History of the Town of Industry, Maine
by William Collins Hatch:
Genealogical Notes:  pp. 741-745


Compiled by William Collins Hatch, c. 1893.
Transcribed and prepared for the web by John Akers 1999.
See also The Merry Family of Martha's Vineyard.

DAVID MERRY, the immigrant ancestor of the Industry and New Vineyard Merrys, was a native of Tisbury, Dukes Co., Mass., as nearly as can be learned. He was born in 1741, and married, Dec. 29, 1761,(1) Mrs. Eunice (Chase) Chase (born 1738), relict of Valentine Chase, and daughter of Isaac and Mary (Chase) Chase. Feb. 1, 1793,(2) he bought lot No. 1 in Range 2, paying therefor the sum of eight pounds, sterling. There is some uncertainty as to the date of his removal to New Vineyard, but it was probably soon after making his purchase. This farm is now (1890) owned by Charles F. Oliver, its present occupant. Mr. Merry seems to have been a man much loved by his kindred, and his name is still borne and perpetuated by his descendants. He died July 8, 1815, aged 74 years. His wife died Aug. 6, 1797, aged 59 years. [David, Eunice and their son Asa are buried in Franklin County.] [For the ancestry of David Merry, see The Merry Family of Martha's Vineyard.]


i. CATHERINE, b. about 1759; m. Charles Luce, q.v.
ii. MARY, b. March 8, 1767; m. Dec. 4, 1788, Herbert Boardman, son of Rev. Andrew and Katherine (Allen) Boardman, q. v.
iii. ASA (1), b. Jan. 1, 1770; m. April __, 1793, Sally Bartlett,(3) dau. of (Benjamin ?) and Hannah (Claghorn) Bartlett. The mother of Sally m. for her second husband, Abner Norton, son of Isaac and Hannah (Norton) Norton, q. v.
iv. LEONARD, m. and moved to Lyons, New York, where he d. Oct. 27, 1847.
v. MARGARET, b. October, 1776; m. Benjamin C. Norton, son of Abner and May (Claghorn) Norton, q. v.
vi. RHODA, b. in Tisbury, Dukes Co., Mass., Dec. 10, 1779; m. Dec. 10, 1798, Peter Butler, son of Henry and Mehitable (Norton) Butler, q. v.



1. ASA MERRY, son of David and Eunice (Chase) Merry, was an honest, intelligent man. He settled on the farm now owned by Chas. F. Oliver, which he cleared and brought into an excellent state of cultivation and gained a comfortable competence. When his mind was once made up as to the honesty or justness of a thing, no argument could swerve him from his course. To illustrate his peculiar manners, the following is related: Mr. Merry kept many cows and made a great deal of cheese. It mattered not what the market-price was, he always sold his cheese for 10 cents per pound. When his neighbors chided him for selling cheese below the market-price, his invariable reply was: "I make as good cheese as anybody; I know the amount of labor required for its manufacture, and the value of the milk, and all I want is a fair compensation for the same." Mr. Merry was for many years a consistent member of the Methodist Church, and was much respected for his honesty and integrity. He possessed an excellent memory, and was a keen analyst of the motives which actuated his fellowmen. Once when sitting on a jury, a case was tried where a great amount of evidence was introduced. He allowed the eleven to make up their minds, which were contrary to his own. His retentive memory here served him an excellent purpose, and he explained so many points in the evidence which they had overlooked that the eleven reversed their verdict. He died Feb. 17, 1837, aged 67 years.(4) His wife, Sally, died June 22, 1842, aged 68 years.


