. John              12/27/50   Norridgewock, Me. 80y   
Lovett,  Lucinda Courtney 09/15/71   this town        [74y] Providence,
Lucas, Dr. Ivory H             08/26/70   this town         75y   
Luce, Abbie T                  07/06/66   West Tisbury      21y   
Luce, Abby B                   10/05/55   this town         4m    
Luce, Capt. Abijah             08/13/75   Grand Rapids, MI       The Vineyard
Luce, Mrs. Alice H Pease       01/03/73   Brazil, Clay Co., 28y  this town 
Luce, Andrew Johnstone         11/28/51   Roxbury           19y   
Luce, Barnard                  03/08/72   Vineyard Haven    4m    
Luce, Benjamin W               06/17/53   Off Hilo          14y  this town 
Luce, Bernard                  10/03/56   Chilmark          a79y  
Luce, Mrs. Betsey              01/21/53   Holmes Hole       76y  Chilmark 
Luce, Mrs. Carrie N (Hillman)  09/30/70   Tisbury           34y   
Luce, Cathcart                 03/31/54   East Lyme, Ct.    61y  Tisbury 
Luce, Charles Granville        09/23/53   Holmes Hole       a39y
Luce, Chas. Cottle             10/25/50   Northern Mines,CA  26y  North
Luce, Clarence                 03/31/54   Holmes Hole       a6y   
Luce, Mrs. Clarissa            06/17/53   West Tisbury      a70y  
Luce, Mrs. Cynthia C           06/20/62   Lisbon, Wis.      32y   
Luce, Daniel                   07/23/58   No Man's Land     83y   
Luce, Miss Deborah             11/19/52   this town         68y   
Luce, Edmund                   05/08/74   this town         74y   
Luce, Edmund                   12/25/74   North Tisbury     79y   
Luce, Edward                   01/10/51   San Francisco          this island
Luce, Edy                      12/19/56   Holmes Hole       a34y  
Luce, Capt. Edy M              01/25/50   San Francisco          Falmouth 
Luce, Mrs. Eliza B             01/26/72   Nantucket         67y  this town 
Luce, Ellen Edwards            12/16/70   Holmes Hole       33y   
Luce, Miss Ellen S             08/11/65   Holmes Hole       23y   
Luce, Ellsworth A              03/04/59   West Tisbury      4y    
Luce, Francis                  10/25/67   Chilmark          a70y  
Luce, Capt. Franklin           03/30/60   Noman's Land           Tisbury (N.
Luce, Franklin                 10/23/68   Holmes Hole       a42y  
Luce, Frederick S              04/19/72   this town         18y   
Luce, Geo.                     02/21/51   Sea               a28y Tisbury 
Luce, Geo. F                   04/18/56   New York          15y  Holmes Hole 
Luce, Capt. George             07/28/71   West Tisbury      a58y  
Luce, George W                 08/28/63   Holmes Hole       8y    
Luce, George Williams          04/06/55   Tisbury           6m
Luce, Miss Hannah              04/19/67   West Tisbury      a75y  
Luce, Hiram D                  10/28/59   West Tisbury      a22y  
Luce, Holmes D                 01/25/50   Ship Warren            Holmes Hole 
Luce, Infant son of Dr. H.H.   02/21/73   Marion           [Infant]
        and E.G.
Luce, Jabez                    09/01/54   West Tisbury      a70y  
Luce, James Norton             09/11/68   this town         73y   
Luce, Mrs. Jane                02/27/52   Holmes Hole       63y   
Luce, Capt. Jason              11/28/56   this town         59y   
Luce, Jeremiah                 01/29/69   Holmes Hole       78y   
Luce, Jonathan                 05/28/52   Holmes Hole       82y   
Luce, Jonathan Esq.            04/19/72   Vineyard Haven    81y   
Luce,  Josephine R        06/04/69   West Tisbury      29y   
Luce, Lester Clinton           11/25/59   West Tisbury      1y    
Luce, Louis Phinney            10/30/63   New Orleans       22y   
Luce, Mrs. Marian              03/25/64   East Lyme, Ct.    27y   
Luce, Mary                     10/15/52   this town         17y   
Luce,  Mary               06/10/64   Cohasset          59y  Chilmark 
Luce,  Mary               05/27/70   North Shore, MA   43y 
Luce, Mrs. Mary                11/11/70   North Tisbury     61y   
Luce, Mrs. Mary A              11/06/57   East Lyme, Ct.    56y  Tisbury 
Luce, Mrs. Mary Ann (Carey)    11/29/61   Brooklyn, NY      32y  Holmes Hole 
Luce, Mary L                   10/02/63   Holmes Hole       7y    
Luce, Capt. Mayhew A           12/20/50   West Tisbury      72y   
Luce, Nathaniel R              03/04/64   Clark's Point          Edgartown 
Luce, Mrs. Pamelia             08/07/68   this town         78y  Tisbury 
Luce, Paul                     05/09/51   Eastville         76y   
Luce, Miss Phebe               02/08/56   Holmes Hole       a45y  
Luce, Mrs. Polly               01/06/60   North Tisbury     82y  Holmes Hole 
Luce, Capt. Presberry          03/22/61   Holmes Hole       73y   
Luce, Miss Rebecca             01/20/60   West Tisbury      71y   
Luce, Mrs. Rebecca             12/21/60   West Tisbury      83y   
Luce, Mrs. Rebecca             07/04/62   Holmes Hole       73y   
Luce, Mrs. Rebecca             10/23/63   Holmes Hole       72y   
Luce, Mrs. Rhoda               08/28/57   East Tisbury      92y   
Luce, Capt. Richard            12/14/55   Holmes Hole       75y   
Luce, Rowland                  08/20/58   Tisbury (North    a70y  
Luce, Mrs. Sally               09/19/56   Noman's Land      a76y  
Luce, Mrs. Sally               01/30/57   Holmes Hole       86y  West Tisbury 
Luce, Mrs. Sally               01/30/63   Tisbury           90y  Noman's Land 
Luce, Miss Sarah               06/12/57   West Tisbury      37y  this town 
Luce, Sarah A                  09/04/74   New Bedford       22m  North Tisbury
Luce, Shubael                  12/16/53   Tisbury           a70y  
Luce, Silas                    02/03/54   Eastville         75y   
Luce, Son of Capt. Grafton     12/07/60                     17y  Holmes Hole 
Luce, Son of Charles M and     07/19/61   Holmes Hole       4w    
Luce, Stephen                  01/20/60   North Tisbury     91y   
Luce, Stephen B                03/26/52   Benecia, Cal.     38y  this town 
Luce, Stephen Skiff            11/27/57   Holmes Hole       23d   
Luce, Capt. Sylvanus           08/15/51   Talcahuano, Chili 60y  Tisbury 
Luce, Thomas                   08/01/62   Noman's Land      82y   
Luce, Timothy Jr.              08/07/68                          Holmes Hole   
Luce, Tristram                 08/27/52   Holmes Hole       73y   
Luce, Ulysses P                09/05/51   Ship Norman            Tisbury
Luce, Mrs. Velina              03/20/57   West Tisbury      75y   
Luce, Warren                   11/23/60   Chilmark          84y   
Luce, West                     01/07/59   Brooklyn          25y  Tisbury 
Luce, Willard                  03/18/64   West Tisbury      a85y  
Luce, Capt. William A          12/07/60   Schooner Mogul    a30y Holmes Hole 
Luce, William C                12/25/63   Holmes Hole       a50y  
Lufkin, William                11/15/61   this town         38y  Winterport,
Lumbert, Mrs. Hepsibah         02/14/68   West Tisbury      94y   
Lumbert, Miss Lydia            08/16/50   West Tisbury      22y Chilmark 
Luscomb, Charley               09/17/58   this town         4y    
Macreading, Rev. Charles S     04/20/66   Plainfield, Ill   54y  this town 
Manchester, Capt. Geo. B.      09/13/50   Ship Panama            Tisbury 
Manchester, Sally              02/04/59   Holmes Hole       59y   
Manter, Almira                 12/20/50   York, Dane Co, WI 6m    
Manter, Mrs. Almira            04/27/66   Chilmark          a60y  
Manter, Capt. Benjamin         07/24/74   Chilmark          a75y  
Manter, Mrs. Betsey            03/30/60   West Tisbury      a72y  
Manter, Daniel                 03/22/61   West Tisbury      62y   
Manter, Deborah                11/04/59   Holmes Hole       29y   
Manter, Freddie B              12/23/64   West Tisbury      2y    
Manter, Capt. George S         09/28/66   Naushon?               Tisbury 
