Tisbury School Registers

With index of students.

Center Street School
Tisbury School, Center Street.

Database design and data entry by the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School Intro to Computing class, Dec. 1999: Kate Antik, Ollie Becker, Mike Berninger, Ben Brisson, Seth Charter, Eleni Collins, Ryan Correira, Alison Ferreira, Emily Gray, Danielle Jacobs, Keith Leonard, Kelsey MacDonald, Todd Mayhew, Danny Merry, Kaylea Moore, Marques Rivers, Justine Shemeth, and Jeff Smadbeck.

This is an extract of names from nine register books kept by the Tisbury School for the 1918-19 school year. At that time, the school was located on Center Street, Vineyard Haven (at the present location of the tennis courts) and included Tisbury Grammer School (grades 1-8) and Tisbury High School (9-12.) The high school also served (on a tuition basis) West Tisbury, Chilmark, and Gay Head.

The school year ran from Sept. 9, 1918 to June 1920, 1919 (for a total of 134-137 days in session, depending on the grade.)

Also see the alphabetical index to students in 1917-18.

1st Grade

Elaine Merrill, teacher.

Student Name Date of Birth Residence Parent or Guardian Remarks
Ames, Forrest Crowell19 Aug. 1912West Chop Rd.George E. Ames - Nellie
Bettencourt, Mary 12 Nov. 1912 State Road Manuel J. - Emily
Campos, Dorothy 1 Mar. 1913 Beach St. Manuel - Mary
Campos, Ernest 31 Aug. 1913 Beach St. Manuel - Mary
Cantinlo, Manuel 11 Feb. 1913 Beach St. John - Mary A.
Cantinlo, Mary 6 Nov. 1911 Beach St. John - Mary A.
Cardoze, Ernest 20 Nov. 1912 Howard Ave. Joseph - Mary
Coffin, William Robert 23 Aug. 1912 West Chop Rd. Ralph W. - Sarah R.
Correllus, Mary 20 June 1911 Pine St. Joseph - Mary
Dias, William 5 July 1912 West Chop Rd. Matthew - Virginia
Duart, Sarah 24 Nov. 1911 Head of Lagoon Joseph F. - Frances D.
Figueiredo, Joseph 6 Nov. 1911 State Road John S. - Rose M.
Gamsby, John Leander 8 Dec. 1912 Main St. Ernest W. - Jennie L
Guerin, Alice 17 Apr. 1911 Main St. William, Mary
Hoft, Esther 25 Nov. 1911 [Enrolled from] 2nd grade (Supplementary List)
Hoft, Marguerite 15 Sep. 1912 Fair Orchard John
Larange, George 29 Oct. 1912 Spring St. Jule - Rose
Luce, Clifford Benj. 14 May 1912 Franklin St. Fred C. - Lillian R.
Morris, James Foster 26 May 1912 Norton's Lane Joseph J. - Mary A.
Motta, Mary 5 Sep. 1912 Pine St. Antone
Pachico, Frank 22 Mar. 1911 Pine St. Manuel G. - Louisa L.
Perry, Hilda [Enrolled late?]
Peters, Bernard Chester 27 Oct. 1912 Rr. Fischers Bros. Lyman - Grace
Pinto, Reginald Francis 7 Nov. 1912 Daggett Ave. Armindo - Mary J.
Pratt, Harriett Hillman 6 Oct. 1912 Main St. Norman - Ethel
Rose, Jennie (Supplementary List)
Silvia, Eveline 13 Mar. 1912 Pine St. Theophilus - Adalena
Tower, Miriam 11 Oct. 1912 Mt. Aldworth Autin P. - Helen E.
Ward, Nellie Florence 5 Mar. 1912 Edgartown Rd. Clarence - Nellie
West, Christene D. 7 July 1913 Main St. Frank N. - Carrie S.
Yates, James [Enrolled from] Salem (Supplementary List)

2nd Grade

Zelda Goodwin, teacher.

