The Silva / Silvia / Sylvia Families
of Martha's Vineyard

[The following material was extracted from primary sources, independently of the material in the book, Our Portuguese Heritage. Cross-references to the book are provided in italics. Can you help us sort this family out? Are you a descendant? Please contact us!]

1. Joseph Sylvia [Not in OPH?]

b. 1849-50 in Fayal
Appears with wife and children in 1880 Cottage City census.
m. Anna _____, b. 1849-50 in Fayal

Manuel Sylvia, b. 1872-3 in Fayal
Joseph Sylvia, b. 1872-3 in Fayal

2. Albert K. Sylvia of Edgartown (See S707 #521)
Agent for Steamboat Company in VH, sailing master of NY yacht dory "Alice"
Living in 1933
He m. Hanola May Sparrow (dau. of Mrs. Frank Sparrow Abbott of Nantucket)
She was b. in Providence c. 1897-8 and d. Oct. 1933 in Edgartown.

Albert Sylvia (twin)
Alvin Sylvia (twin)

3. Manuel Silvia / Sylvia of Seven Gates Farm (See S67 #550)
b. Sep. 1864 (?) on St. George
Immigrated in 1888.
Oak Bluffs shoemaker and worked in harness-repairing
Moved to Chilmark bought house on Tea Lane
Appears in 1900 census of Chilmark, farmer, with family.
(He "lived in the up-island section longer than any other Portuguese citizen, and while he was not the first to locate west of the Chilmark West Tisbury line, only one had come before him, and the death of his predecessor long before made Mr. Silvia a pioneer in a manner of speaking.")
He worked at Roaring Brook brickyard; dug and shipped kaolin clay.
Worked at Seven Gates farm.
Known for his abnormal strength.

He m. Rita or Reta _____ (Simmons??)
She was b. May 1868 and immigrated in 1889. She appears in the 1900 Chilmark census with her husband and children.

Mary Sylvia, b. Sep. 1888 in Mass.
Manuel Sylvia, b. May 1891 in Mass.
Fannie Sylvia, b. June 1892 in Mass.
Rosa Sylvia, b. May 1895 in Mass.

4. Manuel Silva of Edgartown (See p. 667 #590)
b. 1821-2 in the Azores
He appears in the 1880 census of Edgartown, laborer, with his wife and children.

He m. Louisa _____
b. 1825-6 in the Azores
She appears in the 1880 Edgartown census with her husband and children.

1. William Silva of Edgartown
b. _____ (before 1850 in Fayal?)
Had son Joseph P. Silva, b. 1865-66
Had fish business moved to New Bedford c. 1895. Resided in New York, 1925. Two summer homes in Oak Bluffs.
He died 21 Jan 1930 in New Bedford and buried in OB.

He m. (1) Annie P. Rose (dau. of Manuel and Mary Rose)
She was b. 18 Mar 1862 in Fayal, came to US as young girl. She worked as an Edgartown nurse.

Child: William P. Silva (living in Edgartown 1930 had two children Rosalie Silva and Dorothy Silva.)

He m. (2) Mrs. Laura Stewart (living 1930)

2. Manuel Silva Jr.
b. 1854 in Fayal
Came to Edgartown at age 5
Appears as a "sailor", living with his parents, in the 1880 Edgartown census.
Fisherman, owned grocery store in Edgartown for 25 years (moved three times, sold it in 1922.)
See Interesting Vineyarders column 2/11/27
d. 22 Aug 1932 at MV Hospital

3. Joseph K. Silva
b. c. 1856-7 in Fayal
Came to Edgartown at age 3 stayed first at uncle's boarding house
Appears as a "sailor", living with his parents, in the 1880 Edgartown census.
Edgartown businessman first had grocery store, then had shoe store for 25 years. See Interesting Vineyarders column 11/4/27
Living in Edgartown in 1932.
He m. Rebecca L. Frank after 1880
d. May 1917 of pneumonia

Bertha S. Silva, m. _____ Beetle. Had children Constance and Richard Beetle. Living in 1917.
Edward F. Silva. Living in 1917.

4. Francis "Frank" Silva
b. c. 1862-3 in Massachusetts.
He appears in the 1880 Edgartown census with his parents, unemployed and illiterate.
Living in Edgartown in 1932.

5. John T. Silva
b. c. 1863-4 in Mass.
Appears as a "sailor", living with his parents, in the 1880 Edgartown census.
Died before 1930?

