(Martha's Vineyard, Dukes County, Massachusetts.)

(The following names were scanned from pp. 201-217 of The First Resident and Business Directory of Nantucket, Edgartown, Cottage City, Vineyard Haven, Tisbury, West Tisbury and Chilmark Containing Street and Social Directories, County and Town Officers by the J. & E. T. Kyte Directory Company, South Braintree, Mass., 1897. Originals can be found at the West Tisbury Public Library and the Martha's Vineyard Historical Society.)

Av., avenue; b., boards; B., Boston; c., corner; clk., clerk; h., house; lab., laborer; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor.

Adams, Alice C., h. W. Tisbury.
Adams, Alvah L., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Adams, Edwards F., carpenter, Union, V. H., h. W. Tisbury.
Adams, Nancy M., boarding house, h. W. Tisbury.
Adams, Samuel W., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Adams, Wm. C., furniture, h. W. Tisbury.
Alger, Isaac, farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Allan, Maria W., (Chas ) h. Spring.
Allan, Susan, (Truman) h. Beech.
Allen, Eleanor, h. W. Tisbury.
Allen, Ephraim, h. N. Tisbury.
Allison, Capt., (Roxbury) h. Main.
Ames, Geo. Edwin, elk., h. Main.
Ames, Lizzie, (Alonzo) dressmaker, h. Main.
Arnoux, Wm. H., (N. Y.) h. Main
Andrews, Diana, (Samuel) h. Centre.
Andrews, John S., lab., h. Edgartown
Andrews, Joseph S., lab., h. 1 Edgartown road.
Anthony, Mary C., h. Gay Head.
Anthony, Samuel J., life saving station, h. Gay Head.
ARMSBY, GEO. F., plumber, steam and hot water heating, h. n. Main.
Athearn, Allen M., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Athearn, Alpheus, farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Athearn, Benj., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Athearn, Eliashib B., lab., h. W. Tisbury.
Athearn, Fred B., painter, h. W. Tisbury.
Athearn, Freeman A., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Athearn, Holmes H., carpenter, h. Main.
Athearn, Luther C., fisherman, h. Beech.
Athearn, Mary, (Prince) h. N. Tisbury.
Athearn, Nathan, h. N. Tisbury.
Athearn, Wm. E., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Athearn, Wm. H., lab., h. W. Tisbury.
Athearn, Zadok A., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Attaquin, Benj., life saving station, h. Gay Head.
Badger, Walter T., (Cambridge) h. W. Chop.
Baker, Abbott L., h. Williams.
Baker, Capt. Chas. F., h. Church.
Baker, Jehiel, mariner, h. Williams
Baker, Nettie S., print Dukes County Academy, h. W. Tisbury.
Bankes, Dr. Chas. E., (Washington, D. C.) h. Crocker Terris.
Baptist, Joseph B., lab., h. Look.
Baptist, Manuel, lab., h. n. Franklin.
Barnett, Maj. Chas., (Jefferson, Ind.)
Baxter, Edson F., carpenter, h. Centre.
Baxter, Emma J., teacher, h. W. Tisbury.
Baxter, Sophonia, (Dennis) h. W. Tisbury.
Baxter, Wm. F., lab., h. W. Tisbury.
Beetle, Chas. S., clk., h. Main n. Centre.
Beetle, Eunice R., (Richard) millinery, Main c. Centre, h. Water.
Beetle, Capt. Henry W., h. spring.
Benson, Chas. E. F., gardener, h. The Causeway.
Berry, A. C., (Newport, Ky.) h. N. Tisbury.
Beverley, Sarah A., h. D. Beech.
Bodfish, Capt. H. H., h. n. Main.
Bodfish, Henry L., clk., Water, h. Beech.
Bodfish, Polly D., h. Main.
Bodfish, Prentis C., blacksmith, h. Beech
Bodfish, Wm. P., grocer, Main n. Tashmoo House, h. do.
Bradley, S. P. G., harness maker, Main c. Spring, h. Main n. Beech.
Bradley, Sylvester G., harness maker, h. Beech.
Branscomb, John, painter, b. Main.
Bright, Dr. Geo. A., (Washington, D. C.) h. Williams.
Bristol, Fredk. E., (N. Y.) h. Main.
Brooks, Geo., (Brookline) h. Crocker Terrace.
Brown, Chas. H., h. Forest av.
