Notes on the
Maury Family
of Martha's Vineyard

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The Maury Family of Martha's Vineyard
This very early Portuguese has been on the island since at least 1863, and is spelled variously as Maury, Murray, Murry, and Maura.

1. GEORGE MAURY. He was born roughly 1844 on St. George although records vary as to the date. He immigrated either about 1844-5 or in 1858 (again, records vary.) He was a resident of Edgartown and was employed as a farm laborer in 1863, a mariner in 1867 and 1870, a farmer in 1872 and 1875 , a laborer in 1900, and a shellfisherman in 1910. His death record calls him an Edgartown laborer. He was illiterate. He bought and sold extensive land holdings on Chappaquiddick starting in 1875 (perhaps before his son Hamilton spent "much of his boyhood" there.) He was boarding with Annie J. Smith on Pease's Point Way in Edgartown in 1910, and was living in Edgartown in 1918. He died May 13, 1918 in Edgartown of pneumonia. He owned land on Robinson Road at the time of his death.
He m. Eliza J. Ritchie of Edgartown on 31 Oct. 1863 in Boston.
She was born in Dublin, Ireland probably about 1836-40 although records vary. She was the daughter of William H. Ritchey and Margaret H. ____ of Dublin. She immigrated about 1845-6. She was illiterate. She died July 31, 1904 in Edgartown.
They had the following children:

10. GEORGE WILLIAM MAURY, b. July 29, 1863 in Boston. He came to Martha's Vineyard at an early age with his parents, lived for a time on Chappaquiddick and attended school there, and later attended school in Edgartown. He was in the government service for a number of years, working aboard one of the Sound lightships. He appears in the 1870 and 1880 census of Edgartown with his parents, but by 1897 he had moved to West Tisbury where he was employed as a laborer. He settled in North Tisbury, where he was employed by Dr. Nathaniel Shaler at Seven Gates Farm. He went into the carpentry business with Jared Vincent, and later for himself. In 1900, he appears in the West Tisbury census as a widower farmer and in 1910 on State Road, West Tisbury as a house carpenter boarding with widow Mary O. Dow. He appears in the 1907 North Tisbury directory at "North Shore" in 1907. , and is listed as a West Tisbury resident in 1909, 1918, and 1924. He had no children. He owned land on State Road and Town Hall Road in West Tisbury He died Mar. 1924 at his home in North Tisbury . He m. (1st) Lydia B. Mayhew of WestTisbury on 15 Nov 1885 in Tisbury. She was b. June 1862 in Mass. (the sister of Tristram N. Mayhew of Edgartown, Nahum T. Norton of Whitman, Frank B. T. Mayhew of Edgartown, Mary Vincent of Edgartown, and Susan Waight of Edgartown in 1912.) She was living in Lambert's Cove in 1908. She died in Aug. 1908. He m. (2nd) Vesta Whittier Mayhew on Oct. 3, 1917. She was born c. 27 Nov. 1881 in Mass., the daughter of David Mayhew and Mrs. Arabella C. Mayhew. She was living in West Tisbury in 1924 . She was a school teacher in 1920 and was teaching at the Tisbury School during 1929-33 Vesta died in Nov. 1978. They had no children.
*11. HAMILTON LINCOLN MAURY, b. June 14, 1867 in Edgartown.
*12. WILLIAM BROWN MAURY, b. Oct. 6, 1872 in Edgartown.
13. _______ (died before 1900.)


11. HAMILTON LINCOLN MAURY, known as "Lincoln," (George1), b. June 14, 1867 in Edgartown, and spent much of his boyhood on Chappaquiddick. He appears in the 1870, 1880, 1900 and 1920 censuses of Edgartown (the latter on Pine St.), where he worked as a fisherman. He was listed as an Edgartown boatman in 1893 and 1895 and an Edgartown fisherman in 1898 and 1907. He was living in Edgartown in 1918, 1924, and 1934. He died in Edgartown on March 4, 1947 of a stroke. , and his death records note that he was an Edgartown deep sea fisherman and later a shellfisherman.
He m. (1) Leona Frances Cleveland on May 5, 1893 in Edgartown. She was b. Jan. 1873 in Edgartown, the daughter of George G. Cleveland and Lydia Davis Smith of Edgartown. She d. Dec. 16, 1905 in Edgartown of typhoid fever.
He m. (2) Bertha Mae/May Esau on Sep. 7, 1907 in Providence RI. She was born c. 1890-2 in Edgartown, the daughter of Peter Esau and Amanda C. Fisher. She was living in Edgartown in 1947.
They had the following children:

By first marriage:
20. Eliza Davis Maury, b. Nov. 23, 1895 in Edgartown.
She may have died before 1947.
21. Inez Maury b. Apr. 7, 1898 in Edgartown. She may have died before 1947.
By second marriage:
22. Clement C. Maury b. c. 1910-11 in MA.
He may have died before 1947.
*23. Chauncey Raymond Maury, b. Dec. 30, 1912 in Edgartown.
24. Gwendoline M. Maury, b. c. Apr. 1918 in MA.
She m. Melvin Rae/Ray. She was living in Nantucket in 1947 and 1997.
25. Dorothy Ann Maury, b. 24 Sep 1926 in Edgartown. She married Ralph John Madeiras (33) on 14 Dec 1950. He was the son of John Madeiras and Fannie (Silva). Ralph d. 13 Aug 1985.