6. Josephine Silva
b. c. 1865-6 in Massachusetts.
She appears with her parents in the 1880 Edgartown census.
Died before 1930?


5. Antone King Silva of Edgartown (See p. S655 #1)
b. 21 Jul 1850 in Fayal
Came to US c. 1880
Fisherman and gardener
d. 30 Jun 1928 in Edgartown

He m. (1) Mrs. Mary K. Silva (widow with several children)

Her children from previous marriage:
Capt. Antone K. Silva (living in Main St. Edgartown 1928)
b. in St. George. Came as boy to New Bedford as boy, three years later came to Edgartown. See Interesting Vineyarders column, 1/13/28. Edgartown Fisherman

Capt Manuel K. Silva (commander of MV steamships, 1928)
He m. (2) Mrs. Candida Correia of Edgartown, c. 1916. (Living in Edgartown 1928.)


6. Antone D. Silvia of Oak Bluffs  (See p. S703 #260)
b. 1864-5 in Fayal
emigrated c. 1879
Lived in NB c.1879-c.1885. Moved to OB c. 1886
He appears in the 1910 census as a laborer, "odd jobs", with his wife and four children.
Laborer on roads most of his life an expert in road construction
Oak Bluffs Road Surveyor for 12 years
d. Mar. 1928

He m. Fanny _____ about 1887-8.
She was b. 1873-4 in the Azores.
She appears in the 1910 census with her husband and children.
Was she the same as Antone's widow Mary who was living in Oak Bluffs in 1928?

Mary Silvia, b. 1889-90 in Mass. She m. _____ Ferria and was living in OB in 1928.
Joseph Silvia, b. 1894-5 in Mass. He was living in Oak Bluffs in 1928.
Fannie Silvia, b. 1896-7 in Mass. She m. _____ Rose and was living in New Britain, CT in 1928.
Antone Silvia Jr., b. 1904-5 in Mass. Called "Tony" in the 1910 Oak Bluffs census. He was living in Oak Bluffs in 1928.


7. Adrian (Adrianno) Silvia / Silva of Oak Bluffs (See p. S671 #1)
b. Jan. 1851 on St. Michael
Came to US around 1884, lived a couple of years in New Bedford.
Came to Oak Bluffs by 1886.
Farmer, laborer, and "pioneer in developing Shawmut Ave. section of Oak Bluffs."
He appears in the 1910 census with his wife and son as an "odd jobs" laborer.
Died 11 Mar 1932 in Oak Bluffs

Did he marry once or twice?
m. Isabel (Yzabel, Elizabeth) Jacinta about 1871-5
She was b. 1838-9 in St. George (or Jan. 1846?) and immigrated 1883. She lived in Oak Bluffs since before 1886. She d. 6 Jul 1926

Children: (There were seven total only three were alive by 1900.)
Manuel S. Sylvia AKA Brown
b. July 1875 in Mass
Immigrated about 1883-4.
Appears with parents in 1900 Cottage City census, day laborer
He appears in the 1910 Oak Bluffs census with his wife and children as a house carpenter.
Living in Oak Bluffs in 1926, 1932
He m. Mary R. _____ (born 1879-80 in Azores; immigrated 1896)
They had children: Edward A. Brown (born 1902-3 in Mass.) Raymond H. Brown (b. 1908-9 in Mass), and Helen Margaret Brown (b. 1912-3; died Oct. 1927.)

Mary Silvia
b. Aug. 1879 in St. George.
Immigrated 1883.
She m. Antone S. Andrews (son of Jose S. Andrews and Mary D. Ramos) on 25 Jun 1895 in Tisbury. Children William Howard Andrews (b. 29 Apr 1896 in Tisbury) and Hollis Andrews (of Washington DC, 1926)

Edward J. Silvia
b. Aug. 1884 in Azores (?)
He appears with his parents in the 1910 Oak Bluffs census. He was living in Oak Bluffs in 1926 and 1932.


8. Manuel P. Silvia / Silva of Oak Bluffs (See S673 #110. brother of Teliveda p. V744 #1?)
(Brother of _____ Silvia who m. John Viera (living in OB in 1933), and Mary Silvia who m. _____ Frates.-(living in New Bedford in 1933.))
b. July 1870 on San Miguel
came to US about 1891 settled in OB almost immediately after
Appears in 1900 Cottage City census as a day laborer, and in 1910 Oak Bluffs as an "odd jobs" laborer. He was known to have been employed as a mason's tender, and finally by the town.
d. Nov. 1933 in Oak Bluffs when struck by a truck.

m. Rose (Rosa, Rosey) S. _____ in 1894
She was b. Mar. 1874 in the Azores and immigrated 1892. She was living in 1933

Children (10 total and 8 living in 1910, 11 total and 9 living in 1933):
Manuel R. Silvia Jr.
b. Nov. 1895 in Mass.
Living in OB in 1933.

