Three Men Outside Stephen C. Luce Store

Handwritten Notes: "Stephen C. Luce Store - Later was the Vineyard Haven Post Office for several years - now "Rainy Day" gift shop. The building at the right was "The Tashmoo Inn" - Later moved by Harry Castello (owner) to location now The Sandpiper Restaurant - The...*"

Signs: Stephen C. Luce; Ship Stores

*"...building later burned down. The reason for moving the Inn was - Walter Renear had a stable where the old "Ben Franklin Store" is, and the smell eminating from the stable was more than the guests at the Inn could stand."

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Date: *
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown - Main Street + Church Street

People: Luce, Stephen C.; Castello, Harry; Renear, Walter
Keywords: stores; views; fences; sidewalks; hotels; inns; lodges