Brown, Lydia G., (Wm.) (Washington, D. C.) h. Main.
Brown, Dr. Moses, h. Forest av.
Brush, Capt. David C., h. Spring.
Brush, Samuel N., lab., h. Look.
Buckley, Capt. Wm., Wm. H. compass adjuster, h. Beech.
Buhk, Henry, farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Bush, Mrs. James C., (Gov.'s island, N. Y.) h. Crocker Terrace.
Butler, David T., mariner, h. Spring.
Butler, Winthrop, physician, Main n. Centre, h. Spring c. Franklin.
Butler, Wm. H., painter, h. Main.
Call, Nellie L., clk., h. Franklin.
Call, Wilbert A., grocer, h. Franklin.
Campbell, Adeline M., (Thomas G.) h. W. Tisbury.
Carlston, Carl, clk., h. Beech.
Cary, Col. A. 13., (St. Paul, Minn.) h. Main.
Chadwick, Elmer C., blacksmith, h. Beech.
Chadwick, Eugene L., engineer, h. Main.
Chadwick, Geo. W., (Boston) h. W. Chop.
Chadwick, Matthew A., cigars and tobacco, Main c. Union, h. Church.
Chase, Alpheus, carpenter, h. N. Tisbury.
Chase, Benj., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Chase, Henry E., (Cambridgeport) dentist, h. Beech.
Chase, Joseph, musician, h. Main.
Chase, Tristram L., blacksmith, h. N. Tisbury.
Chase, Wm., carpenter, h. N. Tisbury.
Chesbrough, A. H., farmer, h. Tashmoo.
Claghorn, James P., pilot, h. Main.
Claghorn, Capt. Wm. B., h. Beech.
Claghorn, Wm. W., clk., trend Steamboat wharf, h. Williams c. Spring.
Clark, Capt. Robert, U. S. revenue service, h. Centre.
Clark, Wm., fisherman, h. n. Main.
Cleveland, Daniel A., physician, h. W. Tisbury.
Cleveland, Alvin H., policeman, h. Beech.
Cleveland, Capt. B. F., h. n. Main.
Cleveland, Chas. B., fisherman, h. n. Main.
Cleveland, Clarence L., fisherman, h. Main.
Cleveland, Clement L., fish market, Union wharf, h. Beech.
Cleveland, Frank H., fisherman, h. Main.
Cleveland, Geo., carpenter, h. Main.
Cleveland, Geo. K., fisherman, h. Main.
Cleveland, Henry J., blacksmith, h. Edgartown road.
Cleveland, Henry N., lab., h. Williams.
Cleveland, James F., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Cleveland, Capt., Josiah, h. n. Main.
Cleveland, Phebe L., postmaster, h. W. Tisbury.
Cleveland, Sarah, (Jacob) h. Edgartown road.
Cleveland, Sarah D., (Jacob) h. Spring.
Cleveland, Warren D., fisherman, h. Williams.
Cleveland, Capt. Wm., h. Franklin.
Clifford, Mrs., (Boston) h. W. Chop.
Clough, Mrs. C. A., h. Williams.
Clow, Mrs. Charlotte, h. Forest av.
Coon, David E., lab., h. Edgartown road.
Coon, Harvey S., agt. Boston Tow Boat Co., h. Main n. Centre.
Coffin, Julia A., reporter, h. W. Tisbury.
Coon, Lewis, painter, h. Gay Head.
Coon, Mrs. Wm., h. Centre.
Cooper, Aaron, farmer, h. Gay Head.
Cooper, Abraham F., mariner, h. Water.
Cooper, James F., fisherman, h. Gay Head.
Cooper, Martha B., h. Gay Head.
Cooper, Moses, fisherman, h. Gay Head.
Conroy, Mike, lab., h. Beech.
Copp, John C., (Boston) h. W. Chop.
Cottle, Content, (Edmund) h. Main.
Cottle, Edward, farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Cottle, Hattie, (Walter G.) h. N. Tisbury.
Cottle, John, farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Cottle, Timothy, farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Cottle, Mrs. William, h. N. Tisbury.
Cottle, Zadoc A., engineer, h. Main.
COYE, HENRY W., watchmaker, jeweler and souvenir goods, Main, h. do.
Crocker, Crosby C., lighthouse keeper, Gay Head.
Crocker, Herbert, fisherman, h. Chappaquonsett.
Crocker, Richard B., farmer, h. Chappaquonsett.
