Writing by "Jump Spark Jim" West on Order Blank

Caption: "Order Blank; J. W. West / The Shop of Unusual Things / Vineyard Haven, Mass."

Handwritten Notes: "One by one they went out of sight drowning evidence for many wer not dead when shackled taking to the boats after destroying every thing after useing the scant supply of water they had to use rum. That night they all got drunk and fought. In the...*"

* ... "morning she was the only one alive. That day she was picked up by a ship loaded with slaves was taken to Cuba where she was sold taken to Key West then to ... and that night in my shack she recognized the picture. If I could only write this story as it should be written what a story it would make. But I can't do it. I am no writer. But as Ripley says, believe it or not and I say truth is stranger than fiction. / J. W. West / Jump Spark Jim.

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Date: *
Location: Vineyard Haven - -

People: West, J. W. "Jump Spark Jim"