The Hines Bridge V. H. Lifted by the Ice

Handwritten Notes: "The Hines Bridge V. H. Lifted by the Ice"

This is actually the "old" Hines Point Bridge. It came ashore on the Beach Road end near Corcoran's Plumbing Supply. The "new" Hines Point Bridge, which came later, came ashore, on the Beach Road end, near present the R. M. Packer Company buildings (in back of the former Tilton Lumber Company). In a effort to prevent ice damage, this new bridge had rock placed around the pilings. This rock remains today and restricts the channel to a narrow opening where the rock has been removed. [W. H. Renear]

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Date: *
Location: Vineyard Haven - Lagoon - Hines Point

People: Hines Family
Keywords: foot bridges; Lagoon; views; Beach Road; winter