Andrews, Lucy 6 Feb. 1912 Church Street Antone Andrews
Brickman, Rosie 2 May 1912 Main Street Julius Brickman
Campos, Nora 21 Feb. 1912 Beach Street Manuel Campos
Canah, Joseph 4 May 1910 Pine Street Joseph Canah
Chase, Clarice 13 Sep. 1911 Main Street Isaac Chase
Coffin, Waldo 31 Mar. 1911 West Chop Rd. Ralph Coffin
DeBettencourt, Rapheal 24 Oct. 1910 William St. Manuel DeBettencourt
Duart, Maryann 1 Jan. 1910 Edgartown Rd. Joseph Duart dob"1910"
Fisher, Elizabeth 19 Aug. 1911 Mrs. Minnie Fisher (Supplementary List)
Hoft, Esther M. 5 Nov. 1911 Fair Orchard Place John Hoft
Hoft, J. Francis 23 Oct. 1910 Fair Orchard Place John Hoft
King, Mary 18 June 1911 Old Edgartown Road Manuel King
Look, Ralph 4 Feb. 1910 Wharf Street Ralph Look
Lopes, Edwin 7 Mar. 1911 Old Edgartown Rd. Frank Lopes
Lytton, Walter 21 Oct. 1911 West Chop Rd. Mrs. Louise Lytton
Mayhew, Orville 28 Dec. 1910 Union Street Josiah Mayhew
Mello, Edward 10 July 1911 Hen Farm Road Manuel Mellow
Mosher, Phillip 5 June 1912
Pratt, Norma 16 May 1911 Main Street Norman Pratt
Tilton, Alfred 2 Apr. 1910 Woodland Ave. Zebulon Tilton
Tilton, Everett 11 Jan. 1912 Woodland Ave. ZebulonTilton
West, Harold 6 Nov. 1912 Main St. Winslow West
West, Holmes 2 Feb. 1912 North Main Street Frank West
West, Phyllis 17 Sep. 1909 Hatch Road George West

3rd Grade

Florence O. Daggett, teacher.

Andrews, Joseph 21 Dec. 1911 Church Street Andrews, Antone
Borges, Domingo C. 14 June 1910 Pine St. Borges, Jack
Cardoza, Joseph A. 2 Apr. 1908 Howard Ave. Cardoza, Joseph
Cleveland, Grace S. 27 Aug. 1910 Cleveland, Clifton Left
Correllus, David (Supplementary List)
Correllus, Manuel 30 Nov. 1910 Summer Street Correllus, Manuel
Daggett, Esther 18 Aug. 1909 West Chop Rd. Daggett, Priscilla
Downs, Constance E. 9 Mar. 1911 Spring Street Downs, Howard
Duart, Anthony J. 18 July 1910 Edgartown Rd. Duart, Anthony
Horton, Phillip O. 19 Sep. 1910 Mt. Aldworth Horton, Harry
Mayhew, Everett G. 25 Mar. 1908 Union Street Mayhew, Josiah Left
Menkins, Aug. 19H. 9 May 1910 West Chop Rd. Menkins, John
Mosher, Boardman W. 29 Sep. 1910 Mt. Aldworth Mosher, Wilfred
Murphy, Kenneth 6 May 1909 West Chop Murphy, Frank
Pachico, Henry J. 12 July 1909 PIne Street Pachico, Manuel
Peters, Ellsworth F. 21 Oct. 1910 Rear of Fisher Bros. Peters, Lyman
Pinto, Margaret A. 24 Apr. 1911 Daggett Ave. Pinto, Armindo
Rose, Bessie 9 Mar. 1909 Manuel Rose (Supplementary List)
Smith, Beatrice (Supplementary List)
Swift, Alice C. 11 Mar. 1909 Daggett Ave. Swift, Arthur
Tower, Alden E. 4 June 1910 Mt. Aldworth Tower, Austin
Vanderhoop, Beatrice H. 31 Aug. 1910 Franklin St. Vanderhoop, Jestina
Ward, Harriette N. 11 Nov. 1910 Edgartown Rd. Ward, Clarence
West, Evelyn J. 5 Oct. 1910 Main Street West, Winslow

4th Grade

Annie M. Murphy, teacher.