Manter, Mrs. Hannah            04/23/58   Holmes Hole       81y   
Manter, Capt. Jeremiah         11/01/61   West Tisbury      83y   
Manter, Capt. Jonathan         03/31/54   Holmes Hole       a85y  
Manter, Julia A                05/14/58   Chilmark          21y   
Manter, Leroy W                11/25/70   West Tisbury      25y   
Manter, Mrs. Love              09/26/62   West Tisbury      44y   
Manter, Mrs. Martha            01/02/57   Tisbury           a25y  
Manter, Mrs. Polly             04/18/73                     a85y  
Manter, Mrs. Sally             08/07/55   West Tisbury            
Marchant, Mrs. Abiah           11/26/58   this town         64y   
Marchant, Mrs. Abigail         10/25/61   this town         83y   
Marchant, Abraham              01/21/53   this town         35y   
Marchant, Albert W             08/30/72   this town         10m   
Marchant, Capt. Benjamin F     02/22/61   San Francisco     26y  Edgartown 
Marchant, Miss Betsey          05/23/51   this town         82y   
Marchant, Mrs. Clarissa        02/06/52   this town         68y   
Marchant, Clinton              04/05/67   Rock, Mass.       14y  this town 
Marchant, Cornelius B Esq.     01/19/66                           
Marchant, Miss Cynthia         02/27/57   Brooklyn, NY      48y  this town 
Marchant, Miss Emeline         01/04/61   Richmond, Ind.    32y  Edgartown 
Marchant,  Eunice J       08/13/58   this town         34y   
Marchant, Frederick            06/12/68   Richmond, Ind.    a50y this town
Marchant, Gamaliel             05/10/50   this town         14y   
Marchant, Capt. George R       05/25/66   Cape Poge         65y   
Marchant, Grace Bedford        10/05/60   this town         5d    
Marchant, Capt. Henry A        07/22/64   Cold Harbor             
Marchant, Capt. Henry H        01/29/75   this town         68y   
Marchant, Idalorenia Adraanna  02/07/51   Brewster          1y    
Marchant, Jas. P               12/04/74   Taunton           30y  Edgartown 
Marchant,  Julia R (Lake) 06/11/69   South Boston      24y  this town 
Marchant, Mrs. Lavinia         05/06/64   this town         45y   
Marchant, Lizzie Cheston       10/12/55   this town         16m   
Marchant, Mrs. Louisa A        03/26/75   New York City     66y   
Marchant, Mrs. Margaret        01/29/58   this town         54y   
Marchant, Mrs. Mary            12/09/53   Merton, Wis.      a49y this town 
Marchant, Mary Abbie           12/18/63   this town         25y   
Marchant, Mrs. Mary W          01/11/67   this town         54y   
Marchant, Mrs. Parnell B       01/23/74   this town         68y   
Marchant,  Phebe G        10/01/75   this town         70y   
Marchant, Richard B            08/11/65   Edgartown [in     52y   
                                           Jan., 1855] 
Marchant, Richard J            12/30/70   Nantucket         4y    
Marchant, Miss Sarah Abby      10/20/65   Little Neck            Edgartown 
Marchant,  Sarah F        05/05/54   Brewster          a30y  
Marchant, Mrs. Sarah L         10/27/71   Providence, RI    a27y this town 
Marchant, Capt. Seth           12/04/74   this town         52y   
Marchant, Mrs. Susan           12/22/54   this town         81y   
Marchant, Thomas               09/24/58   this town         49y   
Marchant, Rev. William         11/29/50   Milwaukee         54y  this town 
Marchant, Willie Cheston       06/04/58   this town         12d   
Marchent, Capt. Charles        05/01/74   this town         63y   
Marshall, Miss Susan B         04/01/53   Worcester         31y  Nantucket 
Marston, Mrs. Ann              01/19/72   this town         83y   
Marston, Crocker               02/17/54   this town         73y   
Matthews, Charles A            03/07/73   Vineyard Grove    5y    
Matthews, William              05/28/69   Chappaquiddick    52y   
Maxfield,  Asenath P      02/05/64   Middletown        a48y  
Maxfield, Mrs. Cynthia         01/22/64   West Tisbury            
Maxfield, Capt. Ephraim        10/04/72   Chilmark          73y  New Bedford 
Maxfield,  Sophronia      08/05/59   Dartmouth         33y   
Maxfield, William              05/29/68   Chilmark          45y   
May, Myra R                    05/29/74   Providence, RI    6y   Edgartown 
Mayhew, Mrs. Abigal            05/23/51   this town         33y   
Mayhew, Abner                  02/03/66   Chilmark          91y   
Mayhew, Alexander              12/02/70   Springfield       71y  Martha's
Mayhew, Miss Amanda Melvina    01/20/54   West Tisbury      16y   
Mayhew, Mrs. Annie F (Fisher)  09/08/65   San Francisco     31y  this town
Mayhew, Arabella F             05/23/62   Chilmark          5y    
Mayhew, Rev. Bartlett          09/28/60   West Tisbury      31y   
Mayhew, Benjamin               04/23/52   Chilmark          67y   
Mayhew, Benjamin F             01/23/52   Shelbyville, IN   a50y Chilmark 
Mayhew, Mrs. Charlotte A       12/04/57   Steamer John L    a29y West Tisbury 
              (Cathcart)                    Stephens 
Mayhew, David Fisher           07/12/61   San Francisco     5m   this town 
Mayhew, Mrs. Deidamia          10/23/63   Chilmark          49y   
Mayhew, Capt. Edward           06/19/57   St. Helena             this port 
Mayhew, Edwin                  08/05/59   Califronia        40y  Chilmark 
Mayhew, Elijah                 01/30/74   Chilmark          84y   
Mayhew, Elijah                 03/06/74   Chilmark          84y   
Mayhew, Mrs. Eliza             03/23/60   West Tisbury            
Mayhew, Mrs. Emily Frances     12/24/69   this town         31y   
Mayhew, Ephraim Esq.           09/25/57   Chilmark          79y   
Mayhew, Mrs. Eunice            10/30/57   Chilmark          76y   
Mayhew, Ezra Gilbert           11/20/63   Cummington, Mass. 24y  Chilmark 
Mayhew, Franklin               08/16/50   California             this island 
Mayhew, Frederick A            05/26/71   Buffalo          [41y]
Mayhew, George                 07/20/60   Chilmark          81y   
Mayhew, George                 12/06/61   New Bedford       39y  West Tisbury 
Mayhew, George                 06/04/69   Carthage, Ohio    79y  Chilmark 
Mayhew, Grace Ann              10/31/73   East Oakland, CA  36y  Edgartown 
Mayhew, Hannah                 10/25/50   Chilmark          29y   
Mayhew, Hannah Hodgdon         08/01/56   Holmes Hole       2y    
Mayhew, Harrison P Esq.        04/28/71   this town         76y   
Mayhew, Holmes                 02/12/75   Near Tiskilwa, IL 74y  Edgartown 
Mayhew, Isabella N             12/18/63   this town         10y   
Mayhew, James                  05/17/72   Chilmark          80y   
Mayhew,  Jane             06/07/50   Chilmark          31y   
Mayhew, Mrs. Jedidah           08/30/72   Merton, Wis.      71y  this town 
Mayhew, Jedidah Frances        03/23/55   Merton, Wis.      10y  this place 
Mayhew, Jeremiah               01/16/63   Chilmark          a70y  
Mayhew, John                   03/04/53   Chilmark          80y   
Mayhew, John Sherman           12/31/69   Sea               a23y this town 
Mayhew, Joseph                 01/20/65   Chilmark          86y   
Mayhew, Joseph 2d              04/17/74   this town         22y   
Mayhew, Joseph Esq.            08/07/74   this town         83y   
Mayhew, Joseph Manning         10/14/70   this town         52y   
Mayhew, Lemuel P               11/21/56   Chilmark          65y   
Mayhew, Mrs. Lucy              01/10/62   Chilmark          79y   
Mayhew, Mrs. Lucy              09/04/63   Chilmark          71y   
Mayhew, Malatiah               09/06/50   Chilmark          a72y  
Mayhew, Mrs. Mary T            09/17/58   Tisbury           30y   
Mayhew, Mrs. Matilda           10/19/55   Chilmark          84y   
Mayhew, Mehitable              11/05/69   this town         83y  Chilmark 
Mayhew, Melville Bryant        02/21/73   this town        [Infant]
Mayhew, Mercy C                11/04/59   Hartford, Ct.           
