The Pease Family of Martha's Vineyard:
Seventh Generation

Compiled by Richard Bart
See also Part One and Part Three:Eighth Generation

Children of John (John, Samuel, John, James, John) and Hannah (Hillman) Pease born in Chilmark, Massachusetts: Susanna Pease; b. Oct 08, 1780; m. Feb 13, 1805 in Chilmark, Ephraim Mayhew; b. Mar 19, 1778 in Chilmark. He was the son of Ephraim Mayhew Sr., a farmer; b. 1746 in Chilmark; d. Oct 04, 1807, and his second wife, Jedidah Smith. See Lemuel Pease [] for other relationships of Jedidah Smith. Abigail Pease; b. Sep 15, 1782; m. Dec 26, 1805 in Chilmark, Lothrop Merry; b. Apr 18, 1780 in Lenox, MA. He was the son of William Merry; b. Oct 14, 1751 in Tisbury, MA; d. May 04, 1836 in Tisbury, and Sarah Chase; b. Sep 09, 1753; d. Aug 03, 1826. William Merry was in Lenox for about seven years as a private in the army during the Revolutionary War. He and Sarah were married Oct 27, 1774. John D. Pease; b. Jun 22, 1787; d. Jan 25, 1841 in Chilmark; m. Jan 03, 1830 in Chilmark, Sophronia Pease Lambert; b. Aug 18, 1805. She was the daughter of Abishai Lambert, a yeoman; b. Aug 09, 1769 in Chilmark; d. Apr 13, 1827, and Hepsibah Coffin; b. Nov 22, 1773; d. Feb 01, 1868. Abishai and Hepsibah were married Oct 16, 1792 in Chilmark. Hepsibah Coffin was the sister of Thomas Martin Coffin, who married Sophronia Pease []. Children of John D. and Sophronia Pease (Lambert) Pease born in Chilmark, MA: John Lambert b. 1831 d. Hepsibah Coffin b. 1835 d. Thomas F. b. 1836 d.

Sophronia Pease (Lambert) Pease m. (2) Sep 21, 1854 in Chilmark, as his second wife, Samuel J. Hancock.


Children of Peter (Peter, Joseph, Matthew, James, John) and Keziah (Fitch) Pease born in Edgartown, Massachusetts: Mary Pease; b. Mar 22, 1790; d. Aug 1877; m. Oct 22, 1809 in Edgartown, Rufus Fisher; b. Dec 03, 1788 in Edgartown. He was the son of Jonathan Fisher, a mariner; b. Jun 1753; d. May 09, 1837, and Eunice Holly; b. 1756; d. Apr 03, 1834. Jonathan and Eunice were married Jul 25, 1774 in Edgartown. Rufus was also the brother of Jared Fisher, who married Sally P. Pease [] Peter Pease; b. Dec 24, 1794; d. Mar 15, 1822 in Port Au Prince, Haiti; m. Dec 25, 1817 in Tisbury, MA, as her first husband, Sarah Allen Dunham; b. Sep 13, 1797 in Tisbury; d. Oct 19, 1879 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Paul Dunham; d. 1810, and Sarah Allen; b. 1767 in Falmouth, MA; d. Jan 03, 1846. Paul and Sarah were married Jun 02, 1797. Children of Captain Peter and Sarah Allen (Dunham) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: William Allen b. Aug 24, 1820 d. Peter b. Apr 15, 1822 d. Mar 14, 1877 Edgartown, MA

Sarah Allen (Dunham) Pease m. (2) Nov 09, 1823, James Bunting; b. 1797; d. Mar 14, 1836. Benjamin Fitch Pease; b. Feb 28, 1797; d. Mar 27, 1883 from bronchitis in Edgartown; m. (1) 1832, Sarah Norton Smith; b. May 31, 1806 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of John Smith, a farmer; b. Jun 01, 1776 in Edgartown; d. Jul 11, 1850, and Lucinda Norton; b. Mar 19, 1775; d. Mar 30, 1854. John and Lucinda were married Sep 08, 1799 in Edgartown. John was also the brother of Hannah Smith who married Elijah Pease []. Benjamin m. (2)____. He m. (3) Oct 19, 1856 in Edgartown, by the Reverend Jesse Pease, to Laura (Lambert) Lewis; b. 1817 in Tisbury; d. May 11, 1864 from lung fever in Edgartown. She was the daughter of William Lambert; b. 1777 in Tisbury, and Laura Lambert; b. Feb 15, 1776 in Chilmark. William married his first cousin Laura, Jun 06, 1811. Sarah Noyes Pease; b. Aug 29, 1802; bpt. Sep 30, 1816; d. Dec 25, 1855; m. Jul 19, 1823 in Edgartown, Matthew Pease []; b. Sep 12, 1799 on Nantucket, MA. He was the son of Matthew and Betsey (Fitch) Pease. Eliza Pease; b. Apr 22, 1805; bpt. Sep 30, 1816; m. (1) Sep 19, 1822 in Edgartown, William Beetle; d. Jan 25, 1824 at sea. He was the son of Reuben Beetle; b. Jul 1765 in Edgartown; d. Dec 18, 1818, and Jedidah Coffin; b. Jun 1765; d. Feb 20, 1841. Reuben and Jedidah were married Jun 26, 1791. William sailed from Edgartown Dec 19, 1822 on a Nantucket whaler, the Globe, Captain Thomas Worth, master. In the mid Pacific, at midnight, Jan 25, 1824, mutineers murdered the captain, first mate William Beetle, second mate John Lambert, and third mate Nathaniel Fisher. Thomas Worth was the son of Jethro and Velina (Pease) [] Worth of Edgartown. Eliza m. (2) Oct 15, 1826, John G. Thurber; b. Sep 08, 1804 in Providence, RI. George Washington Pease; b. Sep 15, 1808; bpt. Sep 30, 1816; d. Mar 28, 1896 from senile dibility in Edgartown; m. Jul 23, 1843 in Edgartown, Emma Eliza Vincent; b. Jan 23, 1807 in Edgartown, MA; d. Jan 19, 1883 of heart disease in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Simmons Vincent; b. about 1741 in Westport, MA; d. Oct 23, 1841 in Edgartown, and Betsey Norton; b. Dec 16, 1777. Simmons and Betsey were married May 27, 1804 in Edgartown.


Children of Matthew (Elijah, Matthew, Matthew, James, John) and Betsey (Fitch) Pease born in Nantucket, Massachusetts: Joseph Fitch Pease; b. Jun 16, 1794; d. Apr 02, 1880 in Nantucket; m. Jan 26, 1818, Lydia C. Earl; b. Jun 25, 1796 in Nantucket; d. Jun 29, 1873. She was the daughter of Joseph Earl; b. May 19, 1753 in Nantucket; d. Jul 04, 1829, and Parnal Paddack; d. Apr 1806. Joseph and Parnal were married Oct 16, 1790. Children of Joseph Fitch and Lydia C. (Earl) Pease born in Nantucket, MA: John b. d. Henry b. 1824 d. Edwin b. Jun 20, 1827 d. Dec 1866 Shanghai Lydia C. b. Jan 27, 1833 d. Apr 01, 1867 Nantucket, MA George W. F. b. 1837 d. Jan 18, 1859 Nantucket, MA Love Pease; b. Aug 25, 1796; d. Apr 16, 1829 in Nantucket; m. Sep 30, 1817 in Nantucket, as his first wife, Charles Jenkins; b. Jul 27, 1793 in Nantucket. He was the son of Joseph Jenkins Jr.; b. Apr 19, 1763 in Barnstable, MA; d. Nov 10, 1832; bur. with his wife in Sandy Hill Cemetery, and Lydia Ewer; b. Oct 06, 1765 in Barnstable; d. Jul 04, 1848. Joseph and Lydia were married Nov 26, 1789 in Barnstable. Charles m. (2) Dec 06, 1829, Eunice Gardner. Matthew Pease; b. Sep 12, 1799; m. Jul 19, 1823 in Edgartown, MA, Sarah Noyes Pease []; b. Aug 29, 1802 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Peter and Keziah (Fitch) Pease. Children of Matthew and Sarah Noyes (Pease) Pease born in Nantucket, MA: Coffin Fitch b. Sep 1825 d. Matthew b. 1828 d.


Children of David (Elijah, Matthew, Matthew, James, John) and Sally (Fosdick) Pease born in Nantucket, Massachusetts: Phebe Pease; b. May 24, 1794 ; d. Aug 26, 1875 in Nantucket; m. Oct 10, 1816 in Nantucket, Henry Cottle; b. Dec 31, 1789 in Nantucket. He was the son of Lot Cottle; b. Mar 07, 1748 in Nantucket, and Ruth Coleman; b. Jun 13, 1750 in Nantucket; d. Sep 17, 1824. Lot and Ruth were married Jan 03, 1770 in Nantucket. Alexander Pease b. Apr 17, 1796; Alexander was a sea Captain who died from smallpox Mar 04, 1821 in France. He never married.

----------------------------- Nancy (Prince, Elijah, Matthew, Matthew, James, John), daughter of Prince and Nancy (Addington) Pease; b. Sep 13, 1809 in Nantucket, MA; m. Mr. Walcott.


