1914 Map of Vineyard Haven - Section #2F

West of William Street, South of Woodlawn Ave.

This map is derived from part of a December 1914 map of Vineyard Haven made by the Sanborn Map Company of New York.

Numbers and KEY added by Stan Lair, c. 1980.


Numbered, bold quotes are from a brown looseleaf notebook titled -1914- Buildings in Vineyard Haven by Number By Stan Lair which accompanies these annotated maps.
Non-bold quotes are from the audio tape William Street Vineyard Haven by Stan Lair, 1979.
Bracketed notes were compiled from a variety of sources by C. Baer.

44. "Owens Green Houses"

45. "Rebecca C. Pope -- (Bessie Stanton)"
"Bessie Stanton, and her mother Mrs. Pope. Harry Norton lived there for a good long time. Bill Honey now owns it. I was named for Bessie Stanton, believe it or not. She and my mother were very good friends, and that's how I got the 'Stanton' name."

50. "Grace Episcopal Church"
"The Episcopal Church, which has been there a good many years. Originally it had a little different steeple on it, and now there has been an addition put on, but the church itself has been there for a long time. One time it had a bell up in that belfry - I don't know if they discontinued that or not. But anyhow, that's the Episcopal Church."

51. "William H. Luce -- Painter"

[ William Holmes Luce (1855-1938) was the son of William Cook Luce and Eleanora Daggett West. His father was a Vineyard Haven grocer who was murdered in his store when William was eight years old.

William was listed as a Tisbury "harness maker" in 1880, and was living on Woodlawn Ave. by no later than 1897. He was subsequently listed in Tisbury as a "house painter" (1900), "painter" (1907), self-employed painter (1910), "painter" (1915), "no occupation" (1920), and "retired Vineyard Haven painter" (1938). His obituary notes, "For many years he was employed as a painter, and was an active member of Grace Episcopal Church."

He never married, and lived with his mother and sister Sophia Jane Daggett "Jennie" Luce Munroe for most of his life. At the time of his death he owned the home on the southeast corner of Woodlawn and Franklin streets, which was valued at $3000 and sold (by nephew Howes Norris Jr.) shortly after his death. His personal estate was valued at $6474.25 (mostly in various savings accounts) much of which he had inherited from his sister Jennie.

For more information about William Luce and his family, see The Descendants of James Shaw West.]

98. "John E. Howland"
"John Howland. Still belongs to his daughter, Helen Hart. And that house has changed very little - about the same as it always was. Nice old house."

[John Everett Howland was the son of John Wing Howland and Rebecca L. Crowell.]

99. "Capt. Grafton L. Daggett -- (Annie Lord -- Constance Honey"
"Mrs. Lord. That would be Bill Honey's grandmother. She used to be one of my customers, fifty-cent-a-week customers. Before school I would go in and take out the ashes and bring in coal and that sort of thing. Fifty cents a week. I had a few of those."

100. "Charles Clough"
"The Charles Clough House. The house has a big iron fence in the front. It sits back from the street a little ways."

101. "William Barry Owen -- Pres. The Luxemoor Co."
"Mrs. Owen. She was the widow of the man that gave the town - in fact I guess she gave the town - Owen Park. Her husband had visions of building a home there which never materialized. I believe she lived in the house right across from the park at one time. At least her daughter lived there, Mrs. Gansby, I remember that."

102. "Presby S. Luce -- Luce Brothers Furniture"
"Jim Luce. Another old house - been there a long time."

103. "Sarah A. Harding -- Dr. Prior -- Hamilton Benz"
"Dr. Prior. That's where Hamilton Benz lives now, and Goody Benz, Dr. Prior's daughter. There were a couple of boys, and I believe the mother eventually lived in a little bungalow in the back."

104. "William Barry Owen Stables -- 4 Ways -- Wilfred O. White"

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