Mayhew, Moses A                08/04/54   Chilmark          a60y  
Mayhew, Mrs. Myra              06/09/71   Rio, Indiana      78y  Chilmark 
Mayhew, N.C.                   05/04/66   Oregon            a41y  
Mayhew, Dea Nathan             08/04/65   Milton            68y  Martha's
Mayhew, Capt. Nathaniel        01/23/52   Roxbury           63y   
Mayhew, Parnell                08/27/53   Chilmark          a17y  
Mayhew, Mrs. Phebe             10/06/65   West Tisbury      90y   
Mayhew, Philip S               06/01/60   Brooklyn, NY      63y  Chilmark 
Mayhew, Mrs. Prudence A        10/21/70   Chilmark          92y   
Mayhew, Mrs. Rebecca           04/27/55   Chilmark          a55y  
Mayhew, Mrs. Rebecca           01/09/74   West Tisbury      a55y  
Mayhew, Rufus D                01/08/69   Cincinati, Ohio   a65y Chilmark 
Mayhew, Miss S.H. Wilhelmina   11/09/55   Goshen, Ind.      46y  Edgartown 
Mayhew, Seth                   01/03/51   Delhi, Hamilton   a79y Chilmark 
                                           Co., Ohio 
Mayhew, Mrs. Sophronia (Clark) 10/22/58   Chilmark          52y   
Mayhew, Mrs. Susan             12/19/56   Chilmark          76y   
Mayhew, Theodore A             02/14/51   San Francisco     24y  this town 
Mayhew, Hon. Theodore G        10/11/72   this town         75y  Chilmark 
Mayhew, Thomas Esq.            05/15/68   Werton, Wisconsin 83y  this town 
Mayhew, Thomas W               09/23/59   Chilmark          73y   
Mayhew, Thomas W               09/30/59   Chilmark          76y   
Mayhew, Thos T                 08/30/50   Stockton, Cal.    a36y Chilmark 
Mayhew, Timothy                10/30/63   Port Hudson       22y   
Mayhew, Capt. William          11/17/54   this town         56y   
Mayhew, William A Esq.         04/20/60   West Tisbury      a55y  
Mayhew, William Esq.           03/05/58   Chilmark          89y   
Mayhew, Prof. William H        06/24/59   Rutherfordton, NC 56y   
Mayhew, Willie A               10/18/72   West Tisbury      10m   
Mayhew, Willie Brackett        09/09/64   this town         13m   
McClellan, Mrs. Belinda        10/10/62   Gorham, Me.       77y  Falmouth 
McClellan, Capt. Nathaniel F   12/03/69   Holmes Hole Harbor a45y Portland 
McClintock, Dr. -----          03/18/70                           
McCollum, Arthur               06/07/50   Rocky Hill, Conn. 47y  Chilmark 
McCollum,  Naomi Larve    02/24/71   New York          a70y  
McDaid (aka Smith), Samuel     05/02/51   Ship Champion           
McDoal, John                   05/22/57   this town         a35y New York City
McKenzie, Capt. Daniel         04/21/54   New Bedford       a63y this town 
McKeown, Nellie                06/01/60   Fall River             New Bedford 
McKeown, Willie Ernest         07/19/67   this town         13m   
Mellen, Mrs. Lucy              11/06/57   this town         62y   
Mellen, Miss Lucy J            11/04/64   Taunton           42y  this town 
Mellen, Mrs. Sarah             11/02/52   this town         51y   
Mellen, Walter                 10/02/63   this town         8d    
Mendance, Ann Elizabeth        07/25/62   this town         4w    
Mendance, Joseph Mitchell      06/03/53   this town         11m
Mendance, William Mitchell     01/04/50   this town         3y    
Meriam, William                02/08/61   Brighton               Boston 
Merrihew, Mrs. Sarah           04/18/56   North Fairhaven   86y   
Merry, Mrs. -----              06/14/72   Vineyard Grove    19y   
Merry, Benjamin                06/08/66   Cape Poge Pond    20y   
Merry, Mrs. Elizabeth          02/05/58   Holmes Hole       80y   
Merry, John                    12/21/66   Tisbury           56y   
Merry, Lathrop                 09/14/55   Holmes Hole       75y   
Merry, Shubael                 11/27/57   West Tisbury      68y   
Merry, Timothy                 07/03/57   Holmes Hole       81y   
Merry, William                 02/08/56   West Tisbury      77y  Holmes Hole 
Mills, Capt. Isaiah D          12/13/61   New York          a63y this town 
Milton, Mrs. Jane              10/31/62   this town         a75y  
Milton, Capt. Thomas           11/28/62   this town         75y  Tinmouth,
Milton, Capt. Thomas Jr.       01/20/60   Boston            47y  Edgartown 
Mingo, Charles                 08/08/62   Bridgewater            Holmes Hole 
Mingo, Miss Jane C             05/17/61   West Tisbury      29y   
Mitchell, Margaret             04/10/63   Chilmark          20y   
Mitchell, William              10/15/69   Chilmark          69y   
Modley, Saphronia A            07/10/74   Boston            26y  Edgartown 
Modley, Thomas J               08/02/72   this town         25y   
Moore, George R                03/24/54   this town         20y  Philadelphia 
Morehouse, Mrs. Charlotte      09/10/52   Holmes Hole       a55y  
Mores, William                 03/22/50   Columbus, Ohio    38y   
Morrison, Alphonso B. D.       12/12/56   Holmes Hole       9y    
Morrison, Augustus Boardmen    12/05/56   this town         10y   
Morrison, George Kendall       09/23/64   this town         3y    
Morse, Albert                  09/29/71   Arkdale, Wis.     a30y this town 
Morse, Celie [?]               04/29/53   this town         a35y  
Morse, Charles M               05/11/66   Strong's Prairie,      this town
Morse, Mrs. Eveline            09/10/53   this town         37y   
Morse, Capt. John O            07/11/51   Paita             48y  Edgartown 
Morse, Laura E                 07/30/75   Friendship, Wis.  13y  Strong's
Prairie, Wis.
Morse, Mary H                  08/22/51   this town         1y    
Morse, Mrs. Prudence           06/06/51   this town         79y   
Morse, Mrs. Sarah A (Fuller)   03/25/70   this town         40y  New Bedford 
Morse, Mrs. Sarah G            03/08/72   Bristol, RI       a50y this town 
Morse, Stephen                 10/05/66   this town         61y   
Morse, Theodore F              09/04/74   Barque Stambul    24y  Edgartown 
Morse, Uriah R[?]              07/30/75   Friendship, Wis.  26y  Strong's
Prairie, Wis.
Morse, William H               07/30/75   Friendship, Wis.  10y  Strong's
Prairie, Wis.
Munroe, John Russel            07/19/50   this town         2y    
Myrick, Chas. M                04/11/51   Nantucket         33y   
Nash, William                  12/27/67   Addison, Me.      87y   
Nelson, Mrs. Eleanor           12/25/74   Brooklyn          a65y Edgartown 
Nevin, Melville C              03/07/62   this town         20y
New, Mrs. Hannah               01/18/61   Holmes Hole       85y   
Nichols,  Hepsa L (Luce)  10/26/60   Boston            25y  Holmes Hole 
Nickerson, Joseph B            03/19/69   West Tisbury      a35y  
Nickerson, Mrs. Margaret       06/26/57   New Bedford       60y  Chilmark 
                 (Mayhew) Dexter 
Nickerson, Mrs. Polly          01/23/63   West Tisbury      85y   
Norris, Albert Howes           10/22/58   Steamer Austria        Holmes Hole 
Norris, Charles                10/15/58   this town         2y    
Norris, Miss Cynthia           12/25/63   Eastville         75y   
Norris, Mrs. Elwina            08/01/51   Holmes Hole       a44y  
Norris, Shaw Esq.              12/31/75   Eastville         81y   
Norton, Capt. Aaron            05/09/62   this town         76y   
Norton,  Adriana          11/08/50   this town         29y   
Norton, Auther Linwood         03/11/64   Holmes Hole       6m    
Norton,  Avis (Smith)     10/28/53   Providence        37y  N. Kingston 
Norton,  Betsey           05/07/52   Holmes Hole       24y   
Norton, Mrs. Betsey W          01/25/56   this town         76y   
Norton, Mrs. Charity           07/21/65                           
Norton, Mrs. Charlotte         06/19/57   this town         66y  Holmes Hole 
Norton, Clement                02/14/51   Steamer Georgia   26y  Tisbury 
Norton, Daniel                 11/09/55   this town         60y   
Norton, Eldora May             01/03/62   Holmes Hole       4y    
Norton, Elijah                 02/18/59   Cincinatti        71y  Edgartown 
Norton, Mrs. Eliza             12/24/58   Holmes Hole       39y   
Norton, Mrs. Eliza W           11/13/57   this town         36y  Martha's
Norton,  Elsie            10/29/52   this town         56y   
Norton, Mrs. Eunice            02/05/69   Chilmark          72y   
Norton, Flora M                10/30/63   San Francisco, CA  1y    
Norton, Frances R              04/18/62   Shangae, China    3y   this town 
Norton, Frankie W              08/09/64   this town         2y    
Norton, Grace Warren           09/20/61   this town         2y    
Norton, Grafton Esq.           09/05/62   this town         83y   
Norton, Mrs. Hannah            06/29/66   Tisbury           a77y  
Norton, Mrs. Harriet           04/08/64   this town         a76y  
Norton, Harry Thomas           09/20/61   Holmes Hole       13m   
Norton, Henry Thomas           09/13/61   Holmes Hole       14m   
Norton, Mrs. Hepsey B          02/06/74   this town         71y   
Norton, Herbert                08/13/53   Holmes Hole       2y    
Norton, Ichabod                01/27/60   Holmes Hole       73y  Somerset Co.,
Norton, Infant dau. of         10/15/52   this town        [Infant]  
Norton, Infant dau. of William 05/18/60   Holmes Hole       15m   
          and Phebe 
Norton, Isaac                  05/07/58   this town         56y   
Norton, Isaac                  08/31/60   Falmouth          a60y Edgartown 
Norton, Jacob                  09/08/65   Chilmark          84y   
Norton, James                  03/27/63   Holmes Hole       1y
