Emigrants from St. Michael (São Miguel), Azores
Who Settled on Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

This is an incomplete list of emigrants from St. Michael ( São Miguel), Azores who settled (or whose children settled) on Martha's Vineyard, Mass. Some birthdates may be a year (or more) off. Villages are listed when known, but most Martha's Vineyard records unfortunately note only "St. Michael." Many of the names are westernized.

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Antone Medeiros (Alley) (b. Nov. 1871 or 1872) of St. Michael. (the son of Manuel P. Medeiros and Innocensia K. _____. He emigrated in 1879. His mother Innocence or Innocensia was born Feb. 1840 in the Azores (St. Michael?), and emigrated in 1871. She had eleven children, seven of whom were still alive in 1900, including sons Antone and Domingo and daughter Philomena R. Medeiros (who was born in St. Michael and emigrated in 1875.)

Domingo Pacheco Medeiros (Alley) (1864 - 1922) of St. Michael

Antonio Jose (de) Amaral (b. before 1850) of St. Michael - (he m. ____ de Jesus, had two sons Amos Joseph (1866) and Clemente J. (22 July 1867) in St. Michael)

Antone B. Andrade (1878-1947) of St. Michael (He m. Clara Amaral, b. 1878 in St. Michael)

John Costa Barboza (1897-1963) of St. Michael (the son of Manuel C. Barboza and Antonia De Jesus.)

Eugene L. Benefit (Benefito) (4 Aug. 1878-1947) of St. Michael
Joseph Lopes Benefit (Benefito) (1881-1956) of St. Michael

Joaquin C. Borges (17 Jun 1881-1952) of St. Michael

Adrian Silvia Brown (AKA Adrian Silvia) (1845-1932) of St. Michael (m. Isabella Jacinto of St. George)

Manuel Francis (da) Camara (25 Dec. 1876-1955) of St. Michael (son of Frank Pacheco Combra (a/k/a Francisco (da) Camara) and Augusta Amelia (da) Conceicao)

Antone J. Campbell (b. c. 1868-70) of St. Michael (He m. Philomena E. Medeiros on 25 Jan 1896 in Povocao, St. Michael)

Ernest Leite Campos (1904-1962) of St. Michael

Frank J. Campos (1868-1943) of St. Michael (He m. Julia Pacheco Cabral, b. 1873 on St. Michael)

Maria Viera (b. 1885 on St. Michael)

Manuel Alfred Caton (1877-1949) of St. Michael (children born on St. Michael include: Manuel Alfred (1877), Constance, Joseph, and Mary (1893))

Frank Pacheco Combra (a/k/a Francisco Pacheco da Camara) of St. Michael (b. before 1860; he m. Augusta Amelia (da) Conceidcao, who was b. 4 Oct. 1854 on St. Michael. Children born in St. Michael include Manuel Francis (25 Dec 1876) and Mary Pacheco (15 Jun 1879). The family emigrated before 1886.)

Manuel Correira (a/k/a Manuel Correira Silva) (1884-1963) of St. Michael (son of John Correira Silva and Mary Rose/Bothelo.)

Joseph Furtado Correllus (Jose Furtado Carrelas) of St. Michael (born before 1868; he m. (1) Rose Viera Moniz and (2) _____. He never emigrated, and had children by both wives, including: Ernest Furtado (b. 16 Jan 1884) and Joseph F. Jr. (1887).)

Manuel Costa of St. Michael (b. before 1868; he m. Rosa Pacheco. Children (most or all b. on St. Michael) include Julia, Rosa, Silvia, Emelia, Manuel Gregory (b. 1885), Mary, and Mary.)

John D. Ferreira (1890-1980) of St. Michael

Manuel Pimental Jordan (1891-1975) of St. Michael (the son of John P. Jordan and Mary L. Viera and the nephew of Joseph P. Jordan.)

Joseph P. Jordan (1877-) of St. Michael (m. Laura P. (Nunes) Francis in 1894, the dau. of Manuel P. and Laura.)