Crocker, R. W., h Crocker Terrace.
Crocker, Mrs. Sarah, h. Main.
Cromwell, Capt. B. C., h. Williams.
Cromwell, B. C. Jr., contractor, h. n. Main.
Cromwell, Jedidah, h. The Causeway.
Cromwell, Peter T., boatman, h. Beech.
Cromwell, Presbury C., fisherman, h. Lagoon bridge.
Cromwell, Susan, (Peter) h. Beech.
Crowell, Arnold, mariner, h. Main.
Crowell, Benj. D., coal, head of Steamboat wharf, h. Williams.
Crowell, Benj. D. Jr., wharfinger and coal dealer, h. Williams.
Crowell, John H., civil engineer, h. Main.
Crowell, Valentine E., fisherman, h. The Causeway.
Cuffe, Mary, h. Gay Head.
Cummings, M. F., architect, h. Crocker Terrace.
Daggett, Mrs. Eliza, (Isaac) (Cal.) h. Williams.
Daggett, Capt. Grafton L., h. Williams.
Daggett, Henry W., fisherman, h. Main.
Daggett, Miss Loretta L., h. Main.
Daggett, Obed S., fisherman, h. N. Tisbury.
Daggett, Samuel B., lab., h. N. Tisbury.
Daggett, Capt. Silas, h. n. Main.
Daggett, Tabitha M., h. Main.
Davis, Almira, h. Williams.
Davis, Emeline, h. W. Tisbury.
Davis, Everett A., lawyer, h; W. Tisbury.
DeCosta, Antone, lab., h. Howard av.
Dewey, D. M., (N. Y.) h. Oklahoma.
Devine, Grafton, farmer, h. Gay Head.
Devine, Simon, wharfinger, h. Gay Head.
Dexter, Benj. M., lamplighter, h. Main c. Centre.
Dexter, Phebe A., (Ira) h. Beech.
Doerfler, Alfred A., carpenter, h. Forest av.
Dolby, Geo. E., asst. lighthouse keeper, h. W. Chop.
Donaldson, Geo. L., ship master, h. W. Tisbury.
Downs, Frank G., lab., h. N. Tisbury.
Downes, Mary L., clk., Main, h. Church.
Dugan, Jos. E., lab., h. Howard av.
Dunham, Mrs. Mary, h. Williams.
Duxbury, Rev. John E., M. E. ch., h. Franklin.
Eagleston, A. P., (Bros.) dry goods, Main, opp. Spring.
Eagleston, E. L., h. Main.
Eldridge, Geo. W., h. Williams.
Fairbrother, Rev. Alfred, h. Spring n. Bap. ch.,
Fairchild, Courtland De N., physician and apothecary, h. W. Tisbury.
Foreman, John, hairdresser, Main opp. Mansion House, h. do.
Foss, Capt. Otis, h. Main.
Foster, Abner W., b. Beech.
Foster, Chas., clk, Union wharf, h. W. Chop.
Foster, Chas. Jr., fish dealer, h. Grove av.
Foster, Capt. H. D., h. Williams.
Foster, John, fisherman h. Gay Head.
Foster, Capt. Thos., h. Grove av.
Francis, Alton, lab., h. Gay Head.
Fuller, Jas. O., mason, h. Williams.
Furness, Chas. W., lab., h. Spring.
Gardener, Herbert I., carpenter, h. Centre.
Getchell, Mrs. R. D., h. Williams.
Gifford, Chas., ship carpenter, h. Water.
GIFFORD, GEORGE G., flour, butter, cheese, hardware, etc., h. W. Tisbury.
Goethals, Capt. Geo., (Washington, D. C.) h. Crocker Terrace.
Golart, Frank, shoemaker, h. Spring.
Golart, Geo. C., telegraph messenger, b. Spring.
Golart, Geo. G., clk., h. Main.
Gookin, Chas., (B.) h. W. Chop.
Gould, Bessie, clk. Luce Bros., h. Main.
Gray, Eunice, h. N. Tisbury.
Gray, Sarah B., h. Main.
Gray, Shubael W., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Greenough, Mary E., (B.) h. W. Chop.
Guinn, Florence N., h. Beech.
Guinn, S. R., (Daniel) h. Beech.
Habershaw, Henry S., h. n. Main.
Haft, Johanna (John) h. N. Tisbury.
Haft, John F., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Hammett, Vinal S., farmer, h. Tashmoo.