i. BENJAMIN BARTLETT, b. in New Vineyard, Sept. 9, 1795; m. (pub. March 16, 1817), Susan Allen, dau. of John and Susannah (____) Allen, of New Sharon. She d. and he m. May 21, 1844 for second wife, Mrs. Susan Tinkham, relict of Ariel Tinkham, of Anson. Four children by first marriage. He d. in New Portland.
ii. EUNICE CHASE, b. in New Vineyard, March 28, 1797; m. Sept. 10, 1815, Rufus H. Viles, son of Joseph and Sarah (Hancock) Viles, q. v.
iii. DAVID L., b. in New Vineyard, Dec. 29, 1798. David L. d. July 6, 1802.
Note: David L. (iii.) and Jonathan J. (iv.) are "twins"
iv. JONATHAN J. (2), b. in New Vineyard, Dec. 29, 1798; m. May 9, 1822, Eliza Luce, dau. of Rowland and Hannah (Daggett) Luce, q. v.
v. ASA (3), b. in New Vineyard, Dec. 16, I800; m. March 15, 1827, Deborah Butler, dau. of Peter and Rhoda (Merry) Butler, q. v.
vi. DAVID (4), b. in New Vineyard, Dec. 15, 1805; m. Jan. 22, 1833, Betsey Remick, dau. of Francis and Abigail (Marston) Remick, of Industry.
vii. SALLY BARTLETT, b. in New Vineyard, 1804; m. Oct. 2, 1838, Jonathan Luce, son of Rowland and Hannah (Daggett) Luce, q. v.
viii. CHARLES, b. in New Vineyard, 1808; m. in Bangor, Me.; Moved to Ohio.
ix. JOSEPH, b. in New Vineyard, 1810; m. Jan. 1, 1838, Rhoda Butler, dau. of Peter and Rhoda (Merry) Butler, q. v. She d. Nov. 9, 1873, aged 55 years, 10 months. He resides in Anson. Several children.
x. CATHERINE, b. in New Vineyard, 1814; m. -- Williams, of Embden.
xi. WILLIAM BARTLETT (5), b. in New Vineyard, March 29, 1815: m. April 12, 1838, Caroline A. West, dau. of Esq. Peter and Ana (Butler) West, q. v.
xii. THANKFUL, b. in New Vineyard, July 8, 1817; m. Nov. 29, 1838, Timothy Daggett, son of Tristram and Jane (Merry) Daggett, q. v.
xiii. LOVE, d. at the age of two years.



2. JONATHAN MERRY, (5) son of Asa and Sally (Bartlett) Merry, married Eliza Luce. When a young man Mr. Merry learned the trade of shoemaker, and during the autumn and early winter months was in the habit of going from house to house among the farmers, with his kit of tools, to manufacture the family supply of leather into boots and shoes. About the time of his marriage he settled on the southern part of lot No. 5, in Range 4, adjoining his Brother Benjamin's farm. Here he built a house in which he lived for some years. At length he sold his land to his brother Benjamin, and moved the house on to the farm now occupied by Nelson W. Fish and son. He sold his farm and bought in Stark, Nov. 7, 1850. Died very suddenly, May 7, I872.(6) His widow survived him some years and died in Stark, Dec. 10, 1885, aged 84 years and 11 days.


i. HANNAH DAGGETT, b. in Industry,(7) Sept. 29, 1824; m. James Rhoety. Resides in Rockland, Mass. Was a tailoress, learned trade of Mr. Guptil at Farmington, when young.
ii. CLEMENTINE ALLEN, b. in Industry, Feb. 25, 1826; m. Thomas Pelton, son of Thomas and Betsey (Gray) Pelton, of Anson. For second husband she m. Augustine Crowell or Cromwell. Resides in Gloucester, Mass. Was a tailoress; learned with her sister at Farmington.
iii. ASA (6), b. in Industry, Jan. 2, 1828; m. April 13, 1853, Mary Viletta Wood, dau. of Silas and Mary F. (Boyinton) Wood, of Stark.
iv. EUNICE CHASE, b. in Anson, May 22, 1831; m. Elias Burrell(?). She d. in Abington, Mass., April 28, 1852.
v. ELIZA LUCE, b. in Anson, Aug. 11, 1833;(8) m. Charles Dill. She d. in Rockland, Mass., March 12, 1877.(9)
vi. SOPHIA JANE, b. in Anson, Aug. 2, 1835; d. at the age of 3 years and 11 months.
vii. JANE CLAGHORN, b. in Anson, Jan. 5, 1838; m. Jophanus H. Davis, son of James, Jr., and Abigail (Hobbs-Boardman) Davis, q. v. He d. Oct. 23, 1875, and she m. for second husband, Charles Dill, above mentioned. A twin to Jane C. d. in infancy.
viii. DEBORAH BUTLER,(10) b. in Anson, Jan. 21, 1843; m. March 20, 1862, Menzir B. Merry, son of David and Betsey (Remick) Merry, q. v. She m. for second husband, William Tarbox. Resides in Lewiston, Me.



