View from Mt. Aldworth

Handwritten Notes: "View from Mt. Aldworth V. H."

V. H. Harbor to the left, Lagoon Pond to the right. Oak Bluffs can be seen in the distance. [CB] Note that the old Cold Storage building, the old (#2) gas works and in the foreground the shipyard, where the schooners were on the ways, are all visible. There are a lot of other buildings I can't identify, at least from this picture and one view. I would like to get more information about the old (#2) gas works. The operating gas works was off Franklin Street a short block down Norton Avenue and on the north side. The story I have on the #2 gas works was that the plant was built, or partially built, and before producing any gas (electricity was becoming popular) went bankrupt. As a guess, I would say the picture dates from the 1890-1900 period. [WHR]

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Date: c. 1890-1900
Location: Vineyard Haven - Mt Aldworth - *

Keywords: views; Beach Road; Cold Storage Building