23. CHAUNCEY RAYMOND MAURY, b. Dec. 30, 1912 in Edgartown. He was an Edgartown mechanic in 1933, and lived in Edgartown in 1947. He married (1st) Beatrice Mary Louise Fortin on July 18, 1933 in Tisbury. She was b. c. 1917-8 in New Bedford, the daughter of Emery J. Fortin and Victoria Monville. She was a resident of New Bedford, and he of Edgartown, in 1933. He m. (2nd) Gerda Viola Lind, who was born Oct. 29, 1917 in Rockport MA, the daughter of Alfred Lind and Elna _____. (They later divorced and she married (2) Arthur Harold Canha King and (3) Domingo Perry Canha Sr.) Chauncey died Apr. 5, 1997.
They had the following children:

By first marriage:
50. Robert Raymond Maury
By second marriage:
51. Linda Anne Maury
52. Ellen Mae Maury


12. WILLIAM BROWN MAURY, born in Edgartown on Oct. 6, 1872. He appears in the 1880 Edgartown census with his parents, but by 1900, he was living in West Tisbury, employed as a farm laborer. His 1892 marriage record calls him an Edgartown carpenter. A December 1896 Gazette notes that he was the night-watchman for the month in Edgartown. By about 1904 he was living in Chilmark. , and in 1907 he was living on Tea Lane in Chilmark working as a fisherman. . In 1910 he was a called a Chilmark house carpenter, and in 1920 he was listed as a house carpenter living on Highland Boulevard in Oak Bluffs. According to his obituary, he worked at Seven Gates Farm, as a trap fisherman in Chilmark, and on the construction of the up-island highways. He was also a carpenter he helped build the Windy Gates mansion, and as the foreman he directed the building of the new St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church in Edgartown. He was living in Oak Bluffs in 1915, 1918, 1924, and 1934. He died March 1934 in Oak Bluffs of pneumonia.
He m. Elizabeth Mehitable Gilkes of Cottage City, called "Bessie," on 25 Sep 1892 in Edgartown.
She was b. Dec. 26, 1873 in Hasturdell, Barbados, the daughter of Cooper A. Gilkes and Mary E. Hellies. She was a Cottage City waitress in 1892. She died Oct. 8, 1915 in Oak Bluffs of tuberculosis.

30. MAUDE MARVEL MAURY, b. Feb. 1899 in Boston, MA. She m. Ernest R. Small on Aug. 3, 1915 in Oak Bluffs. He was born c. 1886-7 in Brewster, MA, the son of Edgar C. Small and Ellen A. Snow. He was a Harwich painter, and she was living in Oak Bluffs, in 1915. She was living in South Brewster in 1916, and on the Cape with two children in 1934. She probably died before 1966.
31. OLGA KATHLEEN MAURY, b. c. 1904 in Chilmark. She spent her childhood in Oak Bluffs, and her adult life in New Bedford. She was living in Oak Bluffs in 1916, in Chilmark in 1924, and in New Bedford in 1934. She and Edward W. Hammet of Chilmark had a daughter Kathleen Maury, b. c. Oct. 22, 1922 in Boston, and d. Feb. 19, 1924 in Oak Bluffs of pneumonia. She d. Jan. 11, 1966 in Foxboro.
*32. GEORGE WILLIAM MAURY, b. 1910 in Chilmark


32. George William Maury, b. Apr. 1, 1910 in Chilmark. He was living in Oak Bluffs in 1916, in Edgartown in 1934, on Water St., Vineyard Haven, in 1939. He m. (1) Henrietta Lorainne Osborn on Sep. 30, 1930 . She was b. Sep. 18, 1912 in Edgartown and d. June 3, 1966 in Oak Bluffs. She was the dau. of Walter Strong Osborn and Marion Hill. She came to Vineyard Haven about 1935. George m. (2) Doris Mae Cleveland on Feb. 24,eb 1968 in Vineyard Haven. She was daughter of Herbert Raymond Cleveland and Jane Elizabeth Jackson.
George and Henrietta had the following children:



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