Norton, Mrs. Jane              09/25/57   Holmes Hole       75y   
Norton, Jethro                 09/06/50   this town         79y   
Norton, John N                 12/04/74   Bark James Allen       Edgartown 
Norton, John P Esq.            05/21/69   Tisbury           86y   
Norton, John R                 11/27/74   this town         70y   
Norton, John Warren            10/27/71   this town         72y   
Norton, Mrs. Judith S (Thomas) 06/07/72   Middleboro        28y   
Norton, Mrs. Julia             02/15/50   this town         a50y  
Norton, Katie Warren           12/20/72   San Francisco     8y    
Norton, Leonard C              09/23/64   this town         2m    
Norton, Lott                   06/07/72   Portsmouth Navy Yard
Norton, Miss Louisa            02/07/68   West Tisbury      a55y  
Norton, Mrs. Louisa A          01/15/69   this town         82y   
Norton, Mrs. Lucy              05/04/55   this town         43y   
Norton, Mrs. Lydia             04/05/67   Edgartown         a79y  
Norton, Lydia F                06/20/51   this town         67y   
Norton, Mrs. Margaret          01/26/72   this town         50y   
Norton, Mrs. Martha            05/06/64   this town         70y   
Norton,  Martha F         07/24/74   North Tisbury     72y   
Norton, Mrs. Mary              10/24/51   this town         71y   
Norton, Mrs. Mary              10/30/57   Tisbury                 
Norton, Mrs. Mary              10/27/65   this town         86y   
Norton,  Mary A           10/13/65   West Tisbury      35y   
Norton, Mrs. Mary C            06/05/74   this town         45y   
Norton, Mary Fletcher          09/05/62   this town         4m    
Norton, Mary Jane              08/05/59   Noank, Ct.        18y  Edgartown 
Norton, Capt. Matthew          07/08/64   this town         83y   
Norton, Mitchell D             10/13/71   Tisbury           84y   
Norton, Miss Nancy             09/29/65   this town         84y   
Norton, Oliver                 09/21/55   this town         79y   
Norton, Peter                  02/17/54   East Madison, Me. a75y this town 
Norton, Peter M                02/18/53   this town         10m   
Norton, Mrs. Phebe             04/19/61   Holmes Hole       28y   
Norton, Mrs. Polly             11/28/51   this town         64y   
Norton, Mrs. Polly D           11/27/74   this town         77y   
Norton, Dea. Presbury          02/15/61   Holmes Hole       a85y  
Norton,  Rebecca          12/17/58   this town         86y   
Norton, Robert F               09/22/71   this town         61y   
Norton, Rodolphus B            07/31/63   Staten Island, NY a25y this town 
Norton, Sally                  11/05/69   Taunton           72y  this town 
Norton, Samuel                 02/23/72   this town         93y   
Norton, Mrs. Sarah             03/13/57   Holmes Hole       59y   
Norton,  Sarah Mayhew     04/28/54   this town         32y   
Norton, Shubael                12/12/51   Eastville         60y   
Norton, Shubael C              08/25/71   this town         77y   
Norton, Solomon                09/29/54   Tisbury           a40y  
Norton, Son of Theodore        01/11/56   this town         3m    
Norton, Mrs. Sophronia         08/27/52   Eastville         a55y  
Norton, Supply B               07/07/71   Eastville         71y   
Norton,  Susan M          12/11/63   Edgartown         27y
Norton, Thomas H               08/02/72   Wisconsin         65y  this town 
Norton, William A              02/14/51   this town         a41y  
Norton, William R              12/25/74   this town         48y   
Norton, Winthrop               11/13/63   Holmes Hole       a80y  
Nye, Addie P                   10/14/70   Eastville         4m    
Nye, Alonzo N                  02/26/69   Eastville         6m    
Nye, Benjamin F                10/23/63   Holmes Hole       53y   
Nye, Mrs. Charlotte N          01/07/59   Eastville         54y   
Nye, Francis Jr.               08/01/51   Holmes Hole             
Nye, Frank Warren              07/19/72   Eastville         10m   
Nye, Mamie E                   10/12/66   Eastville         8m    
Olin,  Lucy A (Cummings)  09/10/75   New Haven, Ct.    35y  Edgartown 
Orswell, Hattie Marchant       04/24/74   this town        [Infant]
Osborn, Abraham                09/08/65   this town         67y   
Osborn, Mrs. Eliza A           10/12/55   this town         43y   
Osborn, Mrs. Eliza A (Norton)  10/19/55   this town         43y   
Osborn, Eliza N                09/05/51   this town         a2m   
Osborn, Capt. George           12/21/66   Charleston, SC    69y  this town 
Osborn, Hannah N               09/05/51   this town         a2m   
Osborn, Capt. Samuel           05/07/58   this town         66y   
Packard, Mrs. Rebecca          12/17/52   Chilmark          67y   
Paddock,  Olive (Mayhew)  03/22/67   Lotus, Indiana    70y  Chilmark 
Paine,  Lydia P (West)    08/24/66   Madison City, IN  54y  Holmes Hole 
Parlow, Emerson T              04/24/57   Fall River             New Bedford 
Parsons, Parmenas              01/14/76   New Bedford       66y  Vineyard
Peakes,  Abbie L          04/25/73   Vineyard Haven    45y   
Peakes, Annie H                09/03/53   Holmes Hole       19m   
Peaks, Mrs. Thankful           04/09/52   Holmes Hole       26y   
Pearson, Mrs. Sally (Dunham)   12/27/67   Camden            83y  Edgartown 
Pease, Mrs. -----              05/20/64   this town         49y   
Pease, Mrs. Almira             11/27/68   this town         61y   
Pease, Bartlett                04/22/64   Tisbury           94y   
Pease, Rev. Bartlett           02/13/74   Hudson, NH        84y  Edgartown 
Pease, Bertie Brett            09/26/73   North Bridgewater 1y    
Pease, Mrs. Betsey             05/29/68   this town         70y   
Pease, Boilsford               03/01/72   Madrid, Franklin  78y  Martha's
                                            Co., Me.
Pease,  Charlotte         12/03/75   Charlestown       85y   
                                            Dist., Boston 
Pease, Capt. Chase             03/18/64   this town         83y   
Pease, Clara Bell              07/03/74   this town         16y   
Pease, Daniel                  10/01/52   Norfolk, Va.      31y  this town 
Pease, Daniel C                04/01/59   this town         52y   
Pease, Edward A                06/07/50   Rio Janeiro       33y  Nantucket 
Pease, Edward H                11/15/72   this town         21y   
Pease, Eldridge Gerry          06/15/66   this town         66y   
Pease, Mrs. Eliza              03/13/74   this town         71y
Pease, Eliza F                 10/15/52   this town         21y   
Pease, Eliza F                 09/21/55   this town         2w    
Pease, Eliza M                 11/02/60   this town         8m    
Pease,  Elizabeth         04/05/50   this town         75y   
Pease, Miss Etta Harlow        10/04/61   Edgartown               
Pease, Eugene Fillmore         05/11/60   this town         4y    
Pease, Capt. Francis           08/30/72   this town         57y   
Pease, Miss Hannah Jenkins     09/10/53   this town         47y   
Pease,  Hattie A (Anthony)02/26/69   Boston Highlands  29y   
Pease, Capt. Henry             01/04/61   this town         57y   
Pease, Capt. Henry             04/26/61   this town         57y   
Pease, Henry E                 02/02/55   this town         10y   
Pease, Henry Edward            02/12/69   Boston Highland   2y    
Pease, Henry Everett           08/17/55   this town         10m   
Pease, Henry S                 08/06/75   Menemsha Wharf,   17y  North Tisbury
Pease, Isaiah D Esq.           08/01/62   this town         76y   
Pease, Jeremiah Esq.           06/12/57   this town         65y   
Pease, Mrs. Jerusha            04/08/64   this town         a70y  
Pease, Rev. Jesse              06/26/57   Tisbury           69y   
Pease, Capt. John H            11/22/50   Nantucket         62y   
Pease, John Lester             10/27/54   this town         5y    
Pease, John N                  07/13/66   Mobile            35y  this town 
Pease, Mrs. Kaziah             07/13/55   this town         83y   
Pease, Mrs. Lydia Ann          06/17/53   this town         40y   
Pease, Mrs. Margaret           06/24/59   Tisbury           a30y  
Pease, Margaret F              07/07/54   this town         9y    
Pease, Capt. Martin            02/27/52   Amelia, Ohio      87y  Edgartown 
Pease, Mrs. Nancy              06/30/54   Fairhaven         74y  this island 
Pease,  Nancy S           09/21/55   this town         34y   
Pease, Mrs. Peggy              07/31/63   West Tisbury      a68y  
Pease, Mrs. Peggy              08/14/63                     77y   
Pease, Capt. Peter             07/19/50   this town         84y   
Pease, Silvanus L Esq.         11/13/74   this town         57y   
Pease, Mrs. Susan              11/17/54   this town         77y   
Pease, Mrs. Susanna N          10/05/55   this town         49y   
Pease, Thomas L                08/11/65   Chilmark                
Pease, Thomas S                08/24/60   this town         26y   
Pease, Capt. Valentine         09/09/70   this town         72y   
Pease, Valentine P             04/19/51   this town         a2y   
Pease, Capt. Valentine Sr.     04/21/54   this town         90y   
Pease, Warren S                01/29/75   Bristol, RI       8y    
Pease, Willard V               08/15/73   this town         10y   
Pease, Capt. William Cook      01/05/66   Off Charleston, SC
Pease, William H               08/18/54   this town         18y   
Penney, Eddie Green            02/12/64   this town         2y    
