Four Cecelio Sisters of Vineyard Haven:
Mrs. Balbina Andrada, Mrs. Anna Rose,
Mrs. Julia Isaacs, and Mrs. Amelia Ramos



Antone Andrada / Andrade of Vineyard Haven (See OPH p. A31, #1)
b. 8 Nov. 1858 on Madeira
came to US "as a young man" (1892) with his wife(?)
was a Vineyard Haven gardener
1910: living in "Rainbow Row", Vineyard Haven
1920: "black", age "unknown", with wife and son John
d. 20 Jun 1924 (in VH?)

m. Balbina (Mary) Cecelio about 1886-7
(sister to Amelia Remus, Annie C. Rose, and Julia Isaac)
b. c. 1867 in Cape de Verde
came to US about 1895. First came to Plymouth, New Bedford, then finally to MV with her husband.
She appears in the 1910 census with her husband, listed as "Mary".
In 1920 census, "Mary" is listed as a laundress with her wife and son John.
d. 16 Apr. 1927 in VH

They had six children:
_____ Andrade, (died before 1900)
_____ Andrade, (died before 1900)
Adelina Andrade, b. c. 1888-9. She m. Theophilo M. Silv(i)a of Providence RI on 29 July 1905 in Tisbury. (He was b. 1878-9.)
Joseph Andrade, b. c. 1888-9 in "Portugal". Immigrated in 1896. Living with his parents in VH in 1910. He took care of his aunt Anna Rose before her death. (Was he the same person as Joseph C. Andrade, lumber yard chauffeur, b. c. 1889-90 in "Portugal" who appears in the 1920 VH census with wife Adaline and daughters Louise N. and Josephine N, cousin Rosie Nunes and mother-in-law Clotelda Nunes?)
Emily Andrade, b. c. 1898-9 in Oak Bluffs. She m. Jack Senna on 28 Jan 1918 in Tisbury. (He was b. c. 1893-4 in Brava.)
John Andrade, b. c. 1906 in MA (3 Jun 1905 in Tisbury?). Living with parents in 1920. He married Julia Owen Manning of Tisbury on 2 May 1927 in Tisbury. (She was b. c. 1904-5.)

Family #2:

Manuel Rose
Born May 1843(?) in "Portugal"
Immigrated 1875 (1900 status: naturalized)
Appears in 1900 VH census in "Bowery" area.
Died 11 Aug 1924 in Tisbury. (aged "72"). Buried in Oak Grove cemetery.

He m. Anna / Annie C. (Cecelio?) c. 1891-2
b. in Brava, Cape de Verde in Jan. 1869
died 18 Aug 1928 in Tisbury (listed as aged "80" at death)
Her 1928 obituary lists two living sisters, Mrs. Julia Isaacs of VH, and Mrs. Amelia Ramos of VH, two brothers in Brava, and a nephew Joseph Andrade (who was her caretaker.)

I couldn't find Manuel or Anna in either 1910 or 1920 censuses.
No children born to them before 1900, and none listed in Anna's obituary.

Family #3:

John Ramos / Ramus / Raymus / Remus
b. c. 1858-9?
Not in 1900 VH census.
Died 27 Feb 1908 in Tisbury.

He m. Emelia or Amelia Rose (Cecelio?) 13 Apr 1903 in Tisbury
(Sister of Mrs. Anna Rose and Balbina Andrade, above.)
She was b. c. 1874-77 in "Portugal"
Does not appear in 1900 VH census.
She appears as a widow in the 1910 census, living alone.
She was listed in the 1920 VH census, "black", laundress, age unknown, living with her nieces Georgie Pinheiro (b. 1907-8 in MA) and Amelia Pinheiro (b. 1908-9 in MA.) (They are listed adjacent to nephew Antone Andrada and his family.)
Emelia died 7 Mar 1951 in Tisbury. (** find death record!)

Family #4:

John Isaacs
b. Oct. 1853 in Cape de Verde
immigrated 1893 (1900 and 1920 status: alien)
1900 - living in "Bowery" section of VH
1920 - living in VH, gardener for a private family
m. (1?) _______

Daughter: Laura Isaacs, b. Nov. 1890 in "Portugal". She appears with John and Julia in the 1900 census.

m. (2?) Julia Cecelio c. 1897-8
(Sister of Mrs. Anna Rose, and Balbina Andrade, above.)
b. 1862-3 in Cape de Verdes
(immigrated 1900?)
1920 - living with husband in VH
She died 20 Jan 1938 in Tisbury. (*Find VH death record and see Gazette notice!)

Daughter: Marjorie Isaacs, b. 4? July 1900 in Tisbury.

A related family?

Manuel Rose
(See #240, p. R619, OPH.)
b. 5 Jan 1873 in Cape de Verde
immigrated 1889 - naturalized 1905
Came to MV about 1908-1910.
1910 - not in VH census?
1920 - House carpenter, living on Summer St., VH
Died 9 Apr 1926 in Tisbury (blood poisoning from roofing injury.) Buried in Oak Grove, VH.

m. Annie _____
b. 1879-80 in Cape de Verde
immigrated 1885, naturalized 1905
1920 - cook for a private family.

Manuel D. L. Rose, b. 1905-6 in RI
Bernice Rose, b. 1906-7 in Cape de Verde
Elizabeth E. Rose, b. 1909-10 in MA
Jennie M. Rose, b. 1912-3 in MA
Richard Rose, b. 27 Jan. 1916 in Tisbury. (Died 12/30/35 in Tisbury?)
Sixth child ______ (six children listed in father's obit.)

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