William R. Silvia.
b. Aug. 1897 in Mass.
Living in OB in 1933.

Amos or Amanco Silvia.
b. Apr. 1899 in Mass.
Living in Brooklyn in 1933.

John Silva
b. 1900-1 in Mass.

*Mary Silva
b. 1901-2 in Mass.

Joseph Silvia.
b. 1903-4 in Mass. Living in Brooklyn in 1933.

Antone F. "Tony" Silvia.
b. 1907-8 in Mass. Living in Oak Bluffs in 1933.

*Emily Silvia.
Born after 1910? Living in Oak Bluffs, unmarried in 1933.

Julia Silvia
Born after 1910? She m. Carl Silvia (son of Antone A. Silvia) in Feb. 1928 in Oak Bluffs, and she was living in Oak Bluffs in 1933.

*One daughter m. Henry Noonan and was living in Providence in 1933; another m. Calvin Mackee and was living in New York in 1933.


9. Albert Silvia / Sylvia (See p. S698 #1 and S700 #80)
b. Oct. 1865 in the Azores, the son of Joseph and Annie Sylvia.
He immigrated about 1885-6, and was called a cook in his 1889 marriage record.
He appears with his family in the 1910 Oak Bluffs census as a farmer at a "truck farm"

He m. Barbara C. LaConceido on 20 May 1889 in Tisbury.
b. Apr. 1872
immigrated about 1887-1889. She was called a servant in her marriage record.

They had seven children, although one died before 1900:

Alfred S. Silvia, b. Sep 1889 in Mass. (He likely is the Cottage City retail coal teamster Alfred Silvia who m. Rosa Silvia (AKA Phillips?) about 1907-8 and had son Carl Silvia, b. 1908. Rosa was born Aug. 1883 in Bermuda, the daughter of Frank Silvia (AKA Phillips?) and Marianna _____ of Oak Bluffs.)
Albert A. Silvia, b. Sep. 1890 in Mass.
Joseph A. Silvia, b. Aug. 1892 in Mass.
Mary A. Silvia, b. Feb. 1898 in Mass.
Florence A. Silvia, b. 1902-3 in Mass.
Nellie Silvia, b. 1904-5 in Mass.


10. Leander Silvia (Not in OPH??)
b. Jan. 1855 (?) in the Azores. (1910 census suggests 1861-2)
Immigrated 1873(?) (1910 census states 1892)
Appears in 1900 Cottage City census, day laborer, with wife and children
Appears in 1910 Oak Bluffs census, "own income", with wife and youngest son.

He m. Mary (Maria, Marie) _____ about 1873-4? (1910 census suggests 1883-4)
b. Apr. 1865
immigrated 1873.

They had ten children, only five of whom were living by 1900, and only four who appear with them in the 1900 census:
Mamie Silva, b. 1874-5 in the Azores. She married Cottage City laborer Joseph Medrios (b. c. 1872-3 in the Azores, son of John Medrios and Maggie Julia) on 17 Oct 1895 in Tisbury
Leander Silvia, b. Dec. 1882 in the Azores. Immigrated 1884. He appears in the 1900 Cottage City census with his parents, day laborer.
Julia Silvia, b. Aug. 1886 in Mass.
Rosey Silvia, b. Oct. 1888 in Mass.
Frank Silvia, b. July 1896 in Mass. He appears with his parents in the 1910 census as well.

This next family appears adjacent to Leander Silvia's family in the 1900 Cottage City census. Perhaps he might be a relative of Leander's?

Joe Silvia
b. Jan. 1840 in the Azores
Immigrated 1888
Appears in the 1900 Cottage City census as a day laborer. I couldn't find him in the 1910 census.

He m. Mary S. _____ about 1859-60
She was b. Nov. 1844 in the Azores and immigrated 1892.

They had six children, four of whom were living in 1900, and only two of whom appear with them in 1900:
Amelia Silvia, b. Sep. 1876 in the Azores
Seraphina Silvia, b. May 1881 in the Azores

11. Manuel Sylvia (See D225 #10)
b. 1838-9 on St. George, the son of Joseph Sylvia and Teresa _____
His 1859 Tisbury marriage record calls him a mariner.

