Notes on the Duart(e) Families
of Martha's Vineyard

[See "Our Portuguese Heritage" for much more detail on the descendants and additional branches of this family. The following material was extracted from primary sources, independently of OPH. Can you help us sort this family out? Please contact us!]

FAMILY ONE (See OPH, p. D225, #1):

Antonio F. Duart
and Mary T.(?) _____
[MHT states that Antonio F. Duart and Mary Thomas were from Fayal.]

I have found no records of this couple on the island, but two of their daughters married in Tisbury. Daughter Guitarrah immigrated before 1864, the year she married in Tisbury (although her 1910 census entry states that she immigrated in 1867), and Louisa was on the island even earlier by 1859. There were no Duart(e)s listed in the 1850 or 1860 censuses of Martha's Vineyard. Children:

Louisa Constance Duarte, b. c. 1837-8 on Fayal. She m. Manuel Sylvia in Holmes Hole on 14 Mar. 1859. (He was b. 1838-9 on St. George, the son of Joseph Sylvia and Teresa _____. His 1859 Tisbury marriage record calls him a mariner.) I have found no further records of this family. [See Silvia / Sylvia notes.]

Giutorrah Duart (listed variously as "Mary" (1900 census), "Guitarrah" (son George's birth), "Guitorrah" (George's marriage), "Guitarrh" (son Frank's birth), "Catary" (marr rec), "Rosa" (1880 census), "Kataro" (1870), "Gutaria" (1920), "Geuteura" (son's obit.), and "Katherine" (1910 census).) She was born in December 1846 at Fayal (Although records vary: her marr. rec. suggests 1841-2 in Fayal. 1880 census suggests 1842-3. 1870 suggests 1841-2.) She married Francis (Frank) Golart on 15 January 1864 at Tisbury. He was born in May 1839 on Pico, the son of Francis Golart and Osaphai(?) _____ . The 1907 Vineyard Haven directory lists widow "Katary" on Spring Street, near Pine Street, and the 1910 census lists widow "Katherine" on Spring Street. She appears in the 1920 census with her son Frank on Main St. She died 15 Jan 1924 in Vineyard Haven. [ See Golart notes.]


Antonio Duarte
of Cottage City (1886). He was born 1866-7? in Fayal (marr rec) or Dec. 1859? (1900 CC census), the son of Antonio and Ignacia Joaquino Duarte. He immigrated in 1885. He appears in the 1900 CC census as a day laborer.

He m. Philomena R. Meideros of Cottage City on 5 Jun 1886 in Tisbury. Was she born c. 1869-70 in St. Michael (marr rec.) or Dec. 1861 (1900 CC census)? She was the dau. of Manuel P. and Innocensia K. Meideros, and the sister of Antone and Domingo Medeiros/Alley. She immigrated in 1875.

Their children included: (seven total, five surviving by 1900):

Mary Duart b. Apr. 1890 in MA. With parents in 1900 CC census.
Joseph Duart b. Apr. 1894 in MA. With parents in 1900 CC census.
Frank Duart b. Apr. 1895 in MA. With parents in 1900 CC census.
Philomena Duart b. Dec. 1896 in MA. With parents in 1900 CC census.
Manuel Duart b. Feb. 1900 in MA. With parents in 1900 CC census.

FAMILY THREE (See OPH, p. D226, #80)

Antone (Antonio) Francis Duart(e)

Antone's obituary in the 22 May 1931 Vineyard Gazette calls him the "Island's second Portuguese Settler" (not quite true but an interesting statement nonetheless!) It also states that at the time of his arrival on the island (1864 or shortly after) there was only one other Portuguese on Martha's Vineyard. (Who would that have been?)

He was the son of Frances (Frank L.) Duart and Clara F. _____, and the brother of Joseph S. Duart(e) who later joined him in Cottage City (Oak Bluffs.)

Antone was born 25 Apr. 1844 in Fayal. He helped his uncle build the small schooner "Dona Maria" which he left in with a group of others "in the dead of night" upon nearing his 18th birthday to avoid the military service. (This is according to a Vineyard Gazette article. His naturalization papers states that he left Fayal for New Bedford in the vessel "Mrs. Silvia", which arrived on or about 1 Aug 1864.) He went first to New Bedford, and then soon after to the Vineyard, where he had a cousin (who?). At age 25 he married his first wife. (c. 1869-70) and six years later (c. 1875-6) he bought a 100-acre farm near the head of the Lagoon pond, in Oak Bluffs, where he lived and farmed for the next 60 years. He returned for a visit to Fayal to visit his parents his mother died during visit - and he visited again about 1910.

The 1900 Cottage City census lists him as a farmer. The 1907 Oak Bluffs directory lists him as an "ice dealer" at the "Head of Pond." His 1907 naturalization application describes the 63-year-old illiterate farmer as 5'5" tall, 144 lbs., with gray hair and gray eyes. The 1910 Oak Bluffs census lists him as living off his own income with his wife and son Joseph (who evidently took his ice business over) and by March 1928, when the Vineyard Gazette did an "Interesting Vineyarders" profile on him, he was still living with wife, son, daughter-in-law, and 12 of his 21 grandchildren. He died 15 May 1931 at the home of daughter Mrs. Fred Norton in Vineyard Haven, and was buried in Edgartown.

He m. (1st) _____ c. 1867 on Martha's Vineyard. [MHT identifies her as Mary Emelia DaCosta who died in 1873.]

He m. (2nd): Mary Ann E. (Maria Ann Antonia) DaCosta (sister of Antone DaCosta of VH, 1931) [MHT identifies her as Maryanne Emelia DaCosta, sister of Antone's first wife] on 8 Aug 1873 in Tisbury. She was born in Feb. , c. 1854 in Fayal, the dau. of Joseph A. and Jacine DaCosta. She came to the US and to M.V. at age 18 (c. 1872-3.) She d. 7 Oct. 1931 in Vineyard Haven.


By first marriage:

1. _____ (daughter), m. Joseph Enos Dugan of Vineyard Haven (AKA Joseph Enos Azavedo of St. George.) [MHT identifies her as Mary Frances Duart.]

By second marriage:

2. Joseph F. Duart, b. c. 1874 in Cottage City. He m. (1st) Maud E. Deming on 23 Mar 1898 in Tisbury. (She was b. 1870-1 in Nova Scotia, the dau. of David Deming and Anne Richard. She died 5 May 1950 in Tisbury. Did they divorce?) He m. (2nd) Francis _____ c. 1906-7. [MHT identifies her as Frances Constance Dias.] (She was b. c. 1885-6 in the Azores, and immigrated in 1905.) Joseph is listed as a Cottage City farmer in 1898; living at the Head of the Pond in 1907; an Oak Bluffs farm manager in 1910; and living in Oak Bluffs in 1931). Their children include: Bertha May Duart (b. 18 Sep. 1906 in Mass.); Sarah Duarte (who m. Walter Jenkinson Jr. of Chilmark in West Tisbury in March 1933); and Maryann Duart (b. 22 Apr. 1910.) [See OPH for more children.]

3. Annie F. Duart, b. Jun 1876 in Mass. She m. Frederick L. Norton on 9 Dec. 1901 in Tisbury. He was the son of Benjamin Norton. (of Beech St. VH, 1931)

4. Antone Francis Duart(e), b. Aug. 1877 in Mass. He m. Delia Josephine Brennan (Brenner? Bremmer?) on Martha's Vineyard in 1904. She was born c. 1879-80 in County Galway, Ireland. She came to the US in 1898 and to Martha's Vineyard about 1903-4. She died in March, 1937.
Antone appears in the 1900 Cottage City census as a day laborer living with his parents; in the 1907 Vineyard Haven directory as an "ice dealer" living on William St., and a "retail ice merchant" living on High St. in the 1910 Vineyard Haven census. The 1917-18 Tisbury school registers lists his address on (Old) Edgartown Road. In the 1920 Tisbury census, he is listed as a assistant agent of the express company, living on Edgartown Road. Their children include: Rev. Leo Stephen John Duart(e) (b. 29 Dec. 1904 in Tisbury. Ordained 30 May 1931 in Fall River. He was the first Roman Catholic Priest ever born on MV.); Francis Anthony Duart (b. 3 Aug. 1907 in Tisbury); and Anthony J. B. Duarte (b. 18 July 1910 in Tisbury.)

Joseph S. Duart(e) [See OPH p. D231.] He was b. Jan. 1858 (according to the 1900 census) or c. 1856-7 in the Western Islands, the son of Frank L. Duart and Clara F. _____, and the brother of Antone F. Duart (who he appears next to in 1900 CC census.) He immigrated in about 1888-1890. He was called a Cottage City farmer in 1891, and an Oak Bluffs odd jobs laborer in 1910.

He m. Mary R. Golart on 30 Jun 1891 in Tisbury. She was b. Feb. 1868? or 1866-7? in the Western Islands, the dau. of Antone P. Golart and Mary R. _____. She immigrated about 1888-1891.

They had seven children by 1910, all born in Mass, six of whom were living in 1910:

Edward S. Duart, b. Jan. 1893 in MA; with parents in 1900 & 1910 OB.
Joseph S. Duart, b. Jan. 1895 in MA; with parents in 1900 & 1910 OB.
Frank S. Duart, b. Jan. 1897 in MA; with parents in 1900 & 1910 OB.
John S. Duart, b. Aug. 1899 in MA; with parents in 1900 & 1910 OB.
____ born after 1900; died before 1910.
Antone S. Duart, b. 1902-3 in MA; with parents in 1910 OB. [m. Florence Salvadore]
Manuel S. Duart, b. 1905-6 in MA; with parents in 1910 OB.

[See OPH p. D231, for much more on this family.]

FAMILY FOUR (See OPH, p. D230, #290)

Manuel P. Duarte
of Oak Bluffs, born before 1897. Living in 1926. He m. Rosa P. Pachico, who was b. in OB c. 1896-7, the dau. of Joseph G. Pachico Sr. She d. 26 Apr 1926 in OB.

Raymond Duarte
Manuel Duarte
Raul (Rowley) Duarte
b. 1912-3.
Joseph Duarte adopted by Joseph and Caroline Santos in 1929. Changed name to Joseph Santos.
John Duarte
Olive Duarte
Agnes Duarte

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