Children of Abraham (Elijah, Matthew, Matthew, James, John) and Sally (Ross) Pease born in Nantucket, Massachusetts: Matthew Pease; b. Jan 15, 1819; d. Nov 28, 1899 in Wellseley, MA; m. Jul 05, 1850 in Boston, MA, Susan Maria Boyden; b. in Castine, ME. Matthew was a carpenter. Children of Matthew and Susan Maria (Boyden) Pease born in Boston, MA: Clarabell Boyden b. Jul 14, 1851 d. Frank Walter b. Mar 08, 1853 d. Addie K. b. 1855 d. Charlotte M. Pease; b. Jul 18, 1822; m. Jun 30, 1872 in Nantucket, as his third wife, George M. Swain; b. Aug 26, 1807 in Nantucket. He was the son of George Swain; d. Sep 1807, and Lucretia McCleave; b. Sep 05, 1791 in Nantucket. George and Lucretia were married Sep 16, 1806 in Nantucket. Benjamin F. Pease, a carpenter; b. Oct 16, 1823 in Nantucket, MA; d. Jul 05, 1884 in Cornish, ME; m. (1) Oct 19, 1851 in Nantucket, Betsey G. Patterson; b. Dec 07, 1831 in Chatham, MA; d. Apr 11, 1868 of consumption in Boston, MA. She was the daughter of William Patterson; b. 1806, and Olive Gould who were married Dec 06, 1827 in Chatham, and the sister of Harriet N. Patterson, who married Elijah Pease []. Benjamin and Betsey lived at 230 Princeton St. Children of Benjamin F. and Betsey G. (Patterson) Pease, 1-5 born in Nantucket, MA, 6 born in Marshfield, MA: Henry W. b. Oct 20, 1852 d. William R. b. Jul 31, 1856 d. Daniel Webster b. Oct 1857 d. Dec 28, 1868 Chatham, MA Wesley Fletcher b. Jul 23, 1859 d. Frederick C. b. Jan 26, 1862 d. Lucius Porter b. May 30, 1867 d. May 10, 1869 Boston, MA

Benjamin m. (2) Sep 05, 1869, Lydia E. Thompson; b. Jan 29, 1845; d. Dec 25, 1896 in Cornish. She was the daughter of Noah Barker Thompson; b. 1809; d. Jan 10, 1885 in Cornish, and Mary Barker Pike; b. Feb 27, 1827 in Cornish; d. Jan 09, 1885. One child of Benjamin F. and Lydia E. (Thompson) Pease born in Hollis, NH: Lizzie May b. Feb 18, 1872 d. Sep 02, 1872 Cornish, ME Alexander Pease, a calker; b. 1824; m. May 23, 1847 in Nantucket, Phebe E. Smith []; b. 1823 in Nantucket. She was the daughter of Jonathan and Anna (Pease) Smith. Elijah Pease; b. Jun 03, 1830; m. Nov 14, 1852 in Nantucket, Harriet Newhall Patterson; b. Aug 24, 1833 in Chatham, MA. She was the sister of Betsey G. Patterson, who married Benjamin F. Pease []. Children of Elijah and Harriet Newhall (Patterson) Pease, 1 born in Nantucket, MA, 2 & 3 in San Francisco, CA, 4 in Plymouth, MA: William F. b. Aug 05, 1853 d. Sep 07, 1853 Nantucket, MA Ellen F. b. Nov 07, 1856 d. Jan 24, 1871 Middleboro, MA Charles A. b. Oct 27, 1861 d. Mar 02, 1922 Abington, MA William Carter b. Jan 01, 1865 d. Feb 01, 1918 Abington, MA

Harriet N. (Patterson) Pease m. (2) Feb 06, 1869 in Middleboro, MA, as his second wife, Richard C. Smith; age 43; b. in Rochester, MA. He was the son of William and Hannah Smith. Phebe Pease; b. May 25, 1832; m. Dec 16, 1855 in Nantucket, as his second wife, John Wesley Rand; b. Jan 08, 1819 in Nantucket. He was the son of Ebenezer Rand; b. May 30, 1779 in Nantucket; bpt. Jun 06, 1779 at the First Methodist Episcopal Church; d. Jul 03, 1857 in Nantucket, and Eunice Bunker; b. Jun 25, 1781 in Nantucket; d. Oct 24, 1847. Ebenezer and Eunice were married Aug 21, 1804. John Wesley Rand m. (1) Judith Starbuck.


Children of Fortunatus (Fortunatus, Theophilus, Nathaniel, James, John) and Rose (Gifford) Pease born in Chilmark, Massachusetts: Clarissa Pease; b. 1791; d. Nov 26, 1819 in Dartmouth, MA; m. Oct 28, 1809, Charles Gilbert. Rodney Pease; b. May 11, 1797; d. Dec 30, 1847 from disease of the kidneys in New Bedford, MA; m. Aug 30, 1825 in New Bedford, Abby Willis Kempton; d. Feb 15, 1853 in New Bedford. She was the daughter of Ephraim Kempton; b. 1769; d. Oct 30, 1798 in Norfolk, Virginia, and Nabby (Willis) Wilbur. Ephraim, a sea captain, married Nabby Jul 01, 1790. Rodney ran a grocery store from his home on County Street. Children of Rodney and Abby Willis (Kempton) Pease born in New Bedford, MA: Sylvia Ann b. Mar 08, 1828 d. Jul 24, 1878 New Bedford, MA Edward Alonzo b. ca. 1830 d. ca. 1832 New Bedford, MA William Augustus b. Feb 1832 d. Aug 22, 1908 New Bedford, MA Charles R. b. 1835 d.

----------------------------- Charles Gifford (Nathaniel, Fortunatus, Theophilus, Nathaniel, James, John), son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Gifford) Pease; b. Dec 10, 1808 in Edgartown, MA; d. 1887 in Erie County, NY; m. (1) Jan 27, 1831 in Evans, NY, Cordelia Smith; b. Apr 23, 1809 in VT; d. Mar 11, 1851 in NY. Children of Charles Gifford and Cordelia (Smith) Pease born in Erie County, NY: Hiram G. b. Jan 15, 1832 d. Jan 21, 1912 Dunkirk, NY Maryanna E. b. Jul 16, 1833 d. Oct 11, 1909 Rodney Orson b. Aug 29, 1834 d. Jun 20, 1935 William G. b. Oct 21, 1836 d. Apr 12, 1882 Friendship, WI Phoebe J. b. May 26, 1838 d. Elizabeth G. b. Apr 23, 1843 d. Jun 26, 1882 Lincoln, NE Julia Minerva b. Oct 01, 1844 d. Feb 08, 1884 Detroit, MI Aurelia Janett b. Sep 14, 1845 d. Oct 02, 1873 Charles Wesley b. Dec 22, 1848 d. 1932 Topeka, KS

Charles m. (2) Jan 08, 1852 in Erie County, Luranda Hitchcock; b. Jul 01, 1813 in Allegheny County, NY; d. Oct 13, 1880. One child of Charles Gifford and Luranda (Hitchcock) Pease born in Erie County, NY: George b. Feb 10, 1853 d.


Children of Bartlett (Abishai, Theophilus, Nathaniel, James, John) and Lydia (Luce) Pease born in Tisbury, Massachusetts: Joanna Bartlett Pease; b. Oct 14, 1797; d. Dec 07, 1825 in Tisbury; m. Jan 06, 1820, as his first wife, Bartimus Luce; b. May 31, 1795 in Tisbury; d. Dec 18, 1834 in Tisbury. He was the son of Thomas Luce; b. 1758 in Tisbury; d. Sep 17, 1843, and his first wife and distant cousin Thankful Luce; b. Dec 03, 1761 in Tisbury; d. Jun 04, 1823. Thomas Luce was a mariner and pilot, who served in the Sea Coast Defense of 1776, and was a seaman on the US Frigate Alliance when the Serapis was captured. He was also a P.O.W. from Apr till Jun 1777 in Plymouth, England Thomas and Thankful were married Jul 04, 1782. One of the children of Bartimus and Joanna Bartlett (Pease) Luce born in Tisbury, MA: Bartimus b. Nov 21, 1833 d. Nov 24, 1922 N. Tisbury, MA

Bartimus Luce m. (2) May 28, 1826 his cousin, as her first husband, Jedidah Luce; b. Sep 28, 1801 in Tisbury; d. May 05, 1882. Jedidah Luce was also the sister of Seth Luce, who married Joanna's sister Abigail Pease []. Bartlett Pease; b. Oct 27, 1801; d. Nov 15, 1884 of apoplexy in Tisbury; bur. in Lambert's Cove Cemetery in West Tisbury with his two wives; m. (1) Dec 25, 1827 in Tisbury, Olive Luce Weeks; b. Feb 23, 1802 in Tisbury; d. Aug 09, 1835 in Tisbury. She was the daughter of Shubael Weeks; b. Sep 25, 1772; d. Jul 19, 1851, and Olive Luce; b. Aug 11, 1780 in Tisbury; d. Feb 24, 1832 in Tisbury. Shubael and Olive were married Nov 10, 1799. Children of Bartlett and Olive Luce (Weeks) born in Tisbury, MA: Harriet Olive b. Sep 07, 1828 d. Oct 05, 1890 W. Tisbury, MA Lydia Weeks b. Sep 07, 1828 d. Joanna b. Mar 03, 1830 d. Nov 26, 1905 Tisbury, MA William Luce b. Apr 07, 1833 d. Jan 02, 1914 W. Tisbury, MA

Bartlett Pease m. (2) Oct 17, 1837 in Tisbury, Sophronia Spaulding Athearn; b. Sep 26, 1803 in Tisbury; d. Sep 14, 1892 in Tisbury. She was the daughter of Timothy Athearn; b. Feb 22, 1769 in Tisbury; d. Feb 07, 1828, and Nancy Lambert; b. Sep 23, 1773; d. Nov 28, 1858. Timothy Athearn was a deacon of the Congregational Church, and married Nancy Dec 12, 1793. Abigail Luce Pease; b. Jul 27, 1804; d. Sep 10, 1843 in Tisbury; bur. with her husband in Lambert's Cove Cemetery in West Tisbury; m Feb 07, 1828, as his first wife, Seth Luce; b. Dec 12, 1799 in Tisbury; d. May 02, 1884. He was the son of Joseph Luce; b. Apr 27, 1765 in Tisbury; d. Sep 24, 1827 in Tisbury, and Elizabeth Lambert; b. Oct 10, 1765; d. Dec 10, 1834 in Tisbury. Joseph and Elizabeth were married Aug 31, 1794, and are buried in Lambert's Cove. Seth Luce, a mariner, was also the brother of Jedidah Luce, who was the second wife of Bartimus Luce. Bartimus Luce was the widower of Abigail's sister Joanna (Pease) [] Luce. After Abigail (Pease) Luce died, Seth Luce m. (2) Mar 05, 1844, Rebecca Look; b. Sep 24, 1812; d. Dec 27, 1892 in Tisbury.