HAMMOND, WILLIAM H., hairdresser, special service to children, Main opp. Mansion, h. do.
Hammlin, Albert R., clk. weather bureau, h. Main.
Hancock, Dana L., clk., h. W. Tisbury.
Hancock, Herbert C., carpenter, h. Main.
Hancock, Mary, (Wm. H.) h. Beech.
Hancock, Willis R., tinsmith, Main n. Spring, h. Spring.
Harding, Elliott C., painter, h. Williams.
Harding, Sarah A., (Geo.) h. Williams.
Harding, Mrs. Wm., h. Williams.
Harper, Mrs. W. W., h. Main.
Hayman, Nehemiah, Capt. U. S. life saving station, h. Gay Head.
Henderson, Charlotte, h. N. Tisbury.
Henderson, Harry, lab., h. N. Tisbury.
Hickes, Rev. Wm. C., h. n. Main.
Hiller, Edward B., lumber, h. W. Tisbury.
Hiller, Jos. L., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Hillman, Geo. D., farmer, h. Little Neck.
Hine, Mrs. Charles C., (N. Y.) h. Cedar Neck
Hinckley, Herbert N., contractor and builder, h. Main
Holmes, Mrs. Abbie, (John) h. Williams
Holmes, John (B.) h. West Chop
Holmes, Rodolphus H., engineer; h. Williams
Horton, Johnson F., postmaster, h. Main n. Church
Horton, Murray W., fisherman, h. Main
Horton, Perez. C., carpenter, h. Main
HOWES, HENRY S., laundry, confectionery, stationery; newspapers, Main n. Centre, h. Church c. Williams
Howes, Sparrow, fisherman, h. Church
Howes, Capt. Willis, h. Main.
Howland, Mrs. J. E., h. Williams
Howland, Rebecca, (John W.) h. Spring
Howland, Wm. A., asst. light keeper, Gay Head light
Icheeny, Mrs., (B.) h. n. Main.
Jackson, Chas. C., (B.) h. W. Chop.
Jarrard, Josiah, lab., h. Gay Head.
Jarard, Wilbur, fisherman, h. Gay Head
Jeffers, Elizabeth C., h. Gay Head
Jeffers, Gilbert L., farmer, h. Gay Head
Jeffers, Henry, fisherman, h. Gay Head
Jeffers, Linas, life saving station, h. Gay Head.
Jeffers, Dea. Thos., h. Gay Head.
Jeffers, Dea. Thos. Jr., h. Gay Head
Jenkins, Foster H., painter, h. Centre.
Johnson, Anna J., milliner, h. W. Tisbury
Johnson, Jas., lab., h. W. Tisbury
Johnson, John E., fisherman, h. W. Tisbury
Johnson, John E., Jr., farmer, h. W. Tisbury
Johnson, Miles M., shoemaker, h. Beech.
JOHNSON, NORMAN, builders' hardware, roofing, cottages cared for, h. Main.
Kidder, Lidey G., h. Centre.
Kidder, Samuel D., farmer, h. N. Tisbury
Kinsman, Rev. T. F., h. Main.
Klawish, Fred, Marine hospital.
Lair, Carlton P., fish dealer, h. Williams
Lair, Leroy C., harness maker, h. Williams.
Lambert, J. H., h. Williams.
Lane, Chas. F., physician, b. Mansion House.
Lane, S. S., apothecary, Main c. Union, b. Mansion House.
Lawrence, R. M., (B.) h. W. Chop.
Leach, Wm., physician, h. Williams.
Lee, Mrs. S. P., h. Main.
Legge, Mrs. Hattie A., (Louise) h. n. Main.
Legg, Louise W., lab., h. n. Main.
Legg, Sarah, nurse, h. Beech.
Lewis, Mrs. E. T., h. Williams.
Linde, Gustave, Marine hospital.
Littlefield, Albert, farmer, h. N. Tisbur,y.
Look, Albert, grocer, h. Spring.,
Look, Albert O., farmer,, h. N. Tisbury.
Look, Allen, farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Look, Andrew W., fisherman, h. N. Tisbury.
Look, Chas. C., blacksmith, h. Spring.
Look, Chas. C. Jr., painter, h. Centre.
Look, Clement A., lab., h. N. Tisbury.
Look, Daniel C., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Look, David N., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Look, Frank B., physician, h. W. Tisbury.
