List of Persons whose Names have been Changed in Dukes County, MA, 1850-1892.

List of Persons whose Names have been Changed
in Dukes County, 1850-1892

From List of Persons whose Names have been Changed in Massachusetts 1780-1892
collated and published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1885.
Reprinted by the Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1972.

Date Original Name Adopted Name Town of Residence
29 Apr 1850 Rebecca West William Valentine Worth Chilmark
23 May 1851 Edwin Coffin Edwin Russell Coffin Edgartown
1856 William Ross Merrills William Ross Pease Edgartown
1856 William Buckley Norton William Robert Norton Tisbury
19 Jan 1863 Tristram Ripley * Tristram R. Holley Edgartown
16 Jan 1865 Nettie Packard * Nettie Louisa Packard Edgartown
16 Jan 1865 Harry H. Furguson Harry Adams Norton Edgartown
19 July 1869 Andrew R. Luce * Charles L. Wicks Tisbury
6 Jan 1870 Mary E. Skidmore * Fanny A. Lewis Tisbury
5 Sep 1870 Martha A. M. Bell * Annie J. Thomas Tisbury
17 Oct 1870 Sarah Edith Hatch * Ava J. S. Athearn Tisbury
5 June 1871 Frederick A. Quinnell * Frederick O. Luce Edgartown
15 Jan 1872 Agusta Lewis Agusta Heft Tisbury
2 Dec 1872 Willie F. Simpson Willie F. Saunders Tisbury
2 Dec 1872 Eliza Ann Simpson Eliza Ann Spencer Tisbury
3 Mar 1873 Hannah Rose Crosby Aleta Thomas Robinson Tisbury
2 June 1873 Essie G. Thaxter Essie G. Wilbur Edgartown
1 Dec 1873 Elizabeth Elnora White Elizabeth Elnora Cleveland Tisbury
7 June 1875 Josephine Anderson Josephine Sylva Edgartown
9 July 1875 Samuel Smith Daggett Esau Samuel Smith Daggett Edgartown
4 Sep 1876 Alonzo Manual * Alonzo Mason Ripley Edgartown
16 Apr 1883 Sophia M. Swain Emma Walker Mayhew Tisbury
3 Sep 1883 Presberry Luce Presbury Sherwood Luce Tisbury
15 Oct 1883 Beatrice Fuller Daisy May Wesley Cottage City
15 Oct 1883 Lizzie C. Harrison Lizzie H. Rice Cottage City
2 June 1884 George C. Wheeler * George Cromwell Greene Cottage City
15 Oct 1884 Beatrice Fuller * Daisy Mary Wesley Cottage City
1 Nov 1884 Ruth E. Defose * Ruth E. Chadwick Cottage City
20 Apr 1885 Warren A. Defose * Warren Andrew Chadwick Cottage City
7 Dec 1885 Grace L. Newcomb * Grace L. Chase Tisbury
19 Oct 1891 Frank L. Stuart Frank Leonard Norton Edgartown
10 Feb 1892 Chester Campbell * Walter Loyd Mayhew Chilmark
5 Apr 1892 Dorothy Clark * Eliza May Stratton Cottage City

*Changed by Reason of Adoption.

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