Children of Jeremiah (Abishai, Theophilus, Nathaniel, James, John) and Nancy (Cleveland) Pease: William Gray Pease; b. Feb 28, 1801 in Chilmark, MA; d. Dec 22, 1847 of a liver complaint in New Bedford; m. Sep 10, 1829 in Falmouth, MA, Mary Ann Eldred of Falmouth; d. Apr 14, 1871 age 67. She was the daughter of Ezekiel and Lydia Eldred. She m. (2) Mar 20, 1853 in Westport, MA, as his second wife, Canaan Gifford; age 52; b. in Westport. He was the son of Wilbur and Elizabeth (Allen) Gifford, who were married Oct 22, 1789 in Westport. Susan Folger Pease; b. Feb 22, 1804 in Chilmark, MA; d. 1859; m. Aug 31, 1827 in Falmouth, MA, Christopher E. Dyer, a cooper of New Bedford, MA. Sarah Folger Pease; b. Feb 06, 1806 in Falmouth, MA; d. Dec 13, 1876; m. Henry Stetson, a carpenter of New Bedford, MA; d. Jul 1878. Abishai Pease; b. Nov 04, 1810 in Falmouth, MA; d. Nov 17, 1845 of consumption in Fairhaven, MA; m. Oct 25, 1834 in Falmouth, Phebe Crowell Swift of Falmouth; b. Mar 15, 1812; d. Jan 10, 1849 in Fairhaven. She was the daughter of John Swift; b. Aug 05, 1778; d. Oct 07, 1843, and Mehitable Robinson; b. 1782; d. 1845. John and Mehitable were married Jun 28, 1797. Abishai Pease was a cooper. He probably practiced his trade on whaling vessels, and was issued Seaman's Protection Papers Jan 12, 1828. From them, his description: five feet-six and a half inches, light complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. Children of Abishai and Phebe Crowell (Swift) Pease: Leander Ferdinand b. Aug 15, 1835 d. Jun 07, 1915 Providence, RI James H. b. Feb 1837 d. Oct 24, 1895 New Bedford, MA William G. b. Dec 1838 d. Mar 21, 1898 Fairhaven, MA Susan D. b. 1841 d. John Cleveland Pease, a cooper; b. Dec 17, 1812 in Falmouth, MA; d. Jan 30, 1893 in Fairhaven, MA; m. 1836 in New Bedford, MA, Elizabeth E. Dyer; b. in Little Compton, Rhode Island; d. Aug 03, 1884 age 90 in Fairhaven. She was the daughter of Head and Tabitha Dyer. Children of John Cleveland and Elizabeth E. (Dyer) Pease born in Fairhaven, MA: Nancy Cleveland b. Oct 18, 1837 d. Jun 01, 1913 W. Tisbury, MA Jeremiah H. b. Apr 05, 1840 d. Feb 09, 1924 Fairhaven, MA Delia Ford b. Sep 25, 1842 d. Feb 10, 1923 W. Bridgewater, MA George Otis b. Oct 06, 1844 d. Nov 09, 1877 Gay Head, MA John Cleveland b. Feb 14, 1849 d. Dec 24, 1906 Fairhaven, MA Sarah Elizabeth b. May 19, 1850 d. Mary b. 1853 d. Susan Dyer b. Apr 01, 1854 d. James Davis Pease; b. Mar 13, 1815 in Falmouth, MA; d. Mar 08, 1850 at sea on a passage from California. He was a mate on the ship Roman 2 on one of it's voyages, Aug 15, 1840. James never married. His Seaman's Protection Papers described him as being five feet-five inches in height, light complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. Allen Pease; b. Oct 13, 1817 in Falmouth, MA; drowned Apr 27, 1872 at No Man's Land, MA; m. Apr 17, 1840 in Fairhaven, MA, Harriet L. Robinson; b. Feb 1820 in Hingham, MA; d. May 23, 1893 in Fairhaven. She was the daughter of Robert and Clara Robinson. Allen was a pilot and a cooper. He and Harriet lived on Bridge Street in Fairhaven. Children of Allen and Harriet L. (Robinson) Pease born in Fairhaven, MA: Harriet Louisa b. 1841 d. Charles Henry b. Aug 08, 1843 d. Apr 11, 1911 Fairhaven, MA Amanda b. d. Robert Warren b. Dec 16, 1847 d. Apr 30, 1920 Fairhaven, MA James Allen b. Jul 24, 1853 d. Jun 14, 1854 Fairhaven, MA Laura M. b. Jun 06, 1856 d. Frederick Allen b. Jan 13, 1861 d. Jan 16, 1933 Fairhaven, MA


Children of Salathiel (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, David, John) and Lois (Neal) Pease born in Edgartown, Massachusetts: Henry A. Pease; bpt. May 03, 1789; d. Oct 06, 1878 of senile dibility in Edgartown; m. Jan 20, 1820 in Edgartown, Mary A. Fisher; b. 1792 in Edgartown; d. Jun 28, 1836. She was the daughter of Daniel Fisher; b. Feb 16, 1764, and Mary Fisher; b. 1767; d. Apr 01, 1800. Daniel and Mary were married 1785 in Edgartown. Children of Henry A. and Mary A. (Fisher) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Mary Ann b. Dec 1820 d. Aug 10, 1841 Edgartown, MA Lois Neal b. Oct 30, 1823 d. Jun 13, 1904 Henry A. Jr. b. 1824 d. Oct 12, 1892 Edgartown, MA John b. Nov 11, 1824 d. Nov 10, 1893 Edgartown, MA Charles Wesley b. Apr 13, 1827 d. Mar 22, 1876 Edgartown, MA Sarah F. b. 1831 d. Benjamin b. 1834 d. John H. Pease; b. Jul 1793; d. Dec 30, 1879 from senile dibility in Edgartown; m. Mar 10, 1826 (published) in Edgartown, Betsey Wheldon; b. Jan 08, 1798 in Schenectady, NY; d. May 25, 1868 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Dr. Samuel Wheldon; b. 1765; d. Dec 17, 1841, and Eunice Russell; b. 1768; d. 1839. Children of John H. and Betsey (Wheldon) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Eunice R. b. Mar 05, 1827 d. Dec 11, 1898 Edgartown, MA William Hall b. Apr 22, 1838 d. Jun 05, 1915 Edgartown, MA Peggy Pease; b. Dec 12, 1795; m. Dec 01, 1814 in Edgartown, Martin Arey; b. Jun 12, 1791 in Edgartown; d. Jan 02, 1823 in Valparaiso, Chile. He was a Master of the sloop Apollo. Jedidah Pease; b. Mar 05, 1798; d. Sep 18, 1878 in Edgartown; m. Oct 05, 1820 in Edgartown, Abner Dunham Pease []; b. May 07, 1795 in Edgartown. He was the son of Noah [] and Hannah (Dunham) Pease.


Children of Martin (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, David, John) and Deborah Stewart (Butler) Pease: Gorham Martin Pease; b. Oct 27, 1795 in Edgartown, MA; d. Dec 1877 in Amelia, OH; m. Margaret Wofford Butler; b. Sep 26, 1804 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Walter Butler; b. Nov 20, 1772 in Edgartown; d. Apr 23, 1853 in Amelia, and Mary Sprague; b. Dec 07, 1777; d. Mar 21, 1858 in OH. Walter and Mary were married Jul 01, 1798 in Edgartown. They were among the five families that moved to the "Yankee Settlement" in Ohio in 1814. One child of Gorham and Margaret Wofford (Butler) Pease born in Amelia, OH: Clara Butler b. Feb 04, 1828 d. Nov 29, 1864 Amelia, OH. Joanna Pease; b. about 1797 in Edgartown, MA; bpt. Aug 09, 1803 in Edgartown; m. Timothy Sprague. Catherine Mayhew Pease; b. about 1799 in Edgartown, MA; bpt. Aug 09, 1803 in Edgartown; m. Jan 17, 1822 in Clermont, OH, John O. Butler. Beulah Allen Pease; b. about 1801; m. Jun 23, 1822 in Clermont, OH, Henry Jernegan; b. Jan 17, 1798 in Edgartown, MA. He was the son of David Jernegan; b. Jan 11, 1772 in Edgartown; d. Jun 01, 1833 in Amelia, OH, and Armi Hous Marchant. David and Armi were married Dec 08, 1796 in Edgartown. They were among the five families that moved to the "Yankee Settlement" in Amelia, OH in 1814. David Jernegan m. (2) Sarah Strickland. Leavitt Thaxter Pease, a physician; b. Apr 20, 1809; bpt. Aug 13, 1809 in Edgartown; d. May 24, 1874 in Amelia, OH; m. Nancy Ann Fee. She was the daughter of Thomas Fee, a private in the Revolutionary War; b. 1763; d. 1831, and Nancy Cathers. Children of Leavitt Thaxter and Nancy Ann (Fee) Pease born in Amelia, OH: Martin Granville b. Jul 08, 1835 d. Jan 11, 1895 Meredith Ardelia b. Aug 20, 1839 d. Deborah Butler Pease; b. Mar 24, 1812; m. Dec 0, 1837 in Clermont, OH, Lorenzo D. Salt. Mary Butler Pease; b. Jun 30, 1818 in Amelia, OH; d. Apr 21, 1891 in Amelia; m. Dec 15, 1850, Cyrus Fairfield; b. Dec 14, 1817; d. Jan 21, 1904 in Amelia. He was the son of Josiah Fairfield; b. Mar 20, 1785 in Kennebunk, ME; d. Jul 20, 1874 in Amelia, OH, and Sophia Thompson; b. Jul 06, 1794 in Bath, ME; d. Oct 18, 1869 in Amelia. Josiah and Sophia were married Mar 24, 1813 in Sebec, ME. Eliza Bunker Pease; b. about 1819 in Amelia, OH; m. John Offut.