He m. Louisa Constance Duarte in Holmes Hole on 14 Mar. 1859
b. c. 1837-8 on Fayal, the daughter of Antonio F. Duart and Mary T.(?) _____

(I was unable to find them in any subsequent census, except possibly in Edgartown, 1870:
Manuel Sylvia? 55
Josie Curtina? 40
Louise Sylvia 25)

12. Manuel Sylva / Silva / Silvia of Cottage City and Tisbury
(son of Manuel Sylva and Mary C. Duart) (See S696 #1 and S665 #480)
b. Mar. 1874 in Edgartown
Called a Cottage City farmer in his 1896 marriage record
He appears in the 1900 census of Tisbury (#309/338) as a farmer.
He appears in the 1910 census of Tisbury (#294/317) as a teamster.

He m. Alice Dearborn Smith of Tisbury on 26 Mar 1896 in Tisbury
She was b. 27 Jul 1877 in Tisbury, the daughter of Marcus M. Smith and Charlotte Dearborn.
She appears with her husband and children in the 1900 and 1910 Tisbury censuses.

Bertha M. Silva, b. Dec 1896 in Mass. (Appears in 1900 and 1910 Tisbury censuses)
Esther Silva, b. Dec. 1897 in Mass. (Appears in 1900 and 1910 Tisbury censuses)
Clara Dorris Silvia/Sylva, b. 3 Jan 1903 in Tisbury. (Appears in 1910 Tisbury census)
Leland Nelson Silvia/Sylva/Silva, b. 23 Sep 1904 in Tisbury. (Appears in 1910 Tisbury census)

(*Note: The 1880 Edgartown census, #139/169 lists:
Valentine P. Norton 46 farm laborer MA
Mary C. Norton 30 keeping house Azores
Clara S. Silva 10 attending school MA
Manuel Silva 6 at school MA
Joseph Silva 6 at school MA) What became of Clara S. Silva?

13. Manuel M. Silvia of Oak Bluffs (Not in OPH? See p. 673 #50)
b. Jun 1853 in Azores
He immigrated in 1870.
He appears in the 1900 Cottage City census (246/249) as a day laborer with his wife and kids
He died between 1900 and 1910.

He m. Mary C. Rose about 1882-3.
She was b. Dec 1865 in Azores (the daughter of Mrs. Catherine Rose, b. Aug 1827, who appears with her daughter in the 1900 CC census as a widow. Mrs. Rose immigrated in 1894, presumably with her daughter.)
Immigrated 1894. She appears in the 1900 CC census with her husband, mother, and children.
She appears in the 1910 Oak Bluffs census as a widow, dressmaker.

Manuel D.(?) Silvia, b. Jan 1884 in Azores; imm 1894; house carpenter, at home in 1910 OB
Mary R. Silvia, b. Dec 1888 in Azores; imm 1894; at home in 1910 OB
Antone "Tony" R. Silvia, b. Oct 1890 in Azores; imm 1894; odd jobs laborer in 1910 OB
Frank Silvia, b. Jan 1893 in Azores; imm 1894; at home in 1910 OB
John Silvia, b. July 1897 in MA; at home in 1910 OB
Isabel "Bella" Silvia, b. Sep 1899 in MA; at home in 1910 OB


14. Theophilus M. Silvia / Silva (See p. 675 #190)
b. 1877-8 in "Portugal"
He immigrated in 1894? or 1899? (Hard to read my photocopy!)
(He was the brother of Antone Silvia, who appears with Theophilus in the 1910 census. He was b. 1883-4 in "Portugal" and immigrated in 1909.)
He m. Adalena (Adeline) ____ about 1904-5
She was b. 1889-90 in "Portugal." She immigrated in 1893.

Children: (By 1910 she had had three children, only two of whom were living.)
Antone Theophilus Silvia b. 9 Oct. 1906 in Tisbury
Mary Silvia b. 1909 in MA
Evelyn Silva b. 2 Mar 1914 in Tisbury. She m. Joseph Gonsalves in 1933.


