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Maciel Families
of Martha's Vineyard

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1. Joao Ferreira Maciel, born Mar. 10, 1814 in São Mateus, Pico. He was the son of Francisco Ferreira Azeveda and Ana Conceicao. He married Theresa Luiza Jan. 30, 1837 in São Mateus, Pico. Theresa Luiza was born Nov. 27, 1809 in São Mateus, Pico. She was the daughter of Francisco Antonio daRosa and Maria Teresa deJesus.
The children of Joao Ferreria Macial and Theresa Luiza are:

10. Maria Luiza Ferreira Maciel, born Jan. 5, 1839 in São Mateus, Pico.
11. Manuel Ferreira Maciel, born July 14, 1841 in São Mateus, Pico.
12. Teresa Ferreira Maciel, born Feb. 14, 1844 in São Mateus, Pico.
13. Isabel Ferreira Maciel, born Oct. 1846 in São Mateus, Pico.
*14. Jose Ferreira Maciel, born Apr. 10, 1853 in São Mateus, Pico.
15. Antonio Ferreira Maciel, born Feb. 3, 1856 in São Mateus, Pico.


14. Jose Ferreira Maciel, called "Joe," was born April 10, 1853 in São Mateus, Pico, the son of Joao Ferreira Maciel and Theresa Luiza. In 1895 the family was living on the street "Rua do Pasteleiro" in Angustias Horta, Faial. They arrived in Fairhaven, MA when their son Alfred was a small child (c. 1898-1905?).
He m. Maria Jose d'Oliveira (AKA Mary F. Oliverio/Olivero AKA "Mary J. Rose" ) on 2 May 1876 in Angustias, Horta, Faial. She was born in 1858 in Nossa Senhora das Angústias, Horta, Faial , the daughter of Antonio da Rosa d'Oliveira and Maria Jose d' Oliveira.
They had the following children:

*20. Manuel Ferreira Maciel, b. 10 June 1877 in Angustias, Horta, Faial.
*21. Maria/Mary Jose Maciel, b. Nov. 10, 1879 in Faial. She emigrated to New York City on Apr. 2, 1899, and came to Martha's Vineyard about 1905 . She m. Thomas J. DeCosta (40) in Fayal . They were living in West Tisbury c. 1907-8 and c. 1909-10 and on North Road, West Tisbury in 1939. She d. Dec. 31, 1952 in Vineyard Haven. He was born about 1881 in the Azores, and worked on Seven Gates Farm.
*22. Antonio Ferreira Maciel, b. 17 September 1881 in Angustias, Horta, Faial.
*23. Raul Ferreira Maciel, b. February 9, 1888 in Faial.
24. Filomena F. Maciel, b. May 10, 1890 in Angustias, Horta, Faial. No further record.
*25 Gullherme Ferreira Maciel (William Francis Maciel), b. May 6, 1891 in Angustias, Horta, Faial
*26. Joao Ferreira Maciel, b. Jan. 2, 1894 in Angustias, Horta, Faial.
*27. Francisco (Frank) Ferreira Maciel, b. Nov. 15, 1895 in Angustias, Horta, Faial
*28. Alfred Vieira Maciel, b. Nov. 22, 1897 in Faial
29. Joseph Maciel, called "Joe," b. ____. He was living in New Bedford in 1953 and eventually to California, perhaps Oakland or Berkeley. He married Viola Dutra. She had been married and divorced to (1) _____ Cardoza He probably died before 1961.


