Notes on Reverse of Group Photo (1903 Whitney House?)

Handwritten Notes: "Men working on the Whitney House in 1903? / Bert Tilton - Millard Hunter - Wm. G. Manter - Architect - Ben Williams - Horace Vincent / John Luce - Jim Fuller - Henry Fisher - Elmer West - Walter Norton - Geo. Hillman / ...*"

* ... "Jim Lynch - E. T. Walker - Gil West - Capt. John Reynolds - Jim Norton - Chas. Mosher - Tom Mosher - Elmer West, Jr. - Cyrus Norton / Henry Swift - Abner Mayhew - Ben Warren - Shubael Vincent - Hiram Poole - Walter Vincent - Harry Weeks - Dennis Partridge - Jerry Stevens - Manuel deBetC't - Teb Tilton / Chas. Call - Geo. Walker - John Lynch - Lester Bumpus - John Isaacs" -See previous image [V73001.HTM].

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Date: 1903?
Location: Vineyard Haven - * - *

People: Whitney, _____; Tilton, Bert; Hunter, Millard; Manter, Wm. G.; Williams, Ben; Vincent, Horace; Luce, John; Fuller, Jim; Fisher, Henry; West, Elmer; Norton, Walter; Hillman, Geo.; Lynch, Jim; Walker, E. T.; West, Gil; Reynolds, John, Capt.; Norton, Jim; Mosher, Chas.; Mosher, Tom; West, Elmer Jr.; Norton, Cyrus; Swift, Henry; Mayhew, Abner; Warren, Ben; Vincent, Shubael; Poole, Hiram; Vincent, Walter; Weeks, Harry; Partridge, Dennis; Stevens, Jerry; deBettencourt, Manuel; Tilton, Teb; Call, Chas.; Walker, Geo.; Lynch, John; Bumpus, Lester; Isaacs, John
Keywords: workers; architects; carpenters; laborers