Penney, Jesse M                02/19/75   this town         53y  Newburgh, NY 
Penny, Henry Everett           10/07/53   this town         10m   
Pent, Mrs. Deborah             06/17/70   this town         89y   
Pent, Oliver Richmond          03/05/52   this town         2y
Perkins, Mrs. Charlotte H      12/10/75   South Newmarket,NH 71y  Edgartown 
Perkins, Lanson W              11/12/69   Beloit, Rock Co, 50y  this place 
Perry, Mrs. Desire (Dexter)    10/10/51   this town         27y   
Perry, Mrs. Eliza              06/27/73   Boston            66y  Eastville 
Peters, Mrs. Frances H Loring  01/12/72   Gay Head          55y   
Peterson, George L             08/04/54   Holmes Hole Harbor 64y  Morristown,
Pierce, Mrs. -----             09/13/67   Lynn, Mass.            this town 
Pierce, Adda                   10/24/56   this town         1y    
Pierce, Nehemiah Esq.          05/10/50   Monmouth, Me.     80y   
Pierce, Mrs. Sally             03/04/53   Middleboro        75y   
Pollard, Miss Lizzie G         01/22/69   Minneapolis, MN   29y  this town 
Pool, Mrs. Rebecca             01/18/67   Holmes Hole       78y   
Poole, Ephraim                 07/21/54   Chilmark          a75y  
Poole, Capt. Ephraim           10/01/75   Vineyard Haven         Chilmark 
Pope, Mrs. Thirza B (Cummings) 07/23/53   this town         27y  Fairhaven 
Powers, Mrs. Hepsie            06/14/67   Edgartown         a67y  
Powers, Isaac                  01/08/58   this town         67y   
Pratt, Miss Thankful L         08/31/55   this town         72y   
Prince, Lawrence               01/16/52   this town         61y   
Prouty, Mrs. Nancy             10/18/50   Holmes Hole       a50y  
Rand, Sylvanus                 08/08/62   West Tisbury      19-20y Rye, NH
Randall, Mrs. Charlotte A      06/03/53   West Tisbury      35y   
Randall, Mrs. Jane             05/30/51   Claremont Co., OH 71y  Edgartown 
Randall, John                  03/15/67   this town         a55y  
Randall, Jones                 04/18/73   Edgartown              Brookhaven,
Randall, Silvia                11/05/69   this town         a65y  
Ray, Florence L                10/03/73   this town         14m   
Ray, Mrs. Nancy                05/05/71   Nantucket         75y   
Raymond, Mrs. Mary A           12/11/74   this town         74y   
Raymond, Mrs. Mary B           09/25/74   this town         74y   
Raymond, Capt. Stephen K       12/16/59   New Bedford       63y  this place 
Reed, Mrs. Eliza W (Luce)      09/28/60   East Lyme, Ct.         Tisbury 
Reed,  Tamson Alen (Luce) 04/09/69   East Lyme, Ct.    23y  Tisbury 
Remetta, Samuel C              01/15/58   this town         5m    
Remick, True                   04/24/63   Athens, Me.       74y   
Remington, Infant dau. of      10/18/67   this town         3m    
             Edward and Susan 
Renear, Hurtine                02/23/72   Vineyard Haven    56y   
Reynolds, Infant dau. of       04/01/59   Holmes Hole       3d    
            Benjamin         Reynolds, Mrs. Jane            11/02/55   Head of the Pond, 85y   
Reynolds, Mrs. Jedidah A       07/08/70   Holmes Hole       47y   
Rich, Henry                    06/24/53   Kingston, Jamaica 24y  S. Orrington,
Richards, Mary Willis          03/17/54   Salem, NJ         4y    
Richardson, Amelia W           10/11/50   Holmes Hole       4y    
Richardson, Miss Eugenia        04/01/70   Holmes Hole       22y   
Richardson, George             02/15/50   Holmes Hole       a78y 
Richardson, Henry W            09/13/72                          Farmington,
Richardson, Mrs. Sarah Johnson 11/20/74   Winchester, Mass. 42y  Vineyard
Riddell, Mrs. Lydia            02/18/53   Nantucket         32y   
Ripley, Bertie Glenwood        09/27/72   this town         1y    
Ripley, Cyrus                  05/13/59   this town         42y   
Ripley, Dennis                 08/29/62   Brooklyn, NY      67y  this town 
Ripley, Ellen                  05/05/54   this town         18y   
Ripley, Emeline Richmond       09/17/52   this town         4y    
Ripley, Ephraim                10/25/67   Taunton           60y   
Ripley, Florence Cheston       10/01/52   this town         2y    
Ripley, Florence Leslie        10/08/58   this town         4y    
Ripley, Freeman                09/19/56   Taunton           78y  Edgartown 
Ripley, Henry                  11/28/56   this town         71y   
Ripley, Henry T                02/17/71   this town         11y   
Ripley, Jos. H                 03/05/58   Taunton           a21y Edgartown 
Ripley, Lizzie Arey            12/18/63   this town         5y    
Ripley, Maria H                05/08/74   this town         4m    
Ripley,  Mary             03/24/54   this town         69y   
Ripley, Mary Elise             09/02/64   this town         7m    
Ripley,  Minerva C        12/14/66   this town         35y   
Ripley, Sarah Mayhew           03/30/55   this town         10m
Ripley, Capt. William 2d       06/11/75   Collin's Wharf    a52y  
Roberts, Edward W              09/24/75   Vineyard Haven         Williamsburg,
Roberts, Mae                   09/24/69   this town         3y    
Robins, Mrs. Lydia             11/29/61   Holmes Hole       78y   
Robinson, Mrs. Ama             10/12/55   Holmes Hole       a48y  
Robinson, Mrs. Amy             10/19/55   Holmes Hole       51y   
Robinson, Miss Catharine T     11/23/66   Hartford, Ct.     40y  this town 
Robinson, Chas. Henry          10/11/50   Holmes Hole       19m   
Robinson, Daniel C             08/03/60   Holmes Hole       29y   
Robinson, Ephraim              08/23/50   this town         55y  St. George,
Robinson, Frank Henry          10/25/72   San Francisco     3y    
Robinson, Georgie Homer        04/17/68   Taunton           22m   
Robinson, Harriet L            11/11/53   Holmes Hole             
Robinson, Henry                07/05/72   this town         79y   
Robinson, Mrs. Jane            02/12/64   Holmes Hole       77y   
Robinson, Joseph E             11/20/74   Vineyard Haven    54y   
Robinson, Josephine            05/04/60   Holmes Hole       2y    
Robinson,  Susan N        05/09/73   Nantucket         74y   
Robinson, Thomas               03/13/57   Holmes Hole       a60y  
Robinson, Thomas Esq.          12/28/60   Holmes Hole       a37y
Robinson, Wm. A                04/09/52   Holmes Hole       37y   
Rogers, Mrs. Hulda             01/22/64   West Tisbury      75y   
Rogers, Mrs. Julina            08/02/61   West Tisbury      a45y  
Rogers, Nancy                  01/14/53   West Tisbury      62y   
Rogers, Capt. William          11/01/50   Gay Head          a56y New London 
Rotch, Charles L               08/16/50   California             this island 
Roulstone, Mrs. Lucy (Mayhew)  12/04/74   San Francisco, CA 40y  West Tisbury 
Rounberg, Augustus             01/10/73   Brooklyn          39y  Edgartown 
Rounberg, Flora                02/26/69   Brooklyn, NY      4y   this town 
Ruggles, Miss Lydia R          05/13/53   Lynn                   Tisbury 
Ruggles, Mrs. Polly            08/13/53   Holmes Hole       84y   
Russell, Florence Ella         02/27/57   this town         8m    
Russell, Mrs. Harriet          07/18/62   Union Springs,        this town 
                                           Cayuga, NY 
Russell, Hester A R (Hatch)    03/15/61   Charlestown             
Sam, Joseph                    02/03/54                     51y   
Sampson, Algernon Sydney       05/24/50   Guam              34y  this town 
Sams [?], Maria Jackson        04/17/57   New York          41y   
Saunders, James                12/30/70   Bridgewater       a65y North Tisbury
Sayer, R.P.                    07/02/58   Bristol, RI       66y   
Sayer, Mrs. Susan S            12/19/56   Bristol, RI       65y   
Scofield, Mrs. Deborah         04/03/57   this town         67y   
Scott, Henry Harrison          10/15/58   this town         6w    
Shaw, Mrs. Zoraida             04/21/65   Easton, Mass.     78y  Edgartown 
Shiverick, Arthur A M.D.       10/09/63   New York City     a35y this town 
Shiverick, Mrs. Charlotte      01/11/67   New Bedford       77y   
Shiverick, Clement F MD        02/20/57   this town         38y   
Shiverick, Francis Clement     07/13/55   this town         3y    
Sills, Emma M                  07/01/70   Huntington, L.I.  15y   
Sills, Franklin S              06/17/70   Huntington, L.I.  20y   
Sills, Mary Elizabeth          12/28/55   Huntington, L.I.  3y    
Sills, Capt. Phineas B         04/23/69   Centreport, L.I.  56y   
Silva, Infant dau. of Manuel   03/07/73   Edgartown         3m    
Silva, Mrs. Jane S (Dunham)    03/07/56   this town         43y   
Silva, Mary Ann                02/12/75   this town         16y   
Silvea [?], Joseph Peter       07/23/58   this town         17m   
Silvia, Eugene Joseph McCarty  04/11/56   this town         9m    
Silvia, Lottie                 02/21/73   this town         1y    
Simpson, Mrs. Esther           12/11/57   this town         75y   
Simpson, Johnson               08/16/50   California             this island 
Simpson, Mary Ann              03/08/50   this town         2y    
Simpson, Zadoc                 01/11/67   Chappaquiddic     a66y  
Skiff,  Abagail           10/30/63   Chilmark          65y   
Skiff, Benjamin                04/16/52   Chilmark          78y   
Skiff, Mrs. Betsey             01/16/63   Chilmark          75y   
Skiff, Ebenezer                01/24/51   Ship South America 31y  Sandwich 
Skiff, Joshua                  01/20/65   Chilmark          89y   
Skiff, Mrs. Rebecca            12/31/52   Chilmark          a75y[?]