20. Manuel Ferreira Maciel, (Joseph1), born 10 June 1877 in Angustias, Horta, Faial. He was naturalized in 1909 . He was listed as a West Tisbury farmer in 1912, a Tisbury painter in 1920 , and a Tisbury farmer in 1921 . They lived in Tisbury and West Tisbury for many years. (He was a Tisbury farm laborer in 1909, and lived on State Rd. about 1919 ], Daggett Ave. about 1921 , Tashmoo Farm about 1926-28 , North Road about 1926 and State Rd. about 1926-28.) He appears as a cotton mill laborer living with his family on State Road Vineyard Haven in the 1920 census . By 1929 they moved to Chilmark, and then moved from Chilmark to California in October 1941. Manuel died in 1947 (presumably in California).
He m. Rosa M. Silveria/Silvaera (AKA Madelina?) on November 9, 1909 in Oak Bluffs(?) . She was born about 1875 on St. Michael, the daughter of Jose Silveria and Rosa Madelena . She immigrated in 1897 and was naturalized in 1904 (or 1909?) . Manuel F. Maciel's wife's obituary called her "Rose M. Pastor." It is unclear whether he married two women named Rose, or if they are one person. Rose (Pastor) Maciel was born Feb. 2, 1885 in Pico. She had a brother Joseph S. Pastor who was living in Casmalia in 1955, and a sister Mrs. Maria Garcia living in Portugal in 1955 . She came to the US about 1899-1900, and spent most of her life on Martha's Vineyard. She died Nov. 26, 1955 at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara CA.
They had the following children:

30. Olivia/Olive Maciel, b. Aug. 12, 1910 in MA.
31. Amelia/Emily Maciel, b. Sep. 7, 1912 in Tisbury. She m. _____ Bordignon, and was living in Santa Barbara in 1955 and about 1979 . She died in August 1979.
32. Joseph P. Maciel, b. Feb. 22, 1914 in MA. He was living in Ukiah (California?) in 1955 .
33. Evelyn/Eva Maciel, b. Nov. 22, 1915 in MA. She m. _____ Izquierdo and was living in Bakersfield CA in 1955 .
34. Manuel F. Maciel Jr., b. in April 28, 1920 in Tisbury . He was living in Santa Maria (California?) in 1955 and in North Hollywood, California about 1986. He died in Nov. 1986.
35. Mary Madeline Maciel (AKA Mary Madelina, May Madelina), b. November 18, 1921 in Chilmark MA. She m. Albert Allen Poirier on November 5, 1940 . He was a Norfolk, Virginia coastguardsman in 1940. . He was born c. 1913-14 in North Providence, RI. Mary was a Chilmark waitress in 1940 . She was living in Oakland, CA in 1955 .
36. Serafine Maciel, probably born after 1920. He was living in San Luis Obispo, CA in 1955 .


22. Antonio Ferreira Maciel, (Joseph1), called "Tony", born 17 September 1881 in Angustias, Horta, Faial. He was a West Tisbury painter in 1924 and a Tisbury painter in 1932 and 1940. He was known to be living on Look St., Vineyard Haven in 1930-31 and on William St. in 1933. By 1953 he had moved to California. He probably died before 1961.
He m. (1st) Mary Enos, the daughter of John Enos and Marion Marshall of the Azores . She was born c. Jan. 6, 1893(?) in New London CT . She died Oct. 21, 1936 in Oak Bluffs.
He m. (2nd) Mary (Perry/Pereira) Costa (480) July 27, 1940 in Tisbury . She was born c. 1892-3 in Flores , the daughter of Frank L. Perry and T?elemina deJesus. It was her third marriage .
They had the following children:

*40. Antone Ferreira Maciel, Jr., b. in Sep. 26, 1910 in New Bedford.
41. George Francis Maciel, b. April 29, 1924. He died in June 1986.
42. Theresa Lucille Maciel, b. February 17, 1932 in Oak Bluffs ; d. February 20, 1932 inOak Bluffs.
43. Louis Thomas Maciel, b. Jan. 17, 1911 in Fairhaven. He was a Tisbury truck driver in 1935 . He m. Majel Hutchinson of Tisbury in Tisbury on Apr 8, 1935. She was b. c. 1909-10 in Oak Bluffs, the dau. of Morton Hutchinson and Bertha Thompson.