3. ASA MERRY, son of Asa and Sally (Bartlett) Merry, married Deborah Butler. Settled in New Portland. He died March 10, 1856, aged 55 years, 3 months. His wife died Nov. 20, 1869, aged 64 years. Several children. Their daughter,

RHODA BUTLER, b. Aug. 7, 1828; d. Dec. 4, 1841.



4. DAVID MERRY, son of Asa and Sally (Bartlett) Merry, married Betsey Remick. Farmer; resided for many years on the homestead. His wife died in Industry, March 3, 1865, aged 53 years. He married for second wife (pub. Feb. 26, 1867), Sarah L. Taylor, of Mercer. Went West with his whole family soon after his second marriage.


i. ABBY M., b. July 27, 1835.
ii. MENZIR BOARDMAN, b. July 22, 1836; m. March 20, 1862, Dora B. Merry, dau. of Jonathan and Eliza (Luce) Merry, q. v. House painter. Resided in Industry. Went West. Their son:

ERNEST LINWOOD. Now resides in one of the Western States.

iii. GILBERT REMICK, b. July 17, 1838; soldier (see p. 355). Died May 17, 1863.
iv. FRANCIS REMICK;, b. July 2, 1840. Went West.
v. MARY BOARDMAN, b. Aug. 2, 1842; m. Nov. 24, 1864, Leonard H. Luce, son of Leonard and Susan B. (West) Luce, q. v.
vi. DAVID LEONARD, b. June 10, 1844.
vii. BETSEY CYRENA, b. Aug. 22, 1845; d. April 6, 1862.
viii. SARAH, b. April 22, 1848; went West.
ix. JOSEPH, b. July 27, 1850; went West.
x. APHIA E., b. Sept. 18, 1853; went West.



5. WILLIAM BARTLETT MERRY, son of Asa and Sally (Bartlett) Merry, married Caroline E. West. Farmer; settled in Anson. Died May 22, 1880, aged 65 years, 1 month and 23 days. She died Oct. 4, 1880, aged 60 years, 4 months and 21 days.


i. WILLIAM OSCAR (7), m. Jan. 1, 1861, Caroline A. Greenwood, dau. of Thaddeus and Malinda (Caldwell) Greenwood, q. v.
ii. PETER WEST (8), b. Oct. 29, 1841; m. Jan. 1, 1863, Ellen M. Greenwood, dau. of Thaddeus and Malinda (Caldwell) Greenwood, q. v.
iii. MARTHA W., b. in 1843; d. Nov. 14, 1848.
iv. JOHN MANTER, b. 1845; m. Nov. 27, 1873, Ellen M. Greaton, dau. of Orrin W. and Hannah V. (Nichols) Greaton, of Stark. Killed by a falling tree, Jan. 18, 1876. One child:

ANNIE WEST, b. in Stark, Sept. 3, 1875.

v. ANNIE WEST, m. Nov. 26, 1868, William L. Remick, son of Samuel and Olive (Norton) Remick (see Elijah Norton notes).
vi. DAVID WEST, m. Aug. 31, 1881, Ida May Oliver, dau. of Hiram and Nancy A. (Nichols) Oliver, q. v. His wife d. in Industry, March 24, 1891. Children:

i. JOHN ALTON, b. April 8, 1882.
ii. GEORGE CLINTON, b. Sept. 10, 1883.
iii. CHARLES, b. July, 1885.
iv. ___, son.