Camilla, Palmira 4 Nov. 1907 Augusto Camilla (Supplementary List)
Campos, Manuel 18 Sep. 1908 Beach St. Manuel Campos
Campos, Mary 18 Sep. 1907 Beach St. Manuel Campos
Churchhill, Alfred 30 Mar. 1910 Water St. George Churchhill
Dahill, Raymond 20 Dec. 1909 Main St. Edward Everett Dahill
Fialho, Aurora 23 Sep. 1909 State Road Joseph Fialho
Fontes, Michael 9 Jan. 1907 Main St. Michael Fontes
Fontes, Teresea 9 Sep. 1909 Main St. Michael Fontes
Kelley, Ernest 25 Apr. 1908 Wm. St. Louisa M. Kelley (Supplementary List)
King, William Wallace 28 May 1909 Edgartown Rd. Manuel King
Lair, Theola Lurrington 27 Dec. 1909 Look St. Carlton P. Lair
Look, Albert 3 Nov. 1908 Union St. Ralph Look
Magwood, Wm. Winston 24 Aug. 1909 Center St. Wm. Magwood
Medeiros, Fannie 22 Nov. 1908 Franklin St. Elvira Medeiros
Motta, Manuel 24 Nov. 1908 Beach St. Manuel Motta Left
Norton, Winthrop 8 Oct. 1906 Main St. Carl Norton
Oliver, Frank 26 May 1909 State Road Celestino Oliver
Peters, Theodora 12 May 1909 Rear Fisher Bros. Lyman Peters Left
Pinkeiro, Georgie 17 Feb. 1907 Howard Ave. John Pinkeiro
Resenda, John 21 Apr. 1904 State Road Antone Resenda
Reynolds, Charlotte 24 Mar. 1910 Main St. John Sprague Reynolds Left
Rogers, Elizabeth 7 July 1909 Beach St. Joseph C. Rogers (Supplementary List)
Rose, Manuel 31 Jan. 1905 Pine St. Manuel Rose
Silvia, Mary 17 May 1909 Pine St. Theophilus Silvia
Spendler, Manuel Joseph 29 Dec. 1904 Tashmoo Farm Amos Spendler
Swartz, Mary Elizabeth 17 Feb. 1909 Edgartown Rd. Caton Swartz
Tilton, Herbert 11 Jan. 1908 Woodland Ave. Zeb. Tilton
Ward, Eunice Elizabeth 4 Nov. 1909 Edgartown Rd. Clarence Ward
West, Thelma 17 Sep. 1908 Hatch Rd. George A. West

5th Grade

Alice E. Baker, teacher.

Borges, Jack 2 Sep. 1907 Pine St. Jack C. Borges
Borges, Mary 15 Sep. 1908 Pine St. Jack C. Borges
Cardoza, Mary 15 Jan. 1907 Howard Ave. Joseph A. Cardoza
Diamond, Malcolm 3 May 1908 Main St. Durwood D. Diamond
Dugan, Ernest 17 May 1907 Beach St. Joseph Dugan
Gracie, Dora from Vermont (Supplementary List)
Horton, Vivian 19 Nov. 1908 Mt. Aldworth Rd. Harry Horton
Larange, Jules 20 Jan. 1907 Spring St. Jules Larange
Legg, Raymond 23 Apr. 1908 Hatch St. Louis W. Legg
Lindsay, Roswell 27 Apr. 1908 Main St. North Wallace Lindsay
Luce, Millicent 21 Sep. 1909 Center St. Fred C. Luce
Lytton, Henry 10 Nov. 1909 Main St. North Walter Lytton
McDonald, Mildred 9 Mar. 1908 Daggett Ave. Allan F. McDonald
Motta, Mary 11 July 1907 Water St. Manuel Motta
Murphy, Carleton 13 Oct. 1905 West Chop Frank Murphy
Oliver, Rose 2 Jan. 1908 State Road Celestino Oliver
Pachico, Isabelle 23 July 1907 Pine St. Manuel Pachico
Pinherio, Emelia 6 Nov. 1908 Howard Ave. John Pinherio
Quinsava, Mary 22 Aug. 1907 Main St. Matthew Dias
Rogers, Annie 22 Apr. 1908 Water St. Joseph Rogers from Lambert's Cove (Supplementary List)
Rose, Bernice 13 Mar. 1906 Summer St. Manuel Rose from Taunton (Supplementary List)
Schultz, Frank 22 Mar. 1908 Church St. Holley Schultz
Scott, Bernard 31 Aug. 1908 Main St. William Scott
Swartz, Laura 23 Nov. 1908 No. William St. Manuel Swartz
Sylva, Leland 23 Sep. 1903 State Road Manuel Sylva
Tilton, Gertrude 17 Feb. 1906 Franklin St. Zebulon Tilton
Tilton, Ruth 10 June 1907 Franklin St. Zebulon Tilton
Treat, Edwin 3 Jan. 1908 Eastville Ave. Frank L. Treat
Ward, Eva 29 Apr. 1908 Edgartown Rd. Clarence Ward

6th Grade

Anna G. Molloy, teacher.