Skiff, Hon. Stephen            09/12/51   Holmes Hole       63y   
Sleighton,  Deborah       07/21/54   Montpelier, Vt.   75y   
Slocum, Infant dau. of Philip  08/27/75   this town         6d    
          D + Mary 
Smith, Abbie O P               07/29/59   this town         6y    
Smith, Ada B                   04/17/74   West Lynn         1y    
Smith, Alfred                  10/18/67   this town         63y   
Smith, Allen                   02/28/62   Holmes Hole       a35y  
Smith, Alphonso                01/31/73   Vineyard Haven    57y   
Smith, Ann Andrews             09/17/52   Holmes Hole       a3y   
Smith,  Ann Maria         06/25/75   So. Hadley Falls  57y  Edgartown 
Smith, Ann W                   10/01/75   Edgartown         84y   
Smith, Miss Anna               07/12/50   this town         72y   
Smith, Benjamin                08/21/63   Alexandria, Va.   23y  this town 
Smith, Benjamin                06/02/71   Alexandria, VA [1863]
Smith, Benjamin C              08/03/66   Chappaquiddic     65y   
Smith, Mrs. Betsey A.M. (Allen)12/07/66   West Tisbury      55y  this town 
Smith, Caleb C                 08/07/74   Oak Bluffs              
Smith, Mrs. Caroline           10/07/53   Holmes Hole       95y   
Smith, Charles F. S.           07/03/57   Portage City, WI  26y  this place 
Smith, Capt. Charles G         04/24/74   Vineyard Haven    a72y  
Smith, Charles W               12/24/75   Mattapoisett      49y  this town 
Smith, Chauncey C              06/02/71   ----- [186_?]          Head of the
Pond, Edg.
Smith, Chauncey Crane          09/11/63   this town         23y   
Smith, Mrs. Depza              05/13/59   Holmes Hole       71y   
Smith, Mrs. Drusilla A         01/04/61   Holmes Hole       54y   
Smith, Corp. E.M.              08/14/63   Baltimore              this town 
Smith, Rev. Eleazer            03/02/66   North Swansey     a75y  
Smith, Elijah L                02/22/61   Bahia, South      30y  Tisbury 
Smith, Elisha M                06/02/71   ----- [186_?]          Head of the
Pond, Edg.
Smith, Mrs. Eliza              08/22/56   this town         31y   
Smith, Erastus Otis            12/06/61   Calcutta               Edgartown 
Smith, Eva P                   02/26/64   Hudson City, NJ   1y    
Smith, Otis Everett            10/30/63   Chilmark                
Smith, Foster Chestern         08/19/59   this town         4d    
Smith, Frances M               08/06/53   this town         27y   
Smith, Frances Merton          07/23/53   Holmes Hole       5y    
Smith, Francis                 03/18/64   this town         66y   
Smith, Freddie Horton          08/26/64   this town         3m    
Smith, Frederick               04/15/53   Tisbury           50y   
Smith, Frederick Herbert       02/20/57   this town         10m   
Smith, George B                10/25/61   this town         3m    
Smith, George Francis          09/16/59   Holmes Hole       14m   
Smith, Gilbert                 04/08/59   this town         71y
Smith, Capt. Gustavus D        07/02/69   Eastport, Me.     55y  Holmes Hole 
Smith, Miss Hannah             07/09/75   this town         41y   
Smith, Miss Hannah H           01/25/61   Holmes Hole       70y   
Smith, Harrison                04/11/51   Lisbon, Wis.      68y  this town 
Smith, Henry H                 01/09/52   Marysville, Cal.       this town 
Smith, Mrs. Jane P             11/04/70   this town         a73y  
Smith, Jedidah                 02/10/54   this town         77y   
Smith, John                    07/12/50   this town         74y   
Smith, John Bradford           02/04/53   this town         14m   
Smith, Joseph                  05/08/68   Tisbury           76y   
Smith, Josephine Calista       09/17/52   Holmes Hole       3y    
Smith, Josiah H                05/20/64   this town         a60y  
Smith, Justeena Greene         01/28/53   this town         5m    
Smith, Kilborn                 07/10/68   this town         55y   
Smith, Kilburn                 02/12/69   Edgartown         55y   
Smith, Mrs. Lizzie L (Mayhew)  04/03/74   this town         24y   
Smith, Lorenzo                 10/22/52   this town         5m    
Smith, Mrs. Lucinda            04/07/54   this town         79y   
Smith, Lucy A                  02/03/66   Acushnet          3m    
Smith, Mrs. Lucy A             08/23/67   Acushnet          26y  this town 
Smith, Lucy Augusta            10/06/65   this town         1y    
Smith, Mrs. Lucy H             03/18/64   this town         60y   
Smith, Mrs. Luretta            12/21/60   Holmes Hole       57y   
Smith, Mrs. Lydia              01/18/61   Holmes Hole       74y   
Smith, Mrs. Lydia              09/25/63   Chappaquiddic     64y   
Smith, Mary                    06/10/53   New Bedford       73y  Edgartown 
Smith, Mary Brown              05/04/60   Chilmark          2y    
Smith, Mary Elizabeth          10/18/50   Warren, RI        22y   
Smith, Mayhew                  12/07/60   Chilmark          81y   
Smith, Mrs. Merinda            04/22/64   Holmes Hole       42y   
Smith, Mrs. Nancy              03/19/75   this town         a70y  
Smith, Mrs. Nancy N            10/09/68   Head of the Pond  59y   
Smith, Nathan                  09/25/57   Holmes Hole       a75y  
Smith, Capt. Nathan S          03/27/68   Holmes Hole       51y   
Smith, Octavus                 06/09/65   Menamsha                
Smith, Otis E                  10/30/63   Chilmark          a14y  
Smith, Phebe M                 12/11/57   this town         2y    
Smith, Capt. Philip            06/22/55   this town         75y   
Smith, Capt. Philip            12/16/70   Memba Bay, Africa 52y   
Smith, Roland                  06/02/71   -----  [186_?]          
Smith,  Sallie            05/03/72   Chilmark          90y   
Smith, Mrs. Sophronia          07/18/51   Lisbon, Wis.      51y  Edgartown 
Smith, Mrs. Sophronia S        10/02/57   Ship Carrie       28y  Holmes Hole 
Smith,  Sophronia S       06/11/58   Bark Carrie       26y  Holmes Hole 
              (Hursell)                     Leland 
Smith, Mrs. Temperance         04/01/59   Tisbury (North    96y   
Smith, Thomas                  04/03/57   this town         75y   
Smith, Thomas                  10/23/74   Chappaquiddick    66y   
Smith, Capt. Thomas H Jr.      01/29/64   Shanghai, China   50y
Smith, Wilmot                  04/09/52   this town         87y   
Smith, Zachariah               02/03/65   this town         a65y  
Snell,  Julia (Dexter)    10/29/58   New Bedford       26y   
Snow, Capt. Joshua H           03/22/72   this town         63y   
Snow, Mrs. Lucinda N           05/07/75   this town         65y   
Snow, Timothy                  03/30/66   this town         89y   
Soule, Frank W                 02/28/68   North Dartmouth   4y    
Sprague, -----                 06/18/58   Sea                    Edgartown 
Sprague, Charles H             02/26/58   Sea               24y  this town 
Sprague, Capt. Joseph          04/23/52   this town         54y   
Sprague, Mrs. Martha L         10/07/70   Holmes Hole             
Sprague, William F             03/07/51   Holmes Hole       28y   
Spurr, Elsie Howard            09/25/74   this town         9m   Boston 
Stapleford, Grace              01/31/68   this town         5y    
Staples, Capt. John            09/02/59   Eastville         28y  Rockland, Me.