6. ASA MERRY, son of Jonathan and Eliza (Luce) Merry, married Mary Viletta Wood. He chose the vocation of a farmer, and cared for his parents in their declining years. Sold his farm in Stark, March 16, 1886. Now resides in Washburn, Aroostook Co., Me.


i. NELLIE ELVERNA, b. in Stark, Jan. 27, 1858. Entered the Farmington State Normal School and graduated in the second class of 1878. Has taught extensively in Maine and California. She is teaching at the present time (1890) in El Cajon, in the latter State.
ii. WILL L., b. in Stark, Aug. 23, 1866; m. Lillian May Bearce. [Will Lincoln MERRY married Lillian May Berce on 8 Apr 1888, who was born 26 Aug 1869 in Sebec, ME and died 27 Jul1938 in Bardsdale, Fillmore, Ventura, CA. William died 29 May 1945 in San Diego,CA. For more information about this family, contact
John Akers.]
iii. HERBERT L., b. in Stark, Feb. 28, 1871.



7. WILLIAM OSCAR MERRY, son of William Bartlett and Caroline E.(West) Merry, married Caroline A. Greenwood. Farmer; resides in Anson.


i. CHARLES E., b. in Anson, June 2, 1863; m. April 18, 1885, Sadie R. Oliver, dau. of Eli N. and Diantha H. (Nichols) Oliver, q. v. He is a farmer and resides in Anson. Their child:
i. ___, dau. b. Anson, July 15, 1886.
ii. NELLIE L., b. in Anson, Dec. 15, 1854; d. May 13, 1879.
iii. PETER WEST, b. in Anson, June 26, 1870.
iv. CARRIE M., b. in Anson, Aug. 9, 1876.




8. PETER WEST MERRY, son of William Bartlett and Caroline E. (West) Merry, married Ellen M. Greenwood. Farmer; resided in Industry. Died of apoplexy, Sept. 26, 1884, aged 42 years, 10 months, and 27 days.


i. WILLIAM BARTLETT, b. in Anson, Jan. 24, 1864; m. and resides on the homestead in Industry.
ii. IDA BELLE, b. in Industry, Feb. 9, 1866; m. Aug. 23, 1884, Charles F. Oliver, son of Eli N., and Diantha H. (Nichols) Oliver, q. v.
iii. CORA ANNIE, b. Sept. 6, 1870; d. July 8, 1878.
iv. CARL RAY, b. June 15, 1873; d. July 13, 1876.
v. HARLIE RAY, b. Nov. 27, 1876; d. June 1, 1883.
vi. ELLEN MARION, b. Oct. 12, 1880.



End Notes:

1. Tisbury Records.

2. See Lincoln Co. Records, Vol. 36, P. 78.

3. Tradition says her father was killed in 1778, during the Revolutionary War, by the Indians. While in camp in Virginia, he went to a spring after water. While on the way he was shot and scalped by Indians lying in ambush.

4. When his sons became of age, he gave each a tract of land for a farm. To Benjamin he gave the farm on which Ichabod Norton now resides; and an adjoining tract to his son Jonathan. To David he gave the farm in Anson, on which Benjamin H. Luce now resides, and to Asa, the farm, in same town, now owned and occupied by Alvin T. Fish.

5. The New Vineyard Town Records give the name Jonathan J. Merry in the record of his birth. In the record of marriage the J is omitted and the writer is informed that it was not used in business transactions.

6. The circumstances of Mr. Merry's death were as follows: He had been in his usual health, and during the forenoon on the day of his death had busied himself about the premises until near the hour of the noon meal. Going into the house and ]earning that dinner was not quite ready he lay down on the lounge to rest. On summoning him to dinner a few moments later the family were overwhelmed with grief to find that the spirit of the loved one had taken its flight to realms from which none ever return.

7. The author is of the opinion that the place of birth of the first three children was not Industry but New Vineyard. True, the farm on which Mr. Merry first lived is now a part of Industry, but it was not annexed until 1844, some sixteen years after the third child, Asa, was born.

8. One record says August 21.

9. There is some confusion in the different records of births in this family. The writer can not vouch for their correctness.

10. This name is entered among the intentions of marriage in Industry as "Dora B. Merry."

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