The Frank Golart Family of Tisbury, Mass.



Francis (Frank) Golart
(probably called "Francisco Gularte" in the Azores) was born in May 1839 on Pico, the son of Francis Golart and Osaphai(?) _____. He married Giutorrah Duart, daughter of Antonio F. Duart and Mary T.? _____, on 15 January 1864 at Tisbury. (He likely immigrated not long before his marriage, and was naturalized before 1900.) He appears with his wife on the 1870 Tisbury census as Frank and Kataro Gallard, and his occupation given as mariner (as it is in 1872 in his eldest son's birth record.) The 1874 birth record of his younger son gives his occupation as shoemaker. He appears again in the 1880 Tisbury census as a laborer, with his wife and two children. The 1897 Vineyard Haven directory lists him as a shoemaker living on Spring Street. He appears on the census of 1900 at Spring St., Vineyard Haven with his wife and son Frank. His occupation is given as "boat + shoe repair." He died 20 May 1906 in Tisbury. (I have a great photo of Frank as an old man.)

Giutorrah Duart is listed variously as "Mary" (1900 census), "Guitarrah" (George's birth), "Guitarrh" (Frank's birth), "Catary" (marr rec), "Rosa" (1880 census), "Kataro" (1870), "Gutaria" (1920) and "Geuteura" (son's obit.) She was born in December 1846 at Fayal (Although records vary: her marr. rec. suggests 1841-2 in Fayal. 1880 census suggests 1842-3. 1870 suggests 1841-2.) The 1907 Vineyard Haven directory lists widow "Katary" on Spring Street, near Pine Street. She appears in the 1920 census with her son Frank on Main St. She died 15 Jan 1924 in Vineyard Haven.

Their children were:

1. Frank Golart Jr., born on 26 Oct. 1872 in Vineyard Haven. He appears with his parents in the 1880 Tisbury census. He worked first as a mason's tender, then had a bicycle shop on Main Street which was destroyed in the 1883 fire. He was also a bicycle racer. He is remembered as a hero of the '98 Portland Gale, in which he saved several sailors in Vineyard Haven Harbor. He appeared on the census of 1900 at Spring St., Tisbury with his parents, occupation: bicycle dealer. He is listed in the 1907 Vineyard Haven directory as living on Main Street, on the corner of Beach Street, and employed by the N.E.T. & T. Co. He was called a "Martha's Vineyard's first telephone lineman" in a 22 Apr 1927 Gazette article, and a "telephone pioneer" in his obituary. He was employed as a lineman for forty years, including a period with Dr. Lane's phone company. He appears in the 1910 Vineyard Haven census, and the 1920 census on Main Street, telephone lineman. He died of a heart attack in May 1932 while working on a telephone pole in Edgartown.
He m. Annie J. _____, who was b. c. 1876 in Ireland, and immigrated in 1876.
Son: David W. Golart, b. c. 1909-10.

2. George C. Golart, born on 25 April 1874 in Tisbury. He appears with his parents in the 1880 Tisbury census. The 1897 directory lists a Geo. C. Golart, telegraph messenger, boarding on Spring Street, and a Geo. G. Golart, clerk, living on Main Street (are these references to the same man, or was one supposed to be his brother Frank?) He married Christina L. Davison, daughter of Ezekial Davison and Alma L. French, on 27 Dec. 1899 at Tisbury. (She was born Jan. 1880 in Brooklyn NY.) He was employed by the U. S. Weather Bureau in Tisbury at the time of his marriage, as well as in the 1900 census (where he is listed on Main Street.) He does not appear in the 1910 or 1920 censuses of Vineyard Haven. His brother's 1932 obituary lists George's residence as New York City.

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