1914 Map of Vineyard Haven - Section #4E

Water Street, Union Street, Beach Street, Howard Ave. (Lagoon Pond Road, "Chicken Street"), Union Wharf, Five Corners

This map is derived from part of a December 1914 map of Vineyard Haven made by the Sanborn Map Company of New York.

Numbers and KEY added by Stan Lair, c. 1980.



Notes in Quotation Marks by Stan Lair, c. 1980.

245. "The Boston Seamans Friends Society (Bethel) Madison Edwards Chaplain"
"The Seaman's Bethel, run by Madison Edwards, later by Austin Tower. They would take their little craft, the Helen May out into the harbor and bring sailors in from the sailing ships, and have religious services and sings, and good times, I guess. They had this society called the Hold Fast Society. This was Mr. Edwards. If you belonged to this society you got a little pin and it was given to sailors who travelled all over the world and he used to hear from them that they were still 'holding fast.' I suppose that Hold Fast was tied in with the religious part of it."

246. "St. Croix Oliver Store and lunch room -- There was a Sail Loft on the 2nd floor."
"Captain St. Croix Oliver Store. On the roof, in large letters, was painted 'SAIL LOT.' Now I don't know what they did in the sail lot. I presume they manufactured sails. Probably laid them out and sewed them, and all that. Anyway, it said 'SAIL LOT' on the top of this building. The trolley line from Oak Bluffs ended here too, right on this corner."
[1907 Directory: "Oliver, E. St. Croix, ship chandler and grocer, Union, cor. Water, h. Main."]

247. "Clarence Cleveland Wood and Straw - The building is now at the rear of the Black Dog Bakery."
"Coal and wood office operated by a Clarence Cleveland, right next to the Crowell Office, and the two of them operated the same business. The Crowell Coal Office was demolished, and the Cleveland Coal Office was moved back of the Black Dog Bakery to make room for the Steamship Authority staging and parking area. The Bethel also was moved back at that time from close to the water, it moved back nearer to the corner of Water and Union Street. Oliver's store had long since gone."
[1907 Directory: "Cleveland, Clarence L., coal, hay, and straw, Water, h. Main."]

247B. "Crowell Coal Co. = Benjamin D. Crowell Mgr. (Razed)"
"The Crowell Coal Office and Coal Yard. It was operated by Benjamin Crowell for a lot of years, then later by Phil Mosher, who was his nephew. Coal was a big thing then. Of course there wasn't that much oil around, and when oil started to come in and became popular why the coal yards went out of business."
[1907 Directory: "Crowell, Benjamin D. coal dealer, Water, h. William."]

248. "Frank O. Tilton Lumber Yard - Donald Tilton -- Bob Tilton."
[1907 Directory: "Tilton, F. O. & Co. (Frank O. Tilton and Eliza R. Tilton) lumber, lime, brick, etc. Water." Ad, p. 94.]

249. "Dukes County Garage -- LeGrand Lockwood Aldrich owner - Later owned by William G. Manter - Now owned by Bob Douglas."

250. "Prentis Bodfish Blacksmith Shop Hancock Hardware now at this site."

251. "Massachusetts Humane Society. Rescue boat was stored here, the front had large doors and a ramp. -- later Manuel Maciel Plumbing Shop."
"A Humane Society building, painted red. It had a ramp in the front and inside they kept a boat, a lifeboat. I believe it was on wheels, on sort of wagon wheels, and it was stored there to rescue sailor from wrecked vessels. This is before the Coast Guard arrived, of course. It was later Manual Maciel's Plumbing Shop.
The next building [West] was Willis Hancock's Plumbing Shop. It is now Nadish's[?] TV Shop, right on the corner."

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