----------------------------- Sarah S. (Timothy, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, David, John), daughter of Timothy and Hannah (Norton) Pease; b. 1795; d. Jul 28, 1874; age 80 from dementia in Tisbury; MA; m. Nov 16, 1848 in Tisbury, as his second wife, Jonathan Clarke; b. 1804. He was the son of Jonathan and Deborah Clarke.


Children of Timothy (Daniel, Benjamin, Benjamin, David, John) and Susan (Butler) Pease born in Edgartown, Massachusetts: Elbridge Gerry Pease; b. Jan 14, 1800; d. Jun 13, 1866 in Edgartown; m. Jun 27, 1825 in New London, CT, Eliza Clark; b. Feb 1803 in New London; d. Mar 06, 1874 of consumption in Edgartown. She was the daughter of James and Bridget Clark. Elbridge Gerry Pease was named after Elbridge Gerry; b. Feb 17, 1744 in Marblehead, MA; d. Nov 23, 1814 in Washington, DC. He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, governor of Massachusetts (1810-1812) and vice president of the US under James Madison. The Massachusetts Jeffersonian party under governor Gerry fashioned political districts to insure re-election. One of the districts on a map resembled a dragon or salamander, thus the political term gerry-mandering. Elbridge Pease was a mate on the ship Minerva on one of it's voyages, Jan 04, 1819. Children of Elbridge Gerry and Eliza (Clark) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Susan b. Aug 22, 1828 d. Sep 30, 1904 Edgartown, MA Timothy b. Mar 02, 1833 d. Apr 23, 1896 Edgartown, MA James C. b. Jan 01, 1834 d. Dec 23, 1902 Edgartown, MA Emma A. b. 1835 d. Elbridge G. b. Jul 07, 1844 d. Oct 30, 1847 Edgartown, MA Lavina Pease; b. Feb 01, 1801; d. Apr 08, 1881 from bronchitis in Edgartown; m. Jun 03, 1822 in Edgartown, Thomas Stewart; b. Sep 29, 1781 in Edgartown. He was the son of Thomas and Hannah (Daggett) Stewart, and the brother of Timothy Stewart, who married Jedidah Pease []. Daniel Pease; b. Aug 17, 1804; d. May 13, 1883 in Edgartown; m. Dec 02, 1830 in Edgartown, Almira King; b. Oct 1807; d. Nov 21, 1868 from consumption in Edgartown. She was the daughter of William and Pamelia King. Daniel Pease was a farmer. Children of Daniel and Almira (King) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Thomas S. b. Oct 13, 1833 d. Aug 21, 1860 Edgartown, MA Charles W. b. Jun 11, 1840 d. Apr 06, 1909 Edgartown, MA Eliza Pease; b. Jul 02, 1807; d. Jan 27, 1906 from senile dibility in Edgartown; m. Aug 14, 1827 in Edgartown, James Pent; bpt. Jun 07, 1807 in Edgartown. He was the son of Samuel Pent; "dropped down dead on the Eel Pond age 63" Jan 05, 1841, and Deborah Ripley. Samuel and Deborah were married Nov 24, 1805. Charles W. Pease; b. Jun 25, 1811; d. Aug 24, 1882 of heart disease in Edgartown; m. Aug 15, 1838 in Edgartown, Lydia R. King; b. Jan 1814; d. Oct 28, 1848 in Edgartown. According do the vital records, Charles died as a pauper. One child of Charles W. and Lydia R. (King) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Eliza Ann b. Jul 08, 1843 d. Oct 27, 1918 Edgartown, MA Freeman Pease; b. Apr 05, 1814; d. Mar 25, 1884 in Edgartown; m. Mar 03, 1841 in Edgartown, Mary R. Ripley; b. Dec 24, 1816 in Edgartown; d. Jun 03, 1888 of heart disease in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Henry and Polly Ripley. Freeman Pease was a carpenter. Children of Freeman and Mary R. (Ripley) Pease: Horace S. b. Nov 13, 1842 d. Apr 11, 1910 Edgartown, MA Eliza b. 1848 d.


Children of Prince (Prince, John, Benjamin, David, John) and Desire (Coffin) Pease born in Edgartown, Massachusetts: Nancy Jane Pease; b. Apr 12, 1776; d. May 29, 1847; m. (int.) Nov 13, 1805, James Clapman. George W. Pease; b. May 11, 1780; d. Feb 17, 1873 in Appleton, ME; m. (1) Mary. George was a boot and shoe manufacturer, a Justice of the Peace (1830), postmaster (1841) and a member of the Court (1845). He was also a storekeeper in 1856. Children of George W. and Mary Pease born in Appleton, ME: George W. b. Nov 21, 1817 d. James Frederic b. Jul 01, 1821 d. Jan 25, 1880 Appleton, ME Mary J. b. Jun 30, 1824 d. Lorenzo C. b. Jun 06, 1826 d. Dec 13, 1862 Appleton, ME Alonzo Clifford b. Oct 25, 1834 d.

George Pease m. (2) Jennie. Peletiah Pease; b. Oct 07, 1782; d. Oct 22, 1862 in Mercer County, IL; m. Apr 30, 1809 in Hope, by Almond Gushee Esq. to Nancy Butler; b. Feb 18, 1790; d. Apr 13, 1830, the same day her oldest son died, and two days after her mother in law died. She was the daughter of Joseph Butler; b. Apr 1764, and Margaret Martin; b. Apr 04, 1760. Peletiah Pease was a highway surveyor in Hope. In Dec 1825, he purchased for $500, a tract of land from Erasmus Foote and Jonas Wheeler, and in Apr 1830, Leonard Wentworth sold him one-quarter of a sawmill. Peletiah was a Church Treasurer, voted in Jan 17, 1824, a Church clerk on Jan 21, 1829, and was voted to be dismissed from the church Mar 04, 1837 "in good standing, as he is moving out of the state." He was not always in good standing with the Baptist Church, as stated in three incidents: " Mr. Pease is to retract to the church for a wrong to Sister Stover, for not fulfilling his engagement to Elder Kendol, and for selling a pair of shoes on the Sabbath." Children of Peletiah and Nancy (Butler) Pease: John b. Nov 28, 1810 d. Apr 13, 1830 Mercer Co, IL William b. Dec 28, 1812 d. Nancy b. Apr 10, 1815 d. May 31, 1900 ME Alexander C. b. Aug 20, 1817 d. Golle Zoa b. Dec 16, 1819 d. Joseph b. Feb 06, 1822 d. Mar 29, 1904 Monmouth, IL Martin Alexander b. May 20, 1824 d. Jan 30, 1901 Monmouth, IL Desire b. Sep 28, 1826 d. Hiram b. Jul 02, 1829 d. Aug 25, 1830 ME

Peletiah m. (2) Mary Wallace; b. Mar 13, 1801; d. Aug 22, 1880; bur. Rock Island Cemetery, IL. Peletiah, Mary, and the children left Maine, and headed west, settling in Mercer County, Illinois. From a letter written by Clayton Harold Pease [] Jul 21, 1953, Peletiah was buried "in an old cemetery about three miles from Norwood, that in 1953, had not been taken care of--sheep were running all over it, most of the tombstones were down and some of them broken. Inscription: Pelatiah Pease immigrated to Illinois in 1827 (should be 1837) died Oct 22, 1862 aged 81 yrs. 14 days." Children of Peletiah and Mary (Wallace) Pease: Nelson b. 1833 d. ca. 1862 Oregon James McIntire b. Jun 04, 1835 d. Oct 15, 1857 IL Aramilda b. 1837 d. ca. 1862 Edwin S. b. Nov 24, 1840 d. Nov 18, 1857 IL Lovinia Pease; b. about 1783; d. Feb 11, 1871; m. Dec 18, 1806 in Union, ME, Thaddeus Luce; b. Jul 13, 1782 in Tisbury, MA; d. Sep 17, 1857 in Union. He was the son of Seth Luce; b. Oct 11, 1752 in Tisbury; d. Mar 05, 1833 in Union, and Sarah Luce; b. Mar 1757; d. Sep 08, 1825 in Union. Seth married Sarah Luce Jan 18, 1776 in Tisbury, MA, and moved to Union about 1798. Thaddeus Luce was a school agent from 1831-1846. At the time of their marriage, Lovinia was from Appleton, ME. Betsey Pease; b. about 1784; m. Thaddeus Luce (not proven to be the same Thaddeus who married Lovinia).

