1914 Map of Vineyard Haven - Section #2A

West of Main Street, North of Woodlawn Ave.

This map is derived from part of a December 1914 map of Vineyard Haven made by the Sanborn Map Company of New York.

Numbers and KEY added by Stan Lair, c. 1980.


Numbered, bold quotes are from a brown looseleaf notebook titled -1914- Buildings in Vineyard Haven by Number By Stan Lair which accompanies these annotated maps.
Non-bold quotes are from the audio tape From Martha's Vineyard National Bank to Around West Chop by Stan Lair, 1979.

52. "Elisha Luce -- (Episcopal Rectory) -- (Fred Kingsley)"

53. "T. W. Tilton + Co. Insurance -- (Mabel T. Tilton)"

54. "Fred C. Vincent -- Clerk)"
"What we call the Riley house. Originally at this spot was Francis Vincent, father of Fred Vincent. The house burnt down, and was replaced by Mrs. Riley's house."

55. "Clara De Chase -- (Mrs. Percival - Boarding House)"
"'The Percival.' This was a rooming house operated by Mrs. Percival. It was once the Ella Harper house. It was torn down to enlarge Duncan Kreamer's property."

56. "George W. Eldridge -- Chart Maker)"
"'Fairtide.' This was the home of Captain George Eldridge and family, and was the former Harper barn and stable. It is now owned by Duncan Kreamer."

57. "Herbert N. Hinckley -- Contractor-Builder"
"The H. N. Hinckley house. That was built by him. I believe it is apartments now. It was a large old house. H. N. Hinckley was a contractor and he was the owner of the Hinckley Lumber Yard, which is still operating today."

58. "Hinckley Garages"

For information on houses on Main Street north of Hinckley's house (the Vineyard Haven Public Library and beyond) see From Martha's Vineyard National Bank to Around West Chop.

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