1914 Map of Vineyard Haven - Section #2B

East of Main Street, North of Crocker Ave.

This map is derived from part of a December 1914 map of Vineyard Haven made by the Sanborn Map Company of New York.

Numbers and KEY added by Stan Lair, c. 1980.


Numbered, bold quotes are from a brown looseleaf notebook titled -1914- Buildings in Vineyard Haven by Number By Stan Lair which accompanies these annotated maps.
Non-bold quotes are from the audio tape From Martha's Vineyard National Bank to Around West Chop by Stan Lair, 1979.

59. "Frank O. Tilton -- Lumber"
"F. O. Tilton. He was the original owner of the Tilton Lumber Company, and his house sits back from the street. It is now occupied by Donald Tilton, Donald's Tilton's widow. Donald was his son. There was also a barn on this property that is now occupied by his grandson, Robert Tilton. Been remodeled into a nice home. This was once the site of the old mill, that had been moved from Spring Street, moved down here to the Tilton property, and then eventually was moved directly in back of what they called the Barn, which is Bob Tilton's home."

60. "Egbert H. Chapman -- (Bucky Rhodes)"
"A house Bucky Rhodes lived in - I don't know who owned it before that, but Bucky Rhodes did own it, and that's on the north side of Crocker Avenue."

61. "Rudolphus W. Crocker -- Barn"

62. "Rudolphus W. Crocker"
"Now directly at the bottom of Crocker Avenue was the home of Rudolphus Crocker. He must have been an influential man, 'cause he owned an awful lot of real estate, and he also owned the harness factory, where the 1883 fire started. There is also a large barn on this property that was converted to a house by the[?] Andresan."

[Mrs. Howes Norris noted this house ("Mr. R. W. Crocker's") as one of "the first seven houses built in the village."]

68. "Capt. Henry Stephenson -- Freight Boat 'Eben A. Thatcher'"
"Right on the corner there is the Henry Stevenson house, later owned by Anna, who was Mr. Stevenson's daughter - Anna and Joe Allen. This house was built by Mr. Owens, and John E. White (he was president of the Martha's Vineyard National Bank at that time) lived there."

69. "Frederick Clark -- Portrait Painter -- (Mary Bell Clark) (Hotchkiss)"
"The Frederick H. Clark house. He was an artist, a painter. He had a daughter, Mary Bell Clark, Mary Bell Hotchkiss."

70. "Maurice F. Delano -- Mgr. Owen Hen Farms"
"The Crocker Guest House, owned at one time by Florence Woods. "

71. "??? Pogue - Vivian"

72. "??? Pogue - Vivian"
"Where Mrs. Vivian lived. Her name was Mrs. Pogue at one time. That was also owned by Rudolphus Crocker, that property, as was the next house going up the hill. "

For information on houses on Main Street north of the F. O. Tilton house see From Martha's Vineyard National Bank to Around West Chop.

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