----------------------------- Argalis (Argalis, William, John, Benjamin, David, John), son of Argalis and Sally (Davis) Pease; b. May 1806 in Edgartown, MA; d. Jan 04, 1888 in Boston, MA; m. (1) Aug 29, 1832 in Bath, ME, by Reverend John W. Ellingwood, Ruth Masters. Children of Argalis and Ruth (Masters) Pease, 1 & 2 born in Hallowell, ME: Ann M. b. Jun 1835 d. George H. b. Apr 16, 1836 d. Sep 21, 1898 Boston, MA Sarah E. b. Jul 1844 d. Charles Eugene b. May 04, 1849 d. Mar 23, 1926 Taunton, MA Frank E. b. Sep 20, 1855 d. Sep 11, 1856 Watertown, MA

Argalis Pease m. (2) Dec 04, 1872 in Edgartown, as her second husband, Sophronia (Norton) Staples; b. 1831 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Shubael Norton; b. May 13, 1792 in Edgartown, and Sophronia Smith. Shubael and Sophronia were married Jan 22, 1818. Sophronia m. (3) Feb 20, 1890 in Boston, as his third wife, Thomas Mills, a tea broker; age 52; b. in Ireland.


Children of John Harper (Malatiah, Malatiah, Benjamin, David, John) and Mary (Pease) Pease: John Harper Pease; bpt. Aug 03, 1787 in Edgartown, MA; d. Nov 12, 1850 from asthma in Nantucket, MA; m. Mar 21, 1816 in Nantucket, Mary B. Bunker; b. Dec 23, 1794 in Nantucket; d. Jul 12, 1865 in San Francisco, CA. She was the daughter of Benjamin Bunker; b. Mar 18, 1751 in Nantucket; d. Apr 14, 1842, and Rebecca Folger; b. Aug 25, 1758 in Nantucket; d. Apr 14, 1839. Benjamin and Rebecca were married Sep 02, 1775 in Nantucket. John Pease was a master mariner, who commanded the ship Martha on the Pacific Coast. Children of John Harper and Mary B. (Bunker) Pease born in Nantucket, MA: Edward Harper b. Dec 17, 1816 d. Apr 12, 1849 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil George Folger b. 1818 d. Dec 11, 1900 Susan Bunker b. Apr 30, 1822 d. John Harper b. 1826 d. Nov 28, 1899 William Crawford b. 1827 d. Apr 27, 1910 Clare, OR Rebecca Folger b. 1832 d. Jul 26, 1834 Nantucket, MA Thomas C. b. May 15, 1836 d.


Children of Valentine (Malatiah, Malatiah, Benjamin, David, John) and Love (Daggett) Pease born in Nantucket, Massachusetts: Love Pease; b. Nov 13, 1790; m. 1809 in Edgartown, Henry Butler of Nantucket. Martha Pease; b. Aug 08, 1793; d. May 06, 1864 in Edgartown; m. Nov 04, 1815 in Edgartown, Clement Norton; b. Aug 10, 1794 in Edgartown; d. Aug 24, 1846. He was the son of Lot Norton; b. 1743 in Edgartown, and his second wife, Deborah Hillman; b. 1756; d. Oct 23, 1828. Lot and Deborah were married Dec 04, 1777 in Edgartown. Clement Norton's brother, Richard married Rachel Coffin Pease []. Sally P. Pease; b. Apr 08, 1796; d. Feb 07, 1882 in Edgartown; m. Nov 20, 1814 in Edgartown, Jared Fisher; b. Oct 03, 1793 in Edgartown. He was the brother of Rufus Fisher who married Mary Pease []. Valentine Pease Jr.; b. Nov 22, 1797; d. Sep 09, 1870 in Edgartown; bur. in the Edgartown Cemetery, corner of Cooke Street and Pease's Point Way; m. (1) Jun 12, 1823, Prudence Ripley; b. Aug 10, 1800 in Edgartown; d. May 16, 1843 of cancer in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Ephraim Ripley; b. Jun 11, 1775; d. Sep 16, 1842, and Dinah Norton; b. 1779; d. Jan 24, 1842. Ephraim and Dinah were married Nov 10, 1799 in Edgartown. Prudence was also was the sister of Hepsibah Ripley, who married Rufus F. Pease [], and Susan R. Ripley, who married Francis Pease []. One child of Valentine and Prudence (Ripley) Pease Junior born in Edgartown, MA: Serena b. Mar 15, 1824 d. Nov 19, 1901 Edgartown, MA

Valentine Pease Jr. m. (2), Jul 26, 1846 in Edgartown, Mrs. Angeline (Worth) Bunting; b. Aug 28, 1805 in Edgartown; d. Mar 26, 1883 of heart disease in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Benjamin Worth, a master mariner; b. about 1763; d. 1805 at sea, and Betsey Norton; b. Jun 13, 1771; d. Jun 06, 1858. Benjamin married Betsey Norton Jan 01, 1793 in Edgartown. Angeline had married (1) Mar 02, 1831, John Bunting. Benjamin Worth's brother Jethro, married as his second wife, Velina Pease []. Captain Valentine Pease was a master mariner on the Acushnet, on which Herman Melville shipped in 1841 for eighteen months as his only whaling voyage. On Jun 07, 1843, the Acushnet was anchored in Honolulu Bay, Hawaii. It is speculated that Valentine Pease was an inspiration for the character of Captain Ahab in Melville's book "Moby Dick", and some of the adventures of the whaling trip were undoubtedly transcribed while on the Acushnet. Captain Pease entertained the writer on dinner occasions in his home in Edgartown, a "shipshape white house" on Cooke Street, which later became the summer home of Melville's daughter, Frances when she was the wife of Henry Besson Thomas. Her children and grandchildren also spent summers in the home. Charles Fordham Pease; b. Dec 02, 1800; d. Aug 15, 1823 on the ship Lady Adams with Charles Coffin, when it was lost at sea. Henry Pease; b. Jan 18, 1802; d. Dec 28, 1860 in Edgartown; m. (1) Jun 02, 1825 in Edgartown, Beulah A. Huxford; d. Mar 05, 1830 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Samuel and Susan Huxford. Henry, known as Henry the second Pease was captain of the "Hespers" on one of it's voyages Aug 19, 1826. Henry the second, m. (2), the sister of his first wife, Susan S. Huxford; b. Aug 09, 1812; d. Dec 22, 1880 in Edgartown. Children of Henry and Susan S. (Huxford) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Charles Fordham b. May 15, 1836 d. Mar 27, 1930 Brunswick, ME Valentine Jenkins b. Jul 23, 1839 d. Aug 27, 1922 Edgartown, MA Henry Edward b. Feb 07, 1845 d. Jan 26, 1855 Edgartown, MA Tristam Daggett Pease; b. Feb 18, 1805; d. May 22, 1885 of apoplexy in Edgartown, MA; m. Aug 23, 1827 in Edgartown, Mary Wass Coffin; b. Mar 20, 1807 in Edgartown; d. Jul 11, 1901. She was the daughter of Uriah Coffin; b. Apr 08, 1778 in Edgartown, and Susan Nye; b. in Falmouth, MA. Uriah and Susan were married 1805. Tristam was the captain of the whaling ships Columbus and Ansel Gibbs, which sailed out of New Bedford, and Fairhaven, MA in the mid 1830s. Children of Tristam Daggett and Mary Wass (Coffin) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Tristam Daggett Jr. b. Sep 09, 1831 d. Sep 07, 1917 Edgartown, MA William H. b. Jan 06, 1836 d. Aug 14, 1854 Edgartown, MA Maria S. b. Apr 21, 1840 d. Aug 13, 1902 Edgartown, MA Alexander b. Oct 03, 1844 d. Feb 07, 1936 Arlington, MA


Children of Marshall (Obadiah, Malatiah, Benjamin, David, John) and Elizabeth (Vincent) Pease born in Edgartown, Massachusetts: Rachel Coffin Pease; b. Mar 19, 1797; m. (1) Dec 28, 1823 in Edgartown, Richard Norton; b. Jan 20, 1786 in Edgartown; d. Apr 1826 He was the brother of Clement Norton, who married Martha Pease []. Rachel m. (2) Holmes Mayhew; b. Sep 10, 1800. He was the son of Hebron Mayhew; b. Feb 16, 1767; d. Dec 25, 1826, and Deborah Stewart; b. in Chilmark, MA. Hebron and Deborah were married Sep 20, 1792. Clement Pease; b. Oct 18, 1798; d. Jun 02, 1885; m. Elizabeth. One child of Clement and Elizabeth Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Hannah G. b. 1828 d. Joanna Pease; b. Apr 26, 1803; bpt. May 15, 1803; m. Dec 07, 1823 in Edgartown, John O. Morse. Elmira Pease, twin to Joanna; b. Apr 26, 1803; bpt. May 15, 1803; m. Jun 09, 1838, Alfred Chase of Tisbury, MA. Thomas Marshall Pease; b. Oct 13, 1808; d. Mar 25, 1892 in Edgartown; m. Jan 14, 1838 in Edgartown, Lydia Ann Vincent []; b. May 03, 1813; d. Jun 11, 1853 from consumption in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Samuel and Betsey (Pease) Vincent. Children of Thomas Marshall and Lydia Ann (Vincent ) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Adeline M. b. Apr 12, 1842 d. Charlotte Anne b. Jan 13, 1846 d. Apr 24, 1924 Edgartown, MA Elizabeth Parker b. Feb 18, 1848 d.

Thomas m. (2) Sep 11, 1856 in Middleboro, MA, by J. W. Putnam, to Almira Louise Atwood; b. Nov 29, 1827 in Middleboro, MA; d. Mar 14, 1914 from congestion of the lungs in Edgartown. She was the daughter of George and Maria (Thompson) Atwood of Middleboro. Children of Thomas Marshall and Almira Louise (Atwood) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Julias A. b. Sep 08, 1857 d. Jul 29, 1883 Edgartown, MA Laura Mayberry b. Jun 01, 1862 d. May 09, 1932 Oak Bluffs, MA Chester Ashley b. Dec 25, 1865 d. Mary West Pease; b. Jun 17, 1811; d. Feb 15, 1903 from cerebral congestion in Edgartown; m. Jan 18, 1836, in Edgartown, Richard Luce Pease []; b. Aug 31, 1814 in Edgartown; d. Sep 02, 1888. He was the son of Isaiah Dunham and Polly (Luce) Pease.


