Snow Piled on Union Street after 1898 Gale

Handwritten Notes: "A look down Union St. from in front of the Thrift Shop / -1898- / Building on the right is the old "Sea Chest" owned by Ralph Look Sr. in this picture / On the left is the Look + Washburn Grocery Store (now called "Union St.") / ...*"

Signs: Look, Washburn, & Co. / Meats & Groceries

*..."The Newberg [sic. Newburgh] driven through the wharf in the big blow of 1898 is seen along with several ocean going tugs." [Stan Lair] (Compare with previous photo - V70103.HTM.)

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Date: 1898
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown - Union Street

People: Look, Ralph Sr.
Keywords: gales; storms; snow; views; wrecks; tugs; tugboats