23. RAUL FERREIRA MACIEL, (Joseph1), b. February 9, 1888 in Faial. He immigrated about 1900-1903 and naturalized in 1911. He appears in the 1910 West Tisbury census as a dairy farm laborer boarding with the family of Thomas DeCosta (40), and in the 1920 census of North Road, Chilmark as a farm laborer. He was living in West Tisbury, about 1923 , at Tashmoo 1931-33 , on Delano Farm in Tisbury in 1933 , on William St. Vineyard Haven in 1933 , of West Spring St. /Tashmoo in 1939 , of Burt's Farm / Legion Parkway Tisbury in 1939 , in Vineyard Haven in 1940, 1953, 1961, 1964 , in Oak Bluffs in 1969, and on West Spring St., Vineyard Haven in 1979 . He was called a Tisbury farmer in 1933 Raul Ferreira Maciel (112) died in February 1981
He m. Rosa Madeline Silva (563) on July 2, 1910 in Oak Bluffs MA. She was b. June 1, 1894 in the North Tisbury section of West Tisbury MA, the dau. of Manuel M. Silva (550) and Rita Augusta Nunes of Chilmark (and sister of Mrs. Mary S. Pinto, 1969) . She d. September 3, 1983 .
He and Rosa Madeline Silva (563) had the following children:

50. GEORGE MACIEL. Died before 1979?
*51. MANUEL MACHADO MACIEL, b. Sept. 22, 1912 in West Tisbury.
*52. RAUL MACIEL, b. February 22, 1914 (or Nov. 9, 1914?).
*53. ALFRED R. MACIEL, b. c. July 1917 in Fairhaven, MA
54. EMMA RITA MACIEL, b. September 8, 1920. She m. William Amaral. She was living in Westport in 1979.
55. JOSEPH MACIEL, b. Feb. 1916 in MA or Feb. 23, 1915? He was living in Vineyard Haven in 1979.
56. SERFINE FURAID MACIEL, b. March 31, 1924. Died before 1979?
*57. JAMES PETER MACIEL, b. Dec. 31, 1924.
58. ANNA ROSA MACIEL, b. May 29, 1927 . She m. Habbe Constantine. She was living in New Bedford in 1979
59. MARY MACIEL, b. April 14, 1929 . She m. George Hoffman. She was living in Holyoke in 1979.
*60. EVELYN ROSE MACIEL, b. September 26, 1931. She m. John Richard Christopher (1). She was living in Oak Bluffs in 1979 .
61. THOMAS MACIEL, b. August 16, 1933Tisbury . He was living in Vineyard Haven in 1979. He died on May 18, 1999.


25. Gullherme Ferreira Maciel (AKA William Francis Maciel), (Joseph1), b. May 6, 1891 in Angustias, Horta, Faial They moved from West Tisbury to Edgartown Road, Vineyard Haven in October, 1928. They were living in Mt. Aldworth / Edgartown Road / State Road area of Vineyard Haven in 1928-33, and on Howard Ave. Tisbury in 1939. He was also called a resident of Vineyard Haven in 1946 and 1953. . He was a painter, and also served as special patrolman with the Tisbury Police Department . He died June 11, 1961his home on Midland Ave., Vineyard Haven .
He m. Sarah Sylvia (472), the daughter of Manuel Silvia and Julia _____ (and the sister of Manuel C. Silvia of VH, Mrs. Mary Silvia of CA, and Mrs. Julia Maciel of CA, 1973) . She was born in 1898 in New Bedford. She spent most of her life on Martha's Vineyard . She d. June 17, 1973Martha's Vineyard Hospital.
They had the following children:

*70. MANUEL FRANCIS MACIEL, b. Apr. 16, 1916 in Fairhaven, MA.
*71. ERNEST ANTHONY MACIEL, b. January 30, 1918 in Fairhaven.
*72. WILLIAM FRANCIS MACIEL, JR., b. April 12, 1923 in Fairhaven.
*73. RAYMOND ROBERT MACIEL, b. October 11, 1926.
74. LILLIAN EVELYN MACIEL, b. Oct. 12, 1920 . She m. Norbert Gidion Des Roches. He was the son of Phillias Des Roches. (Lillian Evelyn Maciel (74) and Norbert Gidion Des Roches adopted her nephew, Michael Richard Maciel (213), see below.) She was living in New Bedford in 1961, and in Fairhaven in 1973.


