"Here is the crew of the Eben A. Thatcher..."

Caption: "Here is the crew of the Eben A. Thatcher, known to every reader of Vineyard marine news, and to every visitor to the Island. ...*"

Signs: Eben A. Thatcher

*... Back row: Capt. Henry Stevenson, Capt. Joe Pinto; front row, Antone Canha, Carl Merry, Claude Piva. The Thatcher is owned by Captains Stevenson and Pinto." [news article]; "This is the 'old' and smaller 'Eben Thatcher.'" [WHR 1999]

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Date: *
Location: Vineyard Haven - harbor? - *

People: Stevenson, Henry, Capt.; Pinto, Joe, Capt.; Canha, Antone; Merry, Carl; Piva, Claude
Keywords: boats; crews; sailors