Houses along Howard Ave. (Lagoon Pond Rd.) & Marine Hospital

Handwritten Notes: "A look along Howard Ave. (now Lagoon Pond Rd.) from near the Five Corners - U.S. Marine Hospital at Left. / This water called "The Bass Creek" is now occupied by several buildings / Houses - Right to Left - Jules Larange - John Isaac - ...*"

*... - Emelia Ramos - Antone Andrada - Herb Walker - Theopholus Silvia - Manuel Gonsalves" [S. L. on back of photo] / "Nice shot of Bass Creek. At the time of the picture this road which soon after became Howard Avenue (aka Chicken Alley) and then more recently Lagoon Pond Road was known as "The Causeway" - addresses in the town records attest to this. The later houses mentioned, which were built where the water is shown in the picture, were built upon dredging spoil from the early 1930's WPA harbor dredging project." [W.R. 1999]

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Date: *
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown - Howard Ave.

People: Larange, Jules; Isaac, John; Ramos, Emelia; Andrada, Antone; Walker, Herb; Silvia, Theophilus; Gonsalves, Manuel
Keywords: hospitals