Stark, Nicholas                06/25/58   this town         60y   
Starks, Daniel                 07/09/75   this town         41y   
Steele, Mrs. Harriet N (Worth) 03/29/61   De Soto, Wis.     26y  Edgartown 
Stephens, Mrs Ann F            05/26/71   Tisbury           39y  Vineyard
Stephens, Caroline             05/26/71   Tisbury           3y   Vineyard
Stetson, Mary G                08/14/68   New York City     85y  Boston 
Stewart, Bartlett              08/15/62   this town         77y   
Stewart, James                 04/09/58   Summit, Waukisha  72y  this place 
                                            Co., Wisconsin 
Stewart, Miss Love             05/06/70   this town         92y   
Stewart, Mrs. Mary B           04/18/73   this town         53y   
Stewart, Sarah Sophia          04/01/59   Summit, Wis       2y    
Stewart, Thomas                08/10/66   this town         84y   
Stewart, William               09/09/59   Chilmark          a66y  
Stone, Charles                 08/06/69   Middletown, Conn.      West Tisbury 
Stone, Mrs. Emma Cobb (Daggett)01/25/61   Cambridge, Henry  32y  Holmes Hole 
                                            Co., Illinois
Storms,  Margaret A       11/25/64   Boston                  
Stoves, James                  12/02/59   Sea                    Edgartown 
Stow, Mrs. Faustina Hancock    09/25/57   Parma, MI         59y  Martha's
Stuart, Eddie Walcott          06/30/65   this town         14m   
Stuart, Mrs. Eliza Worth       06/09/65   this town         33y   
Stuart, Mrs. Sarah             10/15/58   this town         76y   
Stuart, Rev. Zalmon            07/31/68   this town         77y   
Suare, Marianna                10/11/67   this town         22m   
Suare, Mary                    10/11/67   this town         9m    
Sullivan, Capt. Cornelius      06/29/55   Holmes Hole            Boston 
Sullivan, Michael              08/28/63   Off Holmes Hole   a17y  
Swain, Charles L               05/19/65   Holmes Hole       26y   
Swain, John T                  07/02/75   Sylmore, Arkansas 30y  Vineyard
Swain, Mrs. Lucy P             05/13/64   Edgartown         78y  Nantucket 
Swain, Mrs. Mary Dunham (Luce) 03/26/69   San Francisco     27y  Holmes Hole 
Swain, Matthew L               08/13/75   Vineyard Haven    34y   
Swain, Mrs. Rebecca            07/02/52   Nantucket         100y  
Swain, Ruben C                 12/12/56   Nantucket         32y   
Swain, William W               09/24/58   New Bedford       66y  Naushon 
Swain, Wm H                    01/20/60   Ship Golden Gate       Nantucket 
Swaues, Frank                  08/01/73   this town         9m    
Sweet, Eliza                   05/11/66   Norton, Mass            
Sweet,  Laura A           04/09/75   this town         36y   
Sweet, Capt. Thomas Milton     06/27/73   Edgartown         37y  Norton, Mass.
Swift, Asa King                07/02/69   Whaleship Niger   18y  Holmes Hole 
Swift, Mrs. Georgie R (Ripley) 05/08/74   Wood's Hole       36y   
Swift, Mary Ann                04/01/59   Holmes Hole       1y    
Swift, Miss Puella             05/25/55   South Dennis      35y   
Swift, Capt. Solomon C         05/22/57   Falmouth          44y  this town 
Swift, Thomas Esq.             04/10/57   Falmouth          a75y  
Taber, Vincent                 05/31/61   Chilmark          a77y Fairhaven,
Talbot, Hermann Jones          09/13/50   Holmes Hole       1y    
Tasker, Rev. John              12/07/55   Chilmark          37y   
Teller, Mattie R               09/16/70   this town         3y    
Terrell, Fred E                08/08/73   Sea               44y  Boston 
Terrell, George                02/13/74   Dr. Leach's       a27y Edgartown 
                                            Marine Hosp. 
Tewel, Mrs. Rebecca (Michael)  11/03/54   this town         a44y  
Thaxter, Caleb                 08/23/50   this town         59y   
Thaxter, Mrs. Jane W           01/27/71   this town         49y   
Thaxter, Capt. John            02/19/64   this town         36y   
Thaxter, Rev Joseph            01/08/64   Edgartown         74y   
Thaxter, Hon. Leavitt          11/27/63   this town         74y   
Thaxter, Mrs. Patty W          04/19/72   this town         79y  Williamsburg,
Thomas, Mrs. Asenath           08/05/59   this town         54y  Phillips, Me.
Thomas, Mrs. Bridgett          02/13/63   this town         31y   
Thomas, Harvey D               12/31/52   Eastville         27y  Plymouth 
Thomas, Rev. Stephen A.        09/19/73   Vineyard Haven    51y  North
Kingston, RI
Thomas, Willie R               10/20/65   Holmes Hole       2m    
Thompson, Samuel               11/11/59   West Tisbury      a75y  
Tilton, Mrs. Abigail           02/22/61   Holmes Hole       55y  Chilmark 
Tilton, Capt. Allen            02/02/72   Chilmark          73y   
Tilton, Benjamin S             04/11/51   Chilmark          a60y  
Tilton, Capt. Beriah           01/02/74   Vineyard Haven    a77y  
Tilton, C. Leroy               11/14/62   Chilmark          21y   
Tilton, Cornelius              12/23/64   Chilmark          77y   
Tilton, Capt. David            08/08/56   Chilmark          a75y  
Tilton, Mrs. Eunice            06/26/57   Chilmark          a80y  
Tilton, Grafton Warren         04/26/67   Chilmark          4m
Tilton, Mrs. Hannah            03/25/70   Chilmark          a73y  
Tilton, Miss Hannah            03/15/72   Chilmark          88y   
Tilton, Miss Hepsey            12/28/55   Chilmark          71y   
Tilton, John                   06/12/68   Chilmark          a70y  
Tilton, Joseph                 09/30/70   Olive, Noble Co., 72y  Chilmark 
Tilton, Joseph E               11/10/54   Staten Island     22y  Chilmark 
Tilton, Josiah                 11/28/56   Chilmark          71y   
Tilton, Mrs. Lavinia           12/02/64   Chilmark          90y   
Tilton, Lydia B                12/21/60   Chilmark          43y   
Tilton, Mary Jane              04/18/62   Big Oak Flat, CA   3y
Tilton, Miss Nancy             03/05/69   Chilmark          75y   
Tilton, Mrs. Pursis            08/21/68   this town         77y  Chilmark 
Tilton, Miss Remember          03/05/69   Chilmark          77y   
Tilton, Rudolphus              02/08/67   Petoplaski        26y   
Tilton, Saml                   11/08/50   this town         68y   
Tilton, Capt. Samuel           07/02/58   West Tisbury      62y   
Tilton, Capt. Shadrack         05/05/65                           
Tilton, Truman Augustin        03/24/54   Noble Co., Ohio   4y    
Tilton, Capt. Ward             01/16/57   Livermore, Me.    72y  this island 
Tilton, William                05/30/56   Chilmark          88y   
Tilton, William Jr.            10/11/50   Benecia, Cal.     a55y Chilmark 
Tilton, Zadoc A                02/03/66   Chilmark          20y   
Tilton, Miss Zippora           01/15/75   Chilmark          a80y  
Tobey, Capt. John              10/09/57   Union, Me.        88y  Holmes Hole 
Tobey, Capt. John              11/20/57   Montville         89y   
Tobey, Mrs. Love               03/13/68   Earlsville, Iowa  42y  this town 
Towle, Elisha                  12/24/58   Lynn              62y   
Trask, Capt. B. I. H.          12/29/71   Brooklyn, NY      71y  Vineyard
Trask, Benjamin                10/25/50   Sacramento, Ca.   45y  Boston 
Traverse, William Henry        12/13/72   this town         a31y New York City
Travis, Floyd                  05/08/68   New York City     53y   
Travis, Mrs. Phebe             09/11/63   New York City     73y   
Tripp, William H               08/26/64                          New Bedford 
Tucker, Mr.                    10/24/56   Sea                    this port 
Tuckerman, Benjamin C          06/28/72   this town         56y   
Tupper, Homes Esq.             03/25/70   Brooklyn          a73y this town 
Turner, Mrs. Elizabeth         07/12/61   this town         57y   
Turner, Henry                  06/12/57   this town         35y  London,
Vasconcellos, John Ade         03/09/55   Ship Julien       21y  Madiera 
Vincent, Ambrose               01/12/72   San Francisco, CA 18y  this town 
Vincent, Miss Anna S           04/19/72   this town         71y   
Vincent, Mrs. Avis J           09/12/51   this town         28y   
Vincent, Mrs. Betsey           10/26/55   this town         84y   
Vincent, Clement               08/07/57   this town         9y    
Vincent, Clement               09/12/62   Stickeen River,CA a35y Edgartown 
Vincent, Clement               08/11/65   Edgartown [in     9y    
                                            Aug., 1857] 
Vincent, Daniel Stewart        12/06/61   this town         77y   
Vincent, David                 06/23/54   Seekonk           76y  this town 
Vincent, Mrs. Dorothy          03/21/56   Seekonk           75y   
Vincent, Mrs. Eliza L          01/17/62   West Tisbury      49y   
Vincent, Mrs. Elizabeth        02/13/63   this town         29y   
Vincent, Capt. Frederick       08/19/64   this town         51y   
Vincent, Mrs. Hannah           09/20/61   West Tisbury      60y   
Vincent, Mrs. Harriet          06/12/63   Chilmark                
Vincent, Harrison              07/22/64   this town         63y   
Vincent, Hiram Daggett         11/16/60   New Bedford       2y   Holmes Hole 
Vincent, Howard                06/03/64   Sea               20y  Nantucket 
Vincent, Hugh                  03/28/73   Edgartown         70y   
Vincent, Mrs. Isabel M         05/14/58   Tisbury           27y  this town 
Vincent, Joseph                07/21/54   this town         85y   