15. Antone T. (De) Silvia of West Tisbury (See p. S660 #200)

1900 WT census (+ VR):

8thaterve? (Antone) De Silvia (Silvia), b. Nov 1870 imm. 1888
Mary J. de Silvia, b. Aug 1874 ---------- m. 1892-3, imm 1892
Alice de Silvia, b. Jan 1895
Willie de Silvia, b. Jun 1876
Mary de Silvia, b. Oct 1877
Antone (de)Silvia, b. Mar 10, 1889 in West Tisbury.
Wilhelmina (Anina) (de)Silvia, b. Mar. 1900 in West Tisbury
*Eleanor Silva, b. 14 Jun 1902 in WT

1910 WT census:
Antone T. Silvia b. 1864-5 in P m. 1892-3 imm 1890
Mary J. Silvia b. 1873-4 in P imm 1892
Olive? E.? Silvia b. 1894-5 in MA
William F. Silvia b. 1896-7 in MA
Mary G. Silvia b. 1897-8 in MA
Antone F. Silvia b. 1899-1900 in MA
Mina I.? Silvia b. 1900-1 in MA
George T. Silvia b. 1901-2 in MA
Laura J. Silvia b. 1902-3 in MA
Albert T. Silvia b. 1904-5 in MA
Selestino T. Silvia b. 1905-6 in MA
Frank T. Silvia b. 1906-7 in MA
Arthur T. Silvia b. 1909 in MA

16. Francis J. Sylvia / Silva of Edgartown (See p. 663 #350)

1850 Edg census:
Francis J. Sylvia 40 Mariner Pico, Azores b. 1810
Jane S. Sylvia 37 Edgartown, MA 09/25/12
Susanna D. Sylvia 6 Edgartown, MA 10/01/43
Emma R. Sylvia 1 Edgartown, MA 04/21/49
Mary C. Nunes 8 Pico, Azores b. Nov. 1841

Mrs. Jane S (Dunham) Silva died in March 1856. (See 03/07/56 Gazette)

17. Manuel Silva and Frank Silvia (see OPH p569 phillips #1)

1900 CC census:
Manuel Silva, b. Mar 1844 in Azores imm 1878 m. 1891-2
Carrie Silva b. Jul 1869 in Azores imm 1890
Mary Silva b. Nov 1894 in Mass.
Senphorinda? Silva b. Dec 1896 in Mass
Ester Silva b. May 1900 in Mass

adjacent entries related families?:

(see OPH p569 phillips #1)

Frank Silvia b. Mar 1864 in Azores imm 1882 m. 1887-8
Marianna Silvia b. Mar 1850 in Azores imm 1873
John Silvia b. May 1881 in Bermuda imm 1883?
Rose Silvia b. Aug 1883 in Bermuda imm 1883?
Mamie Silvia b. Aug 1886 in Mass

Odd records:

1850 Edgartown:

John Sylvia 37 Mariner Fayal, Azores 07/09/12
Sophia C. Sylvia 45 Edgartown, MA 03/15/05

Deaths in Edgartown, appearing in Vin Gazette:
Silvea [?], Joseph Peter 07/23/58 this town 17m
Silvia, Eugene Joseph McCarty 04/11/56 this town 9m

1860 Edgartown:
Joseph Silvea 38
Mary A. 36
William H. 13
Maria A. 11

1870 Chilmark:
James Silva 20
Manuel Silva 22?(29?)
Patir Silva 22
Joseph Silva 21

1870 Edg:
Joseph Sylvia 47

Manuel Sylvia? 26 ---
Mary Sylvia 20 ----- married in October

Deaths in Edgartown, appearing in Vin Gazette:
Silva, Infant dau. of Manuel 03/07/73 Edgartown 3m
Silva, Mary Ann 02/12/75 this town 16y
Silvia, Lottie 02/21/73 this town 1y

1880 Edgartown:
23 28 William Silva 34 sailor Azores Mulatto
Margaret Silva 38 keeps house Azores Mulatto
Joseph Silva 14 at school MA Mulatto

38 47 Joseph Silva 51 teamster Azores cannot read or write
Margaret Silva 49 keeping house ME

72 90 Antone Silva 26 laborer Azores
Mary Silva 30 keeping house Azores
Antone Jr. Silva 11 at school MA

76 94 Joseph T. Silva 43 laborer Azores mulatto
Mary Silva 42 keeping house Azores

1880 Chilmark:
Sylvia, Elenora 142 / 151 50 MA Mulatto

Sylvia, Naomi P. 65 / 67 10 MA servant / at school Black

Tisbury VR 1880-1900
Maria Sylvia, b. NT in 1889 to Jose + Katie Sylvia of NT

George Sylvia (b. 1853-4 in St. Mary) of Tisbury, s. George and Mary Sylvia
m. 1880 in T to Marian Pieunteil/Pinentril, b. 1862-3 in Flores, dau. Joseph and Francisca