Jules Medeiros (Laranja) LaRange (1872-1955) of St. Michael (He m. Rosa Pereira De Costa.)

Raul B. Medeiros (1866-) of Povoacao, St. Michael. (He m. Elvira Amaral. Their children b. St. Michael include Raul Balthazar (23 May 1894), Joseph, and Maria Anna (1 Jun 1897).)

Frank Cabral Mello of St. Michael (b. before 1870. Children b. St. Michael include: Manuel Cabral (Nov. 1885), Joseph C. (b. 1891), Francisco Cabral (1893), and Ernest C. (1891; remained on St. Michael))

Manuel C. Mello of St. Michael (b. before 1910; Children: Joseph Cabral, Antone, John Cabral, Manuel, Charles Cabral.)

Manuel Cabral Mello of St. Michael (b. c. 1890-95?)

Eugene (James?) Moniz (b. c. 1851-2) of St. Michael. (He m. Maria ____ of Fayal and they had son Manuel (b. 1880)

Maria Moniz Mello (1895-) of St. Michael. She m. Manuel Cabral Mello 1931.

Luis (Oliveria) Oliver (1884-) of St. Michael

Joseph G. Pacheco (1863-1932) of St. Michael (son of Jencipo Pacheco and Anna Pineulet. He m. Mary G. DeCosta in 1887, who was b. 1870 on St. Michael.)

Jencipo Pacheco of St. Michael (b. bef 1845; m. Anna Pineulet; 13 children b. St. Michael including Joseph G. (1863), Manuel G. (Jan. 1865), Maria daGloria (1870), Emily Josephine (12 Aug 1879), and _____(female).)

Manuel (Frank Rose) Packish of St. Michael (b. before 1880?; emigrated before 1896)

John E. Palmeira (1901-1976) of St. Michael

John (Da Costa) Peters of St. Michael (born John Peters da Costa; m. Mary _____ of St. Michael, born 1849; emigrated bef 1890.)

Joseph M. (Jose M.) Pimental (1868-1893) of St. Michael (son of Manuel and Mary; emigrated before 1890.)

Lucynthia Prada Madeiros (1831-1917) of St. Michael (dau. of Marium Prada and Rosa Jesus. She m. Ralph P. Madeiros.)

Aurelio Roderiques a/k/a Otis Antone Rogers (1885-1961) of St. Michael (emigrated before 1913)

Antone Tavas (Antonio Tavares) Silva (8 Dec. 1864-1940) of St. Michael (son of Gerovasio Jose Tavares Silva and Dona Maria Isobel Gouvea; he emigrated in 1888)

Manuel Correira Silva (a/k/a Manuel Correira) (1884-) of St. Michael

Adrian Silvia (1845-1932) of St. Michael (m. Isabella Jacinto of St. George)

Manuel P. Silvia (b. c.1870-1) of St. Michael (son of Manuel P. Silvia. He m. Rose S. Silvia a/k/a Rose L. De Gloria de Jesus.)

Reuben George Silvia (1907-1969) of St. Michael (son of Tiago Sylvia and Mary Sylvia

Manuel P. Soares (a/k/a Swartz) (1888-1956) of St. Michael (brother of Mary Soares)

Caton (Soares) Swartz (1878-1935) of St. Michael (son of Manuel Soares.)

Jules (Olivero) Swartz (a/k/a Jules Swartz Olivero) (1860-1923) of St. Michael (He m. Julia S. Ferreira, who was b. 1865 on St. Michael.)

Manuel Oliveria Swartz (1876-1950) of St. Michael (He m. Emelia/Amelia Rowe.)

Antonio Tavares (Antone Tavas Silva) (8 Dec. 1864-) of St. Michael

John Viera (born 1884? or 1870-1?) of St. Michael. He m. Teliveda Pacheco Sylvia (1882-1942).)

Antone White (1894-1957) of St. Michael (He m. Mary Caton, who was b. 1893 on St. Michael.)

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