Children of Chase (Noah, Seth, Benjamin, David, John) and Hannah (Coffin) Pease born in Edgartown, Massachusetts: Daniel C. Pease; b. 1806; d. Mar 25, 1859 in Edgartown; m. Jun 14, 1829, Charlotte Fisher; b. Feb 28, 1811 in Edgartown; d. Jun 29, 1897 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Thomas N. Fisher; b. Nov 15, 1783 in Edgartown, and Caroline Norton. Thomas and Caroline were married Jul 14, 1804. Daniel visited California, sailing on the Walter Scott, and arriving there May 07, 1849. Children of Daniel C. and Charlotte (Fisher) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: John Nickerson b. 1831 d. Isaac David b. Sep 04, 1832 d. Sep 18, 1913 Edgartown, MA Charlotte F. b. May 13, 1834 d. May 31, 1884 Edgartown, MA Benjamin P. b. 1840 Harrison Pease; b. 1809; d. May 17, 1848 in Edgartown. Harrison was single and a sail maker. His father found him dead sitting on a stick of timber in his "shead" about sunrise. Harrison appeared to have been dead about an hour probably "had a fit." Chase Pease Jr.; b. Aug 26, 1820; d. Sep 21, 1882 of cancer in Edgartown; m. Oct 25, 1846 in Edgartown, Almira S. Huxford; b. Jun 09, 1826; d. Jun 07, 1877 from softening of the brain in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Joseph and Priscilla Huxford. Cordelia A. Pease; b. Dec 30,1822; d. Nov 16, 1893 in Edgartown; m. (1) Jan 01, 1850 in Providence, RI, James F. Sayer. Cordelia m. (2) Apr 28, 1870 in Boston, MA, by Reverend Samuel Upham, to Charles S. Darrow; age 62; b. in New London, CT. He was the son of William and Sarah Darrow.


Children of Isaiah Dunham (Noah, Seth, Benjamin, David, John) and Polly (Luce) Pease born in Edgartown, Massachusetts: Harriet Dyer Pease; b. Jun 25, 1812; d. Jun 28, 1880 in Edgartown; m. Jan 30, 1831 in Edgartown, Samuel Gifford Vincent []; b. Feb 05, 1803; bpt. Oct 02, 1803. He was the son of Samuel and Betsey (Pease) [] Vincent. Richard Luce Pease; b. Aug 31, 1814; d. Sep 02, 1888 from cancer of the liver in Edgartown; m. Jan 17, 1836 in Edgartown, Mary West Pease []; b. Jun 17, 1811 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Marshall and Elizabeth (Vincent) Pease. Richard Luce was a school teacher in Edgartown for about 20 years, and a well known public official. He acquired a wide spread reputation as the local antiquary of the Vineyard, served the nation as Presidential Elector (1868), Census Official, and Postmaster (Dec 1857- Sep 1885); the state in a judicial capacity; the county as Register of Probates and Clerk of Courts for Dukes County (Apr 1853- Mar 1855), and the town in various offices during a long life of seventy four years. He tried to help the poverty stricken Indians on Chappaquiddick Island, by giving them food and warm clothing during the winter months. He was also a genealogist and historian who gathered much, but published little. His manuscript collection formed the groundwork for the History of Martha's Vineyard by Charles Edward Banks, and he prepared for the New England Historic Genealogical Society, a biographical memoir of James Athearn Jones, a scholar and novelist. Mr. Pease also belonged to the Webster Historical Society of Boston, and was a corresponding member of the Albany Institute. Children of Richard Luce and Mary West (Pease) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Maria Thurston b. Oct 16, 1836 d. Feb 09, 1913 Edgartown, MA Harriet Marshall b. Nov 19, 1840 d. Sep 23, 1907 Edgartown, MA Sylvanus Luce Pease; b. Dec 08, 1816; d. Nov 06, 1874 from inflammation of the brain in Edgartown; m. (1) Jun 19, 1842 in Bristol, Rhode Island, by Reverend Bartholomew Otham, to Nancy Sayer; b. Feb 1821 in Bristol, Rhode Island; d. Sep 19, 1855 at five AM from complications in childbirth in Edgartown. She was the daughter of R. and Susan Sayer. Nancy and her infant daughter, Eliza were buried in the same coffin, the child cradled in her mother's arms. The coffin was held in a tomb at the cemetery until her parents arrived from Rhode Island for the burial. Sylvanus was a postmaster in Edgartown. Children of Sylvanus L. and Nancy (Sayer) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Henrietta Harlow b. May 16, 1847 d. Sep 26, 1861 Lizzie F. b. d. Eliza L. b. Sep 01, 1855 d. Sep 20, 1855 Edgartown, MA

Sylvanus L. Pease m. (2) Apr 12, 1859 in Edgartown, Mary A. Alger; b. Dec 30, 1818 in Bristol, RI; d. Aug 03, 1900 in Bristol. She was the daughter of Jonathan and Martha Alger. One child of Sylvanus Luce and Mary A. (Alger) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Lizzie L. b. Jul 10, 1860 d. Bristol, RI Isaiah Dunham Pease Jr.; b. Oct 13, 1819; d. Jun 30, 1888 from cancer of the stomach in Edgartown; m. Apr 15, 1849 in Falmouth, MA, Sarah E. Allen; b. Apr 13, 1828 in Falmouth; d. Jul 17, 1925 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Zachariah and Rebecca Allen. Isaiah was a boat builder. He visited California, sailing on the Walter Scott, and arriving there May 07, 1849. Children of Isaiah Dunham Jr. and Sarah E. (Allen) Pease born in Falmouth, MA: Louis H. b. Feb 02, 1850 d. May 25, 1932 Edgartown, MA Edward H. b. 1852 d. Nov 09, 1872 Edgartown, MA Osmond Kellen b. May 23, 1855 d. Jul 30, 1945 Edgartown, MA Adaline R. b. Sep 22, 1867 d. Leila b. d. Sprowell Pease; b. Oct 02, 1821; d. Apr 25, 1890 from chronic rheumatism in Boston, MA; m. Mar 14, 1847 in New Bedford, MA, Octavia Frances Oliver; b. Apr 1826 in Bath, ME; d. Sep 28, 1903 in Edgartown. She was a dressmaker, and the daughter of Matthew and Jane (Durrell) Oliver. Sprowell Pease was a carpenter and boat builder.