Look, Freeman A., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Look, Georgiana, h. Tashmoo.
Look, Henry W., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Look, Jas., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Look, Jane, (Alfred) h. N. Tisbury.
Look, John, farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Look, Mary S., h. N. Tisbury.
Look, Mayhew, teamster, h. W. Tisbury.
Look, Orin W., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Look, Samuel, farmer, h Mansion House, Beech c. Main
Look, Seth, butcher, h. Beech.
Look, Susan, (Edwin A.) h. W. Tisbury.
Look, Wm., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Look, Wm. J., lab., h. Spring.
Lord, Edward, C., ship chandler, h. n. Main.
Louise, Alliston B., fisherman, h. Grove av.
Louise, L. J., blacksmith, h. Main.
Lovell, Henry H., teacher, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Abigail A., h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Anson M., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Asa R., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Barnard, dry goods, Main, h. Church.
Luce, Bartimus, farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Benj. N., farmer, h. The Causeway.
Luce, Caroline M., (Theodore) h. W. Tisbury.
Luce, Constant D., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Content, (Presbury) h. Main.
Luce, Chas. H., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Chas. M., h. W. Tisbury.
Luce, Ebenezer, fisherman, h. Chappaquonsett.
Luce, Edward C., lab. h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Edwin A., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Eliot M., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Luce, Elisha, farmer, h. Woodlawn av.
Luce, Elisha L., harness maker, h. Beech.
Luce, Eliza B., h. The Causeway.
Luce, Eliza, h. Main. Luce Fred C., clk., h. Howard av.
Luce, Frank P., (Boston) h. Spring.
Luce, Geo. H., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Luce, Geo. Hervey, fisherman, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Hiram N., fisherman, h. Tisbury.
Luce, Miss Ida M., clk., Crocker Terrace, h. Main.
Luce, James F., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Jason, fisherman, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Jason L., teamster, h. Main.
Luce, John A., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, John N., teamster, h. W. Main.
Luce, Josiah P., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Lorenzo F., Custom House, Union, h. W. Chop.
Luce, Lot, fisherman, h. Main.
Luce, Otis B., fisherman, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Presbury S., shoes, Main, h. Williams.
Luce, Steven C., grocer, h. Spring.
Luce, Susan, (James) h. Franklin.
Luce, Miss Tristram, h. Main.
Luce, Walter, fisherman, h. Main.
Luce, Capt. Warren, h. Franklin.
Luce, West, farmer, h. Edgartown road.
Luce, Wm. B., fisherman, h. N. Tisbury.
Luce, Wm. H., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Luce, Wm. H., h. Woodlawn av.
Lynch, Daniel C., nurse marine Hospital, h. Main c. Spring.
Lynch, Peter L., lab., h. Main.
Macy, J. Wm., (N. Y.) h. Oklahoma.
Manchester, Bradford B., contractor, h. Williams.
Manchester, Heman, h. Grove av.
Manning, Frank, life saving station, Gay Head.
Manning, Rodolphus, lab., h. Gay Head.
Manning, Thomas E., lab., h. Gay Head.
Manter, Cyrus, farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Manter, Ellis H., boots and shoes, Main, h. do.
Manter, Geo. W., fisherman, h. W. Tisbury.
Manter, Mrs. Mary C., h. Main.
Manter, Sarah O., (Frederick) h. W. Tisbury.
MANTER WILLIAM G., contractor, boats designed, built and rigged, h. Main.
Marshall, Maria, h. Gay Head.
Matthews, Lucy, (Henry) restaurant, h. Beech.
Maury, Geo. W., lab., h. W. Tisbury.
Mayhew, Charles B., farmer, h. Tashmoo.
Mayhew, Emma M., (Jared) h. N. Tisbury.
Mayhew, James A., fisherman, h. W. Tisbury.
Mayhew, Jerry B., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Mayhew, Josiah, lab., h. Edgartown road.
Mayhew, Linley W., fisherman, h. W. Tisbury.
Mayhew, Matthew H., painter, h. W. Tisbury.
Mayhew, Meltiah, mail carrier, h. Oklahoma.
Mayhew, Nathan, h. W. Tisbury.
Mayhew, Sanderson M., variety store, h. W. Tisbury.
Mayhew, Ulysses E.; variety store, h. W. Tisbury.
Mayhew, William A., clerk, h. W. Tisbury.
Mayhew, William B., wheelwright, h. W. Tisbury.
