Dave's Dep't. Store Exterior, Main Street

Signs: Dave's Dep't. Store; Philco Radio; Home Furnishings; Wearing Apparel; Join Our Club Plan; Peakes & Lair Plumbing and Heating; Save on Current! Buy Kelvinator The Champion Ice Maker!; Be Thrifty Pay Weekly!; ... Kitchen

Stan Lair was the "Lair" of Peakes & Lair Plumbing and Heating. Who was the "Dave" of the department store? - "His name was Colinsky. Location is where Cronig's Real Estate office is now." [WHR 1999]

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Location: Vineyard Haven - -

People: Lair, Stan; Kolinsky, Dave
Keywords: stores; appliances; plumbers; heating; window displays; clocks; stoves; refridgerators; clothing