Children in Parade Passing Dukes County Garage, Five Corners

Handwritten Notes: "Parade 5 corners V.H."

Signs: Dukes County Garage

"The woman on the right in cape and legion cap is my mother (Mary Borland Hume Renear). She was an army nurse in France in WWI - hence a legionnaire. The memorial day parade normally used Owen Park pier for the children to throw their flowers into the water. But, because of the dredging in the harbor, Dukes County Garage pier was used on this occasion. I think that is Mrs. Cellestino Oliver in the lead."

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Date: *
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown - Five Corners

People: Oliver, Cellestino, Mrs.; Renear, Mary Borland Hume
Keywords: parades; celebrations; holidays; garages; children; flags; fences