The Vincent Family Collection - Part Seven
  The Vincent Family Photo Album, Vineyard Haven, Mass.

These images are from the collection of Charlie Vincent.
Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? Please Let us know!

Also see a history of Vincent's Paper Store.

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1907 Letter from Sailors' Snug Harbor inmate Henry A. Winslow.

Unidentified photo
(In a copy of this photo in the Lair collection, the woman was identified as Madam Nordica.)

Unidentified picture. "Reynolds" is written on the back with some numbers. Recognize anyone?

Kodak Negative Sleeve printed for Philip C. Mosher.

"Aunt Hattie Winslow -
now Fredericks"

"Front of store in snow"

"School Memorial Day Parade"
"Francis Cole" is written on the right and "Philip Cole" underneath

"School Memorial Day Parade"
"Charlie Conroy (in hiding)"


"Nov. 48 -
Last pictures of 'old jaloppy'"

"A good Vincent grin!!"

"First Row - Richard Bernard, Rbt. Natusch, Roger Engly, Man Maciel, Bryant P. Chadwick, Herbert Ward, Peter Issokson.
Second Row - Elaine Marchant, Patricia Smith, Carol Backus, Sharon Snowden, J. R. V., June Sprague, Beatrice Welch, Donna Sylva
Third Row - Miles Carpenter, John Araujo, Elaine Garneau, Linda Silvia, William Franke, Mrs. Mary I. Peddle.
Absent - Nancy Brooker, Barbara Leske, Ann Boren, Peter Lopes, Frank Knight."

Elizabeth Rogers, Beautician
(The beauty shop was on Centre Street behind Vincent's Paper Store.)

Island Transports Bus Terminal

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