Mrs. Dinah Andrews Outside Her Centre St. Home

Handwritten Notes: "Mrs. Dinah Andrews - She was the mother of Miss Annie Luce and sister to Benny Crowell's mother. The house is now Bertha Snowden's on Centre St."

"[This house was on Centre St.,] on the south side, first house up from Main Street after Billy Andrews barber shop at the corner of Main and Center. Note, spelling of Centre is the old and correct spelling - not so long ago the Highway Dept. thought it wasn't spelled right so they changed it to Center." [WHR 1999]

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Date: *
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown - Centre St.

People: Andrews, Dinah, Mrs.; Luce, Annie, Miss; Crowell, Benny; Snowden, Bertha; Andrews, Billy
Keywords: fences; old houses; lamps