Ames, Alice Elizabeth 18 Sep. 1906 East Main St. George Edward Ames
Andrada, John 3 June 1905 Howard Ave. Antone Andrada
Andrews, Edwin Lopes 25 Oct. 1906 Edgartown Rd. Antone S. Andrews
Andrews, Manuel 26 June 1904 Church St. Antony A. Andrews
Baptiste, Frank Joseph 2 Dec. 1905 Pine St. Manuel B. Baptiste
Bradley, Catherine Payne 8 Dec. 1907 Main St. Herbert Lee Bradley
Brickman, Ida 25 Feb. 1908 Main St. Julius Brickman
Canha, Manuel Perry 18 Nov. 1907 Edgartown Rd. Frank Canha
Dahill, Edward E. 12 May 1907 N. Main St. Edward E. Dahill
Duart, Bertha May 19 18 Sep. 1906 Old Edgartown Rd. Joseph F. Duart
Duart, Francis Anthony 3 Aug. 1907 Edgartown Rd. Antone Francis Duart
Fontes, Mary 13 Sep. 1904 Main St. Miguel B. Fontes
Hancock, Esther Redfield 17 Dec. 1907 Greenwood Ave. Herbert Clayton Hancock
Howes, Francis Grant 18 Jan. 1908 Corner Church + William St. Lois A. Howes
Hyatt, Hannah 29 Sep. 1908 N. William St. Mrs. Jessica C. Hyatt
Lair, Dorothy Beatty 2 May 1907 Look St. Carlton Purrington Lair
Lair, Winifred 24 June 1908 Pine St. John Burroughs Luce
LeCourt, Doris F. 31 Aug. 1907 20 Oliver St., Lowell Joseph LeCourt (Supplementary List)
Look, Clarice 26 June 1907 Union St. Ralph Look
Lopes, Frank Luce 10 July 1905 William St. Antone S. Lopes
Luce, Priscilla 23 Nov. 1908 Pine St. John Burroughs Luce
Macomber, Alice 15 July 1908 Spring St. William E. Macomber
Mayhew, Chester Hamilton 25 Aug. 1904 Union St. Josiah B. Mayhew
McDonald, Harold Auston 26 Apr. 1906 Daggett Ave. Mrs. Catherine McDonald
Norton, Helen Frances 30 Aug. 1907 Main St. Charles Swain Norton
Orange, Manuel M. 8 Mar. 1904 Spring St. Jules M. Orange
Swartz, William Dias 4 Sep. 1907 Edgartown Rd. Caton Soaza Swartz
Thompson, DeWolf Cook 3 Sep. 1907 South Main St. Edwin Silas Thompson
Tilton, Walter Lester 12 Oct. 1907 Mt. Aldworth Ave. Ernest R. Tilton

7th Grade

Helen M. McDonough, teacher.

Canha, Flora P. 21 Oct. 1904 Edgartown Rd. Frank Canha
Cardoza, Manuel 23 Nov. 1904 Howard Ave. Joseph Cardoza
Clark, Mary B. 17 May 1907 Main St. Frederick Clark
Coffin, Ralph A. 17 Oct. 1906 West Chop Rd. Ralph W. Coffin
Crowell, Elijah W. 14 Nov. 1906 William St. Wm. Crowell
Foster, Emily C. 21 Feb. 1906 Edgartown Rd. Geo. C. Foster
Hammett, Martha E. 11 Apr. 1904 John J. Hammett
Horton, Charlotte V. 14 July 1906 Mt. Aldworth Harry J. Horton
Hyatt, Ruth 16 Dec. 1906 William St. Mrs. Jessica Hyatt
Lindsay, Wallace L. 10 June 1906 Main St. Wallace Lindsay
Luce, Josephine P. 6 Nov. 1905 Center St. Fred C. Luce
Morris, Marian L. 26 Apr. 1907 Norton's Lane Joseph F. Morris
Norton, Marjorie L. 11 Aug. 1906 Edgartown Rd. James H. Norton
Pachico, Charles J. 21 July 1905 Pine St. Manuel Pachico
Pinkham, Wallace A. 15 Sep. 1906 Daggett Ave. Simeon E. Pinkham
Silvia, Antone T. 9 Oct. 1916 Pine St. Theophilus Silvia
Smith, Walter 14 Apr. 1904 Beach St. Charles F. Smith
Swift, Edward C. 4 Jan. 1907 Daggett Ave. Arthur B. Swift
Vanderhoop, C. Earl 4 Nov. 1907 Franklin St. Cummings A. Vanderhoop
Vanderhoop, Clarence A. 16 Aug. 1905 Franklin St. Cummings A. Vanderhoop

