Notes on the
Machado Families
of Martha's Vineyard

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Oak Bluffs Gardener

20. Manuel Silveira Machado,
b. c. July 4, 1833 in St. George. He was the son of Antone Machado of St. George and _____ of Pico , and supposedly he was the twin of Joseph Silveira Machado (just like his own twin children.) He immigrated in 1856 or 1870 (records vary) and was naturalized in 1894 . The family moved to Oak Bluffs around 1879-80, and he bought land in Cottage City from Joseph Enos of Edgartown in 1880 and from Shubael Norton in 1881. He appears in the 1900 Cottage City census as a day laborer , and the 1910 Oak Bluffs census as an odd jobs laborer . He was an Oak Bluffs gardener, living on Lagoon Rd. in 1907 . He appears as a widower living with his son Joseph in Oak Bluffs in 1920 , and was living in Oak Bluffs at the time of his death . He had a homestead on Wing Road, which his son Joseph inherited. He d. December 20, 1923 of arteriosclerosis . His death record calls him a retired Oak Bluffs cook .
He m. Anna/Annie S. DeJesus/Jesus Linias
c. 1870. She was born Feb. 11, 1839 in Pico, the daughter of Manuel Linias of Pico . She immigrated in 1871 . She died Apr. 11, 1915 in Oak Bluffs of acute bronchitis.
They had three children, one of whom died before 1900 :

*160. MANUEL S. MACHADO, JR. (twin), b. c. June 1873 in Providence, RI.
*161. JOSEPH S. MACHADO (twin) , b. c. June 1873 in Providence, RI.
162. ____________. Died before 1900.

160. MANUEL S. MACHADO, JR., (Manuel1), twin of Joseph. He was born about June 1873 in Providence RI. He came to Oak Bluffs at the age of four (about 1879-80?) He appears in the 1900 and 1910 Oak Bluffs censuses with his parents, and was boarding with his family on Lagoon Road in 1907 . The 1910 Oak Bluffs census describes him as a house carpenter, and his 1913 marriage records calls him an Oak Bluffs carpenter. In 1920, he appears on Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs as a house carpenter with his wife and children, and was called an Oak Bluffs resident in 1924. His 1940 obituary calls him a carpenter . He died Nov. 9, 1940 at Martha's Vineyard Hospital .
He m. Isabella J. Santos
on January 30, 1913 in Vineyard Haven . She was b. about 1881-2 in St. George , the dau. of Joseph Santos and Josephine Silvia and the sister of Mary Santos who married Joseph C. Rogers&nbsp(290) She immigrated in 1904 and came to Martha's Vineyard from St. George about 1906 . She was naturalized in 1912. She was a Tisbury "domestic" at the time of her marriage in 1913 . She was living in Oak Bluffs in 1940, and was probably the Isabel Machado, born June 8, 1881, who died in July 1968. .)
They had the following children:

170. EVELYN J. MACHADO, b. December 14, 1914 in Oak Bluffs . She was living at home in Oak Bluffs in 1940 , and was an unmarried resident of Of Oak Bluffs in 1968 . She d. February 24, 1987 in Santa Cruz CA.
171. NORMAN J. MACHADO, b. September 29, 1916 in Oak Bluffs
. He m. Connie _____. He was living in Soquel, CA in 1940 and in Upland, CA in 1968 . He died Dec. 29, 1999 in Lake Havasu City, AZ.
172. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH MACHADO, b. May 18, 1918, probably in Oak Bluffs
. She was living in Capitola, CA in 1940, and in Santa Cruz, CA, unmarried, in 1968 .
173. FRANCIS MACHADO, b. July 13, 1919Oak Bluffs
. He d. November 25, 1919 in Oak Bluffs of bronchitis.


