Maps of Tisbury and Dukes County

 1784 Map of Dukes County (97k)

 J. Reid's 1796 Map of Dukes County

 U.S. Navy 1847 Coast Survey of Holmes Hole (356k)

 Henry F. Walling's 1858 Map of Holmes Hole

 Walling & Gray's 1871 Map of Dukes County (444k)

J.A. and R.A. Reid's map of Cottage City, 1880 (737k)

 U.S.G.S. 1887 Map (241k)

 O. W. Walker's 1891 Map of Tisbury
and Cottage City  (400k)
, Chilmark (286k)
and Edgartown (272k).

tis91tn.jpg (19470 bytes)

 Annotated Dec. 1914
Map of Vineyard Haven

 Stan Lair's modern reference sketch
of Vineyard Haven

(See Sketches of Old Homes for remarks.)

  Tercentenary Committee's
modern map of Vineyard Haven

(See Old Houses for remarks.)

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