Large Gathering of People, Dressed Up (Who are they??)

"Front right is Chester Brennan (he lived at the Southeast corner of North William and Tashmoo Avenue). Chester was my scoutmaster at one time and he, I , and some other scouts once walked the north shore from West Chop to Menemsha (evening and night) for the bodies of some lost fishermen). Second row, second from the right is Kathleen (Kathy) Brernnan, Chester's daughter. In the third row, at Kathy's right shoulder, is Theola (Lair) Hammett. My guess is that this is a Telephone Company group and in the front row - perhaps they are receiving xx year pins." [W.R. 1999]

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Date: *
Location: Vineyard Haven - -

People: Brennan, Chester; Brennan, Kathleen "Kathy"; Hammett, Theola (Lair)
Keywords: celebrations; parties; dress; fashion