161. JOSEPH S. MACHADO / MARSHALL, (Manuel1), twin of Manuel. He was born c. June 1873 in Providence RI. He appears as a widower in 1920 living on Lagoon Road, Oak Bluffs with his father, and working as a house carpenter. He was listed as an Oak Bluffs resident in 1924 and 1940 and was living on Wing Road, Oak Bluffs in 1941. . He lived on his father's homestead on Wing Road, Oak Bluffs . He was a carpenter, employued by William G. Manter Co. of VH. He left Oak Bluffs in 1955 and went to California, stayed two years, and then moved in with his daughter Irene in Fairhaven in 1957 . He d. March 16, 1960 in Fairhaven MA.
He m(1) Martha Anne Girvin. She was b. January 1, 1875 in the north of Ireland. She evidently died before 1920.
He m(2) Mary Clara Medeiros (sister of Mrs. Rose Clara Madeiros of Oak Bluffs (900)) on September 26, 1921 in Taunton MA. She was born c. 1876-77 in the Azores. Mary Clara Medeiros and her family came from Candelaria, ilha do Pico, Açores. (Her other sisters went to California and died there. Their families settled in Cupertino and San Jose area. Their mother was living in 1931 .) Mary Clara came to Oak Bluffs about 1891. She owned property with her sister in Raynham in 1931 (deeded to them by Manuel Morris in 1908.) She was listed as an Oak Bluffs resident in 1941. Mary Clara died Feb. 12, 1941 in Oak Bluffs.
They had the following children:

(first marriage:)

180. RAYMOND H. MARSHALL, b. in 1906. He d. in 1918.
*181. IRENE CLARA MARSHALL, b. ________; She m. William T. Hardie (1). They were living in Fairhaven MA during 1957-60

(second marriage:)

*182. JOSEPH/JOSE MEDEIROS MACHADO, b. December 3, 1922.

182. JOSEPH/JOSE MEDEIROS MACHADO, (Joseph2, Manuel1), b. December 3, 1922. He was living in Milpitas, Santa Clara Co., CA in 1941,
and was probably living in California during 1955-7 . He was living in Burbank CA in 1960 . He m. Barbara Ricci on June 8, 1947. She was born in 1931, the dau. of Bartholomeo Ricci and Sibyl W. Studley. Joseph Medeiros Machado died on 20 Mar 1996 in Bull Head City, AZ. Barbara died in 1987.
They had the following children:



1. John Perry Machado was born c. 1916-7 in New Bedford, the son of Frank P. Machado and Rose Sylvia . He m. Ida Lillian Canha (173) on July 2, 1938. She was b. August 8, 1917 , the dau. of Manuel Canha (160) and Adeline De Jesus Frank (12) . They had the following child:



200. Mrs. Mary Jane (_____) Machado/Marshall, "elderly resident of Oak Bluffs." She died February 3, 1936
in Martha's Vineyard Hospital, and had been living with her son Joseph on Wing Road. She was born in Flores, came to the US at age ten, married ______ Machado/Marshall, and lived in New Bedford for many years. After her husband died about 1911, she moved to Taunton, then Cape Cod, and finally to Oak Bluffs about 1927. She owned a piece of property in Oak Bluffs(?) known as "Oakland."

She had the following children:

250. Joseph F. (Ferreira?) Machado/Marshall. He was born c. 1888-9 in New Bedford . He was living in Oak Bluffs in 1936 and 1966. He died on Jan. 2, 1966 at Martha's Vineyard Hospital . He had a home on Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs in 1951. He was employed by the town of Oak Bluffs for more than twenty years, retiring in 1964. His obituary notes, "Joe was a street sweeper, but such was the character of the man that he invested this lowly occupation with a rare sort of dignity. His short, wiry figure, of which his black pipe was as much a part of his facial features, was as familiar a sight as the inanimate landmarks of the village. In the early morning and late at night, in storm or sunshine, Joe was on his job, taking advantage of the lulls in traffic." He inherited his mother's property, "Oakland". He may have been related to a Joseph M. Machado who was living in Sacramento CA in 1966.
He m. Rose S. Pacheco. (She was the sister of Frank Pacheco of NB, Mrs. Julia Reil of Paterson NJ, Mrs. Mary Andrada of Gloucester, and Mrs. Silvana Sousa of Florida, in 1958 ). She had been previously married to _____ Martin (See Martin #10, below.) She had been previously married to ____ Ferreira. She was born c. 1878-9 in San Miguel, and came to the US in her childhood. She lived on the "nearby mainland" for several years before coming to Martha's Vineyard. She worked as a hotel laundress at various Oak Bluffs hotels, and she and her husband conducted the Portuguese Feast of the Holy Ghost at their home for a number of years. She had a son from a previous marriage, Joseph Ferreira, who was living in NB in 1958 . She had a daughter ______ (by which husband?) who m. Antone Martin (10?) and was living in Oak Bluffs in 1958 and 1966. She was noted as having two children in 1966.


