Known Portuguese Families on Martha's Vineyard

"T" Surnames


The following list was extracted from the table of contents of Chapter T of the first edition of Our Portuguese Heritage by Marianne Thomas.

Are you a descendant of one of these families? Do you have genealogical or historical information about these Martha's Vineyard families that you would like to share? Or is your Portuguese - Martha's Vineyard family not represented here? We would like to hear from you!


Families of:

John Tarvers (1873-1940)
Mary Roderick Tavares
Antonio Tavares (Antone Tavas Silva) (1864-) of St. Michael
Donald Bernard Taylor
Glenn Norman Taylor (1923-)
Joseph I. Terra (1876-1920) of Fayal
Frank Terra (1875-) of Fayal
Manuel Ignacia Terra (1884-1955) of Fayal

Norbert Armand Thibault
Laurence Joseph Thomas (1856-1921) of Flores
Manuel Francis Thomas (1866-) of the Azores

John Cabot Thurber (1946-)
Calvin R. Tilton (1817-1902)
Herbert Carlton Tilton (1908-)
Andrew Tince (1915-)
Carol Edward Tirrell
Charles Leo Tobin (1911-)
Walter Tomkins (1945-)
Antone E. Torres
Eugene Holmes (Issac) Townes (1909-1969)
________ Trembley
Bruce Trott
George Maxwell Tucker
Philip Alan Tucker (1933-)
Stanley J. Turbak
William Thomas Tuttle (1918-)

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