McDonald, Murdock, painter, h. W. Tisbury.
McDonogh, J. P., engineer Marine Hospital.
McPhee, Angus M. S., fisherman, h. N. Tisbury.
Medeiros, Raul B., hairdresser, Main c. Centre, h. Main.
Mellelan, Henry W., lab., h. n. Main.
Merry, Charles W., wheelwright, h. N. Tisbury.
Merry, Joseph, clk., h. Edgartown road.
Merry, Mrs. K. B., h. Main.
Merry, Silas C., farmer, N. Tisbury.
Merry, Thomas, postmaster.
Mingo, Chas., town clk., h. Gay Head.
Mingo, Joseph Q., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Mingo, Samuel G., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Moller, Mrs. P., (Hoboken, N. J.) h. Main.
Morse, Seth G., fisherman, h. n. Main.
Morton, William, lab., h. Gay Head.
Mosher, Thomas, carpenter, b. Main.
Moss, H. L., (B.) h. W. Chop.
Murrant, Thomas, carpenter, h. Beech.
Nickerson, Frank C., carpenter, h. W. Tisbury.
Noffte, Valmenia, h. Church.
Norton, Alfred, farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Norton, Bayes F., farmer, Oklahoma.
Norton, Benj. A., bid. mover, h. n. Beech.
Norton, Caroline L., h. Main.
Norton, Cyrus B., farmer, h. Edgartown road.
Norton, Eben, teamster, h. Main.
Norton, Ernest R., lab., h. Oklahoma.
Norton, Fred W., farmer, h. Tashmoo.
Norton, Frank P., clothier, Main, h. Beech.
Norton, George M., butcher, h. Main.
Norton, Henry C., farmer, h. Williams.
Norton, Henry H., marble worker, h. N. Tisbury.
Norton, Horatio G., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Norton, Isaac, fisherman, h. Beech.
Norton, John O., fisherman. h. Williams.
Norton, Leavitt T., stable Main, h. Main opp. Centre.
Norton, Leroy W., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Norton, Miss Margaret L., h. Williams.
Norton, Mayhew G., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Norton, Walter S., engineer, h. Main.
Norton, William, farmer, h. Edgartown road.
Nye, Charlotte L., (Cambridgeport) h. Beech.
O'Brien, John B., (Boston) h. N. Tisbury.
OLIVER, E. ST. CROIX, Boats, ship chandler and grocer, n. steamboat wharf, h. Main, opp. Tashmoo Inn.
O'Toole, Fannie, (Michael) h. Main c. Spring.
Packard, Harry W., clk., h. N. Tisbury.
Packard, Rev. Willard S., h. N. Tisbury.
Parker, Bertram M., poultry, h. W. Tisbury.
Parker, H., (Cambridge) h. W. Chop.
Parker, Horace, clergyman, h. W. Tisbury.
Parker, John W., telegrapher, h. Main.
Peakes, Charles H., h. Church.
Peakes, Henry L., coal and wood, h. Main.
Peakes, Lizzie D., (George N.) h. Main.
Peakes, N. H., (Phil.) h. Williams.
Peakes, William R., wood, h. Williams.
Pease, Cynthia L., (Wm. W.) h. W. Tisbury.
Pease, John, fisherman, h. W. Tisbury.
Pease, Wm. L., fisherman, h. N. Tisbury.
Pinkham, Simeon, boatman, h. n. Main.
Pope, Rebecca C., h. Main.
Porter, Alexander S., (B.) h. W. Chop.
Potter, Edward W., (Conn.) h. Oklahoma.
Pray, John, farmer, h. State road.
Prior, James, clk., drug store, Main, b. Mansion House.
Purmost, Rev. Lewis B., Baptist pastor, h. Gay Head.
Quincy, Josiah, (B.) h. W. Chop.
Randall, Capt. William M., h. Main.
Raymond, Eben, blacksmith, h. W. Tisbury.
Reed, Francis H., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Renear, Walter H., liveryman, h, Church.
Revel, John, upholstering, ice cream, h. Beech.
Reynolds, Capt. John S., h. Beech.
Rhino, Simeon L., contractor and builder, h. n. Forest av.
Rickerson, Esther L;, (S. Framingham) h. Main c. Woodlawn av.
Richmond, Geraldine, (Buffalo) h. Main.
Robbins, Nelson A., carpenter, h. The Causeway.
