The Vincent Family Collection
  The Vincent Family Photo Album, Vineyard Haven, Mass.

These images are from the collection of Charlie Vincent.
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Also see a history of Vincent's Paper Store.

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The Martha's Vineyard National Bank and Renear's Livery Stable, after a snowstorm.

Charles M. Vincent (right)
and friends playing cards. The man with the pipe on the left is Fred Peakes.

Group outside Dr. Dutra's Office.

Henry N. Cleveland


Henry Cleveland and Annie Gibbs Cleveland, and their children Clifton and Rosie B. Cleveland


Ruth Bodfish Tilton


Rose Cleveland (right) with friends

Rose Vincent (left)
and Laura Silvia Sherwood (right) in Vincent's Paper Store



Vincent's Gift Shop
souvenir postcard


Bert Cleveland with horse, John Conroy, and Henry Cleveland
(at Renear's Livery Stable?)


Henry Cleveland with unidentified man, dog, and young Clifton (Cleveland?)

L-to-R: Ethel Luce (Mrs. A. Fischer), Helen Tilton, ?, Rose Vincent, Charles Vincent, and Viola Luce, outside Dr. Dutra's office. Circa 1901.

Bert H. Cleveland

Roy W. Norton, Sept. 1902

Bert Cleveland with banjo

Marian Wright

Carl Lair

Students with books: Bessy Stanton, "H.H.", Francis Horton, Emma Chadwick, "Bradley"

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