Mary C. Silvia of E (b. c. 1869-70 in St George, dau Joseph and Mary Silvia) m. Frank L. Carea of E in 1893 in T

Mary M. Sylvia of T (b. 1876-7 in St. George, dau. Manuel and Mary Sylvia) m. Albert N. Andrews of T in 1898 in T

Manuel M Silva of Providence/T (b. 1878-9 in Brava, s. Martin and Catherine (Gomey) Silva) m. Mary A. Perry of T in T in 1900

1900 CC census:
Mary Silvia, b. Dec. 1861 imm. 1886
One child Mary Silvia, b. Seo 1886 in Mass

Frank Silvia b. May 1869 Azores imm 1888 m. 1893-4
Mary Silvia b. Oct 1876 im 1886
Frank Silvia Jr. b. Oct 1897 Mass

Manuel Silvia Jr.- Black -b. Apr 1878 CVI imm 1892 m 1898-9
Minnie Silvia bl b Nov 1879 CVI imm 1864
Stepson Ernest A. Perry b. oct 1897 Ma
MIL Annie Perry B b Mar 1844 CVI
Aunt Arzana? Burgo? B. Jan 1847 CVI, single, imm 1892

Annie L.? Silvia b. Apr 1874 Azores widow - imm 1889
John Silvia b. Sep 1893 MA
Mary Silvia b Feb 1896 MA
Rosey Silvia b Oct 1899 Mass

Joseph Silvia b. Jan 1830 Azores imm 1870 m 1877-8
Mary Ann Silvia b Aug 1866 Azores imm 1875
Manuel Silvia b. Jun 1881 MA
Mary Silvia b. May 1884 MA
Frank Silvia b. Apr 1886 MA
Philomena Silvia b. Jun 1889 MA
Joseph Silvia b. May 1895 MA
MIL Mary Silvia b. May 1829 Azores (wd-3-2) imm 1878

Manuel Silva, b. Jan. 25, 1895 to Joaquin and Maggie Silva (died 4 days later)

Mary Joaquin Silvia of CC (b. 1873-4) m. Manuel Mello Soares of WT in 1897

Mary Silvia of WT (b. 1883-4) m. Antone Alley of WT in 1906 in WT.
They had son Domingo Norman Alley, b. 29 Oct 1906 in WT

1910 CC census:
Frank W. Silvia, b. c. 1881-2 in MA; m. in 1910
Grace B., b. 1887-8 in Maine

Clara Silvia, b. 1864-5 in Azores; widow-4-5; imm 1902
Son: Antone, b. 1888-9 in Axores; imm 1902

Manuel Silva B b. 1874-5 in CVI imm 1892; m. 1904-5
Mary C. b. 1889-90 in CVI; 11/4 chil
Frances b. 1895-6 in ma
Matilda b. 1899-1900 in ma
Manuel b. 1902-3 in ma
Julia b. 1904-5 in ma

Joseph Silvey W. b. 1844-5 in Az mar. 1879-80; imm 1878
Mariabina b. 1862-3 in Az; imm 1878
Fanny H.? b. 1890-1 in Ma
Joseph W. b. 1895-6 in ma

Silvey, Annie L., b. 1865-6 in Az; imm 1890; wid 3-3
John A., b. 1892-3 in ma
Mary P., b. 1895-6 in ma
Rosa, b. 1899-1900 in ma

Vineyard Gazette:
Frank Sylvia drowned in Edg Great Pond 1900 brother of Manuel Sylvia

Emily M. DeSilva m. Celestino J. Oliver of VH c. 1907. Born 1889 Pico, came as young child. Died 1932
Sister: Rose DeSilva m. _____ Maciel, lived in Chilmark.

Joseph H. Silva (b. Edg., s. Antone M. Silva of E) m. Louise Vanilda Frost of E 1932
Brother Antone M. Silva Jr.

Manuel D. Silvia of OB
Children Nelson Silvia (b. c. 1916-7, d. 1933) and Hazel Silvia

Arthur Silvia, (b. c. 1908-9, son Antone Silvia) m. Jean McBride 1933

Antone T. Silva of VH son George Silva who m. Hortense E. Ferriera 1927 in Taunton

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