Robinson, Jas. B., h. Centre. Robinson Jas. H., (Cal.) h. Williams.
Robinson, John F., h. Williams.
Robinson, Laura, (Thomas M.) h. Main n. Church.
Robinson, William, fisherman, h. n. Main.
Rochester, General, (Washington, D. C.) h. Crocker Terrace.
Rodman, Abraham L., carpenter, h. Gay Head.
Rodman, Rosanna G., prop. Windsor House, Gay Head.
Roe, George P., h. Marine Hospital.
Rogers, George A., fisherman, h. N. Tisbury.
Rogers, George H., lab., h. N. Tisbury.
Rogers, Joseph F., lab., h. n. Beech.
Rogers, Lewis A., fisherman, h. N. Tisbury.
Rogers, Mary E., h. Spring.
Rogers, Wm. T., watchmaker, h. N. Tisbury.
Rotch, Albert, corn, meal, feed, etc., Water, h. Main n. Union.
Rotch, Rebecca D., h. W. Tisbury.
ROTCH, WM. J., grain, Water, h. W. Tisbury.
Roth, Edward, physician, h. Main.
Russell, Sarah B., (Jas.) h. W. Tisbury.
Ryan, an Chas. F., fisherman, h. Gay Head.
Saunders, Wm. H., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Scott, Ariel B., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Seivert, Charles, farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Shaler, Nathaniel S., (Cambridge) h. N. Tisbury.
Sheldon, Mrs. C. H., (C. P.) h. Main.
Shugrue, Timothy, clothing, Main, h. Williams.
Silva, Joseph, lab., h. Main.
Slack, Mrs. A. P., h. Main.
Slack, Miss Mary, h. Main.
Smalley, Amos, fisherman, h. Gay Head.
Smalley, Jesse, farmer, h. Gay Head.
Smalley, Leander, fisherman, h. Gay Head.
Smith, Alexander W., farmer, h. Franklin, c. Charles.
Smith, Alexander, farmer, h. Williams.
Smith, Arthur L., clk., h. Main n. Church.
Smith, Benj. B., farmer, h. N. Tisbury.
Smith, Carrie D., (William) h. Church.
Smith, Charles F., farmer, h. Chappaquonsett.
Smith, Charles G., harness maker, h. Church.
Smith, David B., draw-tender, Lagoon bridge, h. Beach road.
Smith, Edward J., h. Main.
Smith, Miss Florence A., h. Main.
Smith, Capt. George F., h. Forest av.
Smith, George R., clk., h. n. Main.
Smith, Capt. Gilbert L., h. Spring.
Smith, Howard A., (Rochester, N. Y.) h. W. Chop.
Smith, J. Annie, clk., h. Church.
Smith, Jane K., (Hariph M.) h. W. Tisbury.
Smith, James. Custom House boatman, h. Main c. School.
Smith, James L., painter, h. Williams.
Smith, Mrs. James L., h. Main.
Smith, Louise E., boatman, h. Beech.
Smith, Capt. Manley S., pilot, h. n. Main.
Smith, Miss Marian, h. n. Main.
Smith, Capt. Matthew L., h. n. Main.
Smith, Olivia B., h. Spring.
Smith, Thankful B., teacher, h. Centre.
Smith, Capt. Thomas, h. Main.
Smith, Wm. G., h. n. Main.
Stanton, Miss Bessie H., clk., b. Main n. Woodlawn.
Stewart, W. J., surgeon Marine Hospital, h. Crocker Terrace.
Strahan, Chas., editor, h. Crocker Terrace.
Strater, Herman, (B.) h. W. Tisbury.
Sumner, Mrs. E. H., h. n. Main.
Swain, Geo. H., h. Williams.
Swift, Anna B., h. Main.
Swift, Henry C., mason, h. Beech.
Swift, Holmes A., grocer, h. Main.
Swift, Otis H., lab., h. N. Tisbury.
Swift, Wm. S., grocer, h. Spring.
Taylor, Mrs. Walker J., Laundry, h. Spring.
Taber, James M., h. Centre.
Temple, Chauncey L., carpenter, h. W. Tisbury.
Temple, Frank I., teacher, h. W. Tisbury.
Thompson, James, stonecutter, h. Gay Head.
Thurston, E. J., steward Marine Hospital.
Tilton, Calvin, carpenter, h. n. Franklin.
Tilton, Catherine W., millinery, h. Main c. Spring.