8th Grade

Earl M. Marble, teacher.

Andrews, Louise J. 8 Sep. 1915 Church St. Antone A. Andrews
Andrews, Mary D. 7 Mar. 1905 Edgartown Rd. John S. Andrews
Baptiste, Raymond 25 July 1903 Joseph Baptiste
Cary, George W. 13 July 1905 William St. George W. Cary
Cleveland, Dorothy M. 22 Mar. 1905 Look St. George Cleveland
Cleveland, Raymond H. 8 Mar. 1904 West Chop Rd. Frank H. Cleveland
Delano, Eleanor H. 28 Mar. 1905 Mt. Aldworth Maurice F. Delano
Duart, Leo J. 29 Dec. 1904 Edgartown Rd. A. F. Duart Jr.
Fialho, Joseph A. 14 Sep. 1903 State Road Joseph Fialho
Hammett, Edward W. 21 Dec. 1902 John J. Hammett
Howes, H. Lott 1 Mar. 1905 William St. Lois A. Howes
Hyatt, Arnold S. 14 Nov. 1905 William St. Jessica C. Hyatt
Lewis, Paul E. 25 Feb. 1904 N. William St. Mrs. Edward Cleveland
Look, Josephine C. 24 Oct. 1904 Spring St. William J. Look
Luce, William 30 July 1904 Pine St. John B. Luce
MacDonald, Allan J. 14 Oct. 1904 Daggett Ave. Catharine MacDonald
Mayhew, William C. 7 Dec. 1902 Union St. Josiah B. Mayhew
Moller, Vivian P. 30 Nov. 1903 West Chop Rd. Paul Moller
Mosher, A. Morton 13 Oct. 1905 Edgartown Rd. W.A. Mosher
Stevenson, Anna L. 6 July 1905 Main St. Henry Stevenson
Swartz, Antone B. 24 Oct. 1903 N. William St. Manuel Swartz
Swartz, Mary B. 24 Feb. 1905 N. William St. Manuel Swartz
Sylva, Clara D. 3 Jan. 1903 State Road Manuel Sylva
Tilton, Rosalie 8 Aug. 1904 Franklin St. Zebulon Tilton

High School

Roger C. Chittenden, Principal

9th Grade

Allen, Barbara 17 Feb. 1903 Chilmark William C. Allen
Ames, Winthrop Ashley 21 July 1904 Vineyard Haven George E. Ames
Andrews, Anna 25 Feb. 1903 Vineyard Haven Antone A. Andrews
Colburn, Adelaide 18 Feb. 1905 Vineyard Haven Ralph D. Colburn
Conroy, Charles 12 Dec. 1904 Vineyard Haven John Conroy
Fialho, Mary Louise 19 Oct. 1902 Vineyard Haven Joe A. Fialho
Hammett, Mildred Alice 4 Apr. 1904 Chilmark Gilson Hammett
Look, Ella Williams 12 Dec. 1904 Lamberts Cove William Look
Luce, Malcolm J. 12 Aug. 1905 Lambert's Cove Otis B. Luce
Merrill, Elizabeth 12 Apr. 1905 Vineyard Haven Charles A. Merrill Left
Merry, Robert G. 26 June 1903 West Tisbury Silas C. Merry
Pinkham, Simeon C. Jr. 1 Sep. 1902 Vineyard Haven Simeon C. Pinkham
Rogers, Emily Gladys 18 May 1905 West Tisbury Joseph C. Rogers
Smith, Katherine E. 6 Jan. 1904 Vineyard Haven Mark M. Smtih
Vanderhoop, Ida Josephine 19 Sep. 1903 Gay Head C. A. Vanderhood
Weed, John 13 Nov. 1904 Vineyard Haven S.M. Seaman
West, Malcolm 27 May 1904 Vineyard Haven James W. West
Gorham, Faith 30 Nov. 1901 Lambert's Cove Wilson S. Gorham Tutored by another

