Known Portuguese Families on Martha's Vineyard

"O" Surnames


The following list was extracted from the table of contents of Chapter O of the first edition of Our Portuguese Heritage by Marianne Thomas.

Are you a descendant of one of these families? Do you have genealogical or historical information about these Martha's Vineyard families that you would like to share? Or is your Portuguese - Martha's Vineyard family not represented here? We would like to hear from you!


Families of:

William O'Connell
Bruce S. O'Donnell
Michael E. O'Donnell (1953-)
John Michael O'Neill (1957-)
Franciso J. Oliver of Fayal
Joseph Swartz Oliver (1906-)
Luis (Oliveria) Oliver (1884-) of St. Michael
Victor J. Oliver (1893-)
Philomena Oliver Andrews (1867-1939)
Manuel Swartz Oliver (Swartz) (1876-) of the Azores
John S. Oliveria (1897-1978)
Jules Swartz Olivero
Melvin Olson (1916-)
________ Ortiz
Petronio Ortiz (1914-) of Monterey, Mexico
Nelson Helmar Ostman (1920-)
Scott Ostrow (1951-)
William Barry Owen (1860-1914)

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