L. Ernest Briggs

Jewelry, Optical Goods, Etc., Souvenir Post Cards,
Agent for Victor and Edison Diamond Disc
Talking Machines, and Records,
Vineyard Haven, Mass.

From Martha's Vineyard and Its Attractions (published by Geo. W. Richardson, New York, c. 1915.)

Stan Lair:

181. "L. Ernest Briggs - Watchmaker - Souveniers - Records etc."

"Henry Coye's jewelry store. Then it was L. E. Briggs jewelry and furniture, and then Tobins and now Holmes Hole. There was a drinking fountain at one time on the sidewalk in front of this store. It was donated by the Sons of Martha's Vineyard. That was some sort of an organization several years ago. It had small projections at the base so the dogs could get a drink. Sort of an ornate fountain, pretty fountain. One day someone tied a horse to the thing, and something frightened the horse. He wrecked the fountain. I don't recall them ever repairing it - they may have."

[1907 Directory: "Briggs, L. Ernest, watchmaker, souvenirs, etc." Ad p. 112.]


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