Children of Jeremiah (Noah, Seth, Benjamin, David, John) and Eliza (Worth) Pease born in Edgartown, Massachusetts: Joseph Thaxter Pease; b. Aug 02, 1814; d. Mar 26, 1897 from valvular disease of the heart in Edgartown; m. Nov 01, 1835 in Edgartown, Sophronia Cottle Norton; b. Nov 18, 1815 in Edgartown; d. Feb 07, 1884 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Lot Norton; b. 1771 in Edgartown; d. Nov 21, 1844 in Edgartown, and Polly Rawson. Lot Norton was a mariner and US Light Keeper on Gay Head. He and Polly were married Oct 09, 1803. Joseph T. Pease was apprenticed as a carpenter, became a lawyer; founded and was president of the Martha's Vineyard National Bank, and served as a probate judge. After James Polk became the president of the US, the democrats of Edgartown, who had campaigned for Joseph, were rewarded, when in 1845 he was appointed as a Customs Collector. One of his first duties was to move the West Chop Lighthouse and it's keeper's dwelling because of erosion of the point. He appointed his father, Jeremiah, to survey the job. During his term as collector, he was responsible for: issuing passports to those visiting foreign countries, inspection of immigrant carrying vessels for over-crowding and unsanitary conditions, issuing permanent registers to the Vineyard's whaling vessels, collecting taxes on mariners to assure them of hospital care if needed, and filing reports on ship disasters in his district (108 occurred during his four year term). His house was built at 67 North Water Street in 1849. Children of Joseph Thaxter and Sophronia Cottle (Norton) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Horatio Nelson b. Oct 23, 1836 d. Sep 07, 1919 Oak Bluffs, MA Joseph Thaxter Jr. b. Jan 26, 1838 d. Jul 11, 1910 Edgartown, MA Maria Norton b. Jul 13, 1846 d. Oct 29, 1925 Edgartown, MA Cyrus Howard b. May 02, 1849 d. Jun 21, 1922 Westboro, MA Walter Worth b. Apr 09, 1851 d. Jan 26, 1924 Framingham, MA Henry Everett b. Sep 16, 1854 d. Aug 11, 1855 Edgartown, MA Anna Edna b. 1857 d. William Cooke Pease; b. Oct 09, 1820; d. Dec 30, 1865 in Charlestown, South Carolina; bur. Jan 14, 1866 in the West Side Cemetery in Edgartown; m. Aug 22, 1842 in Edgartown, Serena Pease []. She was the daughter of Valentine Jr. and Prudence (Ripley) Pease. William Pease joined the US Revenue Marine Service in 1839. He was commissioned as a Third Lieutenant, promoted to Second Lieutenant in 1843, and First Lt. in 1850, while stationed in St. Mary's Georgia on the Crawford. He and Serena rented an apartment in the Captain Edwin Coffin House on North Water Street, until 1849, when they bought their own home, the third house up from the bank on South Water Street. When he became a first Lieutenant, he bought the house that architect Frederick Baylies Jr. had built for himself on Main Street, on the sight that became Edgartown Market. (The house was moved to Starbuck Neck Road in 1922.) From letters to his brother, Joseph, it was learned that along with other officers, Lt. Pease was not too fond of the uniforms assigned to the Revenue Service. He went as far as permanently removing some of the many buttons from the uniform jacket, shifting the blame to incompetent cleaning services. While at a lay over at a hotel in New York City, 1843, he wrote to his brother, " One would laugh to see me with cocked hat and sword on." He was promoted to Captain in 1854, and involved in a rescue effort of the wreck of the Revenue Cutter Hamilton. He commanded cutters on many Atlantic ports, supervised the building of six cutters on the Great Lakes, lost one in a hurricane in the Key West, and sailed two cutters from New York to the Pacific, via the Horn. In 1854, Captain Pease was given command of the Jefferson Davis, spent time on the Pacific Coast in the Washington Territory, and returned to the east in 1861. Because of his time in Charlestown, where he made many friends, Captain Pease was falsely accused of being a Southerner, and plotting with Confederate privateers on the Pacific. President Lincoln exonerated him in Apr 1863, and assigned the captain to Newport, Rhode Island, in command of the Kewanee convoying vessels from Savannah, Georgia to NY. Pease was well liked in the west as much as the south. In a letter signed by 48 San Francisco Merchants, to the Honorable Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury, when they heard of the intention of a US Revenue Cutter being sent to their port city: "the undersigned merchants ..respectfully request that Captain William C. Pease be placed in command of the vessel designed for the protection of Commerce at this port, having full faith in the capabilities of Captain Pease as an Officer and Seaman.." A similar petition was drafted by 52 San Francisco lawyers, who commended him for his "zeal and promptitude in the preservation of lives and property. The British consul wrote that Captain Pease had subdued mutinies in Benicia, Peru, and the rescue of the crew of the Panama schooner Eliza Kniper totally wrecked at Halfmoon Bay. Captain William C Pease died from typhoid fever in Charlestown on a return voyage from the west. His body laid in state on the Revenue Cutter Kewanee, and was brought to New Bedford, MA. There, his remains were transferred to the Miami and returned to his home in Edgartown. On Jan 14, 1866, a funeral service was held at the Seaman's Chapel on Church Street, with many of his friends from that town and South Carolina attending. It was a clear cold day, and the late captain received a nine minute gun salute from the crews of the Miami and the James C. Dobbin anchored offshore. Children of William Cooke and Serena (Pease) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: William J. Worth b. Oct 01, 1847 d. Mar 24, 1922 Edgartown, MA Richard Evans b. May 07, 1849 d. Valentine 3rd b. 1849 d. Apr 11, 1851 Edgartown, MA Cyrus Worth Pease, twin brother to William; b. Oct 09, 1820; d. Aug 11, 1887 of heart disease in Edgartown. Cyrus Pease was a First Lieutenant stationed on the US Revenue Cutter James C. Dobbin off the coast of Edgartown. He was under the command of Captain James D. Usher. On Jan 14, 1866, Lt. Pease was left in command of the ship, as Capt. Usher took over the Miami. The latter ship was to proceed to New Bedford to receive the remains of Captain William Cooke Pease, brother of Cyrus, and transfer the body to Edgartown. Cyrus Pease was also an artist, and died unmarried. Jeremiah Pease Jr.; b. Apr 14, 1822; d. May 11, 1890 in Edgartown; m. May 23, 1844 in Bristol, RI, Lucy R. Munro; b. May 10, 1819 in Bristol; d. Nov 14, 1905 from senile dibility in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Captain Allen and Ruth (Smyth) Munro. Children of Jeremiah Jr. and Lucy R. (Munro) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: William Cook b. Mar 10, 1845 d. Mar 15, 1920 Edgartown, MA daughter b. Mar 10, 1845 d. Mar 10, 1845 Edgartown, MA John Wesley b. Dec 14, 1849 d. Oct 05, 1931 Edgartown, MA John Adams Pease; b. Jul 12, 1825; d. Sep 21, 1882 from cancer in Edgartown; m. Nov 05, 1848 in Edgartown, Mary L. Darrow; b. 1830; d. Sep 30, 1849 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Ira and Martha W. Darrow. John Pease was a carpenter, and chairman of the board of selectmen in Edgartown. He visited California, sailing on the Walter Scott, arriving there May 07, 1849. One child of John Adams and Mary L. (Darrow) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: John Lester b. Sep 08, 1849 d. Oct 21, 1854 Edgartown, MA

John Adams Pease m. (2) Apr 1853 in E. Greenwhich, CT, Sarah Eliza May; b. Apr 05, 1830 in RI; d. Nov 15, 1917 in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Elisha E. May; b. in Me, and Olive Fisher; b. in Cumberland, RI. One child of John Adams and Sarah Eliza (May) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Josephine May b. Jul 05, 1855 d. Frederick Pease; b. Oct 30, 1826; d. Jan 28, 1910 in East Boston, MA; m. Jul 17, 1849 in Duxbury, MA, Henrietta Harlow; b. Nov 18, 1825 in Duxbury; d. Nov 03, 1897 in Boston, MA. She was the daughter of Lemuel and Deborah (Thompson) Harlow. Frederick Pease was an apprentice tailor, when on Sep 03, 1849, he set sail on the Bark, Sarah for California with other New Englanders in the hopes of striking it rich during the gold rush. He returned via Nicaragua in Dec of the following year, unsuccessful, sick and disillusioned. Settling on Marion Street in Boston, he became a toll clerk for the E. Boston Ferry, and later a purser on the steamer running from New York to Savannah. From that steamer, he witnessed the bombardment of Fort Sumter at the start of the Civil War. His next line of work was at a sugar refinery, where in 1868, he became superintendent. When the business closed in 1879, Pease became treasurer of the East Boston Gaslight Company, and in 1893, was appointed by President Cleveland to the Customs Service, where he acquired the title "The grand old man of the customs house". He also served as representative to the Massachusetts General Court, a member of the Boston Common Council, and Director of Public Institutions. Inheriting a vocal talent from his father, he led the choir in the Saratoga Street Methodist Church of E. Boston. Children of Frederick and Henrietta (Harlow) Pease born in Boston, MA: Edward Arthur b. Aug 29, 1854 d. Sep 23, 1931 Georgetown, MA Frederick Arthur b. Jan 26, 1856 d. Apr 11, 1922 Cambridge, MA Rudolphus W. Pease; b. Apr 06, 1829; d. Jul 10, 1899 from valvular disease of the heart in Edgartown; m. Jun 02, 1850 in Edgartown, Abby Gridley Stuart; b. Jun 15, 1825 in Falmouth, MA; d. Dec 11, 1908 from senile dibility in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Zalmon Stuart; b. in NY, and Nancy May; b. in RI. Zalmon and Nancy were married Jan 20, 1823 in Falmouth. Abby was also the sister of Samuel Stuart who married Eliza Pease []. Rudolphus was a wheelwright and carriage builder. He owned a shop on North Water St. Children of Rudolphus W. and Abby Gridley (Stuart) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Samuel Stuart b. Apr 07, 1851 d. May 11, 1884 Edgartown, MA Henry A. b. Aug 04, 1856 d. Feb 09, 1935 Edgartown, MA Eliza Worth Pease; b. 1832; d. Jun 06, 1865 in Edgartown; m. Jun 13, 1852 in Edgartown by the Reverend B. Gould, to Samuel S. Stuart; b. Apr 05, 1825 in Falmouth, MA. He was the brother of Abby G. Stuart, who married Rudolphus Pease []. Velina B. Pease; b. Jul 17, 1834; m. Feb 21, 1855 at eight AM, Reverend Andrew McKeown, a Methodist minister stationed at North Bridgewater. The marriage ceremony was over by eight-thirty, when the wedding party boarded the steamer Metacomet, and set sail for New Bedford.


Children of Abner Dunham (Noah, Seth, Benjamin, David, John) and Jedidah (Pease) Pease born in Edgartown, Massachusetts: Edward Pease; b. Oct 20, 1821; d. Mar 13, 1903 in Lynn, MA; m. Oct 13, 1848 in Worcester, MA, Abby F. Fuller; b. Jun 1828 in Sandwich, MA; d. Dec 16, 1878 from consumption in Lynn, MA. She was the daughter of Samuel and Hannah Fuller. Edward Pease was a carpenter in Lynn, MA. Children of Edward and Abby F. (Fuller) Pease born in Lynn, MA: Ella Frances b. Feb 24, 1853 d. Oct 16, 1882 Lynn, MA Edward A. b. Nov 16, 1855 d. Feb 09, 1878 Lynn, MA Frank Herbert b. Aug 07, 1860 d. Oct 09, 1897 Lynn, MA Charles Everett b. Jan 15, 1865 d. Lizzie R. b. ca. 1873 d. Margaret A. Pease; b. 1826; m. Nov 24, 1846 in Edgartown, William R. Storms; b. 1818 in Sandwich, MA. He was the son of Peter and Susan Storms.


Children of Josiah (Francis, Seth, Benjamin, David, John) and Anna (Marchant) Pease born in Edgartown, Massachusetts: Rufus F. Pease; b. Sep 27, 1809; d. Aug 17, 1893 from senile dibility in Edgartown; m. Apr 23, 1835 in Edgartown, Hepsibah Ripley; b. May 27, 1816 in Edgartown; d. Jul 06, 1885 in Edgartown. See Valentine Pease Jr. [] for other relationships of Hepsibah. Rufus was a mate on the ship Iris on one of it's voyages Apr 28, 1828, the Brighton, Nov 25, 1831, and master of the ship Awashonks of Falmouth in two successful whaling voyages. He owned a home on the corner of South Water and Dunham Streets in Edgartown, which he bought in 1840 for $1650. In 1865, Captain Pease was appointed Commissioner of Wrecks and Shipwrecked goods by Governor John Andrew. Children of Rufus F. and Hepsibah (Ripley) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: a son b. Jan 20, 1845 d. Jan 20, 1845 Edgartown, MA Ida b. Dec 22, 1849 d. Eliza Ripley b. Mar 30, 1857 d. Jun 15, 1944 Edgartown, MA Charles W. Pease; b. Jul 1812; d. Jun 05, 1887 from cancer in Edgartown; m. Mar 01, 1849 in Edgartown, Mary A. Marchant; b. May 15, 1829 in Templeton, ME; d. Nov 30, 1903 in Edgartown. She was a dressmaker, and the daughter of Peter Marchant; b. Mar 15, 1806 in Edgartown, and Hannah K. Thomas; b. in Maine. Peter and Hannah were married Mar 06, 1827. He was the son of Peter Marchant [] and Elizabeth Dunham. Children of Charles W. and Mary A. (Marchant) Pease 1, 2 & 5 in Edgartown, 3, 4, & 7 born in Wells, Maine: Charles B. b. Jul 14, 1851 d. Nov 08, 1940 Edgartown, MA Eliza Ann b. Jan 07, 1853 d. William B. b. Apr 22, 1854 d. Apr 16, 1934 Bourne, MA Frederick S. b. Jan 14, 1855 d. Feb 09, 1929 Edgartown, MA Lydia Ann b. 1856 d. Louise E. b. 1858 d. Josiah Chase b. Feb 28, 1864 d. Aug 30, 1948 Edgartown, MA Francis Pease; b. 1814; d. Aug 24, 1872 in Edgartown; m. Susan R. Ripley; b. May 03, 1819 in Edgartown; d. Feb 06, 1907 from valvular heart disease. See Valentine Pease Jr. [] for other relationships of Susan. Francis Pease was on the ship Falcon on it's voyage from Aug 17, 1830 to Apr 25, 1832. Children of Francis and Susan R. (Ripley) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Francis Jr. b. Sep 16, 1841 d. Jan 12, 1918 Brockton, MA Margaret F. b. Jan 30, 1845 d. Aug 14, 1854 Edgartown, MA Benjamin H. (Not proven as being a son of Josiah) Pease; b. about 1817; d. 1866 at sea; m. (int. Jan 04, 1840 in Edgartown, Mary Pease (Vincent) []; b. Jan 09, 1817 in Edgartown; d. Jun 03, 1905 from valvular heart disease in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Samuel Vincent; b. Sep 01, 1768; d. Jan 29, 1846, and Betsey Pease []; b. Oct 08, 1751; d. Oct 22, 1855. Samuel and Betsey were married Nov 10, 1793. Children of Benjamin H. and Mary Pease (Vincent) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Alice H. b. Nov 11, 1844 d. Mary Jane b. Feb 08, 1847 d. Benjamin E. b. Mar 21, 1851 d. Sep 24, 1935 Nantucket, MA Josiah Chase Pease; b. Jun 29, 1824; d. Jan 12, 1903 from heart disease in Edgartown; m. (1) Apr 12, 1846, Hannah Butler; b. May 1826; d. Jun 10, 1876 from cancer in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Freeman Butler; b. May 27, 1785 and Abiah Vincent []; b. Nov 21, 1796 in Edgartown. Freeman and Abiah were married Oct 11, 1818. Josiah was at sea on a whaling boat at age eleven, and by twenty, he was captain of the barque Enterprise. He was also commander of the whalers Robert Morrison and St. George, both of New England. Captain Josiah retired just before the outbreak of the Civil War, and at the time of his death, was survived by his second wife, two sons, and one daughter. Children of Josiah Chase and Hannah (Butler) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Sally Ann b. Jan 30, 1847 d. Hannah Chase b. Feb 12, 1848 d. Clara Belle b. Jun 13, 1858 d. Jun 29, 1874 Edgartown, MA

Josiah Chase Pease m. (2) Sep 30, 1876 in Edgartown, Mary Dexter Forbush; b. Feb 22, 1854 in Tisbury, MA; d. Jun 10, 1924 from arteriosclerosis in Edgartown. She was the daughter of Alpha Forbush; b. in Peterboro, NH and Emily R. Dexter; b. in Tisbury. Children of Josiah Chase and Mary Dexter (Forbush) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Herbert Chase b. Nov 23, 1878 d. Jan 18, 1947 Edgartown, MA Thomas Walker b. Jun 28, 1882 d. Feb 25, 1941 Edgartown, MA Clara Mary b. Aug 06, 1885 d. Jun 03, 1888 Edgartown, MA Peter M. Pease (Not proven as being a son of Josiah); b. Jun 17, 1826; m. Aug 10, 1843 in Tisbury, MA, Rebecca S. Dunham; b. in Tisbury, MA. Neither his nor her parents are listed on the marriage record. Children of Peter M. and Rebecca S. (Dunham) Pease: Ellen Maria b. Jul 27, 1844 d. Apr 01, 1903 Acushnet, MA Lydia R. b. Jun 04, 1846 d. Peter M. b. May 03, 1848 d. Nov 21, 1918 Oak Bluffs, MA

In the 1855 Massachusetts Census, the Peter M. Sr. family is in Tisbury, MA. In the Massachusetts 1860 census, Rebecca and the children, are in Chilmark, MA, in the household of William Aiken William B. Pease; b. Jun 20, 1828; d. Mar 30, 1909 from valvular heart disease in Falmouth, MA; m. (1) Sep 04, 1854 in Edgartown by Reverend Lewis Holmes of the Baptist Church, to Sarah J. Lawrence; b. Mar 13, 1836 in Falmouth; d. May 23, 1879 of consumption in Falmouth. She was the daughter of Henry and Eunice H. (Green) Lawrence, who were married Dec 30, 1832 in Falmouth. William Pease was on the ship Corinthian Nov 06, 1866. The ship was lost on the Blossom Shoals Aug 30, 1868. Children of William B. and Sarah J. (Lawrence) Pease born in Falmouth, MA: Eugene F. b. Jul 01, 1855 d. May 07, 1860 Edgartown, MA Walter Marion b. Nov 30, 1860 d. Jan 16, 1929 Falmouth, MA Amy L. b. Dec 11, 1864 d.

William m. (2) Mar 16, 1885 in Falmouth, Emma (Ede) Powell; b. Mar 15, 1859 in Shalford, England; d. Dec 30, 1939 from arteriosclerosis in Falmouth. She was the daughter of James and Catherine (Miles) Ede. Children of William B. and Emma (Ede-Powell) Pease born in Falmouth, MA: Lester Bowen b. May 24, 1886 d. Mabel Lawrence b. Nov 10, 1888 d. George Washington Pease; b. May 26, 1833; d. 5 AM, Jan 30, 1924 from arterio sclerosis at his home on South Summer Street in Edgartown; m. May 26, 1856 in Edgartown, Lydia N. Lewis; b. Aug 08, 1839 in Newport, RI; d. Nov 15, 1910 from breast cancer in Edgartown. She was the daughter of George Lewis; b. in Osterville, MA, and Catherine Peck Lau; b. in Newport. George Pease was a mariner, Naval Officer in the Civil War, and a whaling captain, also known as George W. 2nd. After his sea career, he operated a concrete business, which laid many of the sidewalks in the town. When he died, he was the oldest man in Edgartown. Lydia was a dressmaker. Children of George Washington and Lydia N. (Lewis) Pease born in Edgartown, MA: Josephine M. b. Feb 15, 1857 d. Apr 07, 1932 Edgartown, MA Florence May b. Jun 12, 1865 d. Nov 03, 1903 Mary E. b. Dec 22, 1867 d. Oct 12, 1893 Edgartown, MA Almaretta E. b. Aug 07, 1870 d.

----------------------------- John (William W., Jesse, Zachariah, David, Thomas, John), son of William W. and Cynthia L. (Manter) Pease; b. Dec 08, 1855 in Tisbury, MA; d. Mar 07, 1932 from arteriosclerosis in Oak Bluffs, MA; m. Dec 19, 1893 in Chilmark, MA, Sophronia Howland Davis; b. Jan 07, 1865 in Chilmark; d. Jan 21, 1949 from arteriosclerosis in Oak Bluffs. She was the daughter of John and Sophronia (Vincent) Davis. John Pease was the last person to be employed at an old factory in W. Tisbury as a maker of rolls for wool spinning. He spent most of his life as a fisherman, and belonged to the W. Tisbury Congregational Church, and the Tisbury Grange. He was a collector of antiques. One child of John and Sophronia Howland (Davis) Pease born in W. Tisbury, MA: Mary Sheldon b. Apr 17, 1900 d.


Children of Samuel N. (Jesse, Zachariah, David, Thomas, John) and Charlotte F. (Athearn) Pease born in Tisbury, Massachusetts: David Pease; b. Jul 14, 1853; d. Jul 11, 1931 from heart failure due to chronic myocarditis in Freetown, MA; m. Apr 14, 1877 in New Bedford, MA, Ursula Ardell Fuller; b. Jan 04, 1861 in Pittsfield, MA; d. Aug 03, 1926 from tuberculosis in New Bedford. She was the daughter of Andrew J. Fuller; b. in Freetown, and Fidelia Butterfield; b. in Belgrade, ME. David was a farmer and carpenter. One child of David and Ursula Ardell (Fuller) Pease born in Middleboro, MA: Charlotte A. b. ca. 1877 d. Walter Pease; b. Jun 22, 1857; d. Mar 09, 1923 from myocarditis in Freetown, MA; bur. Oak Grove Cemetery in New Bedford. He was single and listed as a farmer on his death certificate.

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