10th Grade

Andrews, James J. 3 June 1901 Vineyard Haven John S. Andrews
Burt, Erford 29 Dec. 1903 No. Tisbury Otis E. Burt
Daggett, Joseph B. 13 May 1903 Vineyard Haven Mrs. Priscilla Daggett
Davey, Clarence F. 1 Feb. 1902 Vineyard Haven Frank Davey
Delano, Margaret Louise 11 Apr. 1903 Vineyard Haven Maurice F. Delano
Look, Ruth 15 Sep. 1903 Lambert's Cove Alfred H. Look From L.H.S. Falmouth (Supplementary List)
Magwood, Anna A. 18 Aug. 1903 Vineyard Haven William M. Magwood
Mayhew, Bernice 5 June 1904 Chilmark Bartlett Mayhew
Mosher, Philip C. 18 June 1902 Vineyard Haven Thomas E. Mosher
Silva, Laura Inez 14 June 1902 No. Tisbury Antone T. Silva
Swift, Dean Hazelton 2 Aug. 1902 Vineyard Haven William S. Swift Left

11th Grade

Ames, Robert C. 1 Dec. 1901 Vineyard Haven George E. Ames
Andrews, Ruth Boyd 17 Sep. 1902 Vineyard Haven Antone S. Andrews
Cary, Rebecca V. 8 Nov. 1903 Vineyard Haven John W. Cary
Cleveland, Dorothy 11 June 1901 Vineyard Haven C. B. Cleveland Left
Conroy, Catherine 6 Apr. 1903 Vineyard Haven John Conroy
Diamond, Elsie Esther 28 Jan. 1999 Gay Head Durwood Diamond
Diamond, Faustina F. 29 June 1901 Gay Head Durwood D. Diamond
Howland, Helen C. 20 Dec. 1901 Vineyard Haven John E. Howland
Lair, H. Stanton 7 Oct. 1902 Vineyard Haven Leroy C. Lair
Luce, Emily M. 1 Apr. 1902 Vineyard Haven Fred C. Luce
McDonough, Kathleen 12 Jan. 1902 Vineyard Haven J. P. McDonough
Norton, Carlton Ellery 20 Apr. 1901 Vineyard Haven Carlton Everett Norton
Norton, Evelyn 2 Feb. 1903 Vineyard Haven Mrs. James Norton
Robinson, Onslow S. 17 Jan. 1902 Vineyard Haven E. D. Robinson
Rogers, Clara 24 Apr. 1903 No. Tisbury Joseph F. Rogers
Smith, Stanley M. 7 May 1902 Vineyard Haven Marcus M. Smith
Stevenson, Alice 14 Mar. 1903 Vineyard Haven Capt. Henry Stevenson
West, Alfreda 29 Mar. 1902 Vineyard Haven Gilbert R. West

12th Grade

Baptiste, Gladys 3 Sep. 1901 Vineyard Haven Joseph B. Baptiste
Colburn, Robert T. 25 Mar. 1901 Vineyard Haven Ralph D. Colburn
Fitch, Helen R. 18 Oct. 1900 Vineyard Haven Benjamin Fitch Morris High, New York
Hancock, Russell Hagen 13 Mar. 1901 Vineyard Haven Willis Russell Hancock
Luce, Bradford Allen 22 Aug. 1902 Lambert's Cove Otis B. Luce
Luce, Clara Bernice 10 May 1901 Vineyard Haven Fred C. Luce
McLellan, Alexandra 6 Dec. 1900 Vineyard Haven Henry W. McLellan
Merrill, Ruth 7 May 1902 Vineyard Haven Charles A. Merrill Left
Rogers, Anna Clark 6 Oct. 1901 No. Tisbury Joseph F. Rogers
Silva, Mina Irving 13 Mar. 1900 No. Tisbury Anton T. Silva
Stevenson, Florence C. 21 Aug. 1901 Vineyard Haven Capt. Henry Stevenson
Swift, Helen C. 17 Nov. 1900 Vineyard Haven William S. Swift

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