Three Andrews Families of
Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven, Mass.



(Here are three MV-Azorean Andrews families I have looked into. I intentionally compiled this from sources other than Our Portuguese Heritage so as to help verify the material in the book. All cross-references to OPH are in italics. )

I am convinced that, in OPH, pp. A34-41, Antone Andrews #1, Antone A. Andrews #90, and Antone A. Andrews #560 are all the same man:

Family #1. Antone A. Andrews of Vineyard Haven
He was a brother of Mrs. Mary Thomas of Oak Bluffs. (See OPH, T722, #100 Manuel Francis Thomas)
Born c. 1867 in Santa Maria, Azores (MHT has 1866 on p. A41 - from a gravestone maybe?)
Came to US in 1886, but went to CA and elsewhere first
Settled on MV around 1890 - established home in VH.
(1900 haven't found him in 1900 census yet, but probably in Edgartown.)
1910 - living on "Rainbow Row", VH
Naturalized before 1920?
1920 - wagon driver, living on Church St. VH
Married twice
He died Jan. 15, 1930 at M.V. Hospital; buried in Oak Bluffs.

His 1930 obit claims he had 11 living children and that all but two were then living on MV (the four youngest under 14, the youngest 5.)

1st wife: Mary Marceres (Antone presumably married her before 1895, perhaps in Edgartown?)
Born _____ (presumably before about 1881) in Terciera, Azores.
Died between 1904-10, probably in Edgartown?
(OPH has b. 30 Dec 1875 and d. 13 Jan 1908 - perhaps from her gravestone?)

Benjamin Reed Andrews, b. 24 May 1895 in Edgartown. (He m. Esther Silvia, the dau. of Manuel and Alice D. Sylva of VH, and had children: Benjamin M. Andrews, b. 28 Oct. 1913 in Tisbury (but not in 1920 census); another child who b. and d. 1920 in Tisbury; and Ruth Esther Andrews, b. 11 Jan. 1916 in Tisbury. Benjamin was listed as a VH garage machinist in 1920. He died 11 July 1922 in Tisbury.)
Albert P. Andrews, b. 5 July 1897 in Edgartown (VH Express Co. chauffeur in 1920; m. Margueritte H. Smith on 12 Oct. 1920 in Tisbury. "Whereabouts unknown" in 1926.) (MHT lists him as #500.)
Antone M. Andrews (of VH, b. c. 1898 in Edg. He moved to VH with family as young boy; auto mechanic, in Navy during WWI. He m. (1) Hazel Amundsen of Chicago on 8 Oct. 1919 in Tisbury. (She d. 22 Jan. 1922 and is buried in Chicago.) Their only son was: Gerald Andrews (b. c. 1920-1). Antone m. (2) Ruth _____. They had one daughter: Ruth Andrews (b. c. 1922-3) He d. Capitan, NM on 4 Nov 1926.)
Lydia M. Andrews, b. 18 Jun 1900 in Edgartown.
Mary E. Andrews, b. 1901-2 in MA. She m. George P. Baptiste bef. 1926.
Anne or Anna B. Andrews, b. c. 1903 in MA. (unm. 1926)
Manuel Andrews, b. 26 Jun 1904 in MA. He died 3 Dec. 1919 in Tisbury.
Louise J. Andrews, b. c. 1905 in MA. She m. Ray Clark and moved to Orange, MA bef. 1926.

2nd wife: Mary (Maria) da Luz / Leitz / Light / (Madieras?) (Antone married her in 1910. He was 43 and she was 17 - only two years older than his oldest son! )
(She was the sister of Mrs. Isabel Sousa, Mrs. Louisa Madieras and Manuel Madieras of Oak Bluffs.)
b. 1892-3 in Fayal (MHT has b. 1892 - perhaps from gravestone?)
Came to US in 1910 and married soon after arrival.
Died July 1929 at Taunton Hospital.

Joseph T.(?) Andrews, b. c. 1910-11 in MA
Lucy Andrews, b. 6 Feb 1912 in VH, m. Leo Normandin (s. Mrs. Mary Normandin of Amesbury MA) on 19 Nov 1926 in VH
Lawrence Andrews, b. 1913 in VH; d. 1914 in VH
Lawrence Andrews, b. Feb 1916 in MA (living 1929)
Elizabeth Andrews b. 13 Jun 1918 in VH (unmarried 1929)
Edward Andrews, b. + d. 1919 in VH
Manuel M. Andrews, b. 1921 in VH.
Benjamin Andrews, b. 1922 in VH
Edward Andrews, b. 12 Mar 1924 in VH


(Could Antone A. Andrews have been a relative of this next family? They were apparently both from St. Mary, and Antone did have a sister on the island.)

Family #2 Joseph Enos Andrews of OB (1900)
b. May 1831 in Azores
(As his son was born in St. Mary c. 1875-6, perhaps they were from this island?)
Immigrated to US with his wife (and children?) in 1890. (Status in 1900: "Alien")
Living with wife in Cottage City in 1900.

wife Lucy Mell - they married about 1856-7, presumably in the Azores.
b. Apr. 1833 in Azores
Living with husband in Cottage City in 1900.

They had a total of 13 children, six of whom were still living in 1900. The only one I know of is:

Albert N. Andrews (MHT has him as #A41)
b. 1875-6 in St. Mary, Azores
Tisbury laborer, 1898.
He m. Mary M. Sylvia on 2 Nov 1898 in Tisbury. She was born c. 1876-6 in St George, the dau. of Manuel Sylvia and Mary _____.

Family #3. Antone Andrews of Oak Bluffs
He was living in Oak Bluffs at the time of his wife's 1928 death.

He. m. Amelia Simmons
(She was a sister of Mr. A. J. Simmons of Edg, Mrs. Manuel Sylvia of NT, and Miss Josephine Simmons of St. George.)
Amelia was b. _____ in St. George
She had lived in OB since about 1896-7
She died May 1928 in New Bedford.

Elizabeth, m. ____ Comport, of N. Fairhaven 1928
Anna, m. _____ Brunzell, of Ned Bedford, 1928
Rose, m. _____ Cairns
Mary (unm. 1928)
Antoinette (unm. 1928)
Arthur (of OB 1928)
Joseph (of OB 1928)
Antone (of OB 1928)

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1900, 1910 and 1920 censuses
Tisbury town reports
Tisbury town vital records index
Tisbury town birth records

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