Known Portuguese Families on Martha's Vineyard

"H" Surnames


The following list was extracted from the table of contents of Chapter H of the first edition of Our Portuguese Heritage by Marianne Thomas.

Are you a descendant of one of these families? Do you have genealogical or historical information about these Martha's Vineyard families that you would like to share? Or is your Portuguese - Martha's Vineyard family not represented here? We would like to hear from you!


Families of:

Richard Douglas Hafner (1942-)
Dale Joseph Haidet (1933-)
Fred William Hall (1937-)
James Hampson (c.1890-1942)
Harold Burton Hampton (1928-)
Charles Wayne Hankins (1953-)
Robert Preston Hanna (1944-)
William T. Hardie
Steven Harmon
Robert Harrington
Ronald James Harris (1934-)
Thomas Harris
Douglas Ross Hathaway (1956-)
Gary Steven Hathaway (1953-)
John Hoyt Hathaway (1946-)
Michael Patrick Hathaway (1958-)
Bruce Parker Hayden (1943-)
Richard Clarence Hayden, Jr. (1942-)
Jerome Ambrose Healy (1899-1966)
James Leonard Heath (1902-1954)
Theodore Philip Henley (1906-)
Clarence Bernard Herrmann (1918-)
Clement F. Heverley
Spencer Graham Hilton (1932-)
Mervin Hines (1933-)
________ Hinsman
Carl Sylvia Hjelm (1962-)
Barry Ray Hobby (1943-)
Johan Axel Hoglund (1901-1981)
Shardan Hoile
Bruce Ryan Holcomb (1933-)
Gardner Holden (1913-)
William Holmes (1890-1944)
Clement Charles Howe (1924-)
George William Howe (1906-)
Willis Howes (1825-1904)
Philip Thomas Hughes, Jr.
Norris Lee Humphreys (1925-)
Nathan H. Hunt

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