26. Joao Ferreira Maciel, (Joseph1), called "John," b. Jan. 2, 1894 in Angustias, Horta, Faial. He was a Tisbury laborer in 1923 . He worked on Martha's Vineyard as a caretaker for George D. Eustis before moving to Fairhaven , where he was living in 1953 and 1961. .] He married Helen M. Marshall (110). She was born in New Bedford . He died in June 1964 in Fairhaven .
Joao Ferreira had the following 15 children (although his obituary states he was survived by 17 children):

80. George Eustis Maciel, b. October 22, 1922 . He d. Dec. 9, 1999. He last resided in New Bedford.
81. Hilda Maciel, b. October 7, 1923Tisbury .
82. Ruth Maciel, b. March 21, 1925 .
83. William C. Maciel, called "Bill." He was living in Sacramento, CA in 1964 . He had three children: William C. Maciel, Wayne D. Maciel, and Robert A. Maciel.
84. John Maciel Jr. He died before 2000.
85. Donald Maciel. Of Sacramento, 1964.
86. Rita Maciel
87. Esther Maciel
88. Anthony Maciel. He died before 2000.
89. Jimmy Maciel
90. Diane Maciel
91. Raymond Maciel
92. Charles A. Maciel. He died before 2000.
93. Richard Maciel. He died before 2000.
94. Helen Maciel. She died before 2000.


27.  Francisco Ferreira Maciel, (Joseph1), called "Frank," b. Nov. 15, 1895 in Angustias, Horta, Faial . He was living in Vineyard Haven in 1928, and was living on Main St., Vineyard Haven, in 1929 . He was a Tisbury gardener in 1929 . He went to California during the war years, and was living there in 1953. He was called a resident of Oakland, CA in 1961 and 1964 . He died 5 October 1964 in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA.
He m. Julia C. Sylvia (471). She was b. ________ in New Bedford , the dau. of Manuel C. Sylvia (460) and Luize Rose. She was living in California in 1973 .
They had the following children (four of whom were living in 1964 ):

100. FRANK F. MACIEL, JR., b. Sep 13, 1922 . He m. Doris Irene Perry (81). She was b. ________, the dau. of Lester Perry (70) and Irene Roberts. He died before 1997?
101. MANUEL CONSTANTINO MACIEL, b. September 3, 1925 . He was living in Fremont (CA?) in 1997.
102. EDWARD MACIEL, b. Aug. 14, 1929 in Tisbury . He moved to California before 1951, and was living in Fremont, Alameda Co., CA about 1993. He died June 24, 1993 .
103. ELIZABETH THERESA MACIEL, b. May 6, 1933. She m. David G. Engley April 21, 1951 . He was b. in 1931, the son of Hollis Lewis Engley and Gladys Toward. She m. (2nd?) _____ Gumiela. She was living in San Leandro, CA in 1962 and in Pioneer (CA?) in 1997.
104. MADELYN LILLIAN MACIEL, b. December 24, 1936 . She m. Edward Rasczewski She died Oct. 14, 1997 at Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto, CA. . She lived in Fremont for thirty-five years. She worked for a secretary for the Fremont Unified School District for twenty years. She had daughters Debra (Rasczewski) Hooberman of Piedmont, 1997 and Julie (Rasczewski) Salvador of Fremont, 1997; and a son Alan Rasczewski of Oregon, 1997.


28. Alfred Vieira Maciel, (Joseph1), b. Nov. 22, 1897 in Faial . Alfred lived and worked at Seven Gates Farm. He was listed as a Tisbury laborer in 1921. He and his wife moved from Seven Gates Farm to Santa Maria CA on Sep. 17, 1941 . They were listed in California in 1953, in Santa Barbara, CA in 1961, in Santa Maria, CA in 1964 , and in Groveland, CA about 1985 . He died in January 1985.
He married Lena Lewis (240) on Sep. 10, 1921 in Oak Bluffs . She was b. Dec. 8, 1900 or 1901 in Fairhaven. She was born to Manuel F. Luiz and Isabell Fernandes, in 1900 in Fairhaven, MA. (She had sister Mrs. Roland Rose of San Jose CA in 1969.) Lena's parents were dairy farmers and their products were well known on Cape Cod. She came to Martha's Vineyard at age eighteen (about 1918-9). She was listed as a Tisbury mill worker in 1921. Lena was a millworker first, and then a nurse maid at Seven Gates Farm after their marriage. She died Feb. 21, 1969 in Santa Maria, CA.