Tilton, Ernest L., carpenter, h. Beech.
Tilton, Frank O., clk., h. Main.
TILTON, HERBERT L., plumber, stoves, ranges, kitchen furnishings, Main n. Spring, h. do.
Tilton, Horace A., carpenter, h. Spring.
Tilton, James R., fisherman, h. N. Tisbury
Tilton, Louella M., h. Forest av.
TILTON, CAPT. OWEN H., lumber dealer, lime, bricks, cement, fencing, h. Main.
TILTON, THURSTON W., fire ins., h. Woodlawn av.
Tuckerman, Thomas H., stoves, tinware, etc., Main n. Centre, h. do.
Tyler, Harry D., tailor, Main, h. Spring.
Vanderhoop, Edwin D., farmer, h. Gay Head.
Vanderhoop, Harrison, mail carrier, h. Gay Head.
Vanderhoop, John, fisherman, h. Gay Head.
Vanderhoop, Leonard L., fisherman, h. Gay Head.
Vanderhoop, Paulina A., postmistress, h. Gay Head.
Vanderhoop, Wm. A., fisherman, h. Gay Head.
Veator, Frank, clk. livery stable Main n. Mansion House h. Beech.
Vessels, Lillian M., intelligence office, h. Beech c. Howard av.
Vincent, Albert C., carpenter, h. Look.
Vincent, Chas. M., clk., h. Main.
Vincent, Frank C., fisherman, h. Main.
Vincent, Capt. Frank W., h. Main c. Woodlawn av.
Vincent, Fred G., lab., h. W. Tisbury.
Vincent, Emmiline, (Isaac) h. n. Main.
Vincent, James S., stone mason, h. Edgartown road.
Vincent, Moses C., carpenter, h. Main.
Vincent, Moses C., undertaker, Main c. Spring, h. do.
Vincent, S. L., carpenter, h. Main.
Vincent, Sarah C., (Jared) h. W. Tisbury.
Vincent, Walter C., carpenter, h. W. Tisbury.
Vincent, Ward P., ship master, h. W. Tisbury.
Vincent, Wm. H., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Wade, Mrs. Myra N., (Henry C.) h. Williams.
Wagner, Max weather bureau. h. Main.
Waldron, Silvanus, fisherman, h. W. Tisbury.
Waldron, Thomas, farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Walker, Eugene T., salesman, h. Grove av.
Walker, Fanny, (Wm.) h. Beech.
Walker, John R., fisherman, h. Beech.
Washburn, Amanda F., (James) h. W. Tisbury.
Weeks, Ann M., (Harvey) h. W. Tisbury.
Weeks, F. Adelaide, teacher, h. W. Tisbury.
Weeks, Mary S., (Wm. S.) h. W. Tisbury.
Weeks, Fredk. L., fisherman, h. Main.
Weeks, Harry B., carpenter, h. Main.
Weinberg, Oscar, Marine Hospital.
Wells, Stephen M., h. W. Chop.
West, Capt. Abner, h. Centre.
West, Chas. H., painter, h. W. Tisbury.
West, Chas. P., lighthouse keeper, W. Chop.
WEST, CLEMENT D., livery stable, party wagons, telephone connections, h. Beech.
West, Edgar M., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
West, Elmer J., carpenter, h. Grove av.
West, Ernest C., lab., h. Centre.
West, Philander D., h. Williams.
West, Gilbert R., painter, h. Beech.
West, Gustavus L., painter, h. W. Tisbury.
West, James P., painter, h. Beech.
West, L. G., h. Main.
West, Luther P., expressman, h. Williams.
West, Samuel E., lab., h. W. Tisbury.
West, Wm. L., farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
Whiting, Anna F., (Henry L.) h. W. Tisbury.
Whiting, Johnson, farmer, h. W. Tisbury.
White, Miss E. G., (Medford) h. W. Chop.
Whitemore, Colonel, h. Crocker Terrace.
Wilson, Nellie, laundry, h Beech c. Howard av.
Winslow, Druse, (Lendia) h. c. Main.
Winslow, Geo., F., fisherman.
Winslow, Tim, lab., h. n. Main.
Wood, Dr. Leonard (Washington, D. C.) h. Main.
Woods, Chas. E., h. Crocker Terrace.
Worth, Capt. Daniel F., h. Centre.
Zorn, Sebastine (Louisville, Ky.) h. n. Main.

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