Emigrants from St. George (São Jorge), Azores
Who Settled on Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

This is an incomplete list of emigrants from St. George (São Jorge), Azores who settled (or whose children settled) on Martha's Vineyard, Mass. Some birthdates may be a year (or more) off. Villages are listed when known, but most Martha's Vineyard records unfortunately note only "St. George." Many of the names are westernized.

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Manuel D. Amaral (b. 1860 on St. George, d. 1937.) He m. Marie (Mary E.) DeGloria (1860-1937) Their children, born on St. George, include Antone D. Amaral (1895) and Merion D. Amaral (1896).

Frank (Luis) Louis Correia (1865-1940?) of St. George. He m. Mary L. B. _____ (1857-1932). He was the son of Mary Candida de Jesus, and the brother of John Louis Correia.

John Louis Correia (b. 1869 on St. George; d. 1919.) He m. Mary Enos Bettencourt in 1899 in Edgartown, MA. He was the son of Mary Candida de Jesus, and the brother of Frank Luis Correia.

Manuel Joseph De Bettencourt (b. 1872 on St. George; d. 1944) He was the son of Francisco De Bettencourt and _____. He m. Mary Julia Perry (1877-1957), who was the daughter of Frank J. Perry and Anna E. _____. Their children included Percy De Bettencourt and Rose K. De Bettencourt (b. 16 Apr. 1899.)

Joseph Enos Dugan (1865 on St. George; d. 1938), the son of Azeredo Dugan and Caroline Faustina. He m. Mary Frances Duart (1871-1949) in 1890 in Edgartown, MA.

Michael Bettencourt Fontes (b. 30 Sept. 1880 on St. George; d. 1955). He m. Theresa Brazil, who was b. 15 Nov. 1888 on St. George. Their children, at least some born on St. George, included Seraphina Brazil Fontes (1906), Mary Fontes (1904), Michael Bettencourt Fontes (9 Jan. 1907), Theresa Fontes (1909), _____ (14 Feb. 1919), Laura Sylvia Fontes (1921), and Helen Theresa Fontes (25 Sep 1922).

Merian Madeiras of St. George. He m. Philomena Amaral. Their children included Frank C. Madeiras (15 Aug. 1876); John Madeiras (b. 1878 on St. George); and Rose C. Madeiras (1882).

Francis Perreira a/k/a Francis Perry Norton (b. 1828 on St. George; d. 1893). Capt. Shubael Lyman Norton of Edgartown brought him to the Vineyard after a whaling voyage in 1835 and adopted him. He m. Deborah B. Vincent in 1857.

Manuel Machado a/k/a Manuel Norton was b. _____ (1830-50?) on St. George, the son of Matthew Machado and Martha _____, both from St. George. He came to Edgartown and took the name "Norton". He m. Katherine Corr (1844-1911). He died in 1912.

Antone Enos Pereiro a/k/a Prada (b. Jan. 1842 on St. George; d. 1920) He m. Isabelle Augusta Sylva (de Jesus), who was b. 1856 on St. George and d. 1938.

Antone King Silva (b. 21 July 1850 in St. George; d. 1928). He was the brother of Manuel Silva/Sylvia. He m. (1) Mary Theresa King (1846-1914; the widow of _____ Silva, and the mother of Antone King Silva Jr. (Jan. 1869) and Manuel King Silva/Sylvia (1873).); he m. (2) Mrs. Candida _____ Correia.

Manuel Silva (b. 1842 on St. George; d. 1878). He was the son of Joseph Silva and Clara K. _____. He m. Mary Clara Francis of Fayal. He emigrated before 1874.

Manuel Silva b. ____ (1850-70?) in Azevedo, St. George. He m. Rita Augusta Nunes, who was b. 1868 on St. George, and d. 1940.

Manuel King Sylvia (b. 1873 of St. George; d. 1944) He was the son of _____ Silva and Mary Theresa _____, the stepson of Antone King Silva, and the brother of Antone King Silva Jr. He m. Philomenia Enos in 1896 in Edgartown.

Manuel A. Vincente (Vincent) (b. 1838 on St. George; d.1934?) He came to Martha's Vineyard in 1879. He m. (1) _____ and (2) Barbara Liverminto c. 1879, who was b. Feb. 1860 on St. George.

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