110. Dorothy D. Maciel, b. Oct. 16, 1922 on Martha's Vineyard. She m. _____ Williamson, and was living in Martinez, CA in 1969.
111. Walter Lewis Maciel, b. Feb. 5, 1924 at West Tisbury , d. Feb 18 1924 at West Tisbury.
*112. Walter Louis Maciel, b. June 27, 1925 on Martha's Vineyard.
113. Marjorie Priscilla Maciel, b. December 3, 1927 . She m. _____ Eddy and was living in Santa Clara CA in 1969 . She d. 1997 in San Jose, CA
114. Deolinda L. Maciel, b. October 22, 1930 . She m. _____ O'Connor and was living in Santa Clara, CA in 1969.


40. ANTONE FERREIRA MACIEL, JR., (Antone2, Joseph1), (AKA Antone J. Ferreira), b. in Sep 26, 1910 in New Bedford, MA. He was listed as a Vineyard Haven painter in 1933 and 1934. He lived on State Road, Vineyard Haven in 1940. Antone died Oct. 31, 1996 in North Andover, MA.
He m. Medora Theresa Barriault, called "Dora," on September 30, 1933 (evr, TVR, GAZ). She was b. Feb. 2, 1913 in Mapleville RI, the dau. of John Barriault and Leda Henley, and was living in Edgartown in 1933. She died March 22, 1998 in Oak Bluffs. Antone married 2nd Lillian Parker Forbes.
Antone and Medora had the following child:



51. MANUEL MACHADO MACIEL, (Raul,2 Joseph1), b. Sep. 22, 1912 in West Tisbury . He was a Tisbury laborer in 1934, and was living on Andrews Road, Vineyard Haven, in 1940 . He was a World War II veteran, and a longtime Tisbury Selectman . He was living in Vineyard Haven in 1979 . He died in February 1984.
He m. Fannie Frances Duart (104) on July 19, 1933 . She was b. June 22, 1915 in Oak Bluffs, the dau. of Joseph Francis Duart (91) and Frances Constance Dias. She d. October 20, 1979 in Boston, MA .
He and Fannie Frances Duart (104) had the following children:



52. RAUL MACIEL, (Raul,2 Joseph1), b. February 22, 1914 in West Tisbury. He was listed as a Tisbury gardner in 1937, and was living in Vineyard Haven in 1979 and 1995 . Raul died April 7, 1995.
He m. Mary Jane Smith July 31, 1937Tisbury . She was b. May 31, 1917 , the dau. of Richard B. Smith and Sarah J. Jenkens, and was living in Tisbury in 1937 .
They had the following children:



53. ALFRED R. MACIEL, (Raul,2 Joseph1), b. c. July 1917 in Fairhaven MA (or June 4, 1917?) He was a Tisbury chauffeur in 1940, and was living in New Bedford in 1979. He m. Anita Francis Ward on September 21, 1940Tisbury . She was b. October 18, 1914 , the dau. of Clarence Nathaniel Ward and Nellie Norton of Vineyard Haven, and was working as a clerk in 1940 . They had the following child:



57. JAMES PETER MACIEL, (Raul,2 Joseph1), called "Jimmy," b. Dec. 31, 1924 . He was living in Vineyard haven in 1979 . He m. Leona Maxine Dow February 21, 1953 . She was b. in 1925, the dau. of Corliss Centabull of Richford VT.
James Peter Maciel (146) and Leona Maxine Dow had the following children:



70. MANUEL FRANCIS MACIEL, (William,2 Joseph1), b. Apr. 16, 1916 in Fairhaven . He was a Tisbury truck driver in 1937, was living in Vineyard Haven in 1961 and 1973, and was living in Edgartown in 1999. He died Mar. 31, 1999. .
He m(1) Maizie Leonard Forman December 11, 1937 in Tisbury . She was b. March 15, 1917 in Edgartown MA , the dau. of Carlton B. Forman and Viola Norton. She was living in Edgartown in 1937, and in Vineyard Haven in 1996. She died March 29, 1996 .
Manuel Francis Maciel (160) m(2) Sandra Lee Pease (11), called "Betty," on December 31, 1974 . She was b. February 4, 1953 , the dau. of Jonathan Stanley Pease (1) and Elizabeth Ann De Mello (10).
Manuel Francis Maciel (160) had the following children:

(first marriage)
(second marriage)


71. ANTHONY MACIEL, (William,2 Joseph1), b. January 30, 1918 in Fairhaven MA. He was listed as a Tisbury truck driver in 1938, and was living in Oak Bluffs in 1961, in Woonsocket, RI in 1973 , and in Belmont, Belknap Co., NH in 1994 . Ernest died July 30, 1994.
He m(1) Alma Frances Horne October 29, 1938 . She was b. about 1919-20 in Oak Bluffs , the dau. of William P. Horne and Ella Noyes, and was living in Oak Bluffs in 1938. She m(2) William Dudley Jones (a veteranarian.)
Ernest Anthony Maciel (161) m(2) Mary Jane Comancho (20). She was b. in 1924, the dau. of John Gomes Comancho, Jr. (10) and Constance F. Correira. (Note that the brothers Ernest Anthony Maciel (161) and Raymond Robert Maciel (163) married the sisters Mary Jane Comancho (20) and Virginia Gomes Comancho (24).) Mary Jane Comancho (20) had been m(1) to Charles E. Shew (1).
Ernest Anthony Maciel (161) had the following children:

(first marriage)


72. WILLIAM FRANCIS MACIEL, JR., (William,2 Joseph1), b. April 12, 1923 in Fairhaven. . He was a private in the US Army in WWII. He was a Tisbury carpenter in 1946. He was living in Vineyard Haven in 1961, 1968, and 1973 . He d. August 4, 1989 in Boston MA.
He m(1) Christine Anne Leonard (40) September 14, 1946 . She was b. June 3, 1927 in Oak Bluffs MA, the dau. of Joseph Garcia (Leonardo) Leonard (30) and Christina Ponte. She lived all her life in Vineyard Haven . She d. April 19, 1968 at Martha's Vineyard Hospital of a heart attack .
He m(2) Frances Curtin October 10, 1970 . She was b. in 1934. She had been m(1) to Alfred Hopp.
He had the following children:

(first marriage)


73. RAYMOND ROBERT MACIEL, (William,2 Joseph1), b. October 11, 1926 in Fairhaven, MA . He was a Tisbury painter in 1947, and was living in Vineyard Haven in 1961 . He was Tisbury Police Chief in 1973 and 1978 . He d. April 2, 1985 in Oak Bluffs MA.
He m. Virginia Gomes Comancho (24) November 29, 1947 . She was b. in 1931 , the dau. of John Gomes Comancho, Jr. (10) and Constance F. Correira. (Note that the brothers Ernest Anthony Maciel (161) and Raymond Robert Maciel (163) married the sisters Mary Jane Comancho (20) and Virginia Gomes Comancho (24).)
Raymond Robert Maciel (73) and Virginia Gomes Comancho (24) had the following children:



112. Walter Louis Maciel, (Alfred2, Joseph1), b. June 27, 1925 at Martha's Vineyard . He was living in Torrance, CA in 1969, and died there on July 5, 1971. He married Beverly Irene Brockman in 1943. Walter Louis was a cabinetmaker, and Beverly was a secretary, and retired from the Redondo Beach School District. After Walter's death, she married Rhonald Metro and moved to Roseburg, Oregon, where she died in 1986.
Walter and Beverly had four daughters:

260. Dianna Lynn Maciel
261. Donna Louis Maciel
262. Joyce Marie Maciel
263. Patricia Ann Maciel


(Later generations omitted in the online version of this genealogy.)


* Who was Mrs. Marilyn Maciel, mother of "Curtis"?

* Who was Mrs. Rosa (Costa) Maciel (C170, #261) of Oak Bluffs, 1936 ?

* Who was Mrs. Mary F. Maciel of West Tisbury (1939), sister of Mrs. Philomena O. Andrews ((c. 1866-7 1939) who was b. Fayal and married Joseph S. Andrews)?

*Who was Mrs. Rose (DeSilva) Maciel of Chilmark, sister of Emily, 1932?

*Who is Francis K. Maciel, b. Feb. 21, 1919 and d. May 12, 1992 who is buried in OG cemetery, Vineyard Haven? He served in the Navy in WWII.

* Who was Antone Macial /Maral who m. Rozalie _____ and had a son on July 22 1912 in Tisbury?

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