___. Joseph A. Machado/Marshall, (Joseph1)
(c. 1885-1956) See MARSHALL.

Manuel Machadeo / Machado, (George1), b. c. 1865-6 in the Azores, the son of George Machadeo and Henrietta ________. He was listed as a Cottage City shoemaker in 1888. . He m. Henrietta Nunes (110) on December 1, 1888 [obvr]. She was b. c. 1867-8 in the Azores, the dau. of Robinson J. Nunes and Rosa ________.

300. Joseph Machade
, born c. 1851-2 in St. George, the son of Mathew J. Machade and Mrtge(?) ______
. He was listed as an Edgartown seaman about 1885-6. He m. Josephia/Josephine L. Silva on Oct. 7, 1885 in Edgartown . She was born about 1865-7 in Edgartown, the daughter of Manuel Silva and Louisa _____.
They had a daughter:

210. Maria Machade, b. Aug. 27, 1886 in Edgartown .


350. Louis/Lewis Marshall/Machado/Mechedo, b. Sep 1840 in the Azores. He immigrated in 1872, and appears in the 1900 Cottage City census as a shoemaker. He was illiterate. He m. Ellen _____ about 1879-80. She was born in March 1851 in England, and immigrated in 1868. Louis and Ellen Machado/Marshall of Cottage City bought land from S. L. Norton in 1886 and 1887, and sold (or mortgaged?) the same lot(s?) on Wings Road to Marinner de Medeiros / Marshall (Mariano Madeiros?) of Cottage City in 1886 and mortgaged to Frank A. Marshall of Marlboro in 1887. Two of these lots were seized by the sheriff by court order and sold at auction to Manuel Cardoza in 1890. By 1892, Louis was living in Nantucket, when he commenced suit against Cardoza to recover the two parcels of land. He was an Edgartown shoemaker in 1905 . He died of heart disease on Apr. 12, 1905 in Cottage City, MA.
They had two children, both living in 1900 but neither with their parents, so their names have not yet been learned.

400. Mary J. Machado, b. Apr. 1884 in St. Michael, the dau. of Francis C. Machaido of St. Michael . She immigrated and came to Edgartown about 1901-2. She married Manuel S. Perry about 1903-4. He was an Edgartown fisherman, and was living in 1938. She was a resident of Edgartown until her death of liver cancer at her home on School Street on Oct. 26, 1938.

440. Isabel/Isabella B. Mechado of the Azores who m. Adrian Silvia of the Azores . They had a dau. Mary Silvia who was b. 1879 in Azores and d. 1905 in CC. , and a son Edward J. Silvia, b. c. 1884-5 in Nb . . She is probably the same as Isabelle Machado, b. c. Feb. 1839 in St. George, the dau. of Boaventura Machado and Mary Ann ____ of St. George .She died July 6, 1926 in Oak Bluffs of "senility." .

460. Nora Elizabeth Machado, daughter of "Mrs. John C. Calhoun and late John Zaldivar Machado of Toronto" (1953) and the sister of John Blair Machado. She m. Dr. John Wyly Garrett Tuthill in Millbrook, NY in Nov. 1953.

490. Antone Machado of New Bedford. He m. Mary Frates. They had a daughter:

500. Mary Machado/Machardo, born in New Bedford or St. Michael about 1906-7. She was a New Bedford mill operator in 1927 . She married John Frank (22) (AKA Joao Francisco Vinagre) on Oct. 8, 1927 in Tisbury. He was a Tisbury carpenter, born c. 1903-4 in Madeira. He was listed as a Tisbury carpenter in 1930 and 1932 .

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