Vincent, Mrs. Julia            06/22/55   this town         26y   
Vincent, Julia W               08/03/55   this town         7w    
Vincent, Lillian May           09/17/69   this town         11m   
Vincent, Lyman E               05/14/58   Tisbury           1y    
Vincent, Mary Ellen            10/23/63   Holmes Hole       2y    
Vincent, Mrs. Mary L           10/30/68   this town         a51y  
Vincent, Matthew               01/02/63   this town         78y   
Vincent, Mrs. Minerva C        09/11/63   this town         56y   
Vincent, Nathaniel             07/17/63   this town         86y   
Vincent, Peter M               04/22/59   this town         a70y  
Vincent, Mrs. Prudence         03/07/56   this town         81y   
Vincent, Mrs. Prudence         06/05/57   this town         a72y  
Vincent, Rebecca Allen         12/13/72   this town         88y   
Vincent, Mrs. Sarah C          02/06/57   this town         58y   
Vincent, Seth                  12/24/52   this town         76y   
Vincent, Simon Mayhew          04/21/65   Chilmark          a46y  
Vincent, Mrs. Susan            09/12/56   this town         74y   
Vincent, Mrs. Susan J          03/20/63   this town         45y   
Vincent, Susan Parker          04/13/55   New Bedford       46y   
Vincent, Mrs. Susanna          03/14/56   this town         88y   
Vincent, Thomas                06/06/73   Edgartown         39y   
Vincent, Walter A              04/01/70   New Bedford       21y  this town 
Vincent, William               01/13/65   this town         58y   
Vincent, Zebulon               02/15/61   this town         44y   
Vinson, Anna Cornelia II       08/31/66   Grafton                 
Vinson,  Eunice F         07/14/54   this town         42y   
Vinson, Mrs. Hepzibah          11/22/72   Dorchester        79y   
Vinson, Isabella Perry         08/06/75   Brockton          9m    
Vinson, Mrs. Martha            10/09/68   this town         90y   
Vinson,  Susan S          11/21/62   Roxbury           28y   
Vinson, Thomas Melville Jr.    06/03/53   Boston            5y    
Vinson, William                01/30/52   this town         a8y   
Wade, Henry C                  09/27/67   Pensacola         34y  Martha's
Wade, Nellie W                 07/26/61   Edgartown         14m
Waight, John E                 10/19/55   Taunton           a45y this town 
Wainwright, Mrs. Thankful      05/31/61   Chilmark          27y  West Tisbury 
Waite, Harry                   10/11/72   Vineyard Haven    9y    
Wakeman, Mrs. Mary C. (Stuart) 12/15/54   Batavia, NY       24y   
Waldron,  Carrie A        03/09/66   Southboro         23y  Nantucket 
Waldron, Mrs. Rebecca          05/23/62   Southboro         68y  West Tisbury 
Waldron, Warren                01/26/66   Holmes Hole       a50y West Tisbury 
Wales, Timothy R               08/25/71   Lake Anthony           Stoughton 
Wallace, Mrs. -----            08/03/55   Holmes Hole       25y   
Wardwell, Henry Clinton        10/05/55   Providence        5m    
Wardwell, Mrs. Lydia B         03/21/56   Providence, RI    40y   
Way, Mrs. Polly                10/05/55   this town         a67y  
Way, William                   12/06/72   Chappequiddick    65y  New York
Wayman, Mrs. Welthon           10/22/58   Chappaquiddic     89y   
Weber, Isabella                06/17/64   Eastville         a30y  
Weeks, Capt. Alexander P       12/05/56   Bark Fanny              
Weeks, Alexander P Jr.         12/27/50   Providence        19y  this town 
Weeks, Edward                  07/03/57   Taunton           a42y this town 
Weeks, Capt. Hiram             04/15/64   Colchester, Ct.   60y  this island 
Weeks,  Hopestill Norton  01/09/57   Boston                 this town 
Weeks,  Lydia             02/14/51   Mukuwonago, WI    90y  this town 
Weeks, Mrs. Sarah              02/02/55   this town         76y   
Weeks, Shubael                 08/29/51   Tisbury           78y   
Weeks, Shubael                 08/11/71   North Tisbury     a65y  
Weeks, Capt. William           09/17/58   Holmes Hole       65y   
Wescott, Albert S              02/16/66   Holmes Hole       34y   
West, Albert                   09/23/64   Sea               68y   
West, Mrs. Belinda             02/22/61   Tisbury           80y   
West, Mrs. Betsey              09/13/67   New Bedford       77y  Martha's
West,  Betsey A           03/22/67   New Bedford       56y  Tisbury 
West, Capt. Charles            08/21/68   Holmes Hole       72y   
West, Edward                   06/16/54   Holmes Hole       40y   
West, Mrs. Elenora             08/21/57   Holmes Hole       51y   
West, Mrs. Eliza Willis        12/03/69   Holmes Hole       72y   
West, George                   10/10/56   Chilmark          81y   
West, Henry Wade               08/20/53   Holmes Hole       4y    
West, Infant dau. of William   09/02/59   Holmes Hole       7w    
        and Abby 
West, James                    09/09/59   Holmes Hole       83y   
West, Josephine S              01/21/53   Chilmark          3m    
West, Capt. Leander            01/07/70   Holmes Hole       61y   
West, Leander E                03/27/68   Off the Coast of  a25y Holmes Hole 
West, Capt. Leonard            09/07/55   Chilmark          58y   
West, Martin L                 08/13/53   Holmes Hole       1y    
West, Mrs. Polly               08/03/55   Holmes Hole       a72y  
West, Mrs. Prudence            08/06/69   Chilmark          91y   
West, Mrs. Sarah               07/02/69   Cleveland, Ohio   85y  Holmes Hole
West, Mrs. Sarah C             09/03/58   Holmes Hole       53y   
West, Capt. Thomas             06/05/63   Clevland, Ohio    83y  Holmes Hole 
West, Capt. Timothy            04/19/61   Ship Martha's     27y  Holmes Hole 
West, Capt. William            06/28/61   Holmes Hole       a50y  
West, William C                12/29/65   Chilmark          42y   
West, Wm.                      09/01/54   Holmes Hole       71y   
Wheeler, Eliza C               03/21/73   Providence, RI    26y   
Whitbeck, Mrs. Hannah          12/23/64   Michigan Bar, CA  47y  Chilmark 
White, Abraham C Esq.          09/25/74   Tarpaulin Cove,  a55y New Bedford 
White, Mrs. Almira (Stewart)   03/10/54   Waukisha, Wis.    24y  this town 
White, Mrs. Merinda            05/27/70   Holmes Hole       84y   
Whiting, Mrs. Elizabeth P      01/28/59   West Tisbury      77y   
Whittaker, Emeline Frances     03/27/57   Greenville, RI    9y    
Whittaker, Maria Mitchell      03/27/57   Greenville, RI    4y    
Whittaker, Matilda Adelaide    03/27/57   Greenville, RI    7y    
Wilbur, Joseph                 08/31/60   this town         47y   
Willey,  Jane             03/07/62   Worcester         50y   
Williams, Henry L              06/17/70   this town         24y   
Williams, Mrs. Hepsey B        12/27/61   York, Dane Co.,   50y   
Williams, Mrs. Martha S        01/03/51   Stors, Hamilton   30y  Chilmark 
(Bassett)                                   Co., Ohio 
Williams, Mary A               01/27/60   Holmes Hole       11y   
Williams, William              10/01/52   Sch. -----        26y  Alerfraw,
Wilman, Charles                05/11/60   this town         a40y Nantucket 
Wilson, Miss Hannah            02/04/59   Boston            67y   
Wilson, Rev. Shipley Wells     01/23/57   South Boston      62y   
Wilson,  Susan            05/22/57   Tarpaulin Cove    39y   
Wilson [?], Mrs. Rebecca Mayhew02/27/52   South Boston      28y   
Wimpenny, Mrs. Fostina         01/11/61   this town         83y   
Wimpenny, Henry S              04/11/51   this town         11m   
Wimpenny, Capt. Littleton C    01/26/66   Sea               a50y  
Wing, James                    04/08/64   New Bedford       66y   
Winslow, Mrs. Hattie F         10/21/59   Falmouth          24y   
Winslow, Isaac                 05/28/52   Holmes Hole       82y   
Winslow, James                 12/23/70   Holmes Hole       74y   
Winslow,  Rebecca         02/22/50   New Bedford       59y  Martha's
Winslow, Samuel                10/04/50                     5y    
Winsor, George H               11/19/52   Duxbury           a25y  
Wiswall, Oliver Esq.           02/13/63   Hudson, NY        82y  Edgartown 
Wood, Mrs. -----               02/17/71   Falmouth          77y   
Worcester, Mrs. Fanny S        07/11/56                     29y   
Worth, Mrs. Almira             09/13/72   this town         50y   
Worth, Capt. Benjamin          01/13/65   this town         a65y
Worth, Mrs. Betsey             06/11/58   this town         87y   
Worth, Charles D               10/11/67   Chelsea           29y  this town 
Worth, Charles Lincoln         10/04/61   Holmes Hole       23m   
Worth, Capt. Cyrus B           01/16/74   De Soto, Wis.     77y  Edgartown 
Worth, Elizabeth S             09/14/55   Holmes Hole       2y    
Worth, Mrs. Eunice J           05/21/58   this town         50y   
Worth, John P                  08/30/50   this town         45y   
Worth, Jonathan                08/11/65   Edgartown [in     51y   
                                           Jan., 1855] 
Worth, Mercy                   04/05/50   this town         2y    
Worth, Mrs. Mercy              04/19/61   Holmes Hole       67y   
Worth, Mrs. Susan (Swasey)     12/16/59   this town         82y   
Worth, Truman M                03/14/51   Fort Washington,  10y   
Yale, Mrs. Maria               02/08/61   Brooklyn, NY      44y  Holmes Hole 
Yates, Edward                  04/19/67                     63y   
Yates, William                 11/29/50                     5y   this town