Notes on the early
Portuguese MARTIN Families
of Martha's Vineyard


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1. Antone Martin, b. ________. He m. Mary ________. She was b. ________ and d. January 14, 1944 in New Bedford MA. They had the following child:

*10. ANTONE MARTIN, JR., b. in 1914.
11. JOSEPH MARTIN. He was living in Fern Park, FL in 1973.

12. _____ (daughter) MARTIN. She m. Sylvester Medeiros and was living in South Dartmouth in 1973 .


10. Antone Martin, Jr., (Antone1), b. in 1914. He was living in Oak Bluffs in 1963 and 1973. Antone Martin, Jr. (10) d. March 23, 1973.
He m. Marion (Marianna) Ferreira June 25, 1938.
She was b. January 13, 1914, the dau. of Joseph Ferreira and Rose F. Marshall(?). She was living at Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs in 1951 with her mother and stepfather. She was living in 1973.
Antone and Marion had the following children:

20. LOUIS MARTIN, b. March 27, 1939 . He was living on Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs, in 1951, and was living in Oak Bluffs in 1963. He was living in Washington DC in 1973.
21. MARYANN MARTIN, b. April 27, 1940; m. Laurence A. Nobrega. She was living on Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs in 1951,
and in Tewksbury in 1973 .


40. Antone Nunes Martin, b. in 1904 in Portugal. He m. Elizabeth E. Martin (232), April 19, 1926 in Oak Bluffs MA. Called "Libby", she was b. in 1899, the dau. of John E. Martin (220) and Mary Ann Swartz. (Note: Antone Nunes Martin (40) and Elizabeth E. Martin (232) were not related prior to their marriage.) Elizabeth E. Martin (232) m(2) George Frank Packish (11). She d. April 26, 1976 . He died Feb. 6, 1932 . Antone Nunes Martin (40) and Elizabeth E. Martin (232) had the following child:

*50. MARY AURELIA MARTIN, b. Feb. 12, 1927 ; m. Manuel F. Francis (41).



220. John Enos Martin, b. Dec. 24, 1871 on Terceira. He emigrated from Tesara/Terceira to New Bedford in 1891 on the vessel S. S. Backindin, and came to Oak Bluffs the same year. He was living "near the Middle District" in Oak Bluffs in 1897, when the Gazette reported that he was kidnapped and threatened. He appears in the 1900 Cottage City census has a day laborer, and in the 1910 Oak Bluffs census as an odd jobs laborer. He was listed in 1913 as an Oak Bluffs laborer, and in 1934 as a carpenter living on Wing Road, Oak Bluffs. He was listed as a resident of Oak Bluffs in 1937, and on Wing Road, Oak Bluffs in 1938. He owned properties at "Oak Grove" at the time of his death. He died May 2, 1938, surviving his wife by only a week.
He m. Mary Ann / Mariana Swartz in Oct. 14, 1890 in Terceira. She was b. in Feb. 1870 in Terceira, and d. April 23, 1938. She immigrated to New York City on Jan. 1, 1892.
They had the following children:

230. JOSEPH ENOS MARTIN, b. October 6, 1890 on Terceira. He m. Mary Laite on Nov. 27, 1909 in Oak Bluffs. She was born c. 1890 in the Azores, the dau. of Antone Laite and Mary Rose. She immigrated in 1906. They were living in New Bedford in 1934, 1938, and 1953, and on 73 Briggs St., New Bedford in 1947. Joseph died on April 8, 1973. (There is a 1969 obit for Mary Rose Martin, wife of Joseph E. Martin of Oak Bluffs, who may be the same person, but there are some discrepancies. She was b. in San Miguel c. 1901-2, and came to the US c. 1909. They lived in New Bedford until about 1957 when she and her husband came to Martha's Vineyard. She died in Oak Bluffs on Aug. 12, 1969. She had a brother Manuel Rose of Deltona, FL and a sister Mrs. Antone Cordeiro of South Dartmouth in 1969.)
231. MARY E. MARTIN, b. Apr. 17, 1895 in Mass. She m. Peter Francis Monohan April 18, 1927 . He was b. in 1882 and d. in 1931. She d. February 12, 1970 . She was living in Brookline in 1934, 1938, and 1953, and on 52 Upland Rd., Brookline MA in 1947.
*232. ELIZABETH E. MARTIN, called "Libby",
b. in Sep. 7, 1900 in Oak Bluffs. She m(1) Antone Nunes Martin (40) (no relation) and m(2) George Frank Packish (11) September 28, 1950. He was b. March 7, 1902, the son of Manuel (Frank Rose) Packish (1) and Annie R.L. Swartz Roberts (12). He had been m(1) to Annie Elizabeth Amaral (36). He d. October 17, 1973. Elizabeth E. Martin (232) d. April 26, 1976. She was living in Oak Bluffs in 1934, 1938 and 1947, and in Edgartown in 1953.
233. ERNEST JOSEPH MARTIN, b. Apr. 30, 1903 in Oak Bluffs.
He was living in Pocasset in 1938 and Oak Bluffs in 1947. He was a carpenter, employed for many years by the Smith Brothers. He was a member of the Oak Bluffs fire department and Oak Bluffs police dept. He d. March 26, 1953 at Martha's Vineyard Hospital after a heart attack.
*234. ALICE ELIZABETH (GRACIA) MARTIN, adopted, b. August 29, 1910 in Oak Bluffs (or 1912 in Fairhaven?); ; She m. Joseph Alfred Rose (120) in Oak Bluffs on Oct. 21, 1932. . She was living in Oak Bluffs in 1934, 1938, 1947, and 1953. .

More MARTIN Families

250. Lila E. Martin, b. ________. She m. Manuel Cosmo (40). They had the following child:

___. MANUEL/JOHN COSMO, b. October 26, 1919 , d. November 10, 1919. (See Manuel Cosmo (50) in Chapter C.)

300. MANUEL E. MARTIN, b. Feb. 1870 in Azores, the son of Frank Martin and Francis G. _____. He immigrated about 1891-2. He was listed as a Cottage City farmer in 1895, a Cottage City laborer in 1898, a Cottage City day laborer in 1900, and a Oak Bluffs odd jobs laborer in 1910. He was probably the Manuel E. Martin from Chicago who was living at Bellvue Heights, Oak Bluffs in 1907 .
He m. Mary Swartz (AKA Mary Silvia/Silvey
) of Cottage City on 15 Jun 1895 in Cottage City. She was b. Apr. 1879 in the Azores, the dau. of John Swartz and Mary _____, and immigrated in 1895 .
They had the following children:

310. Mary Joseph Martin, b. Jan. 27, 1897, and died of cholera infantum on Aug. 14, 1897.
311. Frank Martin, b. Dec. 10, 1898 in Cottage City, and d. Apr. 26 1899 of heart failure.
312. Annie Swartz Martin, b. Chicago, Illinois c. 1900-1902. She m. Antone J. Coussins in Oak Bluffs on June 14, 1916. He was born c. 1890-1 in Brava, the son of Jake J. Coussins and Clara Silvey . He was an Oak Bluffs laborer in 1916.
313. Laslly(?) Martin (female), b. 1905-6 in Illinois.
314. William Martin, b. 1906-7 in Illinois.


350. John Martin. He m. Annie Lewis. They were both born in the Western Islands. He was a Cottage City laborer in 1898. They had a daughter:

360. Gladys Martin, b. July 7, 1898 in Cottage City.


400. John B. Martin, b. c. Mar. 21, 1848 in Madeira, the son of Domingo Martin and Mary Fernandes. He married _____ who died before 1923. He was a carpenter. He died of chronic bronchitis on 27 Apr 1923 in Tisbury, and was buried in East Malden, MA.

450. Peter Martin, b. c. Aug 11, 1872 in the Cape Verde Islands, the son of Joseph Martin and Annie Andrews of the Cape Verde Islands.
He was a Tisbury seaman. He died July 11, 1931 in Tisbury and is buried in New Bedford.

500. Fernando Martin. He was living on Summer St, Tisbury in 1926.
He had a son, Fernando Martin, b. Feb. 14, 1919, who was going to Tisbury School in 1926. The son (whose parent or guardian was listed in 1927 as "Mario Martin"), left town in November1927, according to school attendance records. They were living on Pine St., Tisbury at the time.
He may be the same person as Fernandes Martins of Brava who m. Mary Senna. They had a son Jack Senna of South Boston, born c. 1893-4 in Brava, who m. Emily Andrada in Tisbury in 1918.

Fernando may also be the same as, or a relative of, the following person:

520. Mario Andrade Martins, born c. 1894-5 in Brava,
the son of Fernando V. Martins and Virginia H. Andrade . He was described as a "colored" man, and was a Concord NH cook in 1917 and a Tisbury laborer in 1918 . He m. Guiomar C. Nunes, called "Marjory," on Aug. 20, 1917 in Concord NH. She was born c. 1897-8 in Brava, the dau. of Joseph Nunes and Clotilde L. Conceicao.
They had a child:

x. Palmira Martins, b. June 29, 1918 in Tisbury.

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