Known Portuguese Families on Martha's Vineyard

"C" Surnames


The following list was extracted from the table of contents of Chapter C of the first edition of Our Portuguese Heritage by Marianne Thomas.

Are you a descendant of one of these families? Do you have genealogical or historical information about these Martha's Vineyard families that you would like to share? Or is your Portuguese - Martha's Vineyard family not represented here? We would like to hear from you!


Families of:

John A. Camacho (1940-)
Manuel Francis (da) Camara (1876-1955) of St. Michael
Antone J. Campbell (1870-1954) of St. Michael

Leslie Earl Campbell (1932-)
Richard Alton Campbell (1929-)
Ernest Leite Campos (1904-1962) of St. Michael
Frank J. Campos (1868-1943) of St. Michael

Manuel A. Campos (1884-1954)
Antone P. Canha (1888-1962) of the Madeira Islands
Domingo Perry Canha of the Madeira Islands
Manuel Canha (1887-?) of the Madeira Islands
Manuel N. (De) Canha (King) of the Madeira Islands

Tuelhermina Canha Paiva
Stephen Capone
Geoffrey Salim Caraboolad (1955-)
John Jude Carbon (1945-)
Manuel Cardoza
Roger Michael Carmancia
Thomas S. Carpenter (1944-)
Antone Joseph Carreiro (1905-1965)
Leigh Conroy Carroll (1935-)
Michael Carroll (1942-)
Thomas Russell Carroll (1932-)
George Francis Cassell, Jr. (1927-)
Joseph F. (Costro) Castro
Louis Caton
Manuel Alfred Caton (1877-1949) of St. Michael
Joseph H. Cecelio (Cecilio) (1893-1964) of St. Nicholas Island, Cape Verde Islands
John Henry Cecelio (1889-1937) of the Cape Verde Islands

Ronald Keith Chambers (1947-)
Kenneth Paul Chapman
Henry Teas Child (1947-)
David Chipperfield (1956-)
John Richard Christopher (1930-)
Thomas Grant Church (1957-)
Michael Ciancio
James Turner Ciciora (1929-)
James Louis Cimeno (1962-)
Robert Clancy
Ray M. Clark
Richard Holding Clark, Jr. (1937-)
Robert Harry Clark (1940-)
Jeffrey George Cleary (1958-)
Albert Rivers Clements, III
Mark Christopher Clements (1959-)
Joseph Francis Clougherty
_____ Coan
Roger Miles Coburn (1931-)
Henry Thomas Coito
Michael Edward Colaneri (1943-)
Noel Vincent Coletti, Jr. (1953-)
Edward Colligan (1930-)
Curtis Lee Collison, Jr.(1940-)
John Gomes Comancho (1859-1923) of the Madeira Islands
Frank Pachico Combra (a/k/a Francisco Pachico da Camara) of St. Michael

Paul Vincent Condlin (1957-)
Curtis M. Connors
William Rankin Conrad (1944-)
Leo John Convery (1905-1976)
Ervin Jasper Cook
Henry (Correira) Corey (1859-1913)
Frank (Luis) Louis Correia (1865-1940) of St. George
John Louis Correia (1869-1919) of St. George

John Fernandes Correira
Manuel Correira (a/k/a Manuel Correira Silva) (1884-1963) of St. Michael
Joseph Furtado Correllus of St. Michael

Paul Humphrey Corwin (1933-)
Antone J. (Coussins) Cosmo (1891-) of Portugal
Manuel Cosmo
Anthony J. Costa (1903-1985)
John Cabral Costa (1889-1972)
Thomas J. DeCosta (1881-)
John Viera Costa (1898-1940) of Pico
Manuel Costa of St. Michael

Stephen Francis Costa (1952-)
William Nelson Costa (1944-)
Gabriel Costa (1883-1938)
Joseph Costa (1908-)
John Costadio
Allan F. Cote
John Cotterill, III
Edmund Charles Cottle (1930-)
Edward Joseph Cournoyer (a/k/a Joseph Eudore Cournoyer)
John Agrella Coutinho (1893-1954) of Calheta, Madeira Islands
Philip Reed Craig (1933-)
Gilbert Creech (1922-)
Harold Enos Croft
Earl D. Crosby, Jr.
Alan Crossland
Mark W. Crossland
Hiram Crowell, Jr. (1849-1923)
Francis Paul Cullen (1953-)
_____ Cullinan
Guy Nicholas Curcione

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