The Hough Collection - Part Two
  The Hough Family Photo Album, Vineyard Haven, Mass.

These images are from the collection of Dorris Hough (1889-1985) of Vineyard Haven, courtesy of Alice Robinson.
Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? Please Let us know!

These photos are all from an unlabeled green photo album, circa 1905. Most of the snapshots are 2¼ x 3¼ in size, and many are even smaller.

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Vineyard Haven Harbor Shore
(Compare the to a Feb. 2001 photo of the same area, north of Owen Park. "Beachside" is near the center of both images.)

H.H. (Hilda Hough), M.F. (Maida Fairbrother), D.H. (Dorris Hough), C.N.L. (Constance Norton Lord), and F.O.D. (Florence O. Daggett).

John Howland

Lake Tashmoo

Isaac Chase


E.S. (Effie? Swift), D.H. (Dorris Hough), C.L. (Constance Lord), and Mr. T. (____ Thompson)


M.F. (Maida Fairbrother) and E.B.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Chase

Joseph Chase Jr., Joseph Chase, and Isaac Chase

Joseph Chase Sr. and Jr.

Florence Daggett

Fishhook, August 1905

Fish Hook is at the end of Indian Hill
Road, past Cedar Tree Neck. It's between Cedar Tree & Seven Gates. It was owned by Henry Beetle Hough's father and is still in his family.

From Beachside
(This photo looks like it was printed backwards - also see the flipped version.)

Mary Brooks

Arthur Winship

Clark Brooks

Carl and Ted Jewett

Nelson Holland Jr.
and Carl Jewett

Holland Jewett

"Old Party" '05

"Miss Howells and Miss Mills"


Ronald Friedlander


Charles Clough Jr.
and Helen Howland

Fishhook, April 1905.
G. deN.H. (Garry Hough Sr.), G.A.H. Jr. (George Hough Jr.), and H.B.H. (Henry Beetle Hough).

"Fishhook" August, 1905

G.H. Jr. (Garry Hough Jr.), Bob (the dog), G.H. (George Hough?), M.H. (Margaret Hough), D.H. (Dorris Hough), L.H. (Louise Hough), H.H. (Hilda Hough?), G.A.H. Jr. (George Hough Jr.)

"Uncle" Lot
(Lot Luce?)


"The Red Lodge"

Mrs. Owen

L. LL (Lot Luce?), B.L. (Bertha Look??), G.C., I.C. (Isaac Chase), M.R., H.H., C.B., D.H. (Dorris Hough), K.H. (Katherine Hough), M.O., G.H. Jr., J.C. (Joseph Chase), C.deAC. (Cordelia Chase - Isaac's wife), H.B.

Miss My(?)
(Can you read the caption?)

H.O. (Henry Ottiwell), H.H. (Hilda Hough??), D.H. (Dorris Hough), F.D. (Florence Daggett), C.L. (Constance Lord), P.O. (Paul Owen), H.H. (??), K.H. (Katherine Hough)

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chase
(on Crocker Ave.?)

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