News: 'This "Baby" Little Solves His Transportation Problem'

Caption: "This "Baby" Little Solves His Transportation Problem"

M. L. Campbell of Vineyard Haven has the tire and gas situation well in hand. With a set of brand new 30x3 clincher tires, which he purchased just before rationing came around, and four spares besides, he figures he can continue to drive his 1911 Little for the duration. And if this old car fails him after all these years, he still has a 1913 Ford to fall back on. The right-hand drive buggy-like automobile is painted a soft cream with black trim. It has a complete set of curtains, with a mohair top good as new. The main driving headlights are of the old fashioned Prest-o-lite gas. The old car starts on a Hot Shot battery which later is switched on to a magneto. / Keeps it Spic and Span / Mr. Campbell, who is sales manager for the Dukes County Ga...

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Date: 1940's?
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown? - *

People: Campbell, M. L.; Fogg, Laurence; Lantz, Urbin
Keywords: cars; Dukes County Garage; garages; antiques