Known Portuguese Families on Martha's Vineyard

"F" Surnames


The following list was extracted from the table of contents of Chapter F of the first edition of Our Portuguese Heritage by Marianne Thomas.

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Families of:

Joseph Faria (1894-1983) of Portugal

Joseph Anthony Farland, Jr. (1933-)
Andrew John Farrissey, Jr.
James Joseph Fauteux (1912-1982)
Raymond Henry Fauteux, Jr. (1944-)
Richard Edward Fauteux
Barney Felix
Henry Ferguson, Jr. (1944-)
Alfredo Julio Fernandes
John Joseph Fernandes (1920-)
John D. Ferreira (1890-1980) of St. Michael
Joseph Costa Ferreira (1910-)
Joseph Daniel Ferreira of Lisbon, Portugal
William Daniel Ferreira of Lisbon, Portugal
Manuel Ferreira (1882-1961) of Pico

Viriato Tarvers Ferreira (1904-1953)
Jesse Ferro
John Furtado Ferro (1912-)
Joseph (Joaquim) A. Fialho of Fayal
Joseph Swartz Figueiredo (1888-1960) of St. Mary

John Fish
Donald McIntosh Fisher (1928-)
Francis Elliott Fisher, Jr. (1955-)
George Henry Fisher (1909-)
Hollis West Fisher (1907-)
Jeffrey E. Fisher (1949-)
Meredith S. Fisher (1913-1972)
Harry Brian Flanders (1947-)
Alfred Joseph Fleauteau (1930-)
John Peter Folcik (1938-)
Joseph Francis Fontaine
Michael Bettencourt Fontes (1880-1955) of St. George
Laura Forbes Duarte (1897-)
Thomas Fordham (c. 1827 - ?) of Fayal
Gilbert A. Forend, Jr.
Loren Granville Forrister (1933-)
Antone Miguel Fortes (1890-1979) of St. Nicholas, Cape Verde Islands
Manuel M. Fragosa (1891-1968)
Charles S. Francis
Joseph J. Francis (1890-1972)
Manuel Francis (1834-1906)
Manuel Francis (1879-) of the Azores

Robert Dennis Francis (1950-)
Flora Bella (Nunes) Francis Allard (1882-)
Laura P. (Nunes) Francis Jordan (1878-1929)
Mary A. (Nunes) Francis (1877-)
Edward S. Franco (1919-1985)
Manuel (Vinger) Frank of the Madeira Islands
Kenneth M. Frates (1898-1985) of the Madeira Islands

Bertrand Frederick, Jr.
Robert Freeman (1935-)
Louis Rodrigues Freitas (1926-)
Remo Lido Fullin (1920-)
Richard Fulsom
Richard Paul Furtado (1922-)

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