Wagons Outside Stephen C. Luce Grocery Store

Handwritten Notes: "Present Post Office building on Main St. V.H. when it was a grocery store of S. C. Luce Sr. - The Telephone office in the ell was the first office after it was moved from the back room of the same grocery store - The Post Office at that time was ...*"

Signs: Stephen C. Luce / Groceries Fruits & Confectionery

* ..."across the street which establishes the picture as more than 60 years ago. To the right of the store is part of the old Tashmoo Inn - where Cronigs Market is located." [Stan Lair, c. late 1970's]

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Date: *
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown - Main St. + Church St.

People: Luce, Stephen C. Sr.
